Freedmen’s Bureau Report of 19 Nov 1867

Brooksville FLA Nov. 19th 1867

Mr. C. Thurston Chase

Superintendant of Schools

Jacksonville FLA


            This will be handed you by Thos. B. Law Esq. of  Brooksville, whom I have asked to confir with you personally in reference to a claim of Morgan Chapman for tuition of indigent Colored children at Brooksville.  Mr. Law can give you any information you may desire on the subject of said claim at the earnest request of the said Morgan Chapmen who is pretty low down both in health and circumstances.  I call you especial attention to this matter. 

            On the subject of schools here, I have not much of interest to Report.  The Freedmen hereabouts have heretofore been unsettled and are now looking around for Homesteads and until located it is difficult to Know where to build School Houses.  Mr. Law will doubtless confir with you cherfully on the subject of schools in this Region and from him you may derive some information relative to School prospects here.

            If you have funds to apply to the payment of such accounts as the one refered to above, you will please send the money by Mr. Law to Morgan Chapmen, Mr. Law is a safe reliable person, and will receipt you for the same.

I have the Honor to be your obs Serv.

P.G. Wall

Agt. Bu.R.F. & A.L.


** This letter was sent regarding a matter, which can be seen through previous reports on this site.  Morgan Chapmen had been a teacher for the freedmen at Brooksville but had not been paid due to the freedmen in the area being somewhat poor.   The school in Brooksville had been an independent school that the freedmen of the area operated, many times teachers would teach at these schools without receiving pay but since Morgan Chapmen was an African American man he saw the need for education among his people.