John T. V. Clark – Zephyrhills High School

Pictures of John T. V. Clark and Family

Click here for the album of memories from the dedication of the John T. V. Clark Band Room at Raymond B. Stewart Middle School, March 1, 2008. It was compiled by Clereen Brunty.

Left: Army photo, prior to transfer to the Air Force. Right: portrait at Florida Southern College, 1942

Mr. Clark in his “family” band with his mother (Inez Clark) and Uncle Bill Wilson (drums) and George Toy (sax) in Lakeland

Mr. Clark, Steve, Bruce and some other musicians (and cocktail waitresses) at Mackinaw Island, Michigan in 1979 (1 year after retiring) – funny part was – Mr. Clark was the “youngest” band member other than Steve and Bruce – at age 56.

Dec 2003 – at his 80th birthday with various family members

The Bruce Clark Family & John T. V. Clark

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