Fort King Road

A historic marker in Hernando County reads, “Shortly after Florida became a U. S. Territory, Fort Brooke was constructed at the mouth of the Hillsborough River and Fort King was established near the present site of Ocala. In 1825, work was begun by the federal government on an overland route connecting those fortifications. This Military Road was improved and soon was known as the Fort King Road. It was an important transportation and communication link during the Second Seminole War (1835-42), a conflict over the removal of Indians from Florida. This route remained a vital mail and wagon road during the 19th century development of central Florida. Presently U. S. Highway 301 crosses the course of one of the oldest major roads in Florida, the Fort King Road.” According to a former historic marker in Pasco County, Dade’s Massacre occurred along this route. The maps below show in red the route of Fort King Road through part of Pasco County, as researched by Frank Laumer, author of Dade’s Last Command, Massacre!, and the novel Nobody’s Hero. The digital images were created by Norman Carey.

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