Freedmen’s Bureau Report of 2 Jul 1867

Fort Brooke FLA

July 2nd 1867

C. F. Chase

Supt Education

Jacksonville FLA


            I have the honor to acknowledge the receipt of your communication of June 19th 1867 and in Reply wish to State

            First there are no buildings now used for school purposes at my points within this district coming under my command, there being no School organized

Second- If Schools were organized at Tampa and at Brooksville Hernando County, there would be a daily attendance of at least fifty pupils at each School.

Third the people of Tampa say they will render all reasonable assistance in their power, they will assist the freedmen to build a School if the material is furnished by the Bureau.  A more suitable site for a School house could be procured outside the limits of the corporation (on Gov’t land) than any within the limits of the City

4th Teachers are now badly needed at Tampa and Brooksville, Board & Lodging can be had at Tampa at from $25.00 to $30.00 per month.  I cannot say at present what accommodations could be procured at Brooksville, the people of Tampa say they will furnish a good Teacher if the Bureau will pay Salary.

5th The people cannot or at least will not bear all the expenses of School and teacher

            I have consulted freely with the people about organizing a School at Tampa, they express themselves in favor of educating the freedmen but a teacher cannot be found to take charge of the School unless his Salary is secured. A School was organized at Brooksville a short time ago.  the teacher (a colored man) he could not support himself at the business & was obliged to give it up, and go to work on a plantation

            There is no suitable building in Tampa that could be procured at present for School purposes, there is however a House on the Military Reserve by expending a few Dollars in repairs it would answer the purpose very well.  The Location is convenient and healthy, the house is of no use to the Government & I presume will never be repaired for any other purpose, $300.00 would put it in fair condition to be used for a School house.  I believe that the establishments of a School at Tampa will depend on the assistance of the Bureau, I have endeavored to organize a School here for the last four months and have not been able to succeed, if any thing can be done it ought to be done as soon as possible.

I am Sir

Very Respectfully

Your Govt Servt

Richard Comba

Capt of Inf 4 & Brt Maj U.S.A

Comd’g Post & Sub Asst

Com of B.R.F.A.Lands.