1927 Hacienda Hotel Chair

You are bidding on an original chair that was in the lobby of the 1927 Hacienda Hotel in downtown New Port Richey. A photo of the hotel lobby as it appeared in 1927 is included here. We believe these may be the chairs that were sitting on each side of the fireplace. Detailed information about the Hacienda Hotel and its history can be found at https://westpascomuseum.org/pascohistory/historicalinformation/business/hacienda/

IMPORTANT NOTE: We have two chairs available … you are bidding on ONE chair in this auction. The winner of this auction may have their pick of ONE of these two chairs. The remaining chair will then be made available in our next auction. If you desire to own both chairs, please bid in each of the two auctions.

These chairs have been in storage for years (they are not the chairs currently on display in our museum). They are completely original (including the fabric) and have not been restored in any way. As can be seen in the photos, they are in need of some tender loving care, but the woodwork is completely sound. We leave it to the auction winner to restore the chair in whatever way they feel is appropriate.

You can claim a piece of authentic New Port Richey history for your home or office with one of these chairs from the city’s most famous landmark.

We ask an opening bid of $100 … and we’ll see where it goes from there. This auction will end at midnight on Friday, December 23rd. The winning bidder must make payment by cash or credit card, and pick up the chair at our museum in Sims Park, downtown New Port Richey.