Zephyrhills High School – 1960


Highlights of 1960

46 Seniors Receive Diplomas and Six are Cited for Special Honors, Zephyrhills News, June 10, 1960

Zephyrhills School ended for 25 girls and 20 boys at the senior class at commencement exercises Friday night. A capacity audience was present in Municipal Auditorium.

Three of the graduates, Bonnie Reed, Dedi Anderson and Robert H. Campbell, were among the speakers.

Awards Presented.

Mrs. V.E. Witt, Pasco County school board member and Charles A. Henderson made presentation awards as follows: Miss Bonnie Reed, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Lee Reed, was recipient of both the valedictorian and scholarship medals, ranking in the upper 1% of the state in school ability, English and mathematics; in the top 4% in social studies and in the top 18% in science.

Miss Dedi Anderson, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. O.W. Anderson, received both the salutatorian and activities medals.

Robert Baggett, son of Mr. and Mrs. Julian E. Baggett, won the citizenship as well as the best all around boy awards. The athletic award went to Larry Benjamin, son of Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Benjamin.

The school spirit award was presented to J.W. Wells, son of Mrs. J.D. Wells and the late Mr. Wells.

Miss Linda Freeburg, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Roy Freeburg, was recipient of the best all-around girl award.

Miss Doris Gorrecht played an organ prelude prior to “March of the Priests,” as a processional for the 45 graduates, wearing white academic gowns and mortarboard. The Rev. Henry L. Kinnar, Jr., gave the invocation.

How Wide Are Our Hearts? Miss Dedi Anderson, salutatorian, in extending the welcome of the class, paid tribute to mothers and fathers, teachers, friends and relatives for their helpfulness along the way through high school. Issuing a challenge to the seniors to “look beyond our petty, soft little world to see the needs of our brothers around us,” Miss Anderson listed the most important among a thousand challenges to be encountered.

These include being on the side of the homeless, the friendless, oppressed, the discriminated against, those held unjustly and imprisoned, and those living in countries where there is no freedom; to do what is known to be morally right; to elect men of moral courage to high office; the challenge of humility to admit failures, to repent of sins, and to unashamedly serve God; and to solve the world-wide problems of ignorance, disease and poverty.

Class President Speaks-Topic of the president’s address by Robert H. Campbell was “Your Responsibilities.” Urging undergraduates, particularly members of the Class of 1961, to help promote and maintain a good school spirit, the class president admonished them to practice good sportsmanship, adhere to good traditions, and to set and maintain a high scholastic standard.

“Remember you are in school to learn, therefore give time and thought to other school activities but do not allow them to crowd out your studies,” he said.

Valedictory Address-Miss Bonnie Reed, valedictorian, reviewed activities leading up to graduation and enjoined members of the senior class to follow the precepts of King Solomon for keeping on the right course. These include acknowledging the Lord in all ways so that during every mile of life’s journey one need never fear going astray or losing site of one’s ambitions for life.  

“We need also to develop and use our God-given resources…we need to utilize faith, courage, education, initiative, patience and perseverance.” Miss Reed said and gave Mark Twain’s definition of courage as “resistance to fear, mastery of fear—not absence of fear.”

She said each graduate can succeed in his own life by making his own world a little better. “If every day during our journey through life we try to make one person a little wiser, a little happier, and a little better, we shall definitely reach our goal of success,” she concluded

Says Classes Will Grow- I.A. Krusen, who for the past 20 years has been chairman of the Pasco County School Trustees, made the official presentation of diplomas to the undergraduates. He reviewed progress of the school system in Zephyrhills and said: “During the 28 years we have been here it has been rewarding to see schools grow and grow. It will be our privilege to do all within our power to further this advancement in the field of education for the fine young people who will come after us.”

Krusen told the audience that within the next few years Zephyrhills High School will have classes very nearly doubling in size that of the Class of 1960.

Assisted by Principal Henderson, Mr. Krusen presented diplomas to Barbara Adams, Dedi Anderson, Robert Baggett, Larry Benjamin, Lee Blackden, Donna Campbell, Robert Campbell, Franklin Coell, Gary Crist, Richard Dayton, Brenda Daughtery, Sharon Forbes, Rae Foster, Linda Freeburg, Vivian Geiger, Victor Gerlach, Janice Houck, Jeanette Howell, Carolyn Jarrett, Elizabeth Jarrett, L.B. Jones, Norman Kirkland, James Kress, Joseph Laviano, Louise Leopold, Linda Lou Lohrum, Gary Martinson, Elaine McKendree, Lynn Nichols, Judy Oliver, Jerry Peters, Bonnie Reed, Richard Riesen, Patricia Stante, Edelma Sergey, William Simons, Catherine Skinner, Della Fae Smith, Clayton Stokes, Preston Strickland, Juanita Summerall, Bruce Weicht, Janet Weicht, and J.W. Wells.

The Reverend James Hoge gave the benediction. Miss Gorrecht played “Pomp and Circumstance” as a recessional. Decorations by members of the junior class featured mint green carnations and silvered gladioli in deference to the colors chosen by the graduating class. Members of the junior class served as ushers.

Twelve At New University—College Students from Zephyrhills Number 35, Zephyrhills News, August 26, 1960

At least 35 young men and women from Zephyrhills will be enrolled in college next month. More than half of them are 1960 graduates of Zephyrhills High School.

Twelve of the first freshman class at the new University of South Florida, about 20 miles southwest of here, will be from Zephyrhills.

June graduates of Zephyrhills High School who will continue their education, joining graduates of other years in several instances, at chosen institutions of higher learning include:

J.W. Wells, Preston Strickland, Gary Martinson, Billy Simons, Lee Blackden, Linda Freeburg, Louise Leopold, Joseph Laviano, Carolyn Jarrett, Lynn Nichols, and Norman Kirkland, to University of South Florida, where Gerald Price, who has been in service, also is enrolled.

Dedi Anderson and Donna Campbell to University of Florida, where Barbara Peeples, Mildred Smith, Harold Daniels, Floyd Kersey and Edwina Jones are returning.

Bonnie Reed to Valparaiso (Ind.) University; Bobby Baggett to Baylor University, Waco, Texas; Larry Benjamin, St. Leo Junior College, Sharon Forbes and Janice Houck to Florida Central Business College, Tampa; Robert H. Campbell, LeTourneau Technical Institute, Longview, Texas.

Artiste Parsons will resume her studies at University of Tampa; Norman Pricher and Martha Brown, Stetson University, Deland. Mary Ann Hodges, Margie Braden, Laura Higginson, James Kearse, George Trebour, Linden Laviano and David Fedor, Florida State University.

ZHS Faithful Attend Reunion, Zephyrhills News, July 5, 1990

Over 300 ZHS Alumni and Friends attended the 21st annual reunion which was held June 24 at the Zephyrhills Lions Club on Dead Dairy Road. President Cecil McGavern Jr. gave a welcome and announced the ZHS ROTC Color Guard to present the flag for the Pledge of Allegiance and singing of God Bless America…The graduate traveling the farthest was Lyndon Laviano from California.

Scores of Students Honored for Scholarship at Awards Assembly, Zephyrhills News, May 27, 1960

Praise for achievement in several fields was given many students of Zephyrhills schools at an “Awards Assembly” Wednesday morning in the high school auditorium.

Honors were conferred for scholarship, good citizenship, typing skill, essay writing, leadership, homemaking, perfect attendance, athletics and cheerleading.

Visitors were welcomed by Principal Charles A. Henderson.

He presented the DAR Good Citizenship Award to Dedi Anderson, two Danforth Foundation I-Dare You Awards to Linda Freeburg and Robert Baggett, and the following Beta Club (school honorary) membership certificates: Alice Faye Wintersteen, Constance Laura Waldrwon, Harry Lindsay Thain, Stephen Edgar Swan, Judith Dianne Surratt, Linda Lou Lorhum, Frank Arthur Kersey, Delores Melberene Jones, Thomas Howard Gill, Sharon Louise Forbes and Janet Lynn Fisher.

Community Development-Louise Leopold was recipient of a $25 Savings Bond given by the Florida Power Corporation for her prize winning essay entitled, “Scholarship for Leadership.” The presentation was made by Merle M. Bright, Florida Power district manager, Carl D. Lippincott and C.A. MacDonald, co-chairman of the Zephyrhills Community Development League

Typing Awards-Mrs. Robert Gill presented typing awards as follows: 60-words per minute pins—Sarah Downs, Sharon Forbes, Linda Freeburg, Lynn Nichols, Mollie Pope, and Patty Sante.

50- words per minute pins—Donna Campbell, Dottie Daniels, Vivian Geiger, Janice Houck, Judy Oliver, Doris Stewart, Judy Surratt, Elizabeth Witt, Alice Bembry and Mary Pattie.

40 word per minute pins—Bruce Armstrong, Virgie Hinsz, Brenda Howell, Ruth Morel, Ann Price, Harry Thain, Wayne Reutimann, Linda Cavin, Janet Fisher, Hazel Green, Shirlene Griffin, Marcia King, Connie Waldron, Sharon Wolanevich and Margaret Daughtery.

Journalism pins were presented to Elizabeth Jarrett, editor, and Vivian Geiger, co-editor of the school paper, “Bulldog Bulletin” by Margaret Ann Johnson, co-editor.

Home Economics Awards-Miss Mary Alice Gill presented certificates for degrees of achievement in homemaking as follows: The Chapter Degree Future Homemaking of America—Linda Cavin and Linda Graeber.  Junior Homemaking degree to Pauline Ennis. Mrs. Marjorie Parantha, FHA sponsor, recognized Bonnie Reed, recipient of the Betty Crocker “Homemaker of Tomorrow” award for 1960.

American Legion Awards-Legionnaire Frank Renee, oratorical contest chairman for the Zephyr Post 118, presented Dedi Anderson who represented the local post in the 7th District competition with an award. Legionnaire Lucy Mae Knox presented the Legion’s Americanism scholarship and leadership awards to Barbara Hughes and Jimmy Daniels, pupils in the 8th grade.

Perfect Attendance Awards-Eugene Hester of San Antonio, Pasco County attendance officer, made these perfect attendance award presentations: Seventh grade—David Grant, Ronald Penn, Donald White, Mary Bright, Diane Clements, Connie Praay, Betty Smircich, Barbara Thompson, Larry Turner, James Kagey, Bill Stanton, Monroe Canaday, Allen Carmon, Richard Dibble, Wiley Pike, Tom Russell, John Stephenson, Alan Thomas, and Frank Overhuls.

Eighth Grade—Jack Bentley, Jimmy Daniels, Harry Mortner, Fletcher Padgett, Larry Penn, Joe Lewis, Winona Beckum, Diane Hudson, Pat Chancey, Gene Mason, Voncell Smith and Barbara Dunford.

Ninth Grade—Eric Blackden, Ronald Wheeler, Gene Burress, Shirley Jarrett, Barbara Mortner, Violet White, Andrew McHenry, and Robert Mason.

Tenth grade—Clyde Bracknell, Larry Kearse, Billy McGavern, Jewell Stevens, Stephen Swan, Susan Gill, and Sharon Pach.

Eleventh Grade—Judy Deen and Sharon Wolancevich.

Twelfth Grade—Linda Lou Lohrum.

DCT—Douglas Armstrong and Donna Campbell

For Scholarship-John Haynes presented honor certificates to straight A and A-B honor-roll students (no grade lower than a B) in recognition of outstanding scholastic achievement on behalf of Zephyrhills Junior Chamber of Commerce and Minute Maid Corporation. Recipients included Joan Shannon, Judy Goulding, Jimmy Daniels, Barbara Thompson, and Linda Hayden, all straight A’s.

Sharon Forbes, Carolyn Jarrett, Elaine McKendree, Bonnie Reed, Patty Sante, Edelma Sergey, Barbara Adams, Linda Freeburg, Judy Oliver, Pat Rowland, Wayne Carter, Elizabeth Witt, Constance Waldron, Owen Blacken, Frank Kersey, Billy McGavern, Stephen Swan, Henry Thain, Delores Jones, Jean Burress, Bobby Chambless, Ray Preston Bolt, Larry Penn, Jerry Alston, Betty Smircich, Marvin Reed, David Myers, Larry Turner, Kay Henry and Norreen Krystofiak, All A-B’s

Athletic Awards-Coach Johnny Clements presented football letters to Woody Cone, Norman Weaver, Randy Lane, Preston Strickland, Arthur McKendree, Gary Martinson, Richard Prowant, Richard Adams, Clayton Stokes, Donnie Stokes, Larry Kearse, David Smith, Richard Miles, John Goodrow, Sam Gross, Capt. J.W. Wells and Capt. Larry Benjamin.

Baseball letters were presented by Coach Clements to J.W. Wells, Larry Benjamin, Frank Kersey, Larry Kearse, Custer Collins, Norman Weaver, Billy McGavern, and Clyde Bracknell.

Clements also presented track medals (Florida State meet) to Larry Benjamin, first place running broad jump; Preston Strickland, third place 100 yard dash

Ten New Teachers Appointed, Zephyrhills News, August 19, 1960

Nineteen teachers are returning to the high school to complete the 24-member faculty. They are:

James L. Turner, assistant principal; Lamar Calhoun, social studies and business subjects; W.A. Worthington, science, junior varsity football and track coach; John Geiger, mathematics; Norman D. Fields, science; Lewis K. Wynne, mathematics and high school administrative assistant; Mrs. Alpha Gill, business subjects; Mrs. Constance Kaylor, English; Mrs. Betty Hall, librarian and directed reading; Mrs. Kathryn W. Swing, English; E.L. Kretschmar, mathematics; Miss Ann Grayson, girls physical education and health. John F. Clements, athletic director and head football and baseball coach; Jack Wilson, English, head basketball and assistant baseball coach; James Eikeland, social studies and English; Earl F. Rietz, social studies; John T.V. Clark, band director; Mrs. Marjorie Parantha, home economics; Stanley Kendricks, Diversified Cooperative Training and Mrs. Celia Anderson, Latin.

Mrs. Raybelle Surratt will continue to serve as secretary.

Elementary Teachers Listed

Zephyrhills East Elementary teachers returning include Mrs. Laura Anderson and Mrs. Faith Coe, first grade; Mrs. Darwin Clark and Mrs. Pauline Higginson, second grade; Mrs. Margaret I. Gooding and Mrs. Laveta Garrison, third grade; Mrs. Willie Mae Ellmaker, fourth grade; Mrs. Dorothy Worthington, fifth grade; Darwin Clar and Miss Alice White, sixth grade; Mrs. Celia Anderson, librarian and Miss Alice Zimmerman, music.

Zephyrhills West Elementary teachers returning include: Miss Peggy Padgett, third grade; Mrs. Dorothy Turner, fourth; Mrs. Hettie Jane Price, fifth; and Mrs. Isabel Barnes, a combined fourth, fifth-sixth grade. Miss Zimmerman will continue to instruct in music at West school also.

School Daze, Zephyrhills News by Dedi Anderson

Teens Against Cancer, a truly worthwhile club, has been newly organized at ZHS with W. A. Worthington as sponsor. TAC has elected the following officers for this year: Gary Crist, president; Bonnie Reed, vice president and Carolyn Maddux, secretary. The organization will be active throughout the school year in raising money for the cause of cancer and acquainting students and the people of Zephyrhills with the work that is being carried on in behalf of research for the disease.

College Day came to Zephyrhills High School Friday. The Student Council under President Bob Baggett made arrangements for a program of adult representatives of 13 Florida colleges and one out-of-state school Twenty-four seniors and 34 juniors talked with three representatives of their choice during three afternoon discussion periods.

Seniors who were hosts and hostesses for College Day were Brenda Daughtery, Carolyn Jarrett, Libby Jarrett, Lynn Nichols, Louise Leopold, Bonnie Reed, Janice Houck, Elaine McKendree, Rae Foster, Jeanette Howell, Cathy Skinner, Gary Crist, Bill Simons, Joe Laviano, J.W. Wells, and Robert Campbell.

The Youth for Christ Bible Club of Zephyrhills High School met Tuesday afternoon to elect officers and plan a meeting for this Saturday night. This Club, still in the stages of organization, has as its officer’s seniors, Gary Crist, president; Bob Baggett, vice president and Bonnie Reed, secretary. Patty Maddux was elected treasurer. Betty Jean Garner, librarian, and Dedi Anderson, projects chairman. Bible music chairman is Carolyn Maddux and pianist is Lorene Daughtery. Faculty sponsors for this group are Mrs. Betty Hall, high school librarian and James Eikeland, who teaches high school social studies.

Three boys of Pasco County will be representatives to the National Future Farmers of America convention in Kansas City, Missouri, October 12-15. Those attending will be Sophomore George Overhulls and Junior Jimmy Dungan from Zephyrhills and a member of the Gulf High FFA chapter in New Port Richey.

What Zephyrhills Teenagers Think

One of the academically top ranking, seniors, Bonnie Reed, is a majorette, vice president of the Teens Against Cancer Club and treasurer of the Zephyrhills Future Homemaker’s Club of America as well as senior editor of Zephilsco, the school’s annual.

Bonnie here expresses her opinion about the question, “Do young people today have as strong a belief in God as they used to have?”

“Yes, I definitely believe that today’s youth has a strong, if not stronger faith in God than in past generations. With the expanding church facilities for the younger child, the nursery classes, vacation Bible schools, and young people’s groups, many more children are learning about Christ at an earlier age, when it is natural for them to accept and believe in the Bible truths.

“Many more families are taking their children to church and allowing them to take an active part in the family devotions at home. As the child grows older, he retains these religious beliefs and applies them to his life. This may be seen in the increasing number of young people who turn to Christ every day and by the numerous Youth for Christ organizations, such as we have begun in our own school.

“In definite contrast to this are the reports of widespread delinquency and gang wars among the teenagers of New York and throughout the country. However, this represents a very small minority of the nation’s youth, which seems magnified by the publicity.”

Williams Trip to Washington Being Made by 24 Zephyrhills Seniors and by 12 From New Port Richey High School, Zephyrhills News, April 8, 1960

Thirty-six seniors, 24 from Zephyrhills High School and 12 from Gulf High School of New Port Richey, left Wednesday noon aboard the Atlantic Coast Line Champion from Trilby for a long-awaited trip to the nation’s capital.

Chaperoning the students on the trip, itinerary for which was arranged by J.C. Hughey, ACL passenger agent, were Mr. and Mrs. John F. Clements and Mrs. Fannie L. Dixon, Clements and Mrs. Dixon are sponsors of the Zephyrhills and New Port Richey seniors, respectively.

Zephyrhills students on the tour include: Donna Campbell, Dedi Anderson, Bonnie Reed, Sharon Forbes, Rae Foster, Elaine McKendree, Janice Houck, Lynn Nichols, Vivian Geiger, Libby Jarrett, Carolyn Jarrett, Brenda Daughery, Juanita Summerall, Della Fae Smith, Bill Simons, J.W. Wells, Preston Strickland, Clayton Stokes, Larry Benjamin, Robert Campbell, Gary Martinson, Bobby Baggett, L.B. Jones and Lee Blackden.

Sightseeing Schedule

Plans were to arrive in Washington, D.C. at 7 a.m. Thursday, cheek in at the Pierre L’Enfant Hotel and leave on an Atwood Transport bus for a tour including the Bureau of Print and Engraving, the White House, Washington Monument, Embassy Section, Rock Park and Smithsonian Institute, returning around 5 p.m. to the hotel, where arrangements were to be made concerning dinner and plans for the evening.

On Friday, after breakfasting at the Bellevue Cafeteria, the students were to walk through Capitol Park for a several hour tour of Capitol Hill, which includes the Senate office buildings, the United States Capitol with a guided tour, Library of Congress, Folger’s Shakespearean Library, and the Supreme Court Building. The party will lunch in the Supreme Court cafeteria while touring “the hill.”

Saturday’s itinerary includes a visit to Lincoln Memorial, Iwo Jima Statue, Arlington Cemetery, where a “Changing of the Guard” will be witnessed, the Lee Mansion and a stop at Hogates in Arlington for lunch. Mount Vernon, the National Airport, the Pentagon and Jefferson Memorial are on the afternoon sightseeing schedule.

The group will leave Washington on the West Coast Champion at 8:20 pm. Saturday for the return trip to Trilby via Savannah, Georgia and Jacksonville, Florida, with breakfast and luncheon served enroute. Time of the scheduled arrival in Trilby is 3:01 p.m. Sunday.

New West School Dedicated; Flags Ceremonies Held, Zephyrhills News, March 18, 1960

Zephyrhills West Elementary School was dedicated during Founders’ Days in ceremonies at which Chester Taylor, Pasco County School Superintendent, officiated in the new cafetorium.

John T.V. Clark, Jr. directed the Zephyrhills High School Band in a program of music.

Taylor told how the new school was planned and financed.

The plant proper, exclusive of walkways, embraces 13,655 square feet built at a cost of $11.95 per square foot, the entire amount for the cafetorium and eight classrooms totaling $181,000. The school has a capacity for 24 classrooms when completed it its entirety.

Mrs. Pauline Boggs sold the 43-acre site to school officials for $21,192 and Taylor said eventually the campus may include a junior high school plant. Zephyrhills West Elementary is probably the only school in Pasco County with maximum plans for expansion, he stated.

Superintendent Taylor said:

“We dedicate this school building, providing parents of the community with a plant in which teachers can pridefully instruct, with the thought in mind, however, that no school can offset the evil influence not merely of a bad home but of a home with low disciplinary and moral standards.

“If fathers and mothers offer their children no more intellectual fare than comic books, a television set and picture magazines; if they make a home merely a place to sleep, drink and eat, and not the center of life then they have no right to complain of schools.”

Arleis E. Ross, principal, officially accepted the school keys from I.A. DeMinicis, Tampa Architect. Platform guests included Zephyrhills city officials, Pasco County board members and school trustees.

A 49-star American flag for use in the auditorium and another for the outdoor flagpole were presented to the school by the Veterans of Foreign Wars Auxiliary, with Mrs. Robert Sibley, past department president officiating, assisted by Mrs. Jack Selzer, Americanism chairman.

Parade and Dance Will Precede and Follow Grid Game, Zephyrhills News, October 30, 1959

Zephyrhills High School annual homecoming festivities will be climaxed this Friday evening with the crowning of royalty during halftime in a football game between Zephyrhills Bulldogs and the Citrus High School Hurricanes at Krusen Field.

A parade of floats will originate at the high school campus at 2:15 o’clock Friday afternoon. Led by a police escort, the school cheerleaders, majorettes, band, and class and organization floats will parade north on 10th street to 5th Avenue and thence west to 1st street.

The paraders will stop at 5th Avenue and 8th Street for a pep rally. Another rally will be held at a school assembly after the parade. The king and prince have been selected by members of the Zephyrhills football team.

A queen, princess and two maids were chosen during the week by vote of the student body. The election was held under auspices of the Zephyrhills Student Council with Bobby Baggett as president. The identities of the royalty will be made known at the ceremony.

Candidates Listed

In the competition, Linda Freeman and Elaine McKendree, members of the senior class, were candidates for queen. Shirley Temples and Malissa Lippincott, juniors, were candidates for princess while Sandra White and Virgie Hinsz, Linda Snider and Patsy Weicht, were candidates for maid from the sophomore and freshmen classes respectively.

Bobby Baggett is serving as general chairman of the homecoming festivities with Lamar Calhoun as faculty advisor.

Miss Loretta Bamberger, homecoming queen for 1958 will crown the 1959 royalty. An innovation at the ceremony this year will be recognition of faculty members by the general chairman.

Coronation Ball

Municipal Auditorium will be the scene of the coronation ball, also under auspices of the Zephyrhills Student Council, after the game. Elizabeth Jarrett, senior representative of student council, is serving as chairman of the committee on arrangements for the ball.

Bulldogs Go to State Tourney, Zephyrhills News, March 11, 1960

Zephyrhills District Basketball champions are: Norman Weaver, J.W. Wells, Clayton Stokes, Mike McGinnis, Billy McGavern, Woody Cone, Larry Benjamin, Clyde Bracknell, Sam Gross, Frank Kearse and Manager Joel Stephens and Coach Jack Wilson.

Zephyrhills High School’s varsity basketball team, surprise victors in a Florida regional tournament, will play a first-round game in the state tournament in Gainesville at 7:30 p.m. tonight (Thursday).

Playing in the Class B Division, Zephyrhills will meet rugged Callahan, winner of the District 3 tournament. The trip to the state tournament, which began by car at noon Wednesday, is the first ever for a Zephyrhills High School team.

At a special meeting the Zephyrhills Quarterback Club voted to donate $300 to pay the team’s trip expense. The Zephyrhills Bulldogs, coached by Jack Wilson, earned the right to represent District 7 by decisively defeating teams which had been pre-tourney favorites.

The ZHS cagers trounced the host team, Fort Meade, 66-38 last Thursday; went on to slaughter second-seeded Lake Placid 73-45, and in the finals stopped last year’s Group 7 champions. Mary Help of Christian’s school of Tampa 54-46.

The Bulldogs left for Gainesville with a 14-14 record, accumulated against some of the toughest competition in this part of the state. Nine of the setbacks came at the hands of Class A and Class AA schools.  

Zephyrhills Bulldogs Second in West Coast Tournament; Citrus Wins Championship, 63-51, Zephyrhills News, February 26, 1960

The Zephyrhills High School basketball team, one of the best to represent the school in several years, reached the finals of the West Coast Conference tournament at the weekend, but lost the championship game to the Citrus Hurricanes, 63-51 at Inverness.

The Zephyrhills cagers, operating against a decided height advantage, had the home standing Hurricanes on the run in the first period as a capacity crowd looked on. The Bulldogs were hitting from all angles and they moved out to an 18-14 advantage. Billy McGavern and Larry Benjamin did most of the damage offensively during the period.

Height began to take its toll in the second canto as the Hurricanes fought back to gain a slim 33-32 halftime lead. Citrus’ Terry McLeod was the difference as he pushed in five field goals for 10 points.

Actually the third quarter was the one that broke the Bulldogs’ backs. They went stone cold and were able to tally only six points. While Citrus was racking up 15. The fourth period opened with the home team leading 48 to 38.

Zephyrhills applied the zone depress during the final quarter and again made a game of it. At one point the lead was trimmed to seven points.

McGavern and Benjamin paced the losers with 19 and 15, respectively. For Citrus, McLeod had 18, Calvin Jenkins 16 and Ashton Hester 15. For Hester who had been averaging 25.2 points per game, this was his second lowest total of his campaign.

The victory enabled Citrus to reach its second successive conference crown. Citrus beat Wildwood in its 15th straight victory and closed out an undefeated season at home.

Zephyrhills 58, South Sumter 53

The Bulldogs paced by sophomores, Clyde Bracknell, Billy McGavern and Sam Gross, edged South Sumter, 58-53, in the semifinals of the West Coast Conference tournament.

In the other game on Friday night’s bill, powerful Citrus of Inverness pasted Crystal River 80-47.

Zephyrhills opened with a zone press, which seemed completely to upset the South Sumter five. For about three minutes, the Rebels were unable to get the ball past mid-court. Bracknell tallied nine points during the quarter, while Norman Weaver was adding six as the Orange and Black raced to a 20-13 lead.

In the second period, both teams were cold offensively, but South Sumter outscored the locals to cut its halftime deficit to four points at 29-25.

Rebel forward Adrian Smith found the north goal to his liking in the third period as he flipped in nine markers to lead his mates into a 45-41 three-quarter lead. South Sumter hit on a phenomenal 82% of its shots during the quarter. Only some prolific outside jump-shooting by McGavern kept the Bulldogs anywhere close.

The fourth period found the Bulldogs battling back to tie at 52-52 on McGavern’s long one-hander. Then Larry Benjamin, who had been bottled up all night and McGavern broke the game wide open with five straight points to notch the 58-53 decision.

Bracknell paced the winners with 17 tallies. McGavern who turned in a beautiful clutch performance had 14, while Gross chipped in with 12. Benjamin, although he was extremely cold offensively, played a fine defensive game and was a workhorse on the boards. Weaver also turned in a superb defensive performance.

Benjamin Named on All-Tourney Basketball Five

Three Zephyrhills High School players were named in the all-tournament selections at the close of the West Coast Conference tourney in Inverness Saturday Night.

Larry Benjamin of Zephyrhills and Ashton Hester of Citrus were unanimous choices of the conference schools. Benjamin was placed at a forward slot along with Terry McLeod of Citrus. Hester was named to the center position. The guards chosen are Orvin Jenkins and Frank Roberts, both of Citrus.

The honorable mention list included Clyde Bracknell and Norman Weaver of Zephyrhills, Calvin Barnes of South Sumter, George Brannen of Citrus, and Dan Bertine of Crystal River.

Bulldogs Long Unbeaten in League, Lost to Kathleen, Dunedin and Citrus, Zephyrhills News, January 29, 1960

Until this week the Zephyrhills High Schools basketball team was undefeated in the West Coast Conference, but Coach Jack Wilson’s players lost at Inverness to the Citrus Hurricanes 77-55, Tuesday night.

The loss was the fifth in succession for the Bulldogs, their previous setbacks being at the hands of strong non-conference opponents.

During the past six days Zephyrhills has bowed to Kathleen, Dunedin, and Citrus. Citrus now leads the West Coast Conference.

More To Come-On Friday night things won’t get any better as the locals travel to St. Petersburg to take on the Dixie Hollins Rebels. The Rebels are an AA school and are currently rolling along with a 10-1 record. Their only loss was a 1-point setback at the hands of the St. Petersburg Green Devils. Dixie Hollins most notable victories were an 83-42 slaughter of Tampa Jesuit and a 71-64 win over Boca Ciega.

Kathleen 45; Zephyrhills 41–The Bulldogs lost last Friday night to Kathleen 45-41. Zephyrhills started fast and raced to a 13-10 lead. Woody Cone dropped in three field goals and two free throws during the quarter.In the second period the Red Devil’s Duncan got hot with long one-handed jump shots from the corner and hit five field goals, and Kathleen led 26-22, at halftime.

The Bulldogs outscored the Red Devils in the third period, but Kathleen was still in front at the end of three quarters, 33-31. Duncan found the range again in the fourth period as he dumped in ten of his team’s 12 tallies. The Bulldogs could counter with only ten during the period.

Duncan paced all scorers for the evening with 25 points. Woody Cone and Larry Benjamin had 15 and 13, respectively, for Zephyrhills.

Seniors Admonished to ‘Stand Up and Be Counted on Lord’s Side’ In Baccalaureate Sermon to 45, Zephyrhills News, Friday, June 3, 1960

A capacity audience attended baccalaureate services for members of the 1960 Senior Class of Zephyrhills High School in First Baptist Church Sunday evening.

Miss Doris Gorrecht played an organ prelude and as a processional “March of the Priests.” For the recessional she played “Marche Pontificale.” Organ accompaniment for Mrs. Leroy Beddingfield who sang “Holy City” also was by Miss Gorrecht.

The Reverend B.A. Oswald gave the invocation and the Reverend C.G. McGavern the benediction.

Baccalaureate Sermon-Chosen to give the baccalaureate sermon by the graduates was the Reverend Babb Adams, pastor of Orient Park Baptist Church in Tampa. He was introduced by Principal Charles A. Henderson. Taking his text from First John, Chapter 5, verses 10-13, the visiting minister emphasized that a person should be saved, should show he is saved, should live his Christianity and should go out and “tell the story” because he believes.

He admonished the graduating class of 45 members to be ready always to “stand up and be counted” on the Lord’s side and to live their religion day by day.

Artistic Decorations-Decorations for the baccalaureate event embody the mint green and silver colors of the senior class. Over the raised baptistery hung the class motto, “Upward Ever, Ceasing Never.” Gladioli and greenery were used on the altar table, while in each window candles were placed amidst English Ivy.Members of the sophomore class with Miss Judy Surratt as chairman, provided the decorations. They also served as ushers.

Commencement Plans Given

Principal Henderson announced plans for commencement exercises and extended an invitation to the public to attend. The commencement will be held this Friday evening, beginning at 8 o’clock, in Municipal Auditorium. Featured speakers will be Class President Robert H. Campbell; Miss Delia Margaret (Dedi) Anderson, who will give the salutatory address and Miss Bonnie Reed, valedictorian.   Mrs. V.E. Witt, Pasco County school board member, and the school principal will present awards, including scholarship, activities, citizenship, school spirit, athletic, best all-around boy and best all-around girl. I.A. Krusen, chairman of the Pasco County board of trustees will present diplomas to 45 members of the class. Miss Doris Gorrecht will be the organist. The Reverend Henry L. Kinnard, Jr., will give the invocation and the Reverend James Hoge, O.S.B., the benediction.

School Daze, Zephyrhills News by Dedi Anderson, September 25, 1959

The Zephyrhills High School Band chose a senior, Sharon Forbes, as captain for the current year. Another senior, Joe Laviano, was selected by the band as the new lieutenant. The band under the direction of John T.V. Clark, Jr. has a membership of more than eighty, including seven majorettes this year.

Congratulations to Captain Kenny Bloom and Lieutenants Bruce Armstrong, Donald Lee, and X.L. Garrison as well as to the entire Safety Patrol, for the praise and honors heaped upon them at the Parent-Teacher meeting Thursday night, when sponsors Stanley Kendrick and Charles Williams presented them with their badges. Safety Officer Randy Robinson, of the Florida State Highway Patrol, spoke to the group on the work of the Safety Patrol. Pasco County Sheriff Leslie Bessenger was a special guest at the meeting.

When the ballots were counted the ZHS class elections returns showed the following students to be new class presidents: Senior Class—Robert Campbell; Junior Class—Richard Miles; Sophomore Class—Tom Gill. The Senior Class also elected: Carolyn Jarrett, vice president; Lynn Nichols, secretary; Elaine McKendree, treasurer; Louise Leopold, reporter.

Other Junior Class officers are: Donnie Stokes, vice president; Merrily Baggett, secretary; Mary Alice Gill, treasurer; Melissa Lippincott, reporter.

Additional Sophomore class officers are: Linda Cavin, vice president; Sandra White, secretary; Virgie Hinsz, treasurer.

The Freshman class elected these homeroom officers: Presidents: Judy Goulding and Linda Cooper; vice presidents: Bobbie June Chambless and Roy Cooper; secretaries: Susan Nichols and Patsy Weicht.

School Daze, Zephyrhills News, by Dedi Anderson, October 2, 1959

Friday night at Krusen Field was a memorable occasion in spirit of the disappointing football score. The fall-tinged weather; the raising of the spotlighted American flag in the darkened stadium while the band played the “Star Spangled Banner,” and the high spirits of the ZHS cheerleaders in their new uniforms added to the enjoyment of the large, enthusiastic crowd of loyal Bulldog supporters.

A highlight of the evening was the performance of the Zephyrhills High School Band at half-time intermission. John T.V. Clark, band director, read over the loud speaker his original “Beatnik” adaptation of the story “Goldilocks,” while members of the band acted out the script and lead by Head Majorette Rae Foster provided suitable musical accompaniment and sound effects.

The modern Goldilocks, with a shocking-green rinse (wig), was portrayed by Dedi Anderson, a majorette. Bonnie Reed, another majorette, was Goldilocks “hep” mother. Bob Baggett played the Papa-Type Bear. Margaret Johnson, the Mama-Type Bear, and Curtis Crist, the Baby-Type Bear, who thought the whole thing was “real nervous”!

At Friday’s assembly the annual staff will kick off its year’s sales of “Zephilsco” with an original skit written by Editor Louise Leopold and staff members, Bonnie Reed, Donna Campbell, Dedi Anderson, Sandra Pricher, and Elizabeth Witt.  Other members of the staff on the program will be Rae Foster, Lynn Nichols, Linda Freeburg, Elaine McKendree, J.W. Wells, and Larry Benjamin.

The Junior Class is knee-deep in money raising activities. At all home football games class members are selling programs as well as sponsoring the post-game dance in the new city auditorium. Merrily Baggett is chairman of the Junior fundraising.

Senior mimeographed and distributed five hundred copies of the new football cheers, which the cheerleaders hope everyone will learn. Robert Campbell, class president, sparked this project and was aided in carrying it out by Seniors Carolyn Jarrett and Bonnie Reed.

Student Council President Bob Baggett announces that the council had a complete sellout of “Beat East Bay” pep ribbons before last Friday’s game. Pep ribbons were sold to high school students and teachers by homeroom representatives.

One club which is unusually active this year is the Junior Red Cross, under President Judy Surratt, who attended a national Red Cross Leadership camp this summer. Officers Lorene Daughery and Susan Gill helped in giving a coffee for all teachers. At a surprise assembly, Judy Goulding, Lynn Nichols, J.W. Wells and Norman Weaver took part in a pantomime which urged the students “not to let Red Cross die.” Many other ZHSers helped to publicize the worthwhile organization.

FHA President Mary Alice Gill conducted a “get acquainted” meeting in the high school auditorium for all girls interested in joining the Zephyrhills chapter of the Future Homemakers of American. Mrs. Marjorie Parantha, homemaking teacher, is the club sponsor.

On Apr. 28, 1960, these teachers were appointed to Zephyrhills High School: Mrs. Betty Hall, E. L. Kretschmar, John H. Geiger, James Eikeland, Miss Caroline Jones, Lamar Calhoun, Mrs. Katherine W. Swing, Mrs. Marjorie Parantha, Lewis Wynne, Earl F. Reitz, Miss Ann Grayson, Mrs. Alpha S. Gill, Jack L. Wilson, Mrs. Constance C. Kaylor, W. A. Worthington, John Clements, John T. V. Clark, Stanly B. Kendrick.

ZHS Alumni and Friends Reunion Honors Classes of 1930 and 1955, Zephyrhills News, July 3, 1980, by Jaynell LeHeup

Each year it gets bigger and better—that is the general consensus about the ZHS Alumni and Friends Reunion! The 1980 Reunion was Sunday at the Community Center, Zephyr Park. There wasn’t just a full house—there was such an overflowing crowd that it was voted to try to obtain the larger Municipal Auditorium for the 1981 Reunion.

…. The Reunion was directed by VP John F. Clements of the ZHS faculty for the past 31 years, who was assisted by……all former officers and Mrs. Donnie (Sharon Forbes) Nelson, class of 1960, treasurer.

10th Annual Alumni and Friends Biggest and Best Ever, Zephyrhills News, June 26, 1979 by Jaynell LeHeup

Hopes for the biggest and best became a reality Sunday for the 10th annual Zephyrhills High School Alumni and Friends Reunion.

“Miss Zephyrhills of 1969,” the former Miss Debbie Forbes, now Mrs. Jim Sessoms of Dade City, accompanied by her son, Page, joined her parents, Vance Forbes, Class of 1933 and Norma, Class of 1937; Mr. and Mrs. Donnie Nelson, Class of 1958, Sharon Forbes Nelson, class of 1960 and other relatives. Mrs. Pat Forbes Lucas, Class of 1967 accompanied by her son, Marc, and fiancé, John Newcomer of Tampa; Mr. and Mrs. Robert Bandrimer of Miami and children, Lisa and Bobby. Mrs. Bandrimer is the former Miss Barbara Sabin, Miss Zephyrhills of 1951.  

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