Clemmie Butler Home Historical Marker

This articled was published on 11 Nov 2023 by Paul Herman, digital media archivist for for the West Pasco Historical Society.

Clemmie Butler home in the 1950s.

Attached to the stone building located at the corner of Grand Boulevard and Water Street in New Port Richey. Contrary to the information on this plaque, the house was not built until 1942. The 1940 date may refer to the original wood frame building that stood at this location which was destroyed by a fire in late December of 1941. The home was built by Eugene Z. “Easy” Jackson, and rented to Clemmie Butler – a widow who lived there with her children and did laundry for a business for more than 30 years. Later, Clemmie may have purchased the building from “Easy” Jackson.

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