Zephyrhills Schools – Dedication



This history of ZHS is lovingly dedicated to the author’s husband, Ernest Edward Wise. This is a scholarly individual and a teacher who possesses the ability to put learning in a step-by-step format that translates the theoretical to practical. His science and research skills have served so many including his own children. Two of his children are accomplished attorneys and a third is a budding artist, and they applaud his keen tutoring ability. His wife is eternally grateful for this tutor in statistics at a critical professional time.

Often unrecognized for his dedication, we celebrate this true gentleman who has devoted 35 years to the ZHS institution as a Biology Teacher and Media Specialist. The facilitator of SACS presentations, the chronicler of news, the researching, the fix-it-up guy, Wayne’s buddy and a no-nonsense guy! He is a person, sometimes misunderstood, who loves completely, gives freely and demands respect and integrity.

We celebrate your career of service, Ernie!

Love and devotion always….

Madonna, Jervis, Mamie and Rachel Wise

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