Zephyrhills High School – 1977


Highlights of 1977

ZHS Senior Scott Boyd—Pasco County ‘Student of the Year,’ Zephyrhills News, June 9, 1977

Scott Boyd, Zephyrhills High School senior, who has been given an appointment to West Point Military Academy, Tuesday, was honored by the Pasco County School Board as the 1977 “Student of the Year” for the county.

A nominee was presented from each of the county’s five high schools, and a committee of teachers made the selection. 

Principal Raymond B. Stewart accompanied Boyd to the School Board meeting Tuesday at which the award was presented.

The guidance office at ZHS provided the News with a run-down of Boyd’s accomplishments as a student, which qualified him for the county honor.

These include: a member of the National Honor Society three years, serving as vice president last year and president this year; president of his class as a sophomore and vice president this year; a Student Council member for all four years of high school, and was named this year’s STAR student.

A member of the Agape club, a non-denominational Christian youth group, winner of the Legion Citizenship Award in Junior High School, delegate to Boys State last year and active membership in First Baptist Church.

In athletics Boyd played four years of basketball, being selected to the All-Area Team both last season and this year, and was Most Valuable Player in his sophomore and junior years and was team captain this year.

Boyd, son of Mr. and Mrs. William R. Boyd, also is this year’s class valedictorian.


ZHS Graduates 159 Seniors; Many Awards Are Presented, Zephyrhills News, June 30, 1977

Virtually every seat was taken in the student commons area of Zephyrhills High School Thursday night as 159 seniors—the second largest class ever, behind 1975’s 163-member class—were awarded their diplomas.

Almost 1,000 seats had been placed for the ceremony, and counting more than 100 standees, school custodians estimated the crowd at well over 1,200 friends, relatives and graduates.

The school’s air conditioning system labored in vain to cool the giant crowd on a hot, weltering evening made even more unbearable by the fact the ceremony began at 6 p.m. before things outdoors had a chance to cool down.

Mrs. Agnes Deal, Richard Sherwood and Jay B. Starkey, School Board Members, each took a turn presenting diplomas, assisted by Principal Raymond B. Stewart and J.C. Steele, faculty commencement chairperson, who also was emcee and introduced guests.

Tassels were turned by Miss Kathy Edwards, assisted by Dr. James Marlow, both School Board Members.

Principal Stewart congratulated the seniors on their accomplishments in the four years they attended the school. Stewart commented that times had been tough for them because of 45-15. He said, “We will not miss 45-15 but we will miss this class.

Others presented on the platform were the Reverend J.H. Olmstad, vicar of the St. Elizabeth’s Episcopal Church, who gave the invocation and benediction and Superintendent of Schools, Thomas E. Weightman who announced the names of winners of special awards.  

Three addresses on the program were those of Senior Class President Miller Newton III, Valedictorian Scott Boyd and Salutatorian, James Whitacre.

Presented the annual awards by Superintendent Weightman were: Citizenship—Marie Kretschmar and James Whitacre; Most Athletic—Andra Douglas and Wendell Maples; School Spirit—Judy Cowling and Lavern Renninger; Activities—Jo Ann Hyder and Ivan Corbinl; Best All-Around—Marta Meengs and Scott Boyd; Scholarship—Scott Boyd and James Whitacre.

Charles Back acting on behalf of the Karl Y. Wickstrom family of Miami, presented a Leadership and Friendship plaque and a check for $100 to Ivan Corbin as the senior who through those traits most honored the memory of Karl G. Wickstron, a ZHS senior when he was killed in a car-bicycle accident in July of 1972. Back was last year’s winner of the award.

Organist for the processional led by Boyd and Miss Kathy Simcoe was Ray McLellan.

Ushers were members of the junior class and included: Trish Inman, Patty Landreth, Julie Shultz, Cindy Flack, Donna Reiter, Chris Bahr, Fred Rhoda, Argon Roberts, Donald Piat and Thor Wickstrom

Valedictory Address by Scott Boyd

In his address on behalf of his class, Valedictorian Scott Boyd said:

“Tonight it is my responsibility to deliver a speech to you, the graduating senior class of Zephyrhills High School. Instead I am going to substitute a speech that far excels any speech I could give.

“I was asked to present to you a worthwhile cause to challenge you, as members of the senior class, to action. This speech challenges not only the senior class but all senior classes—those now past and those to come.

“I was also requested to lead each or you to dedicate your lives to a worthy cause—this speech requires all of us full unlimited dedication to a cause for which thousands have died.

“To those who listened to this speech when it was first spoken and to those who have read or heard it spoken since, it always leads them to a deep love of their country and develops a great patriotic enthusiasm in them. It finally causes one to realize that the purpose of our abilities is to devote them to the support of the very essence of America.

“That date the speech was presented was on November 19, 1863. The place was a small hilltop in northern Pennsylvania. Its original purpose was to dedicate a burial ground for fallen soldiers. The man giving it was Abraham Lincoln, the President of the United States. It was later titled, “The Gettysburg Address.”

“As President Lincoln approached the podium a slight applause was heard, then silence overtook the crowd as he slowly unfolded two seemingly insignificant pieces of paper. He then began…

“Fourscore and seven years ago, our fathers brought forth on this continent, a new nation conceived in liberty, and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal.

“Now we are engaged in a great civil war, testing whether that nation, or any nation conceived in liberty and so dedicated, can long endure. We are met on a great battlefield of that war. We have come to dedicate a portion of that field, as a final resting place for those who have given their lives that that nation might life. It is altogether fitting and proper that we should do this.

“But in a larger sense, we can not dedicate—we can not consecrate—we can not hollow this ground. The brave men, living and dead, who struggled here, have consecrated it, far above our poor power to add or distract. The world will little note, nor long remember what we say here, but it can never forget what they did here. It is for us the living, rather to be dedicated here to the unfinished work which they who fought here have thus far so nobly advanced. It is rather for us to be here dedicated to the great task remaining before us—that from these honored dead we take increased devotion to that cause for which they gave the last fl measure of devotion—that we dead shall not have died in vain—that this nation, under God, shall have a new birth in freedom—and that government of the people, by the people, and for the people, shall not perish from the earth.”

I hope that we, as graduates can contribute to a world where all the ideals expressed by President Lincoln can become a reality for all Americans,” the Valedictorian concluded.

Salutatorian’s Talk by James Whitacre

In his address entitled, “Where Do We Go From Here?” James Whitacre said: “Where Do We Go From Here? That seems to be the big question on the minds of those of us who are graduating this year. Walking down the halls you hear students asking each other questions such as, “What are you going to do now? Or What’s left for us to do, everything has already been done? I’ve heard many of the students talking about the uncertainties of the future they feel that their education won’t make any difference.

“They remind me of the little boy in third grade when his teacher said, ‘Johnny, if I had six apples and took away four, what’s the difference? He said, “That’s what I always say, who cares anyhow.”

I remember hearing My Dad talking about his graduation. It was during the Great Depression. They had the same thoughts and said the same things then that we are saying now.

But since he graduated, TV has been invented, electronics and computerization have been introduced and the once thought impossible feat of reaching the moon has been achieved. Transportation and housing have been made available to the masses. Incomes have increased along with the standard of living. Noted advancements have been made in a wide variety of fields from medicine to education. They survived wars, internal upheavals and even Watergate.

“We will see even greater changes during these next fifty years. We have but scratched the surface, not only in the sciences but in the humanities and man’s relationship with h is fellow man.

“Yes, we will have to solve our energy problem, the world’s food shortage, and man’s ability to live together and enjoy life to the fullest.

“We can play an important part in our future by preparing ourselves properly. Some of us will take the next steps towards that goal by enrolling in college or trade schools. Others will enter into governmental service, either as a civilian or in the military. Some will go directly into the business world, while many will carry on important jobs in the field of agriculture.

“Let’s try to remember as we go out into the world that no matter which field we choose we must continue to increase our knowledge in our chosen field and after we have this knowledge we must put it to work if we expect to be successful.

“How Successful? That depends on how high we set our goals. The higher the goal the more knowledge we will need and the harder we must work. The knowledge we have will determine our degree of success. Yes, knowledge is a must. It is something that we can’t buy. We can’t order it through the mail or carry it in our pocket. We must work for it and once we have it we must put it to work if we wish to succeed.

“Tom Edison once said, “Genius is 2% knowledge and 98% hard work and that the most successful machine was not necessarily the most expensive or fanciest, but the one that works.

“Success, Yes, we can all succeed. How much, how far, how high, depends on our attitude, our knowledge, and our desire to work.

“Fifty years from now, the graduating class will have the same fears and uncertainties as we have now.

“Let’s not be like the boy who took his report card home with very poor grades on it. His Dad said, ‘Son, what have you got to say about this?’ He said, ‘Well, Dad, at least you know I didn’t cheat.’

“Let’s not worry about it because they too, will learn that as long as America keeps alive, both morally and spiritually the desires that have made her great, there will always be new goals to set, new horizons to cross over, and the discovery of new wonders.

“So, let’s smile as we receive our diplomas knowing that we can face the future with all its problems, and thank the Lord that we live in a country, like America, where we can do something about it.”

President’s Remarks by Miller Newton, III

Speaking to the Class of 1977, when he has served the past year as president, Miller Newton III said:

“The time of graduation is here. It is a time when many profound remarks about our future, our obligations and our challenges are made.

“I hesitate to subject you to more heavy thoughts.

“I’m sure that in the history of graduation speeches, not many of the words spoken, have been remembered. That sort of gets me off the hook!

“Tonight is the last time that we will be together as the Class of 1977. We’ve had our ups and downs. There has been some failure and some glory. There has been some debate and some real action. Through it all, I’ve learned a lot and have really enjoyed working with you….”

ZHS Teacher Helps Develop Finance Course, Zephyrhills News, October 20, 1977

Madonna J. Wise, Social Studies Instructor at Zephyrhills High School, is one of 15 teachers in a 12-county area who have developed financial planning teaching services through the University of South Florida.

“Survival Training” in personal and family financial planning is becoming available to high school students at USF’s 15-county service area through the series of teaching units developed by the grant-supported USF Task Force on Family Financial Planning.

Buying, saving, borrowing, investing and insuring, according to Task Force Director, Dr. Donald Orlosky, can no longer be regarded as “curricular luxuries” or “educational fads.”

“Young people on the verge of high school graduation need to prepare themselves for a reality from which they are too often insulated,” he said. “Learning what it means to make it in the real world is not a frill. It’s survival training.”

This fall, school districts in Pasco County and the other 14 counties served by USF received copies of the 460-page curriculum guide (11 teaching units) which the Task Force developed over the past two years. Schools in at least 11 of the counties have already implemented at least parts of the guide. Dr. Orlosky said the guide is widely used in Manatee and Sarasota County Schools and Pinellas County is considering adoption of the units.

The curriculum guide was developed through the aid of $80,000 in grants from the American Council of Life Insurance. …In addition to Dr. Orlosky, USF faculty members, Dr. Dick Puglisi and Dr. Herb Karl of education and Dr. Hartley Mulish, director of the Center for Economic Education, which cooperated in the project, served on the Task Force. Assisting them were teachers who helped develop and test the units among them Mrs. Wise and teachers from Charlotte, Hernando, Highlands, Hillsborough, Manatee, Pinellas, Polk and Sarasota Counties.

Four ZHS Students Selected for 1979 Boys State in Tallahassee, Zephyrhills News, May 17, 1979

Zephyr Post 118, American Legion, has selected four members of the Zephyrhills High School Junior Class to attend the 1979 session of American-Legion sponsored Boys State in Tallahassee.

They include Leonard Orin Gehrke, William Raymond LaCour, Laren Bruce Reed, and Lance Alan Smith.

Zephyrhills High School

Zephyrhills Girl Named Co-MVP of National Rugby Tournament, Zephyrhills News, April 19, 1979

Andra Douglas of Zephyrhills was voted one of the two Most Valuable Player awards presented following the finals of the 5th Annual Rocky Mountain National Rugby Tournament played April 7 and 8 in Colorado. The team, for which she plays, Florida State University Seminoles, won the tournament, thanks in large part to the athletic skills of Andra Douglas and teammate, Suzie Rosen who was presented the other MVP trophy. Sixteen states were represented among the teams in the tournament, played at Fort Collins, Colorado, and in winning the major event FSU’s lady ruggers capped a brilliant 33-1 season.

Andra, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. H.C. Douglas, who is a sophomore at FSU, was the hero of this game as she kicked the ball through the uprights after the others on both teams had missed. This won the game for FSU 6-4….

Andra Douglas Trading Card

Number 7

Height: 5’7”

Resides: New York, NY

Position: Quarterback, Kicker

Hometown: Zephyrhills, FL

College: Florida State University

Post Graduate: Pratt University

June 2, 2007

Andra Douglas is a creative director and athlete. After graduating with honors from Florida State University where she was a member of the two-time National Champion Women’s Rugby Team, she began playing semi-pro golf. In 1983 she moved to New York City where she received her Masters degree in Communications Design from Pratt Institute.

Twenty years later, she resides in her 1837 brownstone in the heart of New York’s Greenwich Village. After leaving Time-Warner as a Vice President, she works from her rooftop studio as a creative

consultant for the entertainment industry doing packaging, advertising, and copywriting.

In August of 2000, Andra purchased the New York Sharks Women’s Tackle Football Team. Her roles on the New York Sharks include owner and one of two quarterbacks on her 40 player roster. The Sharks, after only three years in existence are ranked number one of over seventy teams across the nation.

Two of Andra’s favorite professional accomplishments include a novel about her childhood passion of football, and the recent National Title won by the Sharks on July 6th, in Ashland Oregon.

Her hobbies include golfing, collecting antique marbles and antique German character corks. Andra is an avid parrot enthusiast having two of her own.

Zephyrhills High School

Scott Boyd, Part of “Long Gray Line,” To Be Missile Commander, Zephyrhills News, June 11, 1981

Scott E. Boyd, son of Mr. and Mrs. William R. Boyd of Zephyrhills, joined the “Long Gray Line” of West Point Military Graduates May 27.

And his parents and brothers and sister were all on hand to cheer as he received his diploma—a degree as bachelor of science in chemistry—and military commission.

Making a weeklong trip to West Point, N.Y., were his parents—both teachers in the Zephyrhills schools—sister, Jeanine, 10 and brothers, David 14, Kenny, 16 and Bobby, 19. 

Also joining the group for the Graduation Dance and other West Point ceremonies was Boyd’s longtime girlfriend, Miss Carol Green of Zephyrhills.

A 1977 graduate of Zephyrhills High School, where he was an All-Conference and All-Area star basketball player, Boyd has been commissioned an Army 2nd Lieutenant in the Air Defense Corps and will report to Fort Bliss, Texas, near El Paso, for summer training at the Air Defense School.

West Point trains young men to become officers. Boyd will now be trained in the manning and firing of the Nike-Hercules Missile Systems, and the control of nuclear warheads.

He will report November 30 for a 3-year assignment to northern Germany where he will command an ordinance brigade training German troops in the use of U.S. missiles systems including the new Patriot system which will replace the Nike-Hercules.

In exchange for his West Point education, Boyd will serve five years in the regular Army and one year in the Army reserves, although he may reenlist if he desires.

Already the holder of a “Secret” security clearance, he will now have to obtain a “Top Secret” clearance, Boyd said.

An Exciting Week

The Boyd family drove to New York in a car which they rented in Tampa for the occasion and put about 3,000 miles on the speedometer. They were guests in the home at Cornwall, N.Y., of the Baptist minister to West Point cadets and his family.

Their first full day at West Point was Monday, May 25, and that day and the following day they watched two giant parades of 5000 cadets which included awards ceremonies on Monday, the national Memorial Day, a 21-gun salute by 105mm. howitzers which Mrs. Boyd termed “very, very loud, to say the least.”

Monday night the Boyd family ate with Scott in the Cadet Mess Hall which seats 4000 at one time. “We are all in and out in a half-hour, every meal,” Boyd said. “And can you imagine, all the tables have white linen cloths on them,” his mother added.

On Bob Hope Show

Monday night the family joined in watching a Bob Hope Special on television and were especially excited when they saw Scott helping Mrs. Hope cut a cake. The show had been filmed a week earlier. A cadet friend of Boyd’s had been assigned the task of locating some cadets to appear on the show and had invited Boyd to take part. “I figured, why not; but I never expected to be right up there on stage,” he observed. Four birthday cakes were cut during the show, one by Hope, one by his friend, one by actress Brooke Shields and one by boxer, Sugar Ray Leonard.

New ZHS Track Hosts 1st Meet Here Ever on Friday, Zephyrhills News, May 10, 1977

Now the proud owner of a new running track and other field events equipment, Zephyrhills High School, will play host Friday afternoon to the first big time track meet ever held in this community.

It will be a triangular meet against Land O’ Lakes and Santa Fe of Lakeland and the public is invited to come out and watch.

Both the Bulldog boy’s team and girl’s team will compete starting at about 3:00 p.m. according to Coaches Alan Knight and Janie Roman.

It will be the first track meet of the season for the two visiting schools and the ZHS girls but Coach Knight’s charges opened their season Friday with a dual meet at Pasco of Dade City, and although they lost 75-68, the score was close enough to please Coach Knight and his assistant, Bobby Dodd.

Dodd is a former ZHS track star (time in the mile of 4:29 stood as the state record for several years until it was broken about two years ago).

The major event of the meet with Pasco was a new school record in the high jump set by Steve Terry at 5’11”. The old record of 5’10” stood about eight years and was tied last year by Scott Boyd; Coach Knight said this is Terry’s first year in varsity athletics.

Dondi Ward won the 100-yard dash in 10:7. Johnny Coleman the 220-yard dash in 23:9 and Wendell Maples the discus with a toss of 140’2”. Other ZHS firsts were captured in the 880-yard relay (Johnny Harold, Kendall Blue, Ward and Coleman in 1:33.9 and the sprint medley relay (Ward, Blue, John Lovett, and Richard Townsend) in 2:09.7.

Dogs Win District, Bow In Region 5 Go; Close at 21-7, Zephyrhills News, March 3, 1977

Disappointed though Bulldog fans may be in the team’s defeat Tuesday night at Tavares ending the drive toward the State Tournament and a possible state championship, they still are excited over Saturday night’s winning of the District 10-2A trophy. The canines defeated Groveland 89-71 and in the finals Clermont to win the 10-2A crown, but at Tavares against another set of Bulldogs did not play up to their potential and were upset by what most fans felt was an inferior team, 63-58.

Coach Alan Reed expressed himself as “very pleased” about the over-all season record, however with the team closing on 21 victories and just seven defeats. He said it was much better than he had expected when the first ball was tossed up last

December.  “Most of the players gave their maximum every time, and we gave the fans plenty of thrills,” Reed said.  But he said he was disappointed the team had not lost while playing its best, “I would rather we had lost Saturday night playing the way we did in that game, than Tuesday night when we were not playing well,” he noted. “But it does no good to grouse about it, if you don’t play your best, you have to live with it,” the head Bulldog said.

He said Tavares probably played its best game of the year in beating the Dogs and doubts they will be able to handle Clearwater Catholic—winners over Wildwood 63-62 in Region 6 Tuesday night—in the Sectional game Friday night. Reed predicts a state 2A title game between Clearwater Catholic and Alachua Santa Fe and favors CC to go all the way.

The Bulldogs did miserably at the free throw line at Tavares and that cost them the game. They led 8-7 in the first period when the host team ripped off eight straight points to take a 15-8 lead, and then never allowed the Reedmen to come closer than five points the rest of the game.

Scott Boyd led the scoring for the Orange and Black with 18 points while Randy Tilley added 15.

District Action

In the first game of the District 10-2A tourney in the Dog House last Thursday night, Groveland defeated Land O’ Lakes 66-52. Then Friday night in the first contest, Clermont ousted Symore Tech 81-61. And in the second contest the Dogs used a balanced attack to offset hot shooting by Greenbacks.

It was 16 all at the end of the first period but a bucket by Shawn Regan put Zephyrhills in the lead for good at 25-24 shortly into the second period, then Boyd hit four straight points for a 5-point edge and Groveland could not recover.

By game’s end, Zephyrhills had lengthened its lead to the final margin and four Bulldogs had earned double figure scoring honors: Tilley with 25, Boyd with 16, Jim Hennessy 15 and Regan 13.

Tilley had 12 rebounds and Boyd 10 in adding to a total of 44 in the victory

Scores by quarters:

Groveland 16—19—18—18—71

Bulldogs   16—28—22—23—89

Finals Game Close

Hennessy hit two free throws with 22 seconds left Saturday night to ice the 64-60 victory over Clermont. Zephyrhills had watched a 9-point lead disappear in the fourth quarter and Highlanders went ahead 58-57 with 2:42 remaining in the game on a shot from inside the key by Tony Church.

But the Bulldogs came back to go in front again 61-60 and then went into a stall in an attempt to run out the clock. Hennessy’s two clutch free throws put the game out of reach, and Lenny Bahr added the final point with another free throw with two seconds left.

Hennessy, Boyd and Tilley combined for 54 of Zephyrhills points with Boyd leading the way with 20, Hennessy added 19 and Tilley 14.  Clermont took a 17-13 first quarter lead, but Zephyrhills went ahead early in the second quarter and held a 27-24 half time lead. Then the Bulldogs took a 9-point margin late in the third quarter only to see the stubborn Highlanders begin chopping away again.

Hennessy, hero of the game for his two charity shots with 22 ticks of the clock remaining told reporters, “I was just thinking about making them, and I did.”

Credit also goes to Bahr for sparking a great defensive night and leading a patient offense that showed fans why the Dogs had built, at that point a 20-6 season. It was the third win of the season over Clermont, the Dogs having son 55-53 and 69-66 during the regular season. Again Coach Reed praised the support of the fans in boosting the Dogs to the win. “They were just fantastic,” he said.

Score by quarters:



Legion Installs Officers, Names 5 Delegates to Boys State, Zephyrhills News, May 26, 1977

Max E. Cook as commander and Mrs. Rocco Scarford as president, headed the corps of Zephyr Post 118, American Legion and Zephyr Unit 118, American Legion Auxiliary, officers installed in joint ceremonies Wednesday night at the Legion Hall.

Public recognition was given both the Flagship Bank of Zephyrhills and Citizens Bank of Pasco for monetary contributions with which to help defray expenses of five Zephyrhills High School Juniors to the 1977 session of American Legion sponsored by Boys State to be held July 3-10 in Tallahassee.

Being sent to Tallahassee as Boys State Citizens under sponsorship of the local post are: Chris Bahr, son of Mr. and Mrs. Newell Bahr; Jeff DeWitt, son of Mr. and Mrs. Daniel W. DeWitt, Fred Rhoda, son of Mr. and Mrs. Fred H. Rhoda; Jeff Strout, son of Mr. and Mrs. Frank E. Struout, Donald Piat, son of Mrs. Monica Purvis. Alternates chosen are Thor Wickstrom, son of Mr. and Mrs. B.Y. Wickstrom and Bruce Clark, son of Mr. and Mrs. John T.V. Clark.

The Auxiliary will send Patricia Inman, also a junior at Zephyrhills High School to the Legion Auxiliary-sponsored 1977 Girls State session to be held June 24 to July 1 at Florida State University, Tallahassee.

Largest Group of Honor Grads—39—Feted by Rotary, Zephyrhills News, May 26, 1977

The largest group of Honor Graduates from a graduating class at Zephyrhills High School—39 in number—were honored at a noon luncheon Thursday at Rotary Club of Zephyrhills.

Vice President John Clements welcomed the students and saluted them on behalf or Rotarians for the academic achievement. “Your outstanding scholarship is an indication that you will perform in the adult world at a level of which we will all continue to be proud,” Clements said.

He was assisted by Don Whitworth, director, in presenting certificates of recognition from Rotary. The 39 Honor Graduates in order listed by school are: Scott Boyd, James Whitacre, Ivan Corbin, Chris Funnell, Judy Cowling, Dian Bailey, Louise Ann Gore, Nina Simons, Marta Meengs, Marie Kretschmar, Sharon Fibelkorn, Monica Pedigo, Jeannie McLeod, Faith Biagotti, Wendy Flannery, Glen Howard, Linda Greene, James Partin, Miller Newton, Kathy Simons, Debbie Chauncey, Nathan Kelly, Andy Stranghn, Marlene Melhorn, Randy Neiswender, Cynthia Wynne, Phillip Martin, Beverly Poplick Gregorio, Jo Ann Hyder, Dale Whitworth, Carol Green, James Monbarren, Laura Daffer, Winifred Welch, Carl Forry, Karen Schmitz Garner and Andra Douglas.

Maples, Bahr and Douglas Top Winners At All-Sports Banquet, Zephyrhills News, June 2, 1977

Wendell Maples, Lenny Bahr and Andra Douglas carried home top honors form the 29th annual All-Sports Awards Banquet presented in the Zephyrhills High School commons by the Quarterback Club.

Maples was presented the Dr. John Wilkinson Memorial Scholarship by Principal Raymond B. Stewart for the Wilkinson family, and then the Dr. A.M. Riley Sportsmanship Award by John Clements, acting on behalf of Dr. Riley.

Bahr, who starred in two sports, captured three trophies. He was awarded the most valuable boy golfer trophy by Coach J.C. Steele and then both top basketball trophies by Coach Alan Reed: most valuable and best defense.

Miss Douglas, one of the best all-around girl athletes to come along at ZHS, won the award as most valuable volleyball and most valuable girl golfer, and was in the funning for softball award honors. Her awards came from coaches Madonna Wise and Betty Jo Hyder.

J.C. Steele was emcee for the banquet which featured an invocation by outstanding athlete, Scott Boyd, and a welcome to guests by Athletic Director, Billy Douglas.

Special guests included Dr. Ron Forgeson of the county school office; Jim Valentine, county athletic supervisor and new ZHS grid coaches, Dan Sikes and Jeff Dukes.

The introduction of Quarterback officers both old and new, and a report on past year’s activities by President Don Crosby climaxed by the presentation to the Stadium Committee of a check for $1,000 toward the new stadium.

It was announced by Crosby that directors for next year will be Ernest Peeples, Earl Boyette, Billy Douglas, Art Fish, Don Crosby and Kathy Farrell.

Banquet contributions were acknowledged from Thriftway, Publix, Hill’s Grocery, Marion Smith Florida, Kersey’s Lawn and Garden Center, Flagship Bank and Zephyrhills News. Table centerpieces were presented to Fred Emery, Mrs. Jack Fries, and Mrs. Delores Moore.

The meal was prepared by the ZHS kitchen staff and served by girls enrolled in home economics.

Other Award Winners

Following the introduction of the varsity cheerleaders by Coach Ellen Palmer, other trophies were awarded as follows: Michelle Hale, most valuable tennis player by Coach Donna Staton; Steve Malmquist, most valuable boy tennis player by Coach Don Woods. Helen Norris, most valuable track athlete by Coach Janie Roman, who was then presented a giant trophy from her team, Sheryl Arnold making the presentation. Johnny Coleman, most valuable boy track athlete by Coach Alan Knight; Dondi Ward, track hustler award by Dr. John E. Russell; Jim Hennessey, most improved basketball award by Bernard Wickstrom, the award given in memory of the late Karl Wickstrom.

Sheryl Arnold, most valuable softball player by Coach Danny Walsh who was then presented a giant trophy from his team, Andra Douglas making the presentation.  Kerry Ryman, most valuable basketball player by Coach Wallace Wright; George Corolia, Best defense baseball player by Coach Gerald Newton. Shawn Reagan, most valuable football back by Coach Alan Knight; Rickey Padgett, most valuable football lineman by Coach Woods.

Poem by request

At the request of several adults and athletes who attended the banquet, the News prints the “combination” poem with which emcee, Steele, closed the banquet. He called it, “Sportsman’s and Sportswoman’s Prayer.”

Let me Live, Oh Mighty Master,

Such a Life as men shall know,

Tasting triumph and disaster,

Joy—and not too much of woe;

Let me run the gamut over,

Let me fight and love and laugh,

And when I’m beneath the clover,

Let this be my epitaph:

Here lies one who took his chances

In the busy world of men,

Battled luck and circumstances.

Fought and fell and fought again;

Won, sometimes, but did no crowing,

Lost sometimes, but didn’t wail.

Took his beating, but kept going,

Never let his courage fail,

He was fallible and human

Therefore, loved and understood.

Both his fellow men and women,

Whether good or not so good,

Kept his spirit undiminished,

Never lay down on a friend,

Played the game until it was finished,

Lived a sportsman to the end,

And when that One Great Scores

Comes to mark against your name,

He writes not that you won of lost—

But how you played the game.

Stadium Goal $56,000 of $100,000 Total Needed, Zephyrhills News, March 3, 1977

Although the ZHS Bulldog Stadium Committee has set a goal of $100,000 as the total amount it needs for completion of an athletics complex at the new high school site, $44,000 of the sum is already on hand. Thus a goal of $56,000 has been set by the committee which is headed by Attorney Lester Bales as chairman; Jimmy O. Williams, Vice chairman; Vincent Peel,  Treasurer and Alice Hall, Secretary.

ZHS Team Has Good Showing On TV Quiz Program, Zephyrhills News, February 10, 1977

The Zephyrhills High School “Categorically Speaking” Team competed in the Channel 8 quiz show on Monday, January 31st. In an extremely close match the Zephyrhills team was defeated by the Plant City High School team. The Zephyrhills team had earlier in the season defeated Manatee High School and thus entered the semi-finals.  The victory marked the first time in recent years that a ZHS quiz team had entered the final stages of “Categorically Speaking” competition.

Coaches for the ZHS quiz team were biology teacher, Ernest Wise, and Social Studies Teacher, Madonna Jervis Wise, of the ZHS faculty.  ZHS Categorically Speaking team members were Kevin Pappan, Glen Howard, Debbie Kimball, Debbie Sobers and Bob Boyd.

The program may be viewed February 26 at 1:30 p.m.

ZHS Track Records Fall As ZHS Hosts First Invitational, Zephyrhills High March 31, 1977

Wendell Maples broke a 7-year old school record in the discus throw Friday as the Zephyrhills High School boys track team swept to a solid victory in the First Annual Zephyrhills Invitational.

Maples sailed the discus 150 feet, nine inches, to shatter the old mark of 147 feet set by Frank Alexander in the 1970 spring season.

“This wonderful throw should put Wendell right up at the top of all 2A discus throwers in the state,” Coach Alan Knight told the News. Still another school record was shattered as the Bulldog thin lads amassed a total of 123 points to Pasco’s 94, Land O’ Lakes 36 and Hudson.

Other firsts in the Invitational came when Johnny Coleman took the 100 yard dash in 10:2 seconds, his best of this year. Coleman won the 220 yard dash in 23.2 seconds. Richard Townsend won the 440 yard run in 54 seconds flat; Cliff Howell pole vaulted 10 feet; Dondi Ward won the long jump with a 20’7” effort and the 880 yard relay team turned in a time of 1:34 minutes.

Members of the team are: Coleman, Tony Briggs, Johnny Harold and Ward.

Coach Knight described the team effort as “the best all around performance by our boys this season.”

He was looking for a strong showing in a 5-team meet at New Port Richey yesterday (Wednesday) featuring ZHS, Gulf, Hudson, Land O’ Lakes, and Clearwater Central Catholic, the team which did not show up for last Friday’s Invitational because it preferred to take part in the Florida Relays that same day.

Picture Caption—Record Setter—a 150 foot discus throw which shattered a 7 year old ZHS school record by three feet has placed Wendell Maples, among the best in the state for 2A school discus sailors. The muscular Maples, quarterback of the football team for the past two seasons, may yet add another foot or two to his mark before the cinder season ends.

Boyd, Tilley Named Members of Tribune’s All-Star Cage Team, Zephyrhills News, March 24, 1977

For the second year in a row, Scott Boyd and Randy Tilley of District 10, Class 2A championship Zephyrhills High School Bulldogs have been named members of the Tampa Tribune’s All-Star Team.

They are joined by Morris Hannah and Edvin Rich, both of Wildwood and Vincent Marks of Hernando on the All-Star aggregation.   Named to the second team were Antonio Vasquez of Hernando, Reggie Burns and Ralph Massey, both of Crystal River, Scott Sawyer of Gulf and Rickey Bryant of Pasco.

Two other players for Coach Alan Reed were chosen for the All-Star Honorable Mention List, Jim Hennessey and Lenny Bahr.

According to the announcement article in the Tribune, “The 6 foot, 3 inch Tilley averaged about 16 points and 13 rebounds per game. Very agile for his size, he had some nice inside moves and a good, 15-foot jumper from the baseline. The 22-7 Dogs often went to him down the stretch and he usually came through with some big baskets.

”Boyd’s rebounding and scoring stats were similar to Tilley’s the 6 foot, 3 forward got many of the points on drives to the basket and he sometimes had what seemed like an uncanny ability to come up with three point plays at crucial moments. The lefty was an excellent free throw shooter.” The Tribune said.

The Plaque is Up, Zephyrhills News, February 17, 1977

ZHS Principal Raymond B. Stewart and Quarterback Club Past President, Ernest Peeples recently admired the name dedicatory plaque which has been erected in the lobby of Zephyrhills High School right beside the main entrance doors. The plaque lists the names of those individuals and business firms which helped raise some $5,000, matched by the School Board to build the school its first running track. Those attending the Band Boosters dinner Saturday night may wish to view the new  all-aluminum plaque. Peeples and Stewart were among the main fundraisers in the drive.

ZHS Alumni Meet At Zephyr Park This Sunday, Zephyrhills News, June 23, 1977

Renew your high school memories this weekend.

Your fondest memories at Zephyrhills High School can be remembered Sunday when the annual ZHS Alumni and Friends Reunion is held from 1 to 4 p.m. at the Community Center at Zephyr Lake.

Everyone who attends is asked to bring one or two covered dishes, and their own table service, for the family style buffet luncheon. After the salute to the flag, invocation and luncheon, the afternoon is devoted to “memories of the good ole days at ZHS!”

Recognition is given to the graduate from the earliest class, the largest family group, those traveling farthest to attend the reunion, the teacher with the most former students present, and others of interest. All persons present are asked to introduce themselves and their family and to tell their connection to ZHS.

This year the ZHS Alumni and Friends group is led by Dr. Emerson Arnot, President; his wife the former Joan Johnson, secretary, Mrs. Nick (Mary Lefler) Mangin, vice president and her sister, Mrs. Axel (Jean Lefler) Munch, treasurer.

After reports from each of these officers, elections are held for a new corps of officers to be in charge of next year’s gathering. There are no dues but a collection is taken up for the treasury to defray the cost of the Center rental, ice and tea, postcards which are sent to out-of-town members and any other incidental expenses.

It is emphasized that the reunion is not limited to graduates of ZHS, but is open to all former students, teachers, lunchroom workers, homeroom parents, etc. Anyone who has an interest in Zephyrhills High School and enjoys meeting old and new friends is invited and urged to attend!

Classes especially honored at the reunion each year are those having their 50th golden anniversary and their 25th silver anniversary. This year the two honored classes are the Class of 1927 and the Class of 1952. It is hoped that members of these two classes and the faculty members from those two years will make a special effort to be present for the Alumni and Friends Reunion.

57 Class To Meet

The ZHS Alumni of 1957 are reminded of their reunion scheduled July 2 from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. at Zephyr Lake. Those attending are asked to bring their own food. The main topic for discussion will be “Twenty Years? Impossible!”

Zephyrhills High School

Scott Boyd Looks Forward To Competition At West Point, Zephyrhills News, April 21, 1977 by Linda Holland

Scott Boyd isn’t sure how he will react to the military atmosphere at West Point, but he knows he will enjoy the spirit of competition among cadets.

“I have to compete and I understand there’s a lot of competition at the academy. I’ll like that,” said Boyd, a top student and athlete at Zephyrhills High School.

The ZHS senior who was recently named class valedictorian has decided to accept an appointment to the US Military Academy at West Point. His nomination was sponsored by 5th District Congressman Richard Kelly.

Boyd, the son of Mr. and Mrs. William R. Boyd of Kimberly Avenue, will leave for the academy July 3 for eight weeks of basic training. It will be his first time away from home, except for one week at Boys State, Boyd said. 

His decision to attend the New York academy, he said, was based on the full scholarship it offered and its excellent academic reputation.

Upon graduation Boyd will receive a first lieutenant’s commission and will be required to serve five years in the Army. Vice President of the Senior class and President of National Honor Society, Boyd sees his first year at West Point as “a big test.” He admits, however, that his only real worry is whether he will be able to get enough sleep. Lights are out at the academy at 11, he explained, and cadets rise at 6 the next morning. The lanky senior is now accustomed to as much as 10 hours of sleep a night. Boyd who at 6’4” was a star forward on the ZHS basketball team and a member of the all-around squad, plans to try out for the West Point junior varsity team.

Athletes receive no special treatment at the academy; he pointed out, but joins the other cadets in the rigorous physical training and the intensive academic program.

Boyd’s athletic accomplishments contributed to his qualifying for admission at West Point. Nominees are judged on their high school academic record, extracurricular activities, leadership potential and athletic ability. “West Point looks at the whole person,” Boyd said.

He said his accumulative grade average is about 3.95 out of a possible 4.0. As a junior, he was named by ZHS teachers as the Star Student of his class. Although he once considered a career in medicine, Boyd said he is not undecided on his future goals. He will postpone a decision on whether to make the military a career until after receiving his commission and experiencing Army life first hand, he said.

Saying he hates to waste time the future cadet said he hopes West Point will teach him the best ways to utilize his time and energies.

Girls Golf Team Ends Great Campaign with 12-2 Record, Zephyrhills News, April 21, 1977

A 3-stroke victory over the Lakeland High School girls golf team at the Quail Hollow course Tuesday afternoon allowed the Zephyrhills High School girls team to end its regular season with the best record in the school’s history—12 wins and just two defeats.

The Bulldog girls edged the strong Lakeland team 213 to 216 as Andra Douglas took medalist honors with a 41. Jone Mills had a 51, Melanie Bahr a 51 and Celia Schneider a 60. Alternate Patty Landreth shot a 50 but because Lakeland brought only four girls, the custom of adding the four lowest of the five scores could not be followed. Had the Lanneret score been added instead of the Schneider score, the team would have posted a 198, probably it’s best of the season.

Next action for Coach Madonna Jervis Wise and her femmes will be the District Tournament to be played Wednesday on the River Green Golf course in Avon Park.

Douglas, runner up in the District last season, is among the favorites to earn a berth in the state meet. The winning team also will go the state finals.  Winter Haven and Lakeland will join Zephyrhills as odds-on favorites. “If we have a good day we should have a good chance,” Coach Wise said.

In action last week the girls defeated three opponents, turning back Northeast and Seminole High teams in a 3-way match in St. Petersburg and then breezing past Holy Name Academy of Tampa 157 to 179 last Friday. The girls posted a 31-stroke victory over Northeast 208 to 239 and a 9-stroke win over Seminole, 208-217. Douglas was medalist with a 46. Mills had a 50 and even Schneider’s and Landreth’s 56’s beat the best Northeast could offer, a 57 for its No. 1 girl. Douglas was also medalist in the Seminole match.

The 22-stroke win over Holy Names saw a Tampa girl take medalist honors with a 40, but her nearest teammate shot a 65. Douglas had a 45. Mills a 51 and Schneider a 61. Landreth and Bahr were alternates. Each team counted only three scores. 

Zephyrhills High School

Many ZHS Students Recognized at Annual Awards Program, Zephyrhills News, June 23, 1977

Dozens of students at Zephyrhills High School were presented a wide variety of awards and individual recognitions on Thursday when the school held its annual awards program in the commons.

Music for the event at its opening and closing was provided by the ZHS stage band.

Opening ceremonies were conducted by Kevin Pappan, President of Student Council, while guests were introduced by Betty Jo Hyder, Guidance Counselor.

On hand to lead the pledge to the flag was Miss Lucy Mae Knox, Chaplain of the American Legion. Miss Knox then conducted the event of the Awards Assembly of the introduction of the Boys and Girls State delegates which included: Trish Inman, Jeff Strout, Jeff DeWitt, Fred Rhoda, Chris Bahr and Don Piat. Dr. Charles Morant of Pasco Hernando Community College was on hand to present a full-tuition scholarship award and it went to Diane Bailey. A $200 scholarship from Gamma Chi Chapter of Alpha Delta Kappa teacher sorority was presented by Mrs. Jane Maxson to Chris Funnell, winner selected from among eight applicants. Two of the morning’s highest awards, those of School Service, were given to seniors, Wini Welch and David Hughes, Principal Raymond B. Stewart making the presentation. Mrs. Patty Morrison, representing the Phi Beta Lambda honorary society (the college version of Future Business Leaders of America) presented a Vocational Award to Marie Kretschmar.

Special awards for their work on the Bulldogger Newspaper were presented by sponsor, David Camper, to editor, Glenn Howard, and business manager, Debbie Wallis. He also gave Quill and Scroll pins to Bulldogger staff members: Karen Ziegler, Jennifer Wilson, Wini Welch, Sue Walker, Judy Hastings, Beaty Cunningham, Keven Pappan, Luan Gore, Wallis, and Howard and a special certificate of appreciation to Bernard Wickstrom, editor of the Zephyrhills News for his assistance in helping the students publish the Bulldogger at the News office over the past decade.

Sports Recognition

On exhibit was the Class 2A State Golf Championship Trophy won this year by the ZHS Girls’ Golf Team, and Coach Madonna Jervis Wise introduced the members of the golf team.

Assistant Coach Robert Dodd of the boys track team presented a special award for outstanding effort and attitude to Jerry Tarrants.  Girls softball team coach Danny Webb came to the podium to recognize Brenda McConnell his outstanding player and Coach Alan Reed came forward to announce the winners of the annual School Track and Field Meet.

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