Freedmen Bureau Education Report of Oct 1868


on Education of Freedmen and Refugees in Sub-District, State of Florida in charge of Captain George S. Hollister

for the Month of October 1868, [in accordance with order contained in Circular No. 5 Bureau R., F. & A.L.]

1. Name of your Sub District? Sixth Mill Sub District Embracing Hillsboro, Hernando, Polk & Manatee Co.

2. Whole number of Refugee or Freedmen’s Schools in the District? —-  Day? —-  Night? —-  Sabbath?

3. Location of Schools? There have been no Schools Since 30th of September 1868

4. Whole number of Teachers?  —-  White? —- Colored?  —-

5. Name and post-office address of Day School Teacher?  —-

6. Whole number of School-houses for Freedmen in your District? One    Their condition, capacity, value, and by whom owned?  In fair condition Capacity for Forty or Fifty Scholars.  Value not known- owned by the Freedman.

7. Number of your visits to Schools? —- Day? —- Night? —- Sabbath? 

8. Number of educational meetings held by you during the month? —- Where? —-

9. Number and names of places, now destitute, in which Day-Schools might be organized? Brooksville Hernando Co. Alifia and Tampa Hillsboro Co.

10. Number of pupils (estimated) who would attend such Schools? About Sixty at Brooksville About Forty at Alifia and About Thirty five At Tampa

11. Amount which would probably be raised by the Freedmen, for school purposes, in each destitute neighborhood? The freedmen are unable to raise any funds at present.

12. What efforts are you making to secure the support of schools by pupils, parents, boards of education, or the State Government? There are no Schools on account of the Freemen being unable to pay for the tuition of their Children

13. Whole number of additional School-houses, for Freedmen, now wanted in your Sub-District?  Two one at Tampa One at Alifia

14. Could you organize your Sub-District into School Districts, each with a School Committee pledged to carry on schools therein?  School Societies are now organized at Tampa Brooksville and if Schools were once properly organized at these places the Board of Trustees would do all they could.

15. To what extent would help from without be needed in such cases? Paid Teachers to purchase lots & erect School houses the most of the labor would be performed by the Freedman.

16. What is the public sentiment as to the education of the Freedmen and Poor Whites? I have heard no expression against the poor whites or Freedman but there is no provision made for Educating the children of those who are unable to pay.

17. Are Night-Schools for Adults needed in your District? —-   In what way would they be carried on? One at Tampa.  The teacher of the Day School could attend to it from 25 to 35 Scholars would attend.

18. What more can this Bureau do for educating the children of Refugees (or Poor Whites)? To establish a free school in each county open to persons of all color after a Short time such schools might be made self sustaining or nearly so.

19. How long will Northern-charitable aid be needed for Freemen and Refugee Schooled of your District?  Until the State makes some provisions for their support or until the people refered to take a more active interest in keeping up Schools among themselves than what they Exhibit at present.

I hereby certify, on honor, that I have given person attention to the matters herein named, and that the answers given are according to my best knowledge and belief, correct.

(Signed) George S. Hollister

Sub-Asst. Com., Bureau R.,F., & A.L.