Zephyrhills High School – 1969


Highlights of 1969

Murphy Supports New ZHS On Hercules Site, Zephyrhills News, —1969

P.H. “Pat” Murphy, Zephyrhills member of the Pasco County School Board, Monday told a downtown audience that he plans to vote to build a new Zephyrhills High School “on a portion of the 80-acre Hercules property which a prior school board had the vision to buy.”

The proposed $9.9 million bond issue to finance construction of the buildings and additions to existing ones in Pasco County was discussed at length at a regular meeting of Zephyrhills Democratic Club Monday evening in the Friendship Room of First Federal Savings and Loan Association.

Featured speaker was Murphy, who was joined by Vernon Tate of the Merrill Lynch C., bond brokers and School Superintendent Chester Taylor, and by Dick Prowant and Louis Holt, ZHS graduates who are now juniors at the University of South Florida.

The $9.9 million bond issue proposed by the School Board is to cover building needs for the next five years as set forth in a school plant survey conducted by the State Department of Education.

Superintendent Taylor gave reminder that “We are not talking about $9.9 million worth of buildings for five years but for expansion of such buildings as Zephyrhills West Elementary as well,” and added, “To me people in Zephyrhills have more at stake in the proposed bond issue than any other community in the county.”

Included in the proposal are a comprehensive school with vocational facilities added for Pasco High at Dade City, a new school for New Port Richey, a new elementary school to relieve the crowded situation at Floyd Academy in Lacoochee, Dade City Grammar, Zephyrhills West Elementary, and a new high school for Zephyrhills on a 13-acre minimum plot.

Pre-Graduation Downpour Fails To Dampen Spirits of Commencement, Zephyrhills News, June 12, 1969

Zephyrhills High School’s spacious gymnasium was the scene Friday evening of commencement exercises for the 83-member 1969 senior class.

Despite a heavy downpour during the half-hour preceding the ceremony, the gym was nearly filled with rain-dampened parents and friends, while the gym lobby was a forest of dripping umbrellas.

The white capped and gowned graduates filed into the gym to the strains of “March of the Priests,” played as a processional by James Simons who already had presented an organ preludes, and took their places.

The Rev. Millard D. Mount, pastor of the First Christian Church, gave the invocation.

Class Salutatorian, Kathleen Shannon used as her topic, “Stairway to the Future.” Richard Back, class president, spoke on the topic, “We Accept the Challenge,” and Gail Connelly, valedictorian chose as topic for her address, “Youth of Today, Establishment of Tomorrow.”

Mrs. Monroe Treiman, Secondary Supervisor of Pasco County Schools, presented special awards and P.H. Murphy, District 2 Member of the Pasco County Board of Public Instruction, presented diplomas to the 83 graduates. They were assisted by Principal Raymond B. Stewart, who also made scholarship presentations.

Recipients Listed

Gail Connelly, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. L.V. Connelly, received the valedictorian medal as well as the Beta Club’s $50 scholarship. Kathy Shannon, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William Shannon, was presented the salutatorian medal, the citizenship and best all-around girl award. Dale Palmer, son of Mr. and Mrs. R. Edwin Palmer, received the best all-around boy and scholarship awards as well as the Board of Regents Scholarship and one of the two Southern Scholarship and Research Foundation awards presented. The other went to his brother, Craig Palmer.

Douglas Prowant, son of Mr. and Mrs. Myron Prowant, won both the school spirit for boys and the athletic awards as well as the Zephyrhills Jaycees $100 athletic scholarship and one of the two Zephyrhills High School Student Council $50 scholarships given.

Melanie Massey, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Massey, received the other Student Council $50 scholarship and the school spirit for girl’s award.

The activities award went to Jerald Pricher, son of Mr. and Mrs. Otis Pricher, and Margaret Ann Neal, daughter of Mrs. Marilyn Neal, was awarded the Delta Kappa Gamma $50 scholarship.

The Rev. Carl R. Bennett pastor of the Wesleyan Church, gave the benediction and Simons played “Pomp and Circumstance” as the recessional to which the graduates filed out of the gymnasium.

Ushers were members of the junior class including Bobby Simons, Cliff Brown, David Krystofiak, Mike McCreadie, Ed Chadwell, Patty Hayden, Deborah Hambright, Lynn Murphy, Kathy Bamberger, and Sabra Cooper.

Commencement speeches

Salutatorian Shannon

“Doors are open and for the Class of ’69 another swings open revealing an endless multitude of opportunities. What the future holds for each of us is impossible to determine, for it will be our deeds and actions which will shape not only our individual futures but the future or our nation and that of the entire world…”

“We are now young adults, members of a generation which is supposed to be more aware of and concerned with the problems of this world than any other previous generation. Our mind is filled with ideas about almost every vital issue from poverty in our streets to the war in Vietnam, but we who should be speaking out are keeping silent, while those who should remain silent are being heard loud and strong. Our generation is being represented by a minority of young people who burn their draft cards and degrade the American flag.”

“Silence and indifference by those who should care and don’t are two of the worst diseases that plague our society today. Thoughts which should be expressed are often confined forever within the realms of silence. Ideas that could benefit humanity never escape from behind the closed lips of people who are afraid to speak or stand up for what they believe.”

“Many people are afraid to express their views for fear of being labeled as ‘square.’ They are too worried about what others will think to speak their mind. Eventually they end up following the crowd and agreeing with every word it says. Conformity is supposed to be a dirty word to the tuned-in, turned-on generation yet they followed like sheet anyone who has a “cause” simply because everyone else is.”

“Out of their mouths flow the words and ideas of others. They become merely a carbon copy of a thousand other people. They possess their own opinions but remain silent for fear of the loss of a grade, a job or even a friend. They are afraid to speak for fear of being ridiculed or rejected by people they call their friends.”

“Silence and indifference can spread and destroy our minds just like cancer. Remaining silent too long renders a person unable to think for himself. He must then rely on others to think for him and accept their ideas with no questions asked.”

“Our generation is traveling on a stairway to the future. Will this stairway be filled with indifferent, uncompassionate people or with people who will speak out with humanity?”

Class President’s Address

Richard Back, in his class president’s address, said that “For some, graduation day arrived too soon, but others of us have looked forward to it for a long time. Now we have reached this hour of decision and as a class we will accept the challenge that our times present.

“During the last four years we have acquired useful knowledge and have perfected the techniques that are needed for every adult. We have changed from adolescents into individuals ready to assume the responsibilities of American citizenship. We hope we may meet this new challenge courageously and fulfill the responsibilities properly…Regardless of the paths we take, there is an important decision we must make. Will we be content to be followers or will we accept the big challenge of leadership?”

“Few of the great accomplishments of mankind can be attributed to persons who were content to spend their lives as more followers.  The unusual progress of America is due in large part to those people who have taken the path of leadership when a leader was needed…”

“If there is one thing that will doom this graduating class to a life of mediocrity it will be our unwillingness to accept challenges or aversion of becoming leaders. Today we see many high school graduates who adopt the habit of unthinking following. Without even thinking they become the willing people who follow others and allow them to do all the thinking. These are the people destined to a life of mediocrity. If we recognize no challenge and have no desire to become a leader, we are doomed forever to be a follower. I do not desire such an end for the Class of 1969!

“Most of the seniors, whether or not they realize it, have followed the simple credo of Abraham Lincoln. “I will prepare and maybe my time will come.” After preparing ourselves we must make a choice. Will we attempt the bold and new or will we allow others to do our thinking for us? It is my sincere hope the Class of 1969 will accept the challenges of leadership that may come our way and prove ourselves in the eyes of men.”

The Valedictorian Speaks

Gail Connelly, using “Youth of Today, Establishment of Tomorrow” as her topic, said, “This day embraces the past with remembrance and the future with longing. However, life doesn’t tarry with yesterday and as we receive our diplomas we must march with proud determination toward tomorrow.”

“We have received the basic American education and we are now ready to begin a new era that will be filled with disillusionment, disappointments, and some failures. Yet, this era also offers us our big chance—the chance to pursue our individual dreams and convictions and the chance to make our establishment what we want it to be, and what are our views and ideas for the future world….we must pause and consider these self-made opinions. Are they trustworthy? Will these same opinions which are gathered, tested, and weighed so carefully be concrete enough to endure arising tensions? Are these ideas selfishly inspired or are they directed toward the betterment of mankind? In action and application they should permit every man the right of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness so long as his right does not interfere with such rights of any other living man. These opinions will be the basis for principles with which to govern our establishment.

“Let demonstration be the advertiser of our principles. Demonstration—not by antagonism but by accomplishment! Our accomplishments will outstay a minority group of dissenters’ intent upon frightening us into silent submission. The threat posed by this group challenges us to “tell it like it is.” In defense of youthful idealism, we must accept that challenge.”

“We are proud to claim America as our establishment. We are America’s offspring. As young Americans we have the courage to face and solve any problem that might confront our honored parent. We realize that a lost son may be replaced by another of the same lineage, but if the parent be destroyed there can be no more such offspring produced. Therefore it is our responsibility to protect America.”

“The leaders of our homes, communities and country—that is, you, our parents, represent today’s establishment. Although we often disagree with your methods of administration we, nevertheless, respect them. We are willing to cooperate with you in hopes that the bonds of friendship will make life less difficult and will strengthen our governing abilities.”

“We of the Class of 1969 must unite in a supreme effort the most advantageous or our country than any preceding one. And, as we progress toward the fulfillment of our goal let us constantly follow and thank our God.”

Speaker Tells 83 ZHS Seniors, Zephyrhills News, June 5, 1969, by Alice Hall

The spacious sanctuary of First Baptist Church was filled to capacity Sunday evening for impressive Baccalaureate services honoring the 83-member graduating class of Zephyrhills High School.

Wearing white gowns and matching mortarboards, the seniors filed in to the strains of “March of the Priests” played by James Simons, organist, and took their seats in the center front pews.

Green and white tassels on the mortarboards as well as an artistic arrangements of white gladioli and chrysanthemums with greenery on the altar table embodied the class colors.

The Rev. Leslie C. Poe, pastor of the Church of the Nazarene, gave the invocation praying “God’s richest blessing on these young people and the homes they represent. Grant them the grace and wisdom to choose the right way of life, making this their main purpose rather than seeking material things or social prestige and above all help them realize the necessity of anchoring their lives to the solid rock of Thy father and abiding love.”

Mrs. P.H. Murphy accompanied at the organ by Mrs. Nathan Geiger sang, “I Shall Not Pass Again This Way.” Principal Raymond B. Stewart welcomed the audience to the special service for the 1969 graduating class, 28 members of which have obtained a better than “B” average, and extended an invitation to all to attend the commencement exercises Friday evening in the Zephyrhills High School gymnasium.

Host Pastor Is Speaker

He then presented the Reverend Charles Roesel, pastor of the host church and president of the Zephyrhills Ministerial Association, to give the inspirational baccalaureate address.

Using “A Life Worth Living,” as his topic, the Rev. Mr. Roesel based his presentation on Jesus’ words, “I am come that you might have life and that you might have it more abundantly.”

Mr. Roesel told the audience that “life is worth living if you have a self fit to live with, a work fit to live for and a faith fit to life by.”

Quoting Edgar A. Guest’s poem “Myself,” the minister went on to say if the truth be known few put into practice what the poet penned…we find people who are miserable, walking civil wars who are at war with the whole world because they have no peace of mind or of heart themselves and many who hate the whole world because they hate themselves.”

“Many people have no sense of purpose…many get up in the morning for no other reason than to go to sleep again at night, many are in the bleachers watching life but don’t want to get involved in living. There is much talk—which is cheap but little action. As long as we are concerned only with self we never know life either before or after death, for it is only when we lose ourselves in service to others that we really begin to live,” he said.

Noting that a first place award recently was awarded to an artist on a painting which merely showed a closed door bearing a funeral wreath with the title inscription reading, “That Which I Should Have Done I Did Not Do.” The Rev Mr. Roesel said,

“This is a grim reminder of the minimum kind of living many people engage in–the dead beats. The good people who are good for nothing. The people who do not excel in anything. The people who do not realize that life was never intended to be polished. Those who do just as little as they can and spend their lives giving first class loyalty to third class causes, those who live to themselves and for themselves, those who just drift to and fro…the kind of people who cause us to ask ‘is life worth living?’”

The minister said that “It’s interesting to note there aren’t a great many people today asking the question ‘Is there life after death?’ but there are a lot of people asking ‘Is there life before death? Is there any real purposeful and lasting meaning to life right here and now?’”

Turning to the Scriptures, the Rev. Mr. Roesel said, “I doubt if Jesus attended many forums or discussion groups. He was so busy changing people and situations. He had little time for idle talk and speculations. Jesus might have preached lengthy sermons on topics like the dignity of labor but instead He worked in a carpenter’s shop, or on temptation but instead He met and conquered temptation in the wilderness…or on the immortality of the soul but instead He raised the dead, or on the worth of children but instead He stopped His sermon to love little children, or on God answering prayer but instead He prayed, on the blessing of humility but instead He took a towel and washed the feet of His disciples or on the equal worth of all men but instead He gave his time to the poor and outcast.”

In the same vein the minister continued: “Jesus could have led a poor people’s march, but instead He took a small boy’s lunch and fed 5,000. You seniors can be good Monday morning quarterbacks telling others how to play the game or you can get down in the field and do the job. You can bring about desired changes and while all of us will some day die of something. God grant that some of us will die for something!”

In conclusion, the Reverend Mr. Roesel urged the seniors to hold fast to their faith in God and reminded, “you may die before you ever really live unless you find life worth living.”

The Reverend Richard A. Pollard, vicar of St. Elizabeth Episcopal Church, gave the benediction praying especially for the 83 seniors who sang as he prayed. “God’s divine guidance for these we remember especially now as they are about to graduate and go out into the world. Bless these graduates; give them the courage to support right as they see it and the joyous satisfaction of being useful in the world. Thou has created. Let them help bring peace to the world, holding fast to that which is good, rendering no man evil for evil, strengthening the fainthearted, supporting the weak, helping the afflicted, honoring all men, loving and serving the Lord from day to day.”

Simons played “March Pontifical” as the recessional.

Ushers were members of the sophomore class including Bill Porter, Rick Moore, Jeff Brown, Randy Jordan, Steve Regan, Debbie Boan, Jennifer Douglas, Patty Barlow, Lynda Stewart, and Joellyn Rooks.

Many Students Honored At Awards Assembly, Zephyrhills News, May 29, 1969

Recognition of achievements of many Zephyrhills High and Junior High School students was made Friday during Awards Assemblies at which Jerry Pricher, president of Student Council, presided in the gymnasium.

A listing of the awards was again made available to the News through the cooperation of Miss Eugenie Moshonas, director of guidance and faculty members including Lamar Stephens, assistant guidance counselor and James Davis, head of boys.

Principal Ray B. Stewart, gave the welcoming address at both the morning and afternoon assemblies, presented honor roll awards to a total of 43 students and also presented student service awards to Kathy Shannon and Jerry Pricher as the girl and boy in the senior class who had given the most time and service to the school.

Honor certificates for A grade honors achievements went to Jeffrey C. Brown, Andrij R. Neczwid, Patricia A. Hayden, Julie E. Phipps, Margaret Ann Neal and Janet Gay Huber. A-B awards were given to Deborah J. Archie, Deborah E. Finnell, Marlies Gerber, Evelyn S. Jones, Carl D. Lippincott, Lois Ann Wells, Thomas P. Eiland, Valerie J. Smith, Kathleen M. Shannon, Dale C. Palmer, Craig O. Palmer, Terry W. Linville, Gail P. Connelly, Mary Ann Hinsz, Phyllis K. Stafford, Patricia A. Thomas, Brenda S. Hughes, Carolyn E. Weicht, Joel Wesley, Wells and Raymond R. Bohannon, all in high school; Donna Bayles, Brenda Kendrick, Mary Neal, Susan Sunka, Carol Brown, Judy Coleman, Sybil Ferguson, Sharon Arnold, Bonnie Brocies, Judy Alston, Sue Boyette, Donna Grace, Wanda Kraus, Martha Knapp and Terri Rickard, all in junior high.

Harold Owens of the Civitan Club presented a $25 U.S. Savings Bond to Ann Neal as first place winner in the club-sponsored essay writing contest on the theme “Good Citizenship in School.” Cash awards went to Sue Ellen Thompson and Sue Douglas, second and third place winners.

Veterans of Foreign Wars and Auxiliary awards presented by Mrs. Robert Sibley included $25 to Ann Neal as winner in the Voice of Democracy contest as well as a medal for placing second in District 12, with a plaque to the school; $10 to Sue Ellen Thompson as first place winner in an Americanism essay writing contest with cash awards to Julia Phipps and Marlies Gerber as second and third place winners, all in high school; $10 to Phyllis Jarrett for winning first place in an essay writing contest with cash awards to second and third place winners Michael Walker and Karl Wickstrom, all in junior high. VFW Citations of Appreciation were presented to Odis Hill, Melissa Johnson, Donna Sampson, Thomas Goodrich, Barbara Walker, Phyllis Stafford and Kathy Mullen in the high school division to Esscience Pendarvis and Michael Cox in junior high

American Legion School Awards were presented by Zephyr Post 118 Commander Lucy Mae Knox to Vickie Griffin and Karl Wickstrom, both junior high students.

Miss Moshonas made presentations of Florida Board of Regents Awards to Linda Lippincott and Dale Palmer, both seniors with B+ averages.

Recipients of National Education Development Test recognition from Miss Moshonas were Marlies Gerber, Judy Thain, Linda Stewart, and Valerie Wickstrom, all 10th grade students in the upper 10 percent bracket on the national test results. Five 9th graders honored for being in the top 10 percent of the NEDT were: Clifford Travis, Bruce Vogel, Eric Huber, Don Robinson Jr. and Michael Boyette. Mrs. Johnson presented the Betty Crocker award to Janet Huber and the Delta Kappa Gamma Scholarship to Ann Neal

Other Scholarship Awards

Zephyrhills High School Student Council Scholarships, valued at $50 each were presented to Melanie Massey and Douglas Prowant by the council’s sponsor, Ronnie Haws.

The Beta Club $50 scholarship award went to Gail Connelly, with Courtney King, the club’s sponsor, making the presentation.

Andrij Neezwid, 10th grade student, was presented the Florida State University Summer Institute Mathematics Scholarship by John Geiger of the high school faculty. Bruce Vogel was recipient of the Student Council Service Award, the presentation made by the council’s sponsor Ronnie Haws.

Florida Star Student and Star Teacher recognition went to Dale Palmer for having the highest scholastic aptitude in the high school and to the teacher he selected, Victor Smith, with the presentation being made by Miss Moshonas.

Outstanding Teens

Citations as Outstanding Teenagers of America were presented by Victor Smith of the faculty to Jerry Pricher, Dale Palmer and Kathy Shannon.

William Alexander, English Instructor, presented the Danforth Foundation “I Dare You” awards to Kathy Shannon and Dale Palmer and the Readers Digest award to Gail Connelly.

Miss Pat Hunt, librarian and sponsor of the Dramatics Club presented the Dramatics Awards to Jimmy Simons.

Recipients of County Science Fair Awards from Miss Vivian Johns, sponsor, were Julia Phipps and Andrij Neczwid in the high school division; Sybil Ferguson, Steve Dixon, Karl Wickstrom and Dan Miller in the junior high. Spelling awards presented by Miss Marion Ditter, sponsor, went to Joey Higdon, Patty Knoblett, Eddie Zeigler and Phyllis Jarrett, all junior high students.

Safety Patrol

Victor Smith, sponsor, made junior high safety patrol awards to Pat Barber, Russell Braddock, Steve Dixon, Earl Florer, Jimmy Hoyle, Donald Knoblett, Monty Lott, Richard Morris, Tony Neal, David Ripley, Harry Ross, Gerald Strickland, Stanley Quattlebaum, Cliff Travis, Jeff Travis, and Robert White.

Band Awards

Bandmaster John T.V. Clark Jr. presented band awards as follows: Perfect Attendance—Rodney Price, Kathy Shannon, Gary First, Patty Hayden, Jimmy Simons, Henry Doerr, Lisa Gall, James Kaylor, Andrij Neczwid, Bob Simons, Cheryl Trogden and Pat Shaffer, all in high school; Tommy Eikeland, Gail Hambright, Cindy Hail, Ralph Shireman, Cheryl Simcoe, Bruce Vogel and Carol McLeod, all in junior high.

State contest solo and ensemble medals—Rodney Price (2), Andrij Neczwid, Valerie Wickstrom, Carl Cooper, Sue Thompson, Linda Martinson, Linda Lippincott, Lois Wells, Patty Hayden and Kathy Muse.

Typewriting Awards

Typewriting awards were presented by Mrs. Alpha Gill, commercial instructor. Recipients in three categories were: Students making 40-50 net words per minute—Joyce Anderson, Charlotte Barrow, Jeannette Bohannon, Cliff Brown, David Brown, Beverly Carroll, Debbie Carroll, Keathel Chauncey, Joe Chenkin, Martha Colandria, Billy Coleman, Billy Coyne, Thomas Eiland, Gary First, Gege Gautney, Roy Hauer, Odis Hill, Edward Holt, Sharon Huston, Diana Jackson, David Krystofiak, Larry Lindsay, Terry Linville, Valerie Lyles, David McCreadie, Joy Overstreet, Willadean Rathel, Robert Reeves, Jackie Sabo, Pat Shaffer, Donna Sansom, Debbie Simmons, Beverly Smith, Doy Smith, Linda Stewart, Judy Thain, Barbara Tippett, Wade Toler and Lois Wells. Students making 50 to 60 net words per minute—Jeff Alston, Gail Connelly, Louise Costine, Joyce Emery, Herbert Ferrell, Debbie Finnell, Patty Hayden, Alice McKenzie, Valerie Smith, Valerie Wickstrom, and Joy Williamson. Students making 60 to 80 net words per minute—Kathy Bamberger, Marlies Gerber, Kathy Muse and Sue Thompson.

Cheerleader Awards

Mrs. Sue Cushing presented varsity cheerleader letters to Melanie Massey, Debbie Forbes, Debbie Hambright, Lynn Murphy, Sabra Cooper, and Joyce Emery.

Junior varsity cheerleader letters went to Patti Barlow, Mabel English and Reva Toler while junior high cheerleader recognition went to Pam Griffin, Debbie Woolfolk, Janice Winn, Linda Thomas, Phyllis Jarrett, Mary Jane Pendavis, Terri Rickard, Judy Alston and Glenda Sisk.

Baseball Awards

Athletic Director John F. Clements presented varsity baseball letters to Johnny Braxton, Cliff Brown, Jeff Brown, Keathel Chauncey, Eddie Colandria, Billy Coyne, Johnny Harrelson, B.B. Lane, Ricky Moore, Ray Mullis, Dale Palmer, Rubin Pickett, Bill Porter, Doug Prowant, Elton Williams and Kenny Young.

Coach Marion Crawford presented junior varsity letters to Buford Jenkins, Randy Jordan, Jay Kingston, Chuck Larson, Bill Shannon, Bobby Alexander, Marty Bird, David Calhoun, Bruce Christopher, Larry Green, Fred Hood, Phillip Hood, John Moore, James Mullis, Walter Poplick, Skip Riley, Joey Streer, Larry Whitehead, and Karl Wickstrom.

Students Cited On Awards Day, Zephyrhills News-Photo, May 29, 1969

Caption reads…Students Cited on Awards Day—Winners of special recognition on Awards Day Friday at Zephyrhills High School were these nine members of the senior class. Seated left to right: Kathleen Shannon, class salutatorian, school service, Danforth Foundation and outstanding teenager award; Ann Neal, Civitan and VFW essay contests winner, Delta Kappa Gamma Scholarship; Linda Lippincott, Florida Board of Regents Award; and Gail Connelly, class valedictorian and Beta Club scholarship winner. In back from left Jerry Pricher, school service and outstanding teenager awards; Dale Palmer, star student, Florida Board of Regents, Danforth Foundation and outstanding teenager awards; Janet Huber, Betty Crocker homemaker award; Melanie Massey and Doug Prowant, both Student Council scholarship award winners.

Science Fair Winners, Zephyrhills News, January 23, 1969

Science Fair Winners—Voted winners of first place honors by judges of the annual Science Fair at Zephyrhills High School were these five students—Danny Miller, first for Junior High Botany; Julie Phipps, Senior High zoology; Karl Wickstom, Junior High earth and space; Syble Ferguson, Junior High Zoology; Steve Dixon, Junior High Physics. Person taking the picture was Andrij Neczwid who conducted an experiment on the hereditary effect of artificial sweeteners on fruit flies—first place in Senior High health and medicine. The winners are eligible to enter the Pasco County Science Fair. Others who entered the local contest are: Dale Enix, Cole Skinner, Pat Barber, Lenore Shive, Jacke Archie and Jim Duckett.

Thinclads Shatter Two More School Records: In TBC Meet Action Today, Zephyrhills News, April 17, 1965

Another two school track and field records were shattered at East Bay Friday, although the Zephyrhills High School cindermen came in second in a triangular meet. And in setting a new school record in the 440 of 52.1 seconds speedster Clarence Odom was second in the race. The other mark was set by Jerry Pricher who won first in the 880 with a time of 2:08.6. East Pay, a heavy favorite to win the Tampa Bay Conference track and field meet today at Ft. Meade tallied 123 points in the match Friday. Zephyrhills was second with 45 points and Turkey Creek third with 33.

Ft. Meade has the best chance to upset East Bay in the TBC meet while Coach Jim Davis’ Zephyrhills boys are hoping for a second or third. All seven TBC schools have track teams and will be participating.

In other events in Friday’s triangular at East Bay, Odom also won the 100-yard dash with a 10.2 time, while Mike McCreadie took first in the low hurdles and second in the highs. Mark Penny won second in the lows, and the mile relay team composed of Odom, McCreadie, Ken Sampson and James Giles took first. The district track meet will be May 2 at Ft. Meade with all winners of first or second places going on to the state meet.

Junior Class to Present Play, “Hold the Phone,” on Saturday, Zephyrhills News, April 17, 1969

Picture Caption: “Hold the Phone” is the name of the 1969 Junior Class Play to be presented for the public Saturday night in the high school auditorium. Members of the case include: Beverly Smith, Shirley Rose, Jo Ann Breckenridge, Lynn Murphy, and Valerie Smith. Also Carolyn Perry, Jim Simons, Chester Cardwell, Thomas Eiland, Wade Toler, Odis Hill Jr. and Miss Marion Ditter, faculty director. Absent when the photo was made were Cheryl Trogden and Gary First.

Who could have thought such a thing could happen, and of all people, to Bob Brantley.

In his hometown they called him “Bashful Bob.” He has a bad case of “female phobia” and shied away from women as from poison.

And now, only two days after coming to the big city, he has fallen in love with one girl and got himself engaged to another. This is the basic plot of “Hold the Phone,” a comedy in three acts by Felicia Metcalfe to be presented Saturday evening in the Zephyrhills High School auditorium by the Class of 1970 in cooperation with the Heuer Publishing Company.

Senior Play Set Friday, Zephyrhills News, June 30, 1969

The curtain will open at 8 p.m. Friday on “Brides to Burn,” this year’s senior class play at Zephyrhills High School auditorium. Tickets will be available at the door for the 3-act comedy farce. Mrs. Constance Kaylor is director and students include Jerry Pricher, Bob Kinne, Melanie Massey, Anne Neal, Virginia Manley, Donna Sansom, Linda Wells, Barbara Rooks, Martha Colandria, Larry Bryant, Craig Palmer, Joy Reutimann, Joe Ahrens, Carolyn Dean, and Richard Miller.

Cagers Battle Santa Fe, Then Mulberry for TBC Loop Lead, Zephyrhills News, January 20, 1969

The Santa Fe Hawks, narrow winners over the Zephyrhills Bulldogs at Lakeland earlier this month and more recently triumphant in an upset of Tampa Catholic will square off against the Bulldogs again Saturday in the ZHS gym.

Zephyrhills winners over Ft. Meade and Brewster in games this past week and now boasting a record of 11 wins and six losses and 7-1 in Tampa Bay conference play, will have its work cut out but Coach Carroll Phillips is somewhat optimistic about the possibilities.

“We have some idea of how to play the Hawks now, and if our boys produce their customary team effort, a balanced scoring attack should give us the win,” the head Bulldog told the News.

Except for Dale Palmer, who is still recovering from a sore arm, the team is intact again. Bill Porter playing at full speed against Brewster Tuesday night. Tuesday of next week the “Dogs will travel to Mulberry for a game that may decide ownership of the TBC crown for Zephyrhills and the Panther are tied for the league lead. The Bulldogs have lost twice to the tall Mulberry crew, once in the Christmas finals and again in the ZHS gym, so the edge will be the hosts. The Phillips men will be hoping for overconfidence on the Panther’s part, and for an unusually good game of their own.

Top Ft. Meade Miners

Friday night Richard Back scored 22 points to lead the Orange and Black to a 49-36 triumph over Ft. Meade. Rodney Price hit 11 and Richard McLellan eight, while David Krystofiak, who got the ball on passes only three times in the game, scored only one field goal and hit three free throws for four points. He led rebounders, however, with 17.

It was the second big game in a row for Back, who was hitting his long jump shot with precision canning nine in the game.

Ft Meade—9, 8, 10, 9—36

Zephyrhills—10, 14, 16, 9—49

The junior varsity also won by a large margin, building its best record in many seasons behind the fine play of several boys, all of whom shared honors, according to Coach Lamar Stephens.

Brewster 58-44 Victim

Paced by 6-5 Krystofiak, who scored many of his baskets on tip-ins of shots taken by other Dogs, the team won over Brewster Tech of Tampa here Tuesday night 58-44.

Richard McLellan turned in his 16 points, while Back continued to rip the nets with his sharp eye for 12. Coach Phillips was pleased with the play of Keathel Chauncey, who hit five points and helped slow the team down when racehorse tendencies led to several ball losses. Doug Prowant scored two points and Bill Porter one in the win. Krystofiak led rebounders with 15, while Back snagged eight.

Score by quarters:

Brewster—8, 9, 12,15—44

Zephyrhills—11, 17,7,23—58

The Jayvees had an easy time with the Brewster Baby Rams, scoring a lop-sided 58-18 victory.

Former ZHS Basketball Star Blessing To Be Assistant Principal at West Elementary, Zephyrhills News, May 1975

Leland Brant Blessing, former Zephyrhills High School basketball star, will return to this community in the fall as the new assistant principal of West Zephyrhills Elementary School, Principal Ferd E. Renninger has announced. West Elementary has 900 students on double sessions; the school has a rated capacity of about 600 students, Principal Renninger has never had a fulltime assistant.

Blessing is a native of Daytona, Ohio, and is qualified to teach elementary and secondary physical education and high school biology. A 1965 graduate of Zephyrhills High School, he was a member of the ZHS state championship basketball team in Class B, 1964 and helped the team defend the title into the regional finals in 1965. He earned the associate of arts degree in physical education at Yancey State Junior College in Alabama in 1968, and the bachelor of science degree in physical education with a minor in biology at Troy State University in Alabama in 1970. He has done graduate work at Florida A&M University in administration and supervision and expects to earn his master’s degree in that field next month there. For two months in 1970 Blessing coached football at Pasco Junior High School in Dade City and he has taught biology and been baseball and basketball coach at Chattahoochee High School in Chattahoochee since August of 1971. A sergeant in the Marine Corps Reserve, Blessing is married. His wife is an elementary school teacher.

School Daze by Kathy Shannon, Zephyrhills News, May 8, 1969

The Key Induction ceremony was used last Wednesday for the induction of 31 new members into the ZHS chapter of the National Beta Club. This ceremony involved explaining the keys of achievement, character, leadership and service and how they can be used to unlock the doors of success in life. The 31 students were “tapped” on the shoulder, an ancient chivalric symbol of recognition and honor. The students who were tapped had earned at least a 3.2 grade average for a period of three semesters and were approved by the faculty as well as the Beta Club members. The following students have been voted to join the club: Anne Neal, Sue Douglas, Janet Huber, Kathy Oliver, Raymond Bohannon, Julie Phipps, Tom Eiland, Otis Hills, Bill Coyne, Herbert Ferrell, Irene Graf, Dennis Hartley, David Krystofiak, Larry Lindsay, Jeff Brown, Debbie Dinsmore, Debbie Finnell, Marlies Gerber, Evelyn Jones, Randy Jordon, Larry Kretschmar, Carl Lippincott, Andrij Neczwid, Lois Wells, Mabel English, Valerie Wickstrom, Jackie Archie, Edward Holt, David Oliver, Lynda Stewart and Joyce Anderson.

Congratulations to Andrij Neczwid who placed second in the state talent contest which was held in conjunction with the State Beta Club Convention in Jacksonville last weekend. For the contest, Andrij played “Fantasia Impromptu” by Chopin.

Three other delegates also attended this convention in Jacksonville. They were Lynn Murphy, Barbara Rooks and Valerie Wickstrom. Many ideas were gained at the convention for use in the club next year. Accompanying the students to Jacksonville was Mr. William Alexander.

Congratulations to Anne Neal who has brought honor to ZHS by placing 3rd in the public speaking contest at the state Cooperative Education Clubs of Florida Convention last weekend in Jacksonville. Also representing the DCT Club of ZHS were Brenda Hughes, Janet Huber, Debbie Forbes, and Inge Hennessy. Mr. Stanley Kendrick accompanied the students.

Business law students at ZHS commemorated “Law Day” (May 1) by presenting “A Mock Trial.” Directing and sponsoring the 1-act play was Mr. Ronald Haws. Members of the cast included: Virginia Manley, Keathel Chauncey, Larry Bryant, James Duckett, Dwight Meengs, Chester Cardwell, Frank Neal, Linda Lippincott, Allen Greene, J.B. Braxton, Carl Copper, Donna Sansom, Bobbie Jackson, Kathy Bamberger, Marlene Davis, and Merle Williams. Other students helping with the production were Richard McLellan, Gail Drew, Nancy Massey, Sharon Bracknell, Jerry Gill, Gary Ouderkirk, James Kelley, Dennis Schall, and Wade Toler.

Future Homemakers of America of ZHS are collecting articles to send to American soldiers serving in Vietnam. Anyone wishing to donate small, useful articles is asked to bring them to either the home economics building or the main office.

The drive will end May 13. On this day FHA members have planned an International Dinner. Rex Brown, who will show slides on Africa and the Holy Lands, will be the featured speaker. Good Luck this weekend to the Bulldog Basketball team in the State Tournament and to the Bulldog band in the State Finals. ZHS is indeed “on the map.”

Clarence Odom In Broad Jump at Gainesville Meet, Zephyrhills News, May 8, 1969

Only one Zephyrhills High School trackman qualified at the district meet last week to advance to the state track finals at Gainesville this weekend.

He is Clarence Odom, who went to the meet last year in the 100 yard dash, but who this year had to make a broad jump of 20 feet 10 ½ inches to earn his state meet berth.

Coach Jim Davis told the News, “it was rough at the district. In any other district we would have qualified several boys to go, but our district is terrific; there were some great times turned in.”

Davis and Odom leave Friday morning and the broad jump event is to be held early in the day.

10th Annual Alumni and Friends Biggest and Best Ever, Zephyrhills News, June 26, 1979 by Jaynell LeHeup

Hopes for the biggest and best became a reality Sunday for the 10th annual Zephyrhills High School Alumni and Friends Reunion.

At 1 p.m. the group’s President H.D. Pollock, Class of 1935 gave the welcome. ….Attending included

“Miss Zephyrhills of 1969, the former Miss Debbie Forbes, now Mrs. Jim Sessoms of Dade City, accompanied by her son, Page, joined her parents, Vance Forbes, Class of 1933 and Norma, Class of 1937; Mr. and Mrs. Donnie Nelson, Class of 1958, Sharon, class of 1960 and other relatives. Mrs. Pat Forbes Lucas, Class of 1967 accompanied by her son, Marc, and fiancé, John Newcomer of Tampa; Mr. and Mrs. Robert Bandrimer of Miami and children, Lisa and Bobby. Mrs. Bandrimer is the former Miss Barbara Sabin, Miss Zephyrhills of 1951.

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