Zephyrhills High School – 1940


Highlights of 1940

Seventeen Seniors Get Their Diplomas Thursday Night, Zephyrhills News, May 31, 1940

Stevens Cup Was Awarded to Mary Catherine Lefler

Graduation exercises were held Thursday evening at the School Auditorium.  

The program was as follows:

Processional—High School Band

Invocation—Father John, O.S. B.

Vocal Solo—John Rasmussen

Commencement Address: Col. C.E. Crosland

“Does Your Star Have Five Points?”

Presentation of Diplomas—Mrs. Harry McKillips

Congratulatory Remarks—Mr. Fred O’Revels, County Superintendent of Public Instruction

Presentation of Awards—Mr. Burch Cornelius, Principal

Awards were given the following: Bernice Eleanor Curtis, Valedictorian, received the medal for highest scholastic average.

Irene Claire Hohenthaner, Salutatorian, received one medal for second highest average and one for activity. Don Storms Jr. also received a medal for activity and Mary Catherine Lefler received a medal and the Steven’s Cup for being the most worthwhile graduate

Benediction—Reverend R.B. Womack


Christine Krusen and Nathaniel Storms were presented with an American Legion Medal as the most outstanding pupils of the 8th grade by Burt Ford from Legion Post 118.

School Board Minutes: On June 17, 1940, these teachers were appointed to the Zephyrhills school: Carol Ramage, English; Donald Turner, Science, Coach; Clement Combs, Commercial. On Sept. 4, 1940, these teachers were appointed: Margie Reutimann; Charlotte Fast, Commercial; Carolyn Sistrunk, Music; W. W. Jackson, Math and Science.

Baccalaureate, Class Night and Graduation, Zephyrhills News, May 1940

Nine Girls and Eight Boys to Graduate

The Baccalaureate service will be held on Sunday evening, May 28, at 8 o’clock at the High School Auditorium. Reverend F.H. Hartman will deliver the address.

The Class Night Exercises will consist of the wedding of Miss Senior Class and Mr. Life of Service. This will be given on Tuesday evening at 8 o’clock at the High School Auditorium.

The graduation class consists of the following members; Misses Annette Arnot, Lillian Bieier, Bernice Curtis, Bernice Dryden, Irene Hohenthaner, Mary Lefler, Evelyn Mundy, Virginia Lee Stapleton, and Phyllis Taylor. Messrs Glen Alexander, Dave Boatwright, Alan Chenkin, Seth Plank, John Rasmussen, Don Storms, Jr, Roy Turner and Bryan Womack Jr.

Bernice Curtis is the Valedictorian and Irene Hohenthaner is the Salutatorian. Burch Cornelius is the supervising principal and Mrs. Harry McKillips is the class sponsor. The public is invited to each of the class exercises.

Notables of Senior Class Selected for 1940, Zephyrhills News, March 15, 1940

The Senior Class held a meeting on Tuesday, March 12, for the purpose of electing class notables. They are as follows:

•   Prettiest girl—Virginia Stapleton

•   Best Looking boy—Don Storms Jr.

•   Most Worthwhile—Mary Lefler

•   Most Worthwhile—Don Storms Jr.

•   Most Popular—Irene Hohenthaner

•   Most Popular—Bryan Womack Jr.

•   Bets Athletic—Mary Lefler

•   Best Athletic—Glen Alexander

•   Best Dressed—Virginia Stapleton

•   Best Dressed—Alan Chenkin

•   Wittiest—Phyllis Taylor

•   Wittiest—Bryan Womack Jr.

•   Most Studious—Bernice Curtis

•   Most Studious—Seth Plank

•   Best Sport—Mary Lefler

•   Best Sport—Don Storms Jr.

•   Most Versatile—Mary Lefler

•   Most Versatile—Don Storms Jr.

•   Best Actress—Phyllis Taylor

•   Best Actor—Bill March

•   Most Unassuming—Mary Lefler

•   Most Unassuming—Roy Turner

•   Most Attractive Smile—Virginia Stapleton

•   Most Attractive Smile—Don Storms Jr.

•   Cutest—Evelyn Mundy

•   Cutest—Bryan Womack Jr.

The Class motto, colors and flowers were selected at this time also. They are: Colors—Navy Blue and white; Flower—Red Rose and Motto—“Our learning never ceases.”

Junior class Play Next Friday Nite, Zephyrhills News, March 29, 1940

“Bashful Bobby” is Play Picked by Juniors.

The Juniors Play, “Bashful Bobby” will be presented next Friday night (April 5) at 8:00 o’clock at the High School Auditorium. An evening of good entertainment is guaranteed, so make it a point to attend.

Below are the names of those who take part in the play:

•   Robert Downing (Oliver Johnston) as “Bashful Bobby”

•   Jim Bradley (Glen Alexander)

•   Harry Collins (Stanley Taylor)

•   Jerry Roebuck (Jack Booth)

•   Helen Norwood (Genevieve Seaburg)

•   Joan Lanford (Joan Cook)

•   Anne Hawkins (Margaret Tucker)

•   Mrs. Matilda Matthews (Marion Cherry)

•   Miss Odessa Henworthy (Jean Bailey)

•   Madame Du Pont (Laura Meyer)

•   Judson (Walter Higgenson)

•   Louise (Bettie Howard)

Class of 1940 Enjoys 30th Reunion, Zephyrhills News, 1970

The Class of 1940 In 1940—Most of these graduates of 1940 gathered again Saturday for a 30th reunion. Standing left to right: Bernice Dryden, Virginia Stapleton, Irene Hohenthaner, Bernice Curtis, Evelyn Mundy, Annette Arnot, and Mary Lefler. In the back from left: Lillian Bleir, John Rasmussen, Roy Turner, Dave Boatwright, Don Storms, Glen Alexander, Bryan Womack, Alan Chenkin, Seth Plank and Phyllis Taylor.

CLASS OF 1940 Enjoys 30th Reunion

Graduates of the Zephyrhills High School Class of 1940, pictured above in their caps and gowns, enjoyed a reunion Saturday which spilled over into the late evening and for some on into Sunday.

Once the old classmates were reunited, it was almost impossible to say “Good-by,” and plans already are made for the next reunion on the 35th anniversary in 1975.

The affair began at 9 a.m. Saturday in the Friendship Room of First Federal, with a chicken dinner at noon. Mrs. Alan Chenkin, whose husband was a member of the class and Mrs. R.G. (Irene Hohenthaner) Elm of Tampa, were in charge of arrangements.

The afternoon was spent in tours of the community, including visits to the Gallery, to Oakside Cemetery, and to the high school (which was opened specially by Principal Raymond Stewart for the occasion). The group gathered again for supper in the Friendship Room then visited and reminisced until 10 p.m. The next day, following worship services, a group of the Class of ’40 enjoyed an outing to Cedar Key.  All but one of the boys in the original class attended the reunion. All boys in the class served in World War II. Five of the girls in the original class were unable to attend. All members of the Class of 1940 are still living.  

Mrs. McKillips, Special Guest

Special guest for the reunion was Mrs. Harry (Bertha) McKillips of Dade City, who was the classes sixth grade teacher and in high school taught them Latin, American History and English, and was the senior class sponsor. She is retiring from the Pasco County system this year.

ZHS Alumni and Friends Reunion Honors Classes of 1930 and 1955, Zephyrhills News, July 3, 1980, by Jaynell LeHeup

Each year it gets bigger and better—that is the general consensus about the ZHS Alumni and Friends Reunion! The 1980 Reunion was Sunday at the Community Center, Zephyr Park. There wasn’t just a full house—there was such an overflowing crowd that it was voted to try to obtain the larger Municipal Auditorium for the 1981 Reunion.

….Group singing was led by Jaynell LeHeup with piano accompaniment by Mrs. Margueritte Pattie with “God Bless America.” Four members of the Class of 1939 sang a special song from their school days….this was enjoyed by all, especially by the Class of 1940 who were almost 100 percent in attendance and having their class reunion immediately following the reunion.

Seventeen of 20-member Class of 1940 Attend 40th Reunion Banquet for 27, Zephyrhills News, July 3, 1980

Seventeen members of the 20 member ZHS Class of 1940 enjoyed a reunion in conjunction with the ZHS Alumni Reunion.

The Alumni luncheon was followed by a dinner at Fireside Dinning where tables were set up in t-shape in the south dining room and the white tablecloths were complimented by red napkins and candles for the “ruby” anniversary. A centerpiece of red roses, baby’s breath and blue ribbon and cake decorated in white and blue with a cascade of red roses completed the décor. These were symbolic of the class flower, red roses and the class colors, navy blue and white. The centerpiece was a gift of the William Shannon family (Emily Bierler Shannon).  Joan Barrentine created the beautiful cake and presented it to the class. Honored guests were Mr. and Mrs. Harry McKillips of Dade City. Mrs. McKillips was teacher and class sponsor for four years.

Class members attending the dinner were: Mr. and Mrs. Glen Alexander of Marion, Kansas; Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Green (Annette Arnot) of Mobile, Alabama; Mr. and Mrs. Robert Grandon (Lillian Bleier) of Yonkers, New York; Dave Boatwright of Key West, FL., Mr. and Mrs. Alan Chenkin of Zephyrhills; Mr. and Mrs. Truman Brooks (Bernice Curtis) of Crystal Springs, Mrs. Irene Hohenthaner Elm of Tampa who interrupted a vacation trip to Pennsylvania to fly back for this reunion, Mr. and Mrs. N.J. Mangin (Mary Lefler) of Clearwater and Mrs. Seth Plank of Lake Placid; John Rasmussen of Jacksonville; Mr. and Mrs. Don Storms, Jr. (Phyllis Taylor) of Lake City (both were members of the Class of 1940), Robert B. Womack Jr. of Omaha, Nebraska; Mrs. Ayesha Tanzler Bucey of Portland, Oregon, Stanley Taylor of Georgetown. Dr. and Mrs. William March of Altamonte Springs were present at the alumni reunion as were Mrs. Evelyn Mundy Wright of Perry, but they were unable to be at the dinner. A class mother, Mrs. Rose Chenkin, formerly of Zephyrhills who is visiting from Israel, also was welcomed.

Mrs. Hope Taylor Manness, Class of 1939, also attended the dinner with her brother-in-law and sister. The class of 1940 has always enjoyed a close relationship which was summed up by one of the spouses…”it’s not a class; it’s a family.”

Class of 1940 Gathers, Zephyrhills News, July 4, 1985

Members of the Zephyrhills High School Class of 1940 held their 45th reunion supper Sunday in Zephyrhills. Members attending are: Glenn Alexander, Bernice Curtis Rooks, Irene Hohenthaner Elm, Bertha McKillips, Ayesha Tanzler Bucey, Don Storms, Seth Plank, John E. Rasmussen, Phyllis Taylor Storms, Lillian Bieier Grandon, Mary Lefler Mangin and Stanley Taylor.

Class of 1940 Plans Reunion, Zephyrhills News, May 17, 1990

The class of 1940 will be celebrating its fiftieth reunion at the Zephyrhills Alumni get together June 24. The plans include a special meal catered by Hazel Massey the night before the reunion. It will be a time of remembering and friendship for those of us who were together for 12 years.

The homeroom teacher, Mrs. Harry McKillips, is the one who has kept the class together. She first taught us in fifth grade, then sixth grade, seventh and was our homeroom teacher all through high school. We feel in love with her in the fifth grade and decided to keep her. She’s been our mother, sister, teacher and friend. Members of the class and their present residences are as follows: Dave Boatwright, Chiefland; Anesha Bucey (Tanzler), Zephyrhills; Alan Chenkins, Zephyrhills; Irene Elm (Hohenthaner), Indian Rocks Beach; Lillian Grandon (Bleier), Falls City, Virginia; Annette Green (Arnot), Daphne, Alabama; Mary Morain (Lefler) Bellair Bluffs; Dr. William March, Pleasant Hill, Tennessee; Seth Plank, Lake Placid; John Rasmussen, Leesburg; Bernice Rooks (Curtis), Zephyrhills; Don Storms Jr., Dade City; Stanley Taylor, Georgetown; Roy Turner, Zephyrhills; Virginia Williams (Stapleton), Flat Rock, North Carolina; and Evelyn Wright (Mundy), Perry.

High School To Present Operetta, Zephyrhills News, March 8, 1940

“Belle of Bagdad” Is Play Selected by Glee Club

The Glee Club of Zephyrhills High School will present the Operetta, “The Belle of Bagdad,” Friday Night, March 15th at 8:00 P.M. in the H.S. Auditorium. The scene is in Bagdad, to which place a Hollywood talent scout has gone to find a girl whose picture has been seen in a news reel. Accompanied by his two airplane mechanics, he arrives in Bagdad on Fair Day. On this special day, several other notable visitors arrive in Bagdad. The Girl Scouts meets “the girl,” but the mechanics meet up with the chief of police. Acting upon orders from the Caliph, he accuses them of being a couple of assassins. After an eventful day the mechanics clear themselves by discovering the real assassin and the girl scout discovers that “the girl” is the “Belle of Bagdad.”

Following is the cast of characters:

Mildred Warnock, Corabelle Storms, Ruby Jane Snyder, Norris Mott, Lorraine McGinty, Elizabeth Baggett, Irene Lefler, Marcus Malphurs, Jack Ellerbe, Betty Royer, Sanford Delk, John Nickelson, Phyllis Taylor, Don Storms.

Chorus of Natives: Laura Taylor, Marjorie Tucker, Annette Arnot, Alice Bryant, Irene Chestnut, Bernice Curtis, Laura Osgood, Lizzie Mae Douglas, Juanita Geiger, Alice Jenkins, Mary Lefler, Gladys McGuire, Evelyn Mundy, Dorothy Phillips, Virginia Stapleton, Kathryn Wright.

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