Post Offices

Sources: The lists of postmasters with dates of appointment were taken from the U. S. Postal Service web site, except for Ashley, Bee Tree, Carmel, Cedar, Hopeville, Fivay City, Pleasant Plains, and Fort Taylor, which were taken from pascocemeteries.org. Other historical information on this page was provided by Eddie Herrmann. This page was last revised on April 16, 2020.

ABBOTT – HEGMAN – ABBOTT – ZEPHYRHILLS. SE ¼ of S11 T26 R21 (from 01-09-1888 P.O. application). Established February 2, 1888. Changed November 22, 1890 to Hegman. SW ¼ of S11 T26 R21 (from 01-05-1891 P.O. application). Changed February 3, 1892 to Abbott. According to research by Eddie Herrmann, on May 31, 1910, the Abbott post office was discontinued and the Zephyrhills post office was established. The USPS web site merely shows a change of name from Abbott to Zephyrhills on that date. The USPS web site has “Hyman,” rather than Hegman; this seems to be incorrect. On Nov. 21, 1924, the Dade City Banner reported, “The postoffice has been moved into the building on Fifth Avenue recently built by the postmistress, Mrs. Frazier. This building, when fully completed, will insure better lighting and more room for the postoffice. It will also be possible to have the flag hoisted over the buildings, as is usually done at all postoffices when the building is owned by the government.”
Mrs. Amanda M. Isaacs Postmaster 02/02/1888
William Mote Postmaster 03/03/1890
William Mote Postmaster 11/22/1890
William B. Smith Postmaster 07/08/1891
William Mote Postmaster 02/03/1892
David A. Thompson Postmaster 09/05/1893
William Mote Postmaster 09/29/1897
Mortimer P. Arnold Postmaster 07/26/1900
Willis M. Geiger Postmaster 04/13/1901
Josephine B. Hennington Postmaster 05/10/1905
Josephine B. Hennington Postmaster 05/31/1910
James L. Geiger Postmaster 07/25/1913
Mrs. Edith H. Frazier Postmaster 03/18/1922
Malcolm M. Maner Acting Postmaster 10/07/1926
Malcolm M. Maner Postmaster 12/21/1926
Mrs. Lola D. Gall Acting Postmaster 09/15/1934
Mrs. Lola D. Gall Postmaster 02/11/1937
Charles J. Bentley Acting Postmaster 12/31/1955
Carl Davis Lippincott Jr. Acting Postmaster 07/26/1957
Carl David Lippincott Jr. Postmaster 09/06/1957
Anthony Cueto Jr. Officer-In-Charge 03/28/1977
Merrill K. Mersel Officer-In-Charge 08/12/1977
Warren B. Taylor Postmaster 01/28/1978
Richard H. Sherman Officer-In-Charge 03/20/1981
Richard W. Dupre Officer-In-Charge 05/21/1981
John J. Finnerty III Postmaster 08/22/1981
Thomas H. Testa Jr. Officer-In-Charge 01/31/2002
Thomas H. Testa Jr. Postmaster 09/07/2002
Shelah Marsh Officer-In-Charge 11/08/2004
Russell Holland Officer-In-Charge 03/21/2005
Douglas M. Fiedler Postmaster 06/25/2005

AMELIA. NE ¼ of S25 T24 R19 (from 03-30-1893 P.O. application). The post office was applied for under the name Willowoak, which the application noted was a turpentine community. Established as Amelia, May 6, 1893. Discontinued on April 18, 1895; papers to Saint Thomas. Re-established on July 2, 1895. Discontinued December 31, 1910 (Pasco). This area is now known as Darby.
Robert J. Bradley Postmaster 05/06/1893
Laura V. Pixton Postmaster 07/02/1895
John D. Bradley Jr. Postmaster 04/04/1896
Robert A. Bradley Postmaster 02/01/1897
Lillian G. Jones Postmaster 11/11/1903
Susan L. Bradley Postmaster 12/07/1907
Redmond J. Parker Postmaster 08/03/1910

ANCLOTE. Established September 10, 1878, in Hernando County. Anclote is located near Anclote High School, and still appears on some maps. Changed to Hillsborough County and to Pinellas County. Discontinued on October 15, 1915; mail to Tarpon Springs. According to his obituary, John M. Craver served as postmaster of Anclote from 1881 to 1889. History of Tarpon Springs by Robert Franklin Pent reports: “Mr. Morrish, an Englishman, moved in with his family and became the grocer and postmaster, Mr. Craver having moved out.”
William S. Cobb Postmaster 09/10/1878
John M. Craver Postmaster 05/18/1880
Elisha A. Hill Postmaster 05/08/1893
George M. Morrish Postmaster 07/29/1893
Greene Meyer Postmaster 01/27/1906

ARIPEKA. NW ¼ of S01 T24 R16 (from P.O. application). Established in Hernando County on February 11, 1895. The post office application stated, “also known as Hammock Creek.” George Pine (born, 1835) is shown in the 1900 census s a photographer born in New Jersey. The original spelling may have been Aipeka. The United States Post-Office Guide for 1904, p. 366, spells the name of this town Arbeka. Changed to Pasco County around 1919-21. Miss Kolb’s name was changed to Mrs. Lizzie Belle Jackson by marriage on July 16, 1948. Louise Geiger of Aripeka recently saved and restored the 1950s post office. See also Argo and Gulf Key.
George Pine Postmaster 02/11/1895
Richard A. Ellis Postmaster 05/20/1901
John C. Jeter Postmaster 01/19/1909
John W. Johnson Postmaster 07/21/1909
David A. McNutt Postmaster 02/10/1911
Daniel E. Burtis Postmaster 03/12/1914
Harry E. Parsons Postmaster 07/16/1917
Charles N. Harnett Postmaster 08/22/1919
James B. Kolb Postmaster 07/15/1921
Miss Lizzie Belle Kolb Acting Postmaster 11/30/1945
Miss Lizzie Belle Kolb Postmaster 06/20/1946
Mrs. Myrtle S. Fesler Officer-In-Charge 06/28/1974
Mrs. Myrtle S. Fesler Postmaster 08/17/1974
name? Officer-In-Charge ..
Margaret A. Pras Postmaster 01/23/1982
Julie Wert Officer-In-Charge ..
Joseph C. LaFranca Postmaster 06/12/2004

ASHLEY. SW ¼ of S28 T24 R22 (from 02-06-1884 P.O. application). Established October 13, 1884. The post office application notes ½ mi east of river. Discontinued May 27, 1886 (Dade City). This townsite was located near Lanier Bridge.
John S. Ashley Postmaster Sept. 10, 1878

BEE TREE. Established November 9, 1886. The location was S35, T24, R17, near the intersection of Hudson Avenue and Hays Road. Discontinued November 19, 1888
George W. C. Littell Postmaster Nov. 09, 1886
George T. Sawler Postmaster Aug. 03, 1887

BLANTON. SE ¼ of SE ¼ of S07 T24 R21 (from 08-30-1884 P.O. application). Established in Hernando County, December 17, 1884. Changed to Pasco County on June 2, 1887. Mrs. Blocker’s name was changed to Mary E. Johnson by marriage. Discontinued February 28, 1955; mail to Dade City.Lora Blocker writes that the first post office “was located near Blanton east of Blanton Lake. In 1887, when the Orange Belt Railroad was built, the Post Office was located in the depot. Mary E. Blocker was then post mistress. The post office was later located in the home of Mary Blocker which is now know as the Tangelo Apartments. The location of the post office from 1901 to July 1905 is unknown. When E. Sanford Blocker was postmaster it was located in the back of Wilson’s Garage (directly back of Mrs. Mae McCoullough’s house today). When Sanford Blocker died in 1934, Robert Compher was postmaster and had the post office in his general store. Norman Blocker built a room onto his store for the post office when he became postmaster in 1936. This building still stands and is the home of Mrs. Mae McCoullough.”
Horace J. Charles Postmaster 12/17/1884
Mrs. Mary E. Blocker Postmaster 01/15/1887
John C. Lee Postmaster 10/23/1901
Eugene S. Blocker Postmaster 07/19/1905
Robert G. Compher Acting Postmaster 01/29/1934
Norman G. Blocker Postmaster 01/24/1936

BRAMLETT. SE ¼ of S24 T26 R21 (from 07-19-1900 P.O. application). Established August 13, 1900 (possibly Aug. 18). Discontinued June 14, 1902; papers to Abbott. In the 1900 census, the name is spelled Virginia V. Bramlett.
Virginue V. Bramlett Postmaster 08/10/1900

CARMEL. NE ¼ of S26 T25 R20 (from 08-12-1885 P.O. application). Established November 4, 1885 (Map shows it in S ½ of S26). Discontinued July 28, 1886 (San Antonio)
George J. Freese Postmaster Nov. 05, 1885

CEDAR. SW ¼ of S36 T23 R20 (from 09-01-1886 P.O. application). The application states 5½ mi. to Owensboro; 2½ mi. north of Chipco. Established March 4, 1887. Discontinued June 2, 1887 (Lenard).
Charles B. Walker Postmaster Jan. 1885

CEDAR TREE. NW ¼ of S23 T24 R20 (from 10-23-1867 P.O. application). The application states that the area is known locally as Pearce’s Mill — nearest Post Office is Fort Taylor. Established August 20, 1853. Discontinued March 29, 1867. Re-established October 16, 1867. Discontinued February 12, 1872.
James M. Bates Postmaster 08/20/1853
Jesse H. Tucker Postmaster 11/26/1858
David Osburn Postmaster 10/16/1867
Daniel C. Ryals Postmaster 05/09/1871

CHIPCO. SE ¼ of S13 T24 R20 (from 05-26-83 P.O. application). Established July 16, 1883 in Hernando County. Changed to Pasco County on June 2, 1887. Discontinued February 28, 1900; papers to Jessamine.
Columbus C. Gant Postmaster 07/16/1883
Harry K. Bankston Postmaster 04/09/1884
Columbus C. Gant Postmaster 11/19/1884
Mary L. Gant Postmaster 02/04/1897

CRYSTAL SPRINGS. NE ¼ of S36 T26 R21 (from P.O. application). Established October 4, 1911. A Mar. 27, 1919, newspaper article mentioned that W. P. Brophy was the postmaster.
William H. Brophy Postmaster 10/04/1911
Mrs. Margaret M. Fletcher Postmaster 01/14/1938
Mrs. Angie Skinner Acting Postmaster 06/30/1949
Mrs. Angie Skinner Postmaster 10/17/1949
Mrs. Jaynell J. LeHeup Officer-In-Charge 10/01/1976
Jaynell J. (LeHeup) Vickers Postmaster 02/12/1977
Myra G. Treutel Officer-In-Charge 02/03/1984
Ronald E. Cornelius Postmaster 06/23/1984

DIXIE. Established August 18, 1885, in Pasco County. SE ¼ of S05 T24 R20 (from 06-29-1896 P.O. application). Changed to Hernando County on April 9, 1907. Discontinued April 30, 1909. The list of postmasters seems not to show at least the first postmaster.
Varlera Riggan Postmaster 08/18/1896
Walter B. Hunter Postmaster 05/01/1900
Maggie L. Mizell Postmaster 02/17/1902
Lee J. Eiland Postmaster 11/28/1908

DISTON – DREXEL. S11 T26 R18 (from 02-26-1918 P.O. application). Established in Hillsborough County May 28, 1883, as Diston. Changed to Pasco County on January 20, 1888. Changed September 15, 1888 to Drexel. Discontinued April 11, 1890; papers to San Antonio. Re-established October 6, 1890. Eugenia White’s name was changed to Eugenia V. Wagner by marriage. Discontinued July 21, 1902; papers to Ehren. The USPS web site gives the date July 31, 1902. See Land O’ Lakes.
James J. Head Postmaster 05/28/1883
Joseph B. Salmon Postmaster 02/05/1887
James J. Head Postmaster 01/20/1888
James J. Head Postmaster 09/15/1888
Eugenia V. White Postmaster 06/05/1889
J. P. Wagner Postmaster 03/10/1890
Eugenia V. White Postmaster 10/06/1890
James P. Wagner Postmaster 01/27/1892
George E. Sherouse Postmaster 03/20/1896
Octavia J. Sherouse Postmaster 04/24/1899
Persis A. Stevens Postmaster 08/02/1900
William M. Harris Postmaster 01/25/1902

EARNESTVILLE. NE ¼ of S21 T25 R21 (from 01-19-1885 P.O. application). Established in Hernando County, February 17, 1885. Named for Elijah Embree Earnest. Changed to Pasco County on June 2, 1887. Discontinued September 16, 1899; papers to Dade City.
Elijah E. Earnest Postmaster 02/17/1885
Kate D. Clarkson Postmaster 06/05/1889

EHREN – LAND O’ LAKES. NE ¼ of S31 T25 R19 (P.O. app. of 11-19-1889; s/s of OBRR). Established as Ehren on January 17, 1890. Changed September 1, 1950 to Land O’ Lakes.
James J. Head Postmaster 01/14/1890
Benjamin C. De La Mater Postmaster 01/06/1893
William A. Tucker Postmaster 06/16/1897
Nevada Bramlitt Postmaster 01/18/1899
Frederick E. Muller Postmaster 07/16/1900
Ransom M. Williams Postmaster 07/07/1904
Albert M. Pinkham Postmaster 04/26/1905
Sebastian S. Arey Postmaster 01/25/1911
Albert S. Kingston Postmaster 06/13/1911
Jennie O. Pinkham Postmaster 07/18/1912
Effie C. Rush Postmaster 05/04/1917
William H. Sutton Postmaster 11/12/1918
Frederick E. Muller Acting Postmaster 03/28/1921
Frederick E. Muller Postmaster 04/21/1921
Henry C. Douglas Postmaster 07/26/1927
Mrs. Annie May Douglas Postmaster 04/03/1943
Daniel D. Clements Acting Postmaster 04/30/1958
John H. Douglas Acting Postmaster 04/14/1961
Daniel D. Clements Acting Postmaster 10/13/1961
Daniel D. Clements Postmaster 04/01/1963
William E. Ragan Officer-In-Charge 05/24/1974
William E. Ragan Postmaster 10/26/1974
Janet M. Scofield Officer-In-Charge 11/26/2005
Russell Holland Officer-In-Charge 04/26/2006
William H. Parrett Jr. Postmaster 08/05/2006
Janet M. Scofield Officer-In-Charge 06/21/2007

ELBA HEIGHTS. SW ¼ of S15 T24 R21 (from 08-15-1892 P.O. application). Established September 17, 1892. Discontinued August 31, 1900; papers to Dade City.
Mattie J. Mills Postmaster 09/17/1892

ELFERS. SE ¼ of S17 T26 R16 (from 10-22-1909 P.O. application). Established: December 14, 1909. A 1913 newspaper article reported that the post office was in J. M. Mitchell’s store. On March 23, 1926, Mrs. Jessie L. Hudson was appointed postmaster but she declined the appointment. On March 1, 1965, the post office moved into a new building on Old Dixie Highway at Hill Street. The building was privately owned and leased to the General Services Administration. At that time, the postmaster was Mrs. Ruth L. Burney, who had moved to Elfers from Tarpon Springs in 1934. In 1965 she had no help whatsoever but whenever she was absent Mrs. Ida Carroll, the substitute clerk, took over.
Levi D. Eiland Postmaster 12/14/1909
Jesse M. Mitchell Postmaster 10/31/1911
Frieda M. Eiland Postmaster 03/31/1914
Albert A. Keith Postmaster 01/15/1915
Mrs. Emma E. Sheldon Acting Postmaster 08/31/1922
Mrs. Emma E. Sheldon Postmaster 01/24/1923
Mrs. Lou Waddy Postmaster 11/26/1926
Elmer A. Boyd Acting Postmaster 08/13/1944
Elmer A. Boyd Postmaster 06/13/1945
Mrs. Ruth L. Burney Acting Postmaster 09/02/1960
Harry E. Cathell Postmaster 04/04/1968
Tom Alderson Officer-In-Charge 01/03/1985
Thomas H. Testa Jr. Postmaster 04/13/1985
Cheryl Rhum Officer-In-Charge 03/26/1997
Kathleen F. Horahan Postmaster 09/13/1997
Marlene Sheldon Officer-In-Charge 10/13/2009
Teresa Cummings Officer-In-Charge 12/04/2009

ELLERSLIE. SW ¼ of S07 T25 R22 (from 01-04-1884 P.O. application which places location at 180 ft. east of RR; 2½ mi.west of the Withlacoochee River and 2½ mi. from Richland). Established January 28, 1884. Discontinued April 30, 1887 (Dade City). Re-established December 12, 1887. Discontinued May 31, 1907; mail to Richland.
Oscar Meacham Postmaster 01/28/84
Manning R. Rountree Postmaster 12/12/1887
Willard F. O’Neal Postmaster 05/08/1888

FIVAY. NE ¼ of S11 T25 R16 (from 06-22-1904 P.O. application). Established September 23, 1904. Discontinued June 15, 1912; mail to Tucker.
Alice Gregg Postmaster 09/23/1904
Sallie M. Perkins Postmaster 10/02/1907
Daisy V. Gower Postmaster 07/11/1911

FIVAY CITY. S12 T25 R16. This Dec. 1914 post office application noted a location ¼ mi. N. of Bear Creek. Established May 1, 1915 (rescinded).
Erma Twaddell Postmaster May 01, 1915

FORT DADE. S29 T24 R21 (from 12-17-1885 P.O. application). Established in Benton County January 2, 1845; the postmaster appointed on that date, however, did not serve, according to the USPS web site. Discontinued October 1, 1851. Re-established November 5, 1852. Discontinued on March 29, 1867. Re-established on October 16, 1867 Discontinued December 2, 1873. Re-established on July 20, 1876 Changed to Pasco County on June 2, 1887 Discontinued on April 15, 1889; papers to Dade City. According to A History of Zephyrhills 1821-1921, James Gibbons was the first postmaster. He kept the post office in his home, on the site of the Dade City Business Center, formerly Lykes-Pasco Packing Co. Gibbons subsequently died, and William D. Spencer was appointed on Jan. 31, 1845. He was followed by Clement Tyner in 1848 and Capt. William Kendrick in 1849.C. B. Taylor wrote, “Mrs. Jordan tells that when she first came to this part of the country the nearest post office was for a long time at Brooksville and it was not at all uncommon to go a month or more without getting one’s mail. Whenever anyone in the neighborhood went to the post office it was the custom to get the mail for all the neighbors and to distribute it around on their return. Before the Civil War broke out, a post office had been established at Fort Dade, the mail being brought from Brooksville every Monday, the carrier continuing on to Tampa and returning Tuesday. Everyone was greatly pleased at getting such good service and each Monday say the entire countryside gathered at the office to await the coming of the mail.”J. A. Hendley wrote: “About the year of 1872 a post office was established at Fort Dade and Henry Ryals, the father of the late Rev. Henry Ryals, was appointed postmaster. He lived south of Lake Pasadena and kept the post office at his home. He had a cabinet made of cypress by a cabinet maker in Tampa, in which he kept the belonging of the post office. Jasper Carter now has the old cabinet at his home in Dade City. Mr. Ryals gave up the office after a time and it floated about the country just where anyone would have it, as it did not pay more than about $10.00 a year commissions. It was at one time kept by a school teacher at the school house near Indian Lake, and as mail came only on Saturdays from Brooksville on horse back, the teacher would meet the mail man and those who were looking for mail, and open the pouch and deliver the mail to them, put the balance in his pocket and take it home with him. After that R. M. Wilson, who had a store near the present ice plant, was postmaster for a time, but turned it down because the government wanted a report each three months and he thought once a year was enough. Then Mr. N. A. Carter took it and kept it in his home for several years, and then in his store, until he sold his store to Marshall and Sumner in 1883, Mr. R. J. Marshall becoming postmaster. In 1885 Mr. Carter was appointed assignee for the firm of Marshall and Sumner, and Jasper C. Carter was appointed acting postmaster. Dade City was granted a post office about this time, and as business of the section moved to Dade City after railroads came, the Fort Dade post office was abandoned about 1889.”D. H. Moseley wrote: “The Fort Dade postoffice at that time was conducted by a Mr. Carter, at a point on the Brooksville road four miles west of Dade City. A star route from Wildwood via Brooksville brought the mail and other things that the heart and appetite craved—twice a week—Tuesday and Friday. Six or seven letters were considered a big mail, but the carrier’s buggy was never empty, all available space under the seat and other places of the vehicle contained jugs and bottles of ‘joy producing fluid.’ The mail carrier would notify the anxious recipients of mail of the proximity of the old gray horse and buggy, as he never failed to give his old trumpet a blast when he reached a hill about a mile west of Dade City.”

On Feb. 16, 1886, postmaster R. J. Marshall was arrested at Fort Dade, charged with embezzling money order funds.

William S. Spencer Postmaster 01/31/1845
Clement Tiner Postmaster 03/24/1848
William H. Kendrick Postmaster 08/21/1849
William H. Kendrick Postmaster 11/05/1852
Clement Tiner Postmaster 04/12/1853
Francis W. Hagan Postmaster 04/25/1855
William D. Eubank Postmaster 02/05/1857
Francis B. Hagan Postmaster 11/10/1858
James Thigpen Postmaster 12/29/1858
Richard W. Buck Postmaster 03/06/1860
Daniel C. Riales Postmaster 10/10/1867
J. W. Eddy Postmaster 07/20/1876
Reuben M. Wilson Postmaster 09/25/1876
Newton A. Carter Postmaster 01/25/1878
John R. Sumner Postmaster 03/19/1883
Robert J. Marshall Postmaster 01/18/1884
Newton A. Carter Postmaster 02/07/1887

FORT TAYLOR. S03 T24 R19 (from 06-11-1884 P. O. application). Established August 27, 1851 (in Benton County). Discontinued December 5, 1860. Re-established December 5, 1866. Discontinued October 27, 1873. Re-established June 30, 1884. Discontinued June 12, 1885 (Brooksville).
Robert D. Bradley Postmaster August 27, 1851
David Hope Postmaster March 16, 1854
Miss Emma Avery Postmaster Dec. 05, 1866
E. Miller Moody Postmaster March 08, 1864
Matthew E. Jones Postmaster Nov. 20, 1867
James McNatt Postmaster March 04, 1870
William L. McMinn Postmaster Sept. 22, 1870
Julia A. Heisler Postmaster June 30, 1884

GODWIN. NW ¼ of S12 T26 R19 (from 11-28-1887 P.O. application). Established March 15, 1888. Discontinued on May 31, 1915; mail to Pasco.
Jacob Godwin Postmaster 03/15/1888
Matilda M. Godwin Postmaster 01/13/1898
Jacob Godwin Postmaster 05/12/1899
Abraham L. Godwin Postmaster 07/31/1906
William P. Smith Postmaster 10/24/1913

GREER. SE ¼ of SW ¼ of S23 T25 R21 (from 05-21-1900 P.O. application). Established June 22, 1900. Discontinued April 29, 1922; mail to San Antonio.
James L. Greer Postmaster 06/22/1900
Lee Monroe Hamilton Postmaster 09/12/1907
Mattie B. Greer Postmaster 08/15/1910
Winfield W. Fresher Postmaster 10/21/1912
James I. Stanford Postmaster 03/21/1913
Olive T. Greer Postmaster 09/24/1914

GULF KEY – ARGO – GULF KEY – GULFKEY. NE ¼ of NE ¼ of S02 T24 R16 (from 1883 P.O. application). Established on Oct. 9, 1883, as Gulf Key in Hernando County. Changed November 12, 1886 to Argo. Changed to Pasco County on June 2, 1887. Changed December 24, 1892 to Gulf Key (the USPS web site gives the date Dec. 29, 1892). Changed to Gulfkey on April 17, 1895, according to the USPS web site. Discontinued January 6, 1896; papers to Aripeka.
James Arnold Postmaster 10/09/1883
Georgia A. Whiddon Postmaster 09/18/1884
James H. Pinkerton Postmaster 11/21/1884
James H. Pinkerton Postmaster 11/12/1886
James G. Guthrie Postmaster 03/27/1890
Henry H. Flowers Postmaster 07/09/1891
George W. C. Littell Postmaster 10/05/1892
George W. C. Littell Postmaster 12/29/1892
James Gillett Postmaster 04/17/1895

HATTON – DADE CITY. SW ¼ of S02 T25 R21 (from 10-21-1882 P.O. application). Established in Hernando County on October 30, 1882 as Hatton at S02 T25 R21. SE ¼ of S27 T24 R21 (from 11-28-1884 P.O. application). Minza G. Rowe (1852-1901) was a farmer; the post office was in his home. Changed December 18, 1884 to Dade City. Changed to Pasco County on June 2, 1887.On March 15, 2010, the Dade City post office on Church Avenue was named the Sergeant Marcus Mathes Post Office in honor of a soldier who was killed at age 26 by a mortar attack in Iraq on April 28, 2008.
Minza G. Rowe Postmaster 10/30/1882
Minza G. Rowe Postmaster 12/18/1884
Felix P. McElroy Postmaster 11/18/1886
Oscar Meacham Postmaster 05/18/1889
Reuben M. Wilson Postmaster 06/15/1893
Robert E. Latham Postmaster 11/08/1894
Charles T. Lewis Postmaster 08/08/1896
Hettie B. Spencer Postmaster 10/29/1897
Johnson Y. O’Neal Postmaster 07/09/1914
Hettie B. Spencer Acting Postmaster 05/01/1919
Robert L. Nall Postmaster 03/09/1920
Hettie B. Spencer Postmaster 04/04/1924
Wendell V. Gilbert Postmaster 05/23/1936
Wayne R. Dickerson Acting Postmaster 05/31/1954
Wayne R. Dickerson Postmaster 06/10/1955
Alton P. Smith Officer-In-Charge 09/12/1969
Alton P. Smith Postmaster 02/06/1971
Jack M. Mixon Officer-In-Charge 06/29/1973
Jack M. Mixon Postmaster 10/27/1973
William E. Ragan Officer-In-Charge 08/08/1980
Ted G. Collier Postmaster 02/07/1981
Donald L. Westberry Officer-In-Charge 02/14/1984
Jeffrey L. Alston Postmaster 06/23/1984
Michael J. Porta Officer-In-Charge 03/15/2002

HERNDON. On old Seaboard railroad ¼ mile south of present day Phelps Road north of Zephyrhills. SW ¼ of NW ¼ of S27 T25 R21. Established March 15, 1886. Discontinued November 11, 1889. Re-established June 19, 1899. Discontinued October 31, 1917; mail to Dade City.
James Herndon Postmaster 06/19/1899
Augustine H. Ravesies Postmaster 08/02/1900
Luther Hobbs Postmaster 02/01/1906
Edwin M. Vogt Postmaster 03/06/1908
John F. Stephenson Postmaster 04/10/1912
Edwin M. Vogt Postmaster 03/25/1913

HOLIDAY. S31 T26 R16. Established January 2, 1962, as a branch of Tarpon Springs. The Dec. 26, 1968, St. Petersburg Times carries a photo of the post office with a sign reading, “U. S. POST OFFICE HOLIDAY FLORIDA,” and the caption for the photo reads, “This makes it official: Holiday Post Office.” The article shows a sign on U. S. 19 reading, “HOLIDAY.” In 1974 a new post office was constructed on Dixie Highway. In 1975 Rep. Richard Kelly persuaded postal officials to change the designation from the “Holiday Branch” of the Tarpon Springs Post Office to the “Holiday Post Office.” However, the Tarpon Springs postmaster retained administrative authority over the Holiday Post Office. On Sept. 26, 2004, a ceremony was held to rename the Holiday post office in honor of Paul Ray Smith, a soldier who died in Iraq in 2003.

HOPEVILLE. NW ¼ S33 T25 R16 (from 10-15-1878 P.O. application). Established December 2, 1878. Discontinued November 22, 1881. The post office application notes a location ½ mi. S. of Dead Cypress Creek and 2 mi. north of the Pithlachascotee River. This location is just south of Pinehill Cemetery. The contractor’s name is given as James O. Brown. J. B. or J. W. Hudson, as quoted in Hendley, wrote that the Hopeville post office was “out east of Port Richey at old man Worley’s place.” In a 1952 newspaper interview, Isaac W. Hudson Jr. recalled that one of his earliest tasks was to ride horseback after mail every Sunday, inland some seven miles to Worley Prairie, which he believed was approximately the site of Moon Lake ranch, and where the mail was brought weekly by horse and buggy from Brooksville to the postmaster, old Mr. Worley, who lived there alone. These trips ended when the Hudson post office was established.
James Washington Clark Postmaster Dec. 02, 1878
Jacob Worley Postmaster June 09, 1881
John A. Worley Postmaster October 10, 1881

HUDSON. SW ¼ of S27 T24 R16 (from 05-04-1882 P.O. application). Applied for as Hudson’s Landing. Established May 16, 1882, as Hudson, in Hernando County. Changed to Pasco County on June 2, 1887. Discontinued on August 31, 1953; mail to New Port Richey. Re-established December 1, 1957 as a rural station of New Port Richey. Changed May 16, 1959 to rural station of Port Richey. On Aug. 1, 1978, the post office became a branch of the Port Richey post office and was manned by postal employees. Until that date, it had been a substation operated under a contract.
John W. Hudson Postmaster 05/16/1882
Marquis L. Moseley Postmaster 10/12/1892
Thomas D. Duren Postmaster 08/05/1902
Homer C. Henderson Postmaster 04/21/1903
Mrs. Genia Moseley Postmaster 03/21/1904
George N. Goshorn Postmaster 04/19/1906
Joseph H. Smith Postmaster 06/27/1906
Alice G. Davis Acting Postmaster 03/12/1921
Alice G. Davis Postmaster 01/25/1922
Ruby Knowles Acting Postmaster 05/04/1922
Ruby Knowles Postmaster 07/05/1922
Mrs. Tessie J. Payne Postmaster 10/14/1925
Mary Frank Acting Postmaster 08/06/1929
Mary Frank Postmaster 10/10/1929
Mrs. Della M. Gay Acting Postmaster 11/26/1930
Mrs. Della M. Gay Postmaster 12/06/1930
John A. Wales Acting Postmaster 08/01/1938
John A. Wales Postmaster 10/05/1938

JESSAMINE. NE ¼ of S11 T24 R20 (from 04-03-1888 P.O. application). Established April 21, 1888. Discontinued October 30, 1909 (Blanton).
William J. Ellsworth Postmaster 04/21/1888
Walter N. Pike Postmaster 12/21/1889
William J. Ellsworth Postmaster 08/18/1892
Laurence Wright Postmaster 07/10/1908

KENNEY. SW ¼ of SE ¼ of S14 T26 R20 (from 10-13-1892 P.O. application). Applied for as Cairo at S14 T26 R20. Established November 24, 1902. Discontinued September 30, 1912; mail to Zephyrhills.
Ransom M. Williams Postmaster 11/21/1902
Maggie Smith Postmaster 05/27/1904
Mary E. Gillett Postmaster 07/27/1907
Cora B. Ford Postmaster 07/13/1911

KEYSTONE PARK. S31 T26 R17. Established April 2, 1884. Discontinued May 15, 1923 (Odessa).

LACOOCHEE. SE ¼ of S23 T23 R21 (from 05-04-1888 P.O. application). Established May 22, 1888. A 2009 St. Petersburg Times article identifies Wendy Williamson as the officer in charge and Frank Kelley as the postmaster.
William I. Acosta Postmaster 05/22/1888
Haisting S. Furman Postmaster 11/27/1891
Charles F. Blitch Postmaster 02/08/1895
John W. Leslie Postmaster 02/03/1896
Addie Jones Postmaster 10/01/1897
Texas A. Jensen Postmaster 06/17/1898
Charles Jensen Postmaster 05/08/1914
Mrs. Mima Gurganious Acting Postmaster 05/23/1924
Mrs. Mima Gurganious Postmaster 06/28/1924
William J. Mahaffey Acting Postmaster 01/01/1929
Cora E. Baldwin Acting Postmaster 06/10/1929
Mrs. Leona Sable Postmaster 02/01/1930
Mrs. Bernice Parham Postmaster 12/11/1934
Mrs. Shirley Ann Burke Officer-In-Charge 06/30/1973
Shirley Ann (Burke) Marsee Postmaster 08/04/1973
Joseph C. LaFranca Officer-In-Charge 04/29/2003
Dolly M. Hunter Postmaster 08/09/2003
James Brooks Officer-In-Charge 01/27/2005
Frank J. Kelley III Postmaster 10/29/2005

LENARD. NW ¼ of SE ¼ of S32 T23 R21 (P.O. applied for as Kuster). Established in Hernando County on April 3, 1883. Changed to Pasco County on June 2, 1887. Discontinued March 15, 1900; papers to Blanton. Scott Black writes, “When Lenard declined, William S. Kuster and his brother Charles moved away and actually carried their homes with them via rollers and mulepower, both were two-story houses. Charles transported his home to Blanton, still standing immediately south of Blanton Methodist Church. William moved his home to Trilby, situated across from the Trilby Baptist Church. The late Cassie Dowling related that story. The Kuster last name was pronounced as ‘Kooster’ by the oldtimers. I found William and Laura Kuster buried in St Pete. He died at Trilby, but a niece in St Pete arranged for his immediate transport and burial down there. His widow, Laura, later built a smaller home in Trilby, but lived out her last years in the Masonic Widows’ Home in St Pete, probably under the oversight of that same niece.” William Kuster later served as postmaster of Trilby and was appointed postmaster of San Antonio in 1892 but declined the appointment.
William S. Kuster Postmaster 04/03/1883
Charles F. Kuster Postmaster 04/19/1890

LOYCE. NE ¼ of S09 T24 R18 (P.O. applied for as Big Prairie, 09-13-1884; granted as Loyce). Established January 12, 1885. Discontinued January 12, 1887 (Brooksville). Re-established December 5, 1910. Discontinued April 30, 1920; mail to Tucker.
William R. McNatt Postmaster 12/05/1910
Mrs. A. L. Brown Postmaster 10/21/1912

LUMBERTON. NE ¼ of SE ¼ of S31 T25 R22 (from 01-24-1898 P.O. application). Established March 21, 1898. Discontinued December 31, 1905; mail to Richland.
James H. Pedrick Postmaster 03/21/1898
James R. Ingram Postmaster 01/08/1903
Thomas E. Scott Postmaster 12/27/1904
James H. Pedrick Postmaster 10/05/1905

McLEOD – MACON – TRILBY. NE ¼ of S27 T23 R21 (Trilby) (from 12-01-1884 P.O. application). Established January 6, 1885 as McLeod, in Hernando County. Changed January 29, 1885 to Macon. Changed to Pasco County on June 2, 1887. Changed January 17, 1901 to Trilby. Mrs. Hancock’s name was changed to Mrs. Myrtie E. Thomas by marriage on October 30, 1961. Marlene S. Nichols’ surname changed to Sheldon on June 17, 2006. The information in this paragraph was provided by Scott Black. Harrison K. Bankston was a Confederate veteran from Mississippi. He died at Trilby in 1922 (although his gravestone gives the year as 1923) and his wife, Alice, was later buried next to him. Richard H. Pitts was born in Mississippi and died at Trilby in 1950. His wife, Mary, survived him by several years and they are both buried in our cemetery. Hattie E. Tyer was buried here next to her husband, Darley, when she died in 1970 at her son’s home in Sebring. Myrtie E. Hancock-Thomas, originally from North Carolina and the longest serving postmaster, died in Jacksonville in 2004 and was buried here between her first husband, David Hancock, and her second husband, John Thomas. Stephen Weeks was a school board member and was buried in Tampa. Alexander M. Galaher and William S. Kuster were both buried in St. Petersburg. Enoch W. Gideons was buried at Linden. D. Guy Allen was buried in Sanford. Walter E. and Eunice E. Trunnell, husband and wife, were buried in Dade City. Allyne H. Withers was buried in Madison County. James Gregg O’Berry was buried in Dade City.
Harrison K. Bankston Postmaster 01/06/1885
Harrison K. Bankston Postmaster 01/29/1885
Stephen Weeks Postmaster 04/18/1896
Alexander M. Galaher Postmaster 05/23/1900
Alexander M. Galaher Postmaster 01/17/1901
William S. Kuster Postmaster 06/27/1903
Richard H. Pitts Postmaster 09/21/1912
Enoch W. Gideons Postmaster 09/11/1914
D. Guy Allen Postmaster 05/25/1915
Walter D. Trunnell Postmaster 10/08/1919
Mrs. Audrey V. Withers Acting Postmaster 12/19/1925
Mrs. Audrey V. Withers Postmaster 01/19/1926
Hattie Tyer Acting Postmaster 02/05/1930
James G. O’Berry Postmaster 06/04/1931
Eunice E. Trunnell Acting Postmaster 09/26/1933
Walter D. Trunnell Postmaster 03/28/1934
Mrs. Eunice E. Trunnell Acting Postmaster 04/24/1942
Mrs. Myrtie E. Hancock Acting Postmaster 09/30/1942
Mrs. Myrtie E. Hancock Postmaster 03/25/1943
Mrs. Lillie M. Couey Officer-In-Charge 05/28/1971
Mrs. Lillie M. Couey Postmaster 03/17/1973
name? Officer-In-Charge ..
Hollie M. Wright Postmaster 08/20/1994
Tamie B. Bray Officer-In-Charge 03/23/2000
Clint Wright Officer-In-Charge 08/30/2000
Joseph C. La Franca Officer-In-Charge 01/05/2001
Elaine Ryan Officer-In-Charge 02/07/2001
Thomas A. Speer III Officer-In-Charge 05/14/2001
Rhinda L. Knox Officer-In-Charge 08/31/2001
Joseph C. La Franca Officer-In-Charge 10/01/2001
Joseph C. La Franca Postmaster 11/03/2001
Pauline Hunt Officer-In-Charge 08/13/2004
Kim Gibson Officer-In-Charge 04/19/2005
Marlene S. (Nichols) Sheldon Postmaster 07/23/2005

MAYFLOWER. SE ¼ of S10 T24 R17 (from 10-24-1892 P.O. application). Established December 2, 1892. Discontinued July 21, 1898; papers to Hudson.
Henry H. Flowers Postmaster 12/03/1892
Mary C. Shay Postmaster 12/14/1895
Berry F. Herrington Postmaster 12/30/1897

MILLARD. SW ¼ S15 T26 R22 (from 12-23-1884 P.O. application). Eddie Herrmann believes that the Millard post office was in Pasco County, but later the postmaster notified the Postmaster General that he was then in Polk County. Maps from the era show a changing boundary line at the southeast corner of Pasco County.

MYRTLE. SE ¼ of S29 T26 R19 (from 06-29-1893 P.O. application). Established July 24, 1893. Discontinued October 15, 1914; mail to Lutz.
Mary E. Whitman Postmaster 07/24/1893
Thomas C. Whitman Postmaster 05/23/1895
Miles M. Bezedek Acting Postmaster 06/20/1914

NEEDMORE. NW ¼ of S21 T24 R17 (from 01-29-1909 P.O. application). Established May 14, 1909. Discontinued December 15, 1910.
Josiah S. Weeks Jr. Postmaster 05/14/1909

NEW PORT RICHEY. NE ¼ of S05 T26 R16 (from 02-20-1915 P.O. application). Established June 29, 1915.A 1921 article on the history of the post office, written by Gerben DeVries, is on the New Port Richey page.In 1965 Ralph Bellwood wrote:

The first Post Office was located in a building near the corner of Main Street and the Boulevard. The facilities for the Fourth Class Post Office consisted of a wooden shipping box which was divided into fifteen small compartments or “pigeon holes” where mail was placed in alphabetical order after being sorted, and from which it was handed out over a counter when called for by patrons.

In the due course of time the facilities were moved to more spacious quarters at the corner of Main and Adams Streets in a building where the New Port Richey Press was born and published on a hand operated press. After a number of years the facilities were again moved to a building in the middle of the block between the Boulevard and Adams Street. At this time the Arcade Building was being erected and upon its completion the Post Office was moved into the north west quarter of the large building. It remained there until 1959 when it was moved into the present building south of Orange Lake on Circle Boulevard.

After serving as Postmaster for twenty years, during which time the Post Office was raised to second class, Mr. DeVries retired from his position. Then a prominent man by the name of Fred Frierson was appointed to the position of Postmaster. After serving for four years, Frierson resigned and was replaced by Bob Sims who served as Acting Postmaster for nearly a year until Paul Mayer was appointed Postmaster in 1940. Mr. Mayer occupied this position for twenty-four years, retiring from it January 31, 1964. During Mr. Mayor’s tenure in office the Post Office became First Class. City delivery was begun March 16, 1955. A rural route covering approximately eighty miles served patrons in a large area. In 1963 a second rural route was established which enlarged the area of service in all directions.

In 1938 Frierson was relieved of his duties by a post office inspector. In November 1938 he pled guilty to embezzling $2,810 in postal funds. During his term of office, Frierson instituted a Sunday mail service and was instrumental in having two mail deliveries per day during the winter months.

In 2020 Edward J. Haab is the current PM. He was OIC in the late 90s and previously the PM of Tarpon Springs.

Gerben M. DeVries Postmaster 06/29/1915
Frederic C. Frierson Acting Postmaster 06/22/1935
Frederic C. Frierson Postmaster 08/15/1935
Charles E. Snell Acting Postmaster 05/19/1938
Paul G. J. Mayer Postmaster 08/04/1939
Robert W. Lanphar Acting Postmaster 01/31/1964
Warren W. Hartman Jr. Postmaster 08/26/1965
Roger Tetreault Acting Postmaster 08/19/1968
Tex M. Mitchell Postmaster 03/20/1971
Terry Wright Officer-In-Charge ..
Cliff A. Kurelmeyer Postmaster 10/26/1985
Terry Wright Officer-In-Charge 06/01/1989
Gregory A. Jackson Officer-In-Charge 10/02/1989
Gregory A. Jackson Postmaster 11/03/1990
Kathleen Horahan Officer-In-Charge 11/13/1997
Edward J. Haab Officer-In-Charge 11/21/1998
Rae M. DiCapua Postmaster 02/27/1999
Russell P. Holland Officer-In-Charge 12/29/2005
Debra A. Gornik Postmaster 04/15/2006
Russell P. Holland Officer-In-Charge 04/16/2007
Russell P. Holland Officer-In-Charge 07/07/2007
Christopher B. Terhune Postmaster 10/27/2007
Russell P. Holland Postmaster 07/19/2008

ODESSA. NW ¼ of S27 T26 R17 (from 01-31-1900 P.O. application). Established May 22, 1900. The Post Office was recommended by Postmaster Allen D. Connell of Keystone Park. Peter Strand was recommended to be the first Postmaster and was appointed May 22, 1900, The first location was 60 yards to the south of the ACL Railroad near the present Old Gunn Highway. The second location was the commissary at the W. H. Dowling Mill. By 1915, it had moved to the express office at Gulf Pine, which was located on the Tampa and Gulf Coast Railroad Line. The next location was the commissary of Lyon Pine Mill about 100 yards to the south. After the mills moved, the office moved one mile to the north at a building near the intersection of Old Gunn Highway and Church St. During this period, the office was fourth class and usually moved near where the postmaster lived or worked, as it was not a full-time job. The next move was about 500 yards to the north to the old general store at Gunn Highway and Denham Rd. The next location was a small building 100 yards to the south on Old Gunn Highway. The office was upgraded to third class and the next move was to an office on the west side of the stores later owned by M. Fleming. The office was upgraded to second class and a new office was built on the east side of the same store. Rural delivery started in December 1925 with the first carrier being Lewis Hatton. This route was 25 miles long and served by horseback three times a week. The second rural route was added in 1967 with a third in 1974. The new building location resulted in a daily reduction of 11.2 miles of distance traveled by rural carriers. Because the center of population had shifted, the location of the Odessa post office was moved to Hillsborough County on October 8, 1977. It is now at 8602 Tarpon Springs Rd., just west of Gunn Highway. In Feb. 1922 Tom E. Chaires was arrested by Post Office Inspectors on a charge of embezzlement of $4,000 in postal funds. He was taken to the jail at Tampa and was to be arraigned before a federal grand jury. A newspaper identifies the acting postmaster appointed to replace him as Miss Donna McFarland.
Peter M. Strand Postmaster 05/22/1900
Reason Henderson Postmaster 05/29/1901
Joseph W. Collier Postmaster 04/05/1904
Charles H. Lutz Postmaster 06/01/1906
John M. Young Postmaster 02/25/1911
Clarence O. Hart Postmaster 08/31/1912
Lloyd J. Matlock Postmaster 01/14/1914
Joshua C. Harley Postmaster 07/06/1915
Rozzielie Johnson Postmaster 05/31/1916
Tom E. Chaires Postmaster 03/02/1917
Donnie R. McFarland Acting Postmaster 02/08/1922
Edward Roberts Postmaster 08/29/1922
Miss Elsie M. Willis Acting Postmaster 10/09/1939
Miss Elsie M. Willis Postmaster 02/27/1940
Warren L. Tyler Acting Postmaster 10/10/1941
Mrs. Rilla F. Jones Postmaster 03/06/1943
Mrs. Annie L. Jackson Acting Postmaster 03/13/1945
Mrs. Annie L. Jackson Postmaster 05/09/1946
Mrs. Edna R. Myers Acting Postmaster 07/31/1959
Mrs. Edna R. Myers Postmaster 09/07/1961
Mrs. Freida M. Cannon Officer-In-Charge 01/11/1974
Charles R. Wilson Postmaster 04/13/1974
Paul E. Zaremba Jr. Postmaster 05/07/1988
Terry L. Franklin Postmaster 01/09/1993
Elizabeth A. Scheidter Officer-In-Charge 04/12/2008
Elizabeth A. Scheidter Postmaster 08/29/2009

OWENSBORO. SE ¼ of S34 T23 R21 (from 10-16-1885 P.O. application). Established in Hernando County on April 14, 1886. Changed to PASCO COUNTY on June 2, 1887. Discontinued on June 16, 1899; papers to Lacoochee. Re-established July 7, 1902. Discontinued on October 15, 1906; mail to Trilby
Frederick L. Bridge Postmaster 04/14/1886
Robert J. McCutcheon Postmaster 04/03/1888
Charles H. Lutz Postmaster 02/18/1889
John G. Dellinger Postmaster 02/04/1897
William E. Brown Postmaster 05/31/1898
Annie Keith Postmaster 07/07/1902

PASADENA. NE ¼ of S10 T25 R21 (from 06-05-1889 P.O. application). Established July 15, 1889. On Nov. 11, 1897, the San Antonio Herald reported that A. M. Walter was appointed postmaster of Pasadena. Discontinued April 30, 1911; mail to Dade City.
James H. Neff Postmaster 07/15/1889
Elijah E. Earnest Postmaster 10/26/1893
Arpie M. Waller Postmaster 11/06/1897
Peter D. Palmer Postmaster 11/21/1898
John B. Paxton Postmaster 05/04/1900
Charles B. Yale Postmaster 11/29/1904
Pauline L. Muirhead Postmaster 03/27/1906
Mae L. Nations Postmaster 12/24/1906
Laura F. Stewart Postmaster 04/23/1908
Earnest Tomor Postmaster 12/02/1908
Laura F. Stewart Postmaster 09/12/1911

PASCO. SW ¼ of NW ¼ of S08 T25 R20 (from P.O. application). Established August 2, 1889. Discontinued November 30, 1918; mail to San Antonio.
George G. McKendree Postmaster 08/02/1889
John Ellison Postmaster 11/19/1892
Levi Allen Vaughn Postmaster 03/25/1895
Eli T. Vaughn Postmaster 07/15/1895
Nehemiah L. Vaughn Postmaster 06/04/1900
William B. Smith Postmaster 03/08/1902
George W. Halsema Postmaster 11/27/1903
Nehemiah L. Vaughn Postmaster 05/04/1905
Felix S. McKendree Postmaster 12/06/1906
Louise Bragdon Postmaster 04/11/1911
Emma A. Wooddell Postmaster 02/20/1917

PEDRICK – FLATFORD. NW ¼ of S09 T26 R22 (from 04-14-1890 P.O. application). Established May 6, 1891 as Pedrick. Changed April 26, 1892 to Flatford. Discontinued July 6, 1896; papers to Richland.
James H. Pedrick Postmaster 05/06/1891
James H. Pedrick Postmaster 04/26/1892

PINAN. Originally applied for as Blue Pond. SW 1/4 of S 28 T 23 R 21. Approved May 25, 1880. Discontinued March 30, 1881. This post office was located immediately west of Trilby and served the local area before the McLeod/Macon/Trilby post office was established. According to Scott Black, the sole postmaster, William C. McLeod, was originally from Georgia. He died here in 1886, although his gravestone shows 1885. He was a veteran of both the Florida Indian Wars and the War Between the States. His second wife, Tomsey Ann, was buried next to him a few years later.
William C. McLeod Postmaster 1880

PLEASANT PLAINS. This is quite possibly the long-sought “26-mile house”. NW ¼ of S07 T26 R 19 [from 04-23-1878 P. O. app. where it was noted to be 26 mi. south of Brooksville and 21 mi. southwest of Fort Dade.] The area is now known as Land O’ Lakes. Established February 10, 1879, with postmaster Anna Weckter. Discontinued September 17, 1879.
James H. Pedrick Postmaster February 10, 1879

PORT RICHEY. SE ¼ of S30 T25 R16 (from May 1884 P.O. application). Established in Hernando County, July 9, 1884. Changed to Pasco County on June 2, 1887. On March 9, 1954, the St. Petersburg Times reported, “A rumor circulated during the last few months that the Port Richey post office would be discontinued and its service consolidated with the New Port Richey post office was squelched in a notice from U. S. Postmaster General Summerfield. The notice, assuring continuation of the office, was in answer to a petition signed by 300 Port Richey citizens.” In 1974 a new post office building was constructed on Washington Street, just south of the earlier post office. Margaret Findley became the Port Richey postmaster in November 2019.
Aaron M. Richey Postmaster 07/09/1884
James W. Clark Postmaster 03/28/1892
David H. Clark Postmaster 01/14/1909
Rubie E. Nicks Postmaster 01/24/1911
David H. Clark Postmaster 07/20/1912
Emma E. Sheldon Postmaster 07/06/1916
M. Leroy Bailey Acting Postmaster 05/03/1920
M. Leroy Bailey Postmaster 08/20/1920
Cyrl R. Ranks Acting Postmaster 10/31/1948
Thomas R. Hillsamer Postmaster 02/26/1951
Howard L. Potts Acting Postmaster 05/20/1960
Mrs. Marie F. Springer Acting Postmaster 07/29/1960
A. Edward Hoyt Postmaster 04/01/1963
Mrs. Lois D. Bareford Acting Postmaster 04/30/1968
Mrs. Marie F. Springer Acting Postmaster 05/31/1968
Mrs. Marie F. Springer Postmaster 10/04/1968
Myron R. Randels Officer-In-Charge 01/12/1979
Charles R. Wilson Officer-In-Charge 07/13/1979
Edward M. Stahl Postmaster 01/26/1980
Betteann G. Forkel Officer-In-Charge 08/09/1984
James F. Mitchell Postmaster 11/24/1984
Douglas C. Pollard Officer-In-Charge 11/03/2007
Douglas C. Pollard Postmaster 07/19/2008

SAGANO. NW ¼ of S13 T24 R17 (from 1902 P.O. application). Established March 6, 1902. Discontinued May 31, 1913; mail to Loyce.
Eddie H. Sweat Postmaster 03/06/1902
Henry E. Pritchett Postmaster 08/14/1903
Beulah B. McNatt Postmaster 11/21/1904
Joel H. Herring Postmaster 04/07/1909
Amy L. Brown Postmaster 06/13/1911

SAINT JOSEPH. SW ¼ of S23 T24 R20 (from 04-20-1893 P.O. application). Established May 8, 1893. Discontinued November 15, 1918; mail to Dade City.
Bernard Barthle Postmaster 05/08/1893
George W. Halsema Postmaster 08/17/1900
Romeo Stuntebeck Postmaster 05/25/1901
Andrew Barthle Postmaster 05/26/1902

SAINT LEO. SW ¼ of S01 T25 R20 (from 09-26-1890 P.O. application). Established October 18, 1890.
Frater Charles Postmaster 10/18/1890
Charles H. Moore Postmaster 09/06/1895
Francis Sadlier Acting Postmaster 04/14/1931
Francis Sadlier Postmaster 10/29/1931
David William Gormican Acting Postmaster 02/28/1955
David William Gormican Postmaster 03/14/1957
Bro. Joachim J. Svetlosky Acting Postmaster 06/02/1967
Bro. Joachim J. Svetlosky Postmaster 07/23/1968
Heiskel B. Christmas Officer-In-Charge 08/21/1970
Heiskel B. Christmas Postmaster 04/03/1971
Luicile E. Harmer Officer-In-Charge 06/16/1978
Mrs. Sandra L. Harvey Postmaster 01/13/1979
Sheila Biston Officer-In-Charge 07/07/2000
Dolly M. Hunter Officer-In-Charge 10/25/2000
Dolly M. Hunter Postmaster 12/02/2000
Linda Burbage Officer-In-Charge 08/08/2003
Carole Petty Officer-In-Charge 11/04/2003
Cheryl E. Moffitt Officer-In-Charge 12/02/2003
Cheryl E. Moffitt Postmaster 08/21/2004
Edward E. Coleman Officer-In-Charge 04/30/2008
Lia H. Williams Officer-In-Charge 06/18/2008
Vivian E. Hall Officer-In-Charge 08/02/2008
Beth A. Aker Officer-In-Charge 01/02/2009
Penny S. Benzon Officer-In-Charge 01/16/2010

SAINT THOMAS. NE ¼ of S28 T24 R20 (from 11-08-1884 P.O. application). Established on January 2, 1885, in Hernando County. Changed to Pasco County on June 2, 1887. Discontinued May 31, 1907; mail to Saint Joseph.
Thomas Lucas Postmaster 01/02/1885

SECURITY. NE ¼ S22 T26 R15 (from 04-23-1900 P.O. application). The post office was applied for as Baker. Established July 16, 1900, as Security. The first postmaster was Otis Baker, according to R. F. Pent in The History of Tarpon Springs. Discontinued December 31, 1908.
Samuel B. Baker Postmaster 07/16/1900
Wyatt J. Meyer Postmaster 09/28/1901
Charles V. Hall Postmaster 04/02/1908

SHINGLETON. SE ¼ of S20 T25 R19 (from 12-??-1897 P.O. application). Established January 17, 1898. Discontinued October 15, 1901; papers to Pasco.
Benjamin C. De La Mater Postmaster 01/17/1898

SUMNER – SAN ANTONIO – LAKE JOVITA – SAN ANTONIO. SE ¼ of S02 T25 R20 (from 10-26-1882 P.O. application). Post Office was sought under the name of Clear Lake. This name was denied with a note saying to request a “short name of one word.” Established on November 27, 1882 as Sumner, in Hernando County. Changed December 19, 1882 to San Antonio. Changed to Pasco County on June 2, 1887. Mary Govreau’s name was changed to Mary E. Hancock by marriage on January 28, 1916. Changed November 1, 1926 to Lake Jovita. Changed August 1, 1931 to San Antonio. See also: Carmel, Drexel, Greer, Pasco, and Shingleton.
Rodolphus A. Brown Postmaster 11/27/1882
Rodolphus A. Brown Postmaster 12/19/1882
Paul R. Gailmard Postmaster 12/13/1886
William H. Edwards Postmaster 01/22/1890
John R. Osburn Postmaster 07/11/1892
Thomas J. O’Neill Postmaster 09/16/1893
Frank E. Carroll Postmaster 10/09/1897
Mary E. Govreau Postmaster 04/20/1914
Frank E. Carroll Postmaster 10/02/1919
Mrs. Nellie P. Perry Acting Postmaster 09/01/1924
Mrs. Nellie P. Perry Postmaster 12/20/1924
Mrs. Nina Kovarik Acting Postmaster 10/09/1933
Mrs. Nina Kovarik Postmaster 08/11/1934
Mrs. Ollie Mae Swanson Acting Postmaster 02/28/1951
Frank John Hill Jr. Acting Postmaster 08/15/1953
Frank John Hill Jr. Postmaster 07/28/1954
Carolyn W. Pattie Officer-In-Charge 10/28/1982
Martin L. Futch Postmaster 02/05/1983
Kathy Boyd Officer-In-Charge 11/23/1994
Phillip Puleo Jr. Postmaster 11/25/1995
Cheryl A. Yebba Officer-In-Charge 08/17/2004
Cheryl A. Yebba Postmaster 10/16/2004

TRAVELERS REST. S08 T24 R20. A retirement community NW of Lake Iola. Mail for Travelers Rest comes to the Dade City post office. It is sent in a mailsack to the community and sorted there. This service began 03-23-1973.

TUCKER – GREENFIELD. SE ¼ of S08 T25 R18 (from 12-20-1897 P.O. application). SE ¼ of S33 T24 R18 (from P.O. application). Established February 10, 1908 as Tucker. Changed July 6, 1923 to Greenfield. Discontinued September 30, 1933; mail to Brooksville.
Edward H. Baker Postmaster 02/10/1908
Eugenia C. Pearce Postmaster 08/23/1909
Randal A. Rewiss Postmaster 06/22/1911
Thomas B. Stevens Postmaster 03/21/1913
Millard W. Thompson Postmaster 04/14/1916
Joseph C. Brignolo Acting Postmaster 10/11/1921
Joseph C. Brignolo Postmaster 09/27/1922
Joseph C. Brignolo Postmaster 07/06/1923
Bessie Costakis Acting Postmaster 12/02/1924
Bessie Costakis Postmaster 01/19/1925
Mrs. Frances Gifford Acting Postmaster 03/20/1926
Mrs. Frances Gifford Postmaster 06/21/1926

TUCKERTOWN – RICHLAND. NE ¼ of NW ¼ of S30 T25 R22 (from 1886 P.O. application). Established October 5, 1876 as Tuckertown, in Hernando County. J. A. Hendley gives Oscar Meacham as the first postmaster. Discontinued August 16, 1878. Re-established June 28, 1880. Changed July 17, 1886 to Richland. Changed to Pasco County on June 2, 1887. Discontinued November 30, 1948; mail to Zephyrhills. Also see Ellerslie, Flatford, Pedrick.
Daniel F. Clement Postmaster 10/05/1876
Dan T. Clements Postmaster 06/28/1880
James D. Redding Postmaster 02/05/1884
James D. Redding Postmaster 07/17/1886
Belle Rizer Postmaster 07/17/1889
William B. Smith Postmaster 10/26/1893
Gilbert A. Evans Postmaster 05/26/1897
Samuel D. Amerman Postmaster 05/18/1900
William Mote Postmaster 05/14/1902
John C. Wells Postmaster 03/28/1903
Zadock V. Ennis Postmaster 02/05/1904
William Mote Postmaster 04/12/1904
Thomas H. Milton Postmaster 04/09/1908
Thomas N. Milton Postmaster 02/17/1909
Austin M. Tucker Postmaster 10/20/1913
Mrs. Gena A. Wells Postmaster 12/06/1916
Frank H. Bryan Acting Postmaster 05/20/1921
Nels E. Johnson Postmaster 10/03/1921
Mrs. Beulah Stewart Postmaster 10/26/1938
Mrs. Rose Haynes Postmaster 06/10/1942
Mrs. Florence B. Hyland Acting Postmaster 07/31/1945
Mrs. Florence B. Hyland Postmaster 01/18/1946

TWIN LAKES. Established August 29, 1884, in Hernando County. Changed to Pasco County at S05 T24 R20, Nov. 18, 1889, according to research by Eddie Herrmann, or on Nov. 26, 1889, according to the USPS web site. Discontinued January 29, 1895; papers to Jessamine.
William F. Jackson Postmaster 08/29/1884
John H. Reilly Postmaster 10/19/1889
John H. Reilly Postmaster 11/26/1889
Charles E. Gregg Postmaster 10/30/1894

WESLEY. NW ¼ of S08 T26 R20 (from 09-15-1896 P.O. application) Established September 15, 1897 (P.O. app. for Lemon 09-15-1896). Discontinued September 30, 1902; papers to Abbott.
Elisabeth F. Smith Postmaster 09/16/1897
Abraham L. Godwin Postmaster 10/17/1900
Ephraim B. Cooper Postmaster 03/25/1902

WESLEY CHAPEL. On June 15, 2007, the St. Petersburg Times reported that Wesley Chapel had one contract post office, on Boyette Road at State Road 54, with 2,000 square feet and barely enough parking spaces for 10 cars. The newspaper identified Kelly Rossi as the postmaster.

WHEELER. NE ¼ of S02 T24 R16 (from P.O. application). Established December 9, 1898. Discontinued May 15, 1902; papers to Enville, in Hernando County.
George W. C. Littell Postmaster 12/09/1898
Walter B. Littell Postmaster 05/10/1900

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