Zephyrhills High School – 1991-1992


Highlights of 1991-1992

Top of the Class, St. Petersburg Times, October 28, 1992

High Achievers: The following students from Zephyrhills High are Academic Letter and Pin Recipients, having maintained a 3.75 grade-point average during the 1991-92 school year. Seniors are:  Joe Baker, Monu Bedi, Sonu Bedi, Arthur Carlson, Kristin Ezick, Joanne Fordiani, Kimberly Goodwin, Tesa Hale, Daniel Husted, David Husted, Lori Johnson, Areti Karakatsanis, Jill Lillibridge, Barbra Lyons, Angela Mason, Stephanie Massey, Kara Mathis, Brenda Montenegro, David Nash, Brian Overstreet, Joshua Prickett, Rachel Rigsby, Mark Roberts, Deanna Roper, Christian Santos, Amy Shirley, Rhonda Smith, Alicia Wolfe and Jennifer Wooten Juniors are Howard Benson, Crystal Breton, Lisa Dion, Geniene Franklin, Mary Lee Going, Melinda Hughes, Julie Jackson, Jamie Karp, Joseph Kelly, Paul Malberg, Adam Markwardt, Stephen McLeod, Janet Mitchell, Matthew Mohler, William Poe, Erin Robison, Corinne Santos, Carla Sperry, Sean Tarrant, Alexis Van Bunnen and Lorrin Weicht.  Sophomores are: Robyn Bishop, Anna Boone, Shelly Brownsburger, Teri Butterfield, Sergio Carranza, Charley Demosthenous, Mandeep Dhalla, Joseph Fife, Celeste Garrod, Saadia Ghani, Tom Hutchinson, Hariharan Krishnaraj, Steven Lyons, Stevie McKelvey, Jamal Misleh, Dipu Patel, Christy Peeples, Jennifer Reynolds, Hanah Rhodes, Jennifer Richards, Jennifer Rinck and Deborah Thompson.

Graduates Blow Their Own Horns, St. Petersburg Times, June 13, 1992

Moments to remember. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime event for these Pasco County high school graduates. Whether they enter the work force or go to college, these young men and women can be proud of what they achieved: a high school diploma. And they’ll always remember their big day: June 12, 1992. Moments to remember. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime event for these Pasco County high school graduates. Whether they enter the work force or go to college, these young men and women can be proud of what they achieved: a high school diploma. And they’ll always remember their big day: June 12, 1992.

Cadet Makes Dean’s List, St. Petersburg Times, by Carolyn Hopkins, November 19, 1992

Air Force Cadet Lisa M. Cherry has been placed on the dean’s list at the U.S. Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, Colo. Cherry is the daughter of Ronald A. and Shirley G. Cherry of Zephyrhills.

Eligibility for the dean’s list is based on academic excellence with a 3.0 or better grade-point average at the end of the semester.  Cherry is a 1992 graduate of Zephyrhills High School.

Teen is Fourth in International Fair, St. Petersburg Times, June 4, 1992

A Pasco high school student has won a science award in the 43rd International Science and Engineering Fair. Christie Noel Rinck, 17, took a fourth place award in biochemistry during the competition last week. Rinck was one of the 250 students from across the country and around the world who took home honors. While she was a little disappointed in her fourth-place finish, Rinck said she felt she was more than compensated by the enthusiasm of the Florida contingent.

“It was exciting when all the other people from Florida cheered for you,” Rinck said. Rinck’s project showed how plant hormones can counteract the effect of reduced light. The fair, which took place in Nashville, Tenn., showcased 750 projects.

A panel of international judges selected the winning projects. Rinck said she enjoyed exchanging experiences and ideas with the students and judges.

“I got to meet professors from around the world,” she said. “One of the judges (for my project) was from Czechoslovakia.”

Rinck and Hudson High junior John Kaas, spent the week in Nashville for the competition. While waiting for the judgment, she was able to wander through the myriad of exhibits.

“A lot of it was very complex,” Rinck said. “When I got to the physics and the computer science I was astounded because I didn’t know what was going on.” Rinck is Valedictorian of Zephyrhills High School. She is also a nominee for numerous state awards.

Salute to the Scholars, St. Petersburg Times, May 19, 1992

Christine Rinck Valedictorian: Zephyrhills High School Age: 17 GPA: 4.29 College: Stetson University Major: Double major in biology and choral music Favorite book: Great Expectations by Charles Dickens Favorite singer: Burt Bacharach Most important memory of high school: Being able to attend the International Science and Engineering fair. Person who most influenced you: Elaine Summerhill, my chorus teacher in elementary school, who first introduced me to music, and Jan Smith, my high school choral director, who encouraged me to pursue a career in music. Biggest worry: Opening up to someone and then having that person betray our friendship. 11.

 Emily Curington, Salutatorian: Zephyrhills High School Age: 17 GPA: 3.9 College: Agnes Scott College in Atlanta Major: Philosophy Favorite book: Presumed Innocent by Scott Turow Most important memory of high school: The time that I have spent with friends, which is something I will treasure always. Person who most influenced you: My first-grade teacher influenced me the most, because she (Angie Smith) taught me that reading, learning and caring are the most important things one can do. Biggest worry: The job market of the future. After law school, I hope that I will be able to find a job.

Bulldogs Crown 5 SAC Lift Champions, St. Petersburg Times, by Rick Gershman, April 10, 1992

As expected, Zephyrhills ruled the Sunshine Athletic Conference weightlifting meet Wednesday at River Ridge High School.

The Bulldogs had five champions out of nine weight classes and seven individuals named to the all-conference team. The top two individuals in each weight class make the all-conference team.

Zephyrhills won the meet handily with 63 points, 34 better than runner-up Pasco’s 29. The Pirates edged Springstead, which had 28 points, and Ridgewood, which had 25.

The Bulldogs’ champions were Shane Finch (114 1/2 weight class, lifted 345 pounds total); Dan York (123 1/4, 400); Louis Montenegro (132 1/4, 415); Booker Pickett (220 1/4, 565); and Randy McDaniels (heavyweight, 620).

Also making the all-conference cut were Zephyrhills’ Jeff Quillen and Shawn Batsch.

Weightlifting Sunshine Athletic Conference meet Team Totals-

1. Zephyrhills (ZHS) 63; 2. Pasco (Pas) 29; 3. Springstead (Spr) 28; 4. Ridgewood (Rw) 25; 5. Gulf 16; 6. (tie) River Ridge (RR), Land O’ Lakes (LOL) 8; Hudson (Hud)

Zephyrhills Band Members Honored, St. Petersburg Times, by Suzanne Hayes, March 11, 1992

The following Zephyrhills High School Band members earned superior ratings at the recent district band festival.

Solo superior ratings were earned by Robin Jacobs, James Waits, Rachel Rigsby, Stacie Hatchell, Darrell Morris, Douglas Phillips, Misty Moncrieff, Sarah Tiemann, Christopher Holloway, Joanne Fordiani, Michael Holloway, Joey Foss, Shelly Hein, Barbara Lyons, Mary Moncrieff, Nadia Bostick, Rebecca Phillips, and Rebecca Phillips.

Superior ensembles included Barbara Lyons, Joanne Fordiani, and Sarah Tiemann for flute trio; Teresa Nelson, Robin Jacobs, Malissa Patrick, Rebecca Phillips, Christina Trebour, and Jennifer Woodruff for twirling ensemble; and Joey Foss, Lori Berglund, Leslie Dupree, Linda Frederick, Kara Mathis, Megan Mead, Rhonda Mitchell, and Teresa Trebour for indoor guard.

The students will enter the state evaluations in May.

Pickett Got Charge Out of Recruiting Series, St. Petersburg Times, by Booker Pickett and Rick Gershman, January 21, 1992

 Editor’s note: Booker Pickett, a 6-foot-3, 220-pound linebacker from Zephyrhills High School, is considered among the area’s top football recruits. As his recruitment proceeds toward the Feb. 5 signing date, Booker will occasionally share some of his thoughts with our readers in conversations with Times correspondent Rick Gershman.

I visited (the University of) South Carolina this past weekend. A lot of stuff happened. They tried to do so much – there was too much stuff. So much went on, I can hardly remember it all.

The first night, I ate dinner, and hooked up with my host, Roderick Howe. He was a freshman this year; he didn’t start. He’s a tight end.

We had breakfast the next day; there were about 15 other recruits there. I knew one of them, Charles Davis (of Tampa Bay Vo-Tech). We went up to Louisville together in December.

There were about three or four speakers at breakfast. Then we met up with the heads of the departments we wanted to major in. Quite a few of us met up with the head of the business department; it was a Mrs. Jones. She showed us around a bit.

Then we toured the campus. Oh my God! I didn’t expect it to take so long. It was so big! It had all of the other (colleges I visited) beat by a long ways. It’s a big, beautiful campus – but it was too big. I didn’t like that; it’s too crowded. It’s not like Miami, which is like in the middle (size-wise). After that, we went to lunch on this rotating restaurant on top of one of the dorms. You can see the whole campus from there. It’s neat. After lunch we went to The Roost – the athletic dorms.

I woke up the next day and we went out to the stadium, and saw Coach (Sparky) Woods. I had just talked to Sparky last week – I didn’t know what to say to him. He was trying to get us to commit; a couple guys committed, but I wasn’t going to.

When I got back, Coach Erickson (of Miami) was at my house. I was kind of tired, but it was “Dennis Erickson!” It made me feel like I’m wanted or something. I like him; he’s just a wonderful guy. But I’m not going to commit to anyone; I’m keeping my options open.

I’m going to Florida on the 31st. They wanted it to be this weekend, but I’m going to take the SAT. I already passed Prop 48 (with an ACT score); I just want to take it to see where I’m at.

I’m taking the Florida visit just to get it over with. Erickson didn’t want me to take it; he said not to. I don’t think I’m Florida’s first choice; I ain’t seen (Florida coach Steve) Spurrier yet. Including the visit, I’ve seen Coach Erickson three times. Spurrier, I talked to on the phone once.

But I’m keeping (the Florida option) open. I could gain a few more pounds. All (these schools) do is feed you, feed you, feed you till you get tired of eating.

Tommy McLeod Gets Full Ride At Yale Series—Football, St. Petersburg Times, by Jim Carson, April 9, 1992

Tommy McLeod is used to making smart decisions, so his choice to accept a scholarship package from Yale University this week was academic. And financially rewarding – a good start for McLeod in his plans to study finance with an eye toward law.

McLeod, a two-year starter on the Zephyrhills High football team, signed an athletic scholarship worth $20,000 per year and academic scholarships worth another $6,000 annually that will pay for his Ivy League education.

“What it came down to was Yale and its reputation,” McLeod said Wednesday after returning from a visit to the New Haven, Conn., school. “I like the atmosphere there and obviously the school has great academics.”

And a solid football program that impressed McLeod, an All-North Suncoast tight end and All-Sunshine Athletic Conference selection at tight end and defensive back.

“I liked the coach (Carm Cozza) – he was super nice and I’m excited I’ll be playing for him,” McLeod said. “He’s really concerned about each player’s experience at Yale and that’s important to me.”

The Ivy League stipulates that freshmen must sit out their first year to learn what is expected of them academically, without the pressure of football. McLeod chose Yale over several Ivy League schools and Davidson.

“That’s not to say the other schools weren’t worthy,” McLeod said. “It’s just that Yale came up with the best package and it seemed like the best place for me.” McLeod said Yale will likely use him at defensive back, and he also expects to see action at receiver, kick returner and punter.

“They are going to lose a lot of players at defensive back and that’s where I will be needed most,” McLeod said. “I’m just eager to help the team in anyway I can.”

McLeod, who has a 3.8 grade-point average in honors courses, intercepted six passes this season for Zephyrhills and returned a fumble for the winning touchdown in a 6-0 victory over Citrus. He also caught 13 passes for 238 yards and four touchdowns.

“He’s a good kid and he deserves this,” said Zephyrhills coach Tom Fisher. “He’s going to an Ivy League school on a full scholarship. You can’t do much better than that.”

Bulldogs May Have Edge in Talent-Laden Girl’s Field, St. Petersburg Times, by Rick Gershman, December 3, 1992

Without a doubt, girl’s basketball talent abounds in Pasco County high schools this year. But you’ll have to take a trip to find it.

From Tawnya Booker and Jill Sanders at Zephyrhills to Stefany Hauter and Laura Chapman at Gulf, from Kristy Jones at Land O’ Lakes to Shay Wheaton at Pasco, you’ve got a very talented county all-star team. What you don’t have is one dominant school.

Zephyrhills comes closest despite having graduated four of its top players. With Kathy Hunka, Rhonda Hill, Penny Herlihy and Lisa Cherry graduated, it’s a rebuilding year for the two-time defending district champion Bulldogs.

But Ernie Pittman knows how to make teams win, and Zephyrhills has raced out to a pair of tip-off tournament wins over East Lake and Pasco and regular-season victories over Gulf and Hudson.

“Losing Hunka, Hill, Cherry, Herlihy, nobody would not feel that loss,” Pittman said. “They could do some things these girls didn’t, but we’re going to do some other things those others couldn’t.

“(As a coach) you either try to mold everybody into your own set ways, or you try to adjust your team to the talent you have. I hope we can do the (latter), and once we do, we’ll be a very good team.” Though Gulf and Pasco have suffered early losses to the Bulldogs (Pasco in a jamboree), each has the talent to challenge. Land O’ Lakes is going through the same transition problem as Zephyrhills, though it hasn’t handled it quite as well.

Now in its second year, River Ridge is expected to show marked improvement over its winless 1991-92 season, while Hudson and Ridgewood hope to break the .500 mark.

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