Freedmen’s Bureau Report of 23 Sep 1867

Brooksville, Hernando County Florida.

Mr. C. Thurston Chase

Superintendent of Schools.

            Sir I have the Honor to Report that by and under a written permission of Judge P.G. Wall Special Agent in Bu.R.F. & A.L. and also from ‘E.B. Duncan Com. for Schools Freedmen for State of Florida’ I commenced a School at Brooksville for Freedmen with fifteen scholars for three months and continued the next three months with eighteen Scholars: because the people did not pay, the School was discontinued until about the 15th July last.  I Recommenced and taught one month having from ten to twelve Schollars.  I have further to Report that I received Eleven dollars on the first two months School, and nothing Since.  You will see from this, that it is impossable to keep a School here and depend upon the people for pay.  they are indifferent  and in many cases unable to pay.  I bring this matter to your notice hoping Some arrangements may be made to pay me the amount due on these Schools less Eleven dollars being all I have ever received or am able to collect from those whom its services were Rendered.

            My Health being at this time very bad.  I shall have to leave and go to the Springs on Suwannes River and being destitute of means to bear my expenses, I shall be compelled to await a hearing from you on this subject, which I hope will be at an early day.

Sept. 23rd 1867                                                                                    Morgan Chapman





Brooksville FLA. Sept 23rd 1867

I certify that Morgan Chapman who makes the withier Report did teach the Schools he represented to have taught.  I attended one of his examinations and was satisfied and please with the progress of his students.  All other facts reported by him I believe to be true and would recommend that he be paid a reasonable sum for the deficit remaining due him.

P.G. Wall

Acting Agent &

Sub Superintendent of

Schools for Freedmen at Brooksville


** This letter was from one of the African American teachers, Morgan Chapman, who had taught at the Brooksville Colored School; which was not a Bureau sponsored school meaning it was self supported by the freedmen of the area.  This teacher taught for a period of time with no pay and since he was in bad health was trying to obtain some money from the Freedmen’s Bureau so he could travel to North Florida for rest.  The second letter was written by acting agent P.G. Wall, who was not the permanent agent, showing his support for Morgan Chapman and his request.