Freedmen Bureau Education Report of Mar-Jun 1868


To contain one entire calendar month, and to be forwarded as soon as possible after the close of the month. A School under the distinct control of one Teacher, or a Teacher with one Assistant is to be reported as one School.

Name and location of you school? Brooksville, Brooksville, Fla
Of what grade? Common School
When did your present session commence? March 1868

When to close?  May 28th 
Is your School supported by any Ed. Soc.? No

What Society?
Is your School supported wholly or in part by a local Pub. School Board? No
Is your School supported wholly or in part by Freedmen? In part by Freedmen
Have you had Bureau transportation? No
Who owns the School Building? Brooksville School Society
Is rent paid by Freedmen’s Bureau? No

How much?
What number of Teacher and Assistants in your School? No assistants

White Colored
What number of pupils enrolled during the month?* 35

Male  14 Female  21
What number of pupils enrolled last report? this 1st report
What number left School this month? none
What number of new scholars this month? Seven
What is the average attendance? Thirty
What number of pupils pay tuition? five
What number of white pupils? none
What number always present? about Thirty
What number always punctual? about Thirty
What number over sixteen years of age? about fifteen
What number in Alphabet? four
What number spell and read easy lessons? about twenty
What number of advanced readers? about sixteen
What number in Geography? none
What number in Arithmetic? five
What number in higher branches? none
What number in writing? Seventeen
What number in needlework? none
What number free before the war? none
Have you a Sabbath School? yes
What number of Teachers in Sabbath School? two
What number of pupils in Sabbath School? fifty five
Have you an Industrial School? State what kind of work done?

To the following questions give exact or approximate answers, prefixing to the latter word “about”

White? Colored?  1
1. How many day or night School with in your Knowledge, not reported to the Bureau?  none Number of pupils (estimated) in such Schools?
2. How many Teachers (estimated) in such Schools? White? Colored?
3.  Give name and Post Office address of the Teacher?
4.  How many Sabbath School within your knowledge, not reported to the Bureau?   1
5.  How many Teachers (estimated) in such Schools?  1
6.  Whole amount of tuition paid by colored pupils during the month? $3.50
7.  Whole expense for your School by Public School Board for the month? none
8.  Whole expense for your School by Freedmen’s Bureau for the month? none
9.  State the public sentiment towards Colored School? very good
10.  Remarks

(Signed)  Rev. James H. Roberts Teacher of Freedmen’s School at Brooksville, FLA

*A pupil is not to be reported as enrolled until after five days of attendance.