Zephyrhills High School – 1939


Highlights of 1939

1939 Commencement Program

Commencement Exercises Held Last Friday Evening, Pasco Free Press, May 12, 1939

Medals Awarded Several Worthy Pupils and 17 Graduates

The twenty-seventh annual commencement for Zephyrhills High School, honoring the Class of 1939, was held on Friday, May 5, beginning at eight p.m. Before the notes of the opening march, the big auditorium was well filled, a special section being reserved for relatives and friends of the graduates. Member of the Junior class, in dainty colored formals, acted as ushers.

To the strains of the “Tannhauser March” by the high school orchestra, directed by Mrs. Spooner and with Ruth Elisabeth Smith at the piano, members of the class filed sedately in with Mary Jo England in the lead. Eleven girls in white gowns and caps and six boys in grey took their places in the semicircle on the stage followed by school and visiting dignitaries.

After the invocation by Reverend Frank Hartmann, Miss Helen Lefler, Salutatorian, gave the Salutatory followed by a vocal solo by Phillip Stillman. Principal James T. Campbell, acting as Master of Ceremonies, introduced Dr. John H. Sherman, President of the University of Tampa, who made the principal address for the evening.

He was followed by the Valedictory by Miss Pearl Snider, Valedictorian.

Mr. Campbell then introduced Commander William Hamilton of the Zephyr Post No. 118, who in turn introduced Burt Ford who presented the merit awards from the Legion to the outstanding girl and boy of the Eighth grade.

These were Irene Lefler and Stanford Delk. Each received an honor certificate, a large medal and small medals made as a brooch for the girl and a lapel button for the boy. This is an annual event.

Because of the unexpected presence of County School Superintendent, Revels, Chairman Storms of the School Board of Education transferred him the privilege of presenting the diplomas. This was followed by the giving of awards by Mr. Campbell. Miss Pearl Snider, as Valedictorian, received the medal for outstanding scholar and also the Stevens Cup. Mary Jo England received the medal for Activities, as did Hope Taylor. Gladys McGuire, who was an outstanding pupil, but did not have all four years at Zephyrhills, was given a special medal by members of the faculty.

After the benediction by Dr. H. E. Murkett and while the orchestra played “Priest’s March,” graduates and dignitaries filed slowly out and went down the hall to the library where an informal reception was held.

Baccalaureate Sermon At First Baptist Church, Pasco Free Press, April 28, 1939

Next Sunday April 30 Class To Hear Rev. Jones

Appropriate exercises for the Class of 1939 of the Zephyrhills school will start on Sunday, April 30. The annual Baccalaureate sermon will be delivered to the class by the Reverend Joe Jones at the Baptist church at 11 o’clock.

On Tuesday night will be the annual observance of Class Night at the school and a good program has been prepared which will be of especial interest to members of the class and their families.

Formal Commencement exercises will be held on Friday, May 5, with the Seniors attired in academic caps and gowns. They will wear them at the Baccalaureate sermon, also.

Services will open at 8 o’clock and the main speaker of the evening will be Dr. Sherman, president of the University of Tampa.

The following members of the Senior Class of the Zephyrhills High School are candidates for diplomas at the commencement exercises May 5. Those who are actually to receive diplomas will be determined by final examinations and checking of school records this weekend and next.

Jimmie Lee Bass, Ashley Clardy, Ralph Green, Phillip Guy, Phillip Stillman, Buck Tippins, Helen Baggett, Vera Branch, Mary Jo England, Juanita Green, Helen Lefler, Helen McGuire, Gladys McGuire, Altha Mott, Dorothy Richards, Pearl Snider, and Hope Taylor.

Records up the present show that Pearl Snider is First Honor Student and Helen Lefler, Second Honor Student.

Burch Cornelius of Haines City Will Be Principal, Zephyrhills News, May 12, 1939

The local trustees of the Zephyrhills School, Mr. William Hamilton, chairman, Mr. F. B. Ames and Mr. J. W. Collier met Monday night at the home of Mr. Collier to nominate the faculty for the year 1939-40. The following were re-appointed: Mrs. Hamilton, 1st grade; Miss Kirkland, 2nd grade; Miss Parsons, 3rd grade; Miss Brown, 4th grade; Mrs. Price, 5th grade, Mrs. J. F. Jones was nominated to replace Mrs. Higginson in the 6th grade. Mrs. McKillips and Mr. Conner were reappointed in the High School. Mr. Blocker, Miss Cartwright, and Miss Sparkman, all of Dade City, to replace Miss Fewell, Miss Fogg and Mr. Mounts in the High School faculty. Miss Plank is taking a business course and plans to enter some line of business in the near future. No one has been appointed to fill her place as yet, but the trustees are hoping to fill this vacancy with a man teacher. The place of music teacher is yet to be filled.

Appointment of a principal proved to be the biggest headache as there were only nine applicants for the job. Mr. Burch Cornelius of Haines City was finally appointed, after some time was spent in discussing the qualities of each man, all being well qualified and able to fill the position.

The trustees sincerely hope these selections will be backed up by each patron of the Zephyrhills School.

American Legion Citizenship Awards To be Given at Commencement, Pasco Free Press, May 5, 1939

For the first time in the history of Zephyrhills School, American Legion Citizenship Awards will be given to the boy and the girl in the eighth grade who are selected as most worthy of this honor. The awards consist of a medal and a certificate for both the boy and the girl and a brooch for the girl and a lapel button for the boy.

The boy and the girl who are to receive these awards have been selected by the American Legion and the high school faculty on the basis of ratings in a number of different qualities. The boys were rated in Scholarship, courage, leadership and services. The girls were rated in courage, companionship, character, service and scholarship.

These awards will be given each year hereafter by the Legion as part of its campaign for Americanism and good citizenship.

Commencement This Friday Night, Pasco Free Press, May 5, 1939

This week marks the twenty-seventh commencement for the Zephyrhills High School and is the very best of all, according to the seventeen graduates.

The ceremonies opened Sunday with the Baccalaureate sermon at the Baptist Church. The graduates wore their caps and gowns—girls in white and boys in gray. Reverend Joe Jones preached the sermon and gave the young people a number of good thoughts to carry with them.

Tuesday night with Class night and fond mamas and papas gathered with admiring relatives and friends to hear the fun part of the week, Jimmie Bass acted as Radio Announcer and the program was given that is printed in full on another page. Friday night comes the event of events, Commencement.

The Orange and Black—the school paper of the Zephyrhills High School, Pasco Free Press, April 14, 1939

Dates for Junior and Senior Prom-We promise you that we would give the dates to you this week so here it is. Glady’s 

McGuire has as her escort, Bryon Womack. They’ll make a cute couple.

Annette Arnot is going with Roy Turner. It looks as though Roy has more back bone than we thought he did. Dorothy Richards will have Ralph Green for an escort. Doesn’t it surprise you?

Hope Taylor is being escorted by John Rasmussen. But who else would either of them go with as it stands now. Irene Hohenthaner and Billy Green will attend the prom together. It’s getting to be quite a case. Phyllis Taylor will be sitting the dances out with Don Storms. They don’t mind being wall flowers as long as they’re together.

Helen Lefler is being escorted by Bill Hartmann. He’s a stranger to some but not to Helen.

Virginia Stapleton is slipping out with the boy who’s got rhythm in his feet, Alan Chenkin. Here’s hoping Alan uses his rhythm.

Eunice Walker, a stranger to us, will be escorted by none other than Seth Plank.

Coral Walker, another stranger, will attend the prom with Glen Alexander. Glen’s really giving a girl a break.

Mary Jo England will be escorted by her one and only, none other than Louis Gall.

Pearl Snider will go with Buck Tippins or will she? We won’t know for sure until we see them walking in.

Mary Lefler and Norman Rasmussen will repeat last year by being together again this year. Springs makes the boy’s fancy turn to love.

Altha Mott will be escorted by James Ward. It’s getting to be a habit, Altha.

Matilda Shoard is Ashley Clardy’s date for the big event. Who is she, Ashley?

Juanita Green has asked Carl Parsons. Carl will be back at the school parties again after not attending for a long time.

Vera Branch will be escorted by a Dade City boy, Austin Handcock. From all reports he is a grand dancer.

We’ll have the rest next week if we’ve overlooked any.

We want earlier hours-Here is a question which the student body and their parents must answer. All the students would enjoy an extra hour on hot afternoons in which they could play. If we are to have the extra hour for pleasure, we must come to school half an hour earlier each morning. Some of you will say, “I can’t get up that early.” Others will say, “No, it isn’t worth it.” These same people will sit in the last period classes and growl because the bell doesn’t ring or the weather is hot. 

Please give one another cooperation and let’s get out earlier.

Let’s pull for each other.

The Orange and Black—the school paper of the Zephyrhills High School, Pasco Free Press, March 10, 1939

Flowers planted-Flowers have been planted at the west of the school building. There will be more planted in the near future. Every student should cooperate in trying to beautify our surroundings by taking care of these flowers.

The entire student body wishes to thank Mr. Don Storms for the seeds which he donated.

Holiday March 17th

All pupils are looking forward to the arrival of March 17th. The teachers will attend a teacher meeting in Tampa so while the teachers go to school the students will have an extra day in which to enjoy their own form of entertainment which they will find.

Sports-Last Friday the Zephyr Basketball team went over to take part in the District Tournament in Tarpon Springs. Playing a stubborn New Port Richey quintet and emerging victorious in a fast campaign one of the best games played, the credit going to the five inexperienced boys who won the game and yet this was only the second time they had played in a tournament. Although we lost to a much stronger Sponger team at night we had the satisfaction of defeating for the third time the New Port Richey team.

Junior Class News-One of the Juniors, Seth Plank, made an outstanding record for himself at the Central Florida Exposition at Orlando.  Among his exhibit placings were: First—a white Leghorn hen, cockerel and pullet; second—white Leghorn cockerel; third—medium white eggs. His exhibit was the most outstanding individual display and he also had the best hen in the show. In all, he was awarded thirty-six dollars in prize money. He received sixteen ribbons altogether, which are as follows: three firsts; two fourths, two fifths, one special ribbon and one sweepstake ribbon.

Home Makers Meeting-A meeting of the Home Makers Club was held Monday at 7:30 p.m. in the lunchroom. Final plans were made for the beach party which will be held Saturday, March 1, in Clearwater. All of the high school teachers have been asked to chaperone. The party will meet at 7:30 a.m. at the Taylor home on eighth street south.

Eighth Grade News-The Eighth grade enjoyed a party at Crystal Springs on Saturday night. Orange juice, sandwiches, cookies and fruit were served as refreshments. Those attending were: Miss Edith Plank, Miss Sarah Fewel, Alice Bryant, Leola Ellerbee, Kathryn Wright, Elizabeth Baggett, Dorothy Jean Phillips, Evelyn Spriggs, Dena Royal, Ruby Jane Snider, Irene Lefler and Lucille Mayor, Willie Bryant, Willie Smith, Otis Jones, Arthur Wright, Marcus Malphurs, Billie Tippins, Billy Mundy, and Elton Tucker

The eighth grade is now practicing the play, “Credits for Bill,” under the direction of Mrs. Spooner and Miss Fewell. Those taking part are: Wylene Massey, Ruby Jane Snider, Dena Royal, Juanita Geiger, Irene Lefler, Marcus Malphurs, Otis Jones, Arnold Hammond, Thurmond Clardy, Sanford Delk, Charle King and John Dozier. The eighth grade officers are:

President—Sanford Delk; Vice President—Arnold Hammond; Secretary—Ruby Jane Snider;

Treasurer—Willie Smith; and Reporter—Irene Lefler.

The Orange and Black—the school paper of the Zephyrhills High School, Pasco Free Press, March 17, 1939

Reverend Joe Jones Spoke to Assembly Friday-Friday morning the student body was addressed by Rev. Jones. He read a verse of scripture which was his theme. Mr. Jones spoke on reflecting the good things in life. The students enjoyed his talk very much and it is hoped he will come again.

Home Makers’ Beach Party Huge Success-The beach party held at Clearwater last Saturday by Home Makers’ club was a huge success. The party left Zephyrhills around 8:30 a.m. and returned at 7:30 p.m.

Lunch which consisted of salad, sandwiches, deviled eggs, cookies and pickles, was served at 12:30 and a wiener roast was enjoyed by everyone at 6 p.m. just outside the city limits of Dunedin

Dancing, bicycle riding, swimming and hiking were enjoyed by everyone.

Those who attended were: Bernice Curtis, Joan Cook, Irene Hohenthaner, Helen Lefler, Gladys McGuire, Betty Royer, Phyllis Taylor, Mildred Warnock, Ayesha Tanzler, Dorothy Richards, Lillian Bieier, Alice Jenkins, Elsie Brown, Dolly Phillips, Genevieve Seaberg, Corabelle Storms, Eloise Green, Virginia Stapleton, Hope Taylor, Bryan Womack, Billy Royer, Alan Chenkin, Norris Mott, John Rasmussen, Don Storms, Billy Cloer, Shirley Clendenning, Robert Mott, and Fred Roberts.  Chaperones were: Miss Sarah Fewell, Mrs. Mounts, Mr. and Mrs. F.A. Taylor. The next meeting of the club will be Monday night at 7:30 in the lunchroom. This will be a special meeting so all members are asked to be present.

Sports-The Zephyrhills girls’ basketball team roundly trimmed Pasco in a one-sided affair on the Zephyrhills court last Monday evening, the final score being 30-8. Juanita Green, a Senior, took the scoring honor with a large number of baskets. This was the last game of the season for the girls this year. They have good reasons to be proud of their record, despite losing to Bushnell and Wildwood.

Juanita Green, Pearl Snider, Vera Branch, Mary Jo England and Hope Taylor should be congratulated for their services to the Zephyr team this year because this was their last high school game. They will certainly be missed next basket ball season.

Editorial in the Student Paper

Setting An Objective

A student should realize that his opportunity for vast knowledge is right here. He should seek a true education, friendship of his comrades and a high scholastic standing. Many people say that high school teachers are too lenient and in college they are very strict.

Don’t lay down on the job. Work for the higher things in life and cooperate with the teachers and students. Joining clubs in high school will help to strengthen you and widen the scope of your friendship.

Helping new students will let other students see that you have respect for other people and therefore will want to be friends with you.

Above all, though, strive for a high scholastic knowledge. Be friendly.

Fads and Fancies of Modern Dress

The jitterbugs seem to have created a whole new era in campers’ costumes. Maybe it started way back there with the “Music Goes Round.” At any rate, they really began to “shine” with current nursery rhymes.

The main idea seems to be for exaggeration with emphasis on color and clumsiness.

We started with the saddle-shoe craze last spring, and we liked them so well, we decided to keep right on wearing them through the winter. So when we wore one pair out, if we could go through those thick soles, we went out and bought another pair. A sort of compromise was effected in barges, which were essentially square-toed-crepe-soled and clumsier than an oversized muc-seow on the Sahara.

For color, we adopted plaids and stripes in as many startling colors as we could combine in one piece of apparel. The Big Apple called for action so the girls went “pleat crazy” and the boys adopted “high water” pants.

We liked the idea of forgetting to tuck in our shirt-tails. Maybe it was for convenience or comfort, or just the desire to be different.  By displaying more shirttail, we encouraged the old urge to write on any clean, blank space we saw.

There was something infinitely attractive about writing on other people’s shirts, so we made a style of displaying our penmanship for public approval.

We liked our jackets and we do show a growing preference for jackets, brighter and fluffier than before. Universal as these uniforms are, perhaps no place or time in the world can anyone dress with such variety and individuality as in the American high school.

There is something comforting about being able to wear our shirt tails out without anyone reproaching us for dressing in a hurry; or wearing barges without someone accusing us of trading clothes with our big brother; or wearing any color combination we choose without anyone suspecting us of color blindness. One has a perfect right to dress in comfort, and to satisfy each of your private preferences, and to really “shine” in jitterbug style.

Faddish as they maybe, they are the styles of today and youth has gone for them in a big way.

The Story of a Hollywood Extra

Irene Maynard, a girl from Hopetown, Maine, wins a talkie contest and a trip to Hollywood. As is the custom, she is given a farewell party at which all her friends are present.

After Irene arrives in Hollywood, she has many adventures in the ranks of extras. Her tryout fails; her theme song fails too, that is until Uncle Abner comes. It isn’t long until there is a reunion of Hopetown in Hollywood.

You have a chance to see this story in action with good music in “Hollywood Extra.” Several new voices are being introduced in the operetta. The operetta has colorful scenes and a modern story in which sparkling humor is furnished by Uncle Abner. Hollywood Extra will give you everything you expect in an operetta. Members of the cast are:

Uncle Abner, Postmaster of Hopetown, Maine—Bryon Womack

Irene, who wins a trip to Hollywood—Ayesha Tanzler

Bob Wilcox, who is subconsciously in love with Irene—Don Storms

Debby Wilcox, Bob’s sister—Betty Royer

Hannah Hilltop who has views about Hollywood—Phyllis Taylor

Corporal Benson of the Northwest Mounted—John Masmussen

Rita Lupa, a move star—Pearl Snider

Marty Williams, a chronic extra—Dave Boatwright

Harold Debunder, an exacting director—Alan Chenkin

Isaac Goldenrod, a movie magnate—Stanley Taylor

The glee club furnishes the chorus. The operetta is being presented by the Glee club of Zephyr High on March 24, at the high school auditorium.

The Orange and Black—the school paper of the Zephyrhills High School, Pasco Free Press, March 24, 1939

The Seniors Take Intelligence Tests

The Seniors were given the annual intelligence tests for Seniors on Tuesday. The tests covered a general list of high school subjects. Their grades will be compared with those of other high schools. It is hoped they passed with a high rating.

The Orange and Black—the school paper of the Zephyrhills High School, Pasco Free Press, February 24, 1939

The Glee Club Prepares an Operetta-The Glee Club of Zephyrhills high school has made plans to present an operetta in the near future. It will be the first operetta presented by a high school group here. “Hollywood Extra” is the operetta which has been chosen. Mrs. Spooner, the musical instructor in the school, is directing the operetta

Sports-The Zephyr boys played an exciting game with Brooksville. The local boys were defeated 23 to 16. Brooksville was leading one point at the end of the half. At the end of the third quarter the score was tied 15 to 15. In the last quarter the visitors pulled ahead. The margin was too large for the local boys to over come.

The girls defeated the Brooksville girls 23 to 17. The Brooksville girls were leading local girls at the half, but the girls finally got their eyes on the basket and tied them in the third quarter. In the last quarter the girls turned on the heat and defeated the visitors by a large margin.

The Zephyr boys played Tarpon Springs on their opponent’s court Monday night, February 20. The Zephyrs were defeated 29 to 13. It looked like it would be a close game at the half. Tarpon led 10 to 9, but they put in a new team which was too much for the locals. We have to admit the Zephyr boys had an off night and many shots were wasted.

The boys are looking forward to go to the Gulf Coast tournament which will be held at Bushnell February 24 and 25. The Zephyr boys play Wildwood Friday afternoon. The winner plays Brooksville.

Tuesday night the local boys defeated Wimauma 50 to 25. It looked like it would be a very close game. At the end of the first quarter Zephyr boys were leading by one point. The large court even tired the visitors and the Zephyr boys ran the score up. Most of the last quarter was played by the Zephyrhills B team. The Zephyrhills boys appreciate the team playing and good sportsmanship of the Wimama boys.

The Orange and Black—the school paper of the Zephyrhills High School, Pasco Free Press, February 17, 1939

Senior Class Notables

•   Best looking—Mary Jo England and Jimmie Bass

•   Most popular—Mary Jo England and Ralph Green

•   Best dressed—Dorothy Richards and Jimmie Bass

•   Best personality—Mary Jo England and Buck Tippins

•   Most conceited—Pearl Snider and Buck Tippins

•   Best Figure—Pearl Snider and Phillip Stillman

•   Most Athletic—Juanita Green and Ralph Green

•   Prettiest Eyes—Helen McGuire, Altha Mott and Jimmie Bass

•   Prettiest Hair—Pearl Snider, Jimmie Bass and Ralph Green

•   Most Sophisticated—Altha Mott and Ralph Green

•   Wittiest—Juanita Green and Jimmie Bass

•   Noisiest—Juanita Green and Jimmie Bass

•   Most Studious—Pearl Snider and Buck Tippins

•   Best All Around—Mary Jo England and Jimmie Bass

•   Best Sports—Mary Jo England and Philip Guy

•   Sweetest Smile—Dorothy Richards and Jimmie Bass

•   Flirtiest—Pearl Snider and Phillip Stillman

•   Most Timid—Marjorie Haworth, Helen Lefler, Gladys McGuire and Philip Stillman

•   Friendliest—Mary Jo England and Jimmie Bass

•   Prettiest Teeth—Helen Baggett and Jimmie Bass

The Orange and Black—the school paper of the Zephyrhills High School, Pasco Free Press, February 10, 1939

Your Society Column-A group of young people enjoyed a party at Sunset Beach last Friday night. They were entertained with a treasure hunt, proms and dancing. At a late hour refreshments of sandwiches, cookies and punch were served to the following guests: Misses Annette Arnot, Lillian Bleier, Nancy Covert, Bernice Curtis, Mary Jo England, Irene Hohenthaner, Mary Lefler, Helen McGuire, Evelyn Mundy, Adele Royal, Mary Stapleton, Virginia Stapleton, Ayesha Tanzler, Hope Taylor, Phyllis Taylor, Emma Rose Wingate, and Aurilla Driggers.

Messrs. Glenn Alexander, Dave Boatwright, Sam Brush, Robert Conner, Shirley Glendenning, Alan Chenkin, Newton Covert, Robert Emery, Billy March, Carl Parsons, Seth Plank, John Rassmussen, Norman Rassmussen, Billy Royer, Phillip Stillman, Don Storms, Bryan Womack and Mr. and Mrs. Harry McKillips.

Students’ Pictures Arrive-The pictures which were mentioned some time ago arrived Tuesday. You can imagine the crowd that rushed into Mr. Campbell’s office after learning about their arrival. Mr. Campbell announced in chapel that there was only to be six at a time in the office.

Lower Grades Receive Schick Tests This Week

Dr. Pease of the State Board of Health is administering to the First, Second, and Third grades, Schick tests to determine the immunity to diphtheria of the children in these grades.

Typhoid immunity inoculations and smallpox vaccinations are also to be given. These tests are given only to those pupils whose parents have requested it.

Dr. Pease will return every week to make these tests until they are completed

The Stroller-

It is reported that Joan Cook and Irene Hohenthaner spent the day in Tampa Monday. They were not by themselves—Is that right, girls?

Altha, which is it. Esdorn or Howard? It seems to be both of them.

Genevieve Seaberg and Joan Cook had a very enjoyable time after the ball game Friday night. Oh yes! Phillip Guy and Ralph Green did too. The moon was full—is that right?

Ashley, who are all the letters from? We see that are posted at Ocala.

Mr. Conner, you seem to be doing pretty well, for you had two Gasparilla day.

Pearl, who did you see in Plant City, Monday? We think that his name is Peck Williams.

Jimmie Bass now wears two rings. One is his class ring, but the other is___________________

We tried to find something about Buck Tippins, but could not. We guess he is perfect. (So he thinks).

Old news—Phyllis and Don, and Hope and John.

Some of the students in the Junior class are sorry that play practice is over. We wonder why? We can guess who they are!

Guess who Seth Plank took to the Junior class party at Pasadena? None other than Miss Helen McGuire!

Other couples at the party together were: Virginia and Norman R., Phil S. and Lillian Bleier, Hope and John, Don S. and Phyllis, Bryan Womack, Mary Jo E. and Bill and _____. Why was Newton C. walking around asking about Mary L. all evening?

Shall We Carry On?

To a young person the Twelfth grade brings to a close one of the important phases in his or her life.

When we walk out of graduation services with diplomas in our hands, it can be contrasted with the idea of a person walking out of a small room into a huge amphitheatre. One small part of our education has been brought to a close. Now we are to start all over in a higher sphere.

Financial circumstances will prevent many from going to college. This leaves a question in our mind. Should a person without a college education develop inferiority complex toward those who have one? My answer is no. It has been said many times that we are all created equal. If this is true we have just that much more to be grateful for. Therefore, if a boy or girl graduates from school and quietly, takes a back seat in the ranks of society, it is their own fault, because action is the father of progress.

As we read the story of Glenn V. Cunningham (1932 and 1936 Olympic medalist) we marvel at his ability to carry on despite the many trying circumstances that befell him. With one leg scarred from fire and somewhat shorter than the other, this Kansas school boy with all of his wonderful courage and will power, rose from the ranks of an invalid to be the fastest mile runner the world has ever known.

What a privilege we have in this democratic country to live up to the name of true citizens of America. We can do this only by believing as Americans should, feeling as Americans should, and acting as Americans should.

Then as a new generation fills the places of their forefathers, America will be a better place in which to live because we have not held back, because we have not looked back, because we have carried on.

My Ambition

To me, this year is one of great importance. Not only because I will finish high school but it is a turning point in my life. It is the time for choosing my life’s work. I have decided to become a nurse. I hope to enter training next fall. My reason for selecting the profession of nurse is that I am interested in medicine and caring for others. Since each person has an avocation, I also have chosen one. I want to become a social worker. Unlike other girls I am not interested in marriage. My ambition is to be a good nurse and social worker. –Helen McGuire

Sports-The Zephyr boys were defeated by a strong Tampa College five on the YMCA court in Tampa last Friday night. The final score being 24-29. This was one of the most thrilling games of the year. As the first quarter ended the score was tied, then as the second quarter got under way the Zephyrs pulled ahead but were unable to hold the lead and the half ended—Tampa College, 12—Zephyrs, 9. In the last half the Tigers were never out of danger because the Zephyrs were continually knocking at the opponents’ door.

They appreciate the fine sportsmanship and friendship shown to the team by the Tampa boys. The referees are also to be given a good word for their fine officiating.

Biology Students Have Debate

The Biology students had a debate, January 24. The question was: “Resolved: Did Primitive Man Have More Diseases Than Civilized Man?”

The negative side was led by Helen McGuire. The others on this negative side were: Jacques Walthall and Alden Pohner. Catherine Lewis led the affirmative side. Muriel Cherry and Stanley Taylor were also on the affirmative side. There were many outstanding points brought out in the debate. Both sides gave very good points, but they all agreed (for once) that those on the negative side were the best debaters.

Junior Class News-The Junior Class is very much elated over the success of their class play, “The Harvest Queen,” which was presented on Friday, February 3, 1939.

All who were present claim that this three-act comedy was the best they had seen for months, so the class is justly proud of its achievements.

They are now making plans for the Annual Junior-Senior Banquet which will be given sometime in the early Spring.

The Orange and Black—the school paper of the Zephyrhills High School, Pasco Free Press, February 3, 1939


Editor-in-Chief—Helen McGuire

Managing Editor—Hope Taylor

Society Editor—Dorothy Richards

Sports Editor—Ralph Green

Literary Editor—James Bass

Feature Editor—Buck Tippins

Circulation Manager—Ashley Clardy

Assistant Circulation Manager—Phillip Guy

Class Reporters:

Pearl Snider—Grade 12

Lillian Bleier—Grade 11

Genevieve Seaberg—Grade 10

Muriele Cherry—Grade 9

Irene Lefler—Grade 8

Mary Hart—Grade 7

Your Society Column-Phyllis Taylor and Hope Taylor and John Rasmussen were in Tampa last Sunday evening.

A week ago on Wednesday night, the Junior class gave a surprise party for Mary Lefler, honoring her birthday. The party was held at Hohenthaner’s lunch room. Among the guests were: Annette Arnot, Virginia Stapleton, Irene Hohenthaner, Mr. and Mrs. Harry McKillips, Mary Lefler, Norman Rassmussen, Byron Womack, Phillip Stillman, Dave Boatwright, Seth Plank, Newton Covert, and Alan Chenkin.

Rilda Mounts spent the weekend with her parents, Coach and Mrs. Mounts. She was accompanied by her roommate, Molly Register.

Among those attending the show, “Out West With The Hardy’s,” Sunday evening at the Capitol were: Marjorie Haworth, Evleyn and Jean Ann Mundy and Joan Cook

Who’s Who?

He is very tall but I will not tell you the color of his hair because you would easily guess who he is. He is a very good farmer (or at least he knows a lot about animals). He is very intelligent in school, very quiet and always polite. He is good-natured and willing to do anything for classmates. Aw—I hear that he is very easy to blush.

Last but not least of the Senior girls is a light-brown haired girl with blue eyes and a fair complexion. She does not live in Zephyr-town. She makes average grades, but she seems to like our school and is very quiet natured. She is well dressed and always neat

Words of Sympathy.

The Senior Class wishes to express their deepest sympathy for the bereaved family of W.M. Kruse. We hope that each cloud will bear a silver lining and that the deceased’s loved ones will emerge stronger to face the battles of life.

Can You Imagine?

Ralph G. with straight hair.

Ayesha T. a cheerleader

Byron W. six feet tall

Pearl S. not playing basketball

Jimmy Bass, not playing basketball

Irene H. not taking the lead

Norris M. dark complexioned

Geneveive S. not dancing

Hobson M. not being bashful

Phyllis T. short and fat

Ashley C. without a joke

Juanita G. with straight black hair

Alan C. forgetting about cars

Betty Royer not being conceited

Lee C. with a new walk

Mary L. not being an outstanding leader

John R. without hope (Hope T.)

Mary Jo E. without a personality?

Sports-The Zephyr boys put on a scoring spree to defeat a lowly Wildwood quintet. The Zephyrs took the lead in the first minute of play and were never headed by the Wildcats. The score: 35:13.

Coach Mounts was well pleased with the boys after shifting the lineup. Tippins and Bass showed amazing ability in handling the guard positions. Green was shifted to forward and Guy and Rasmussen remained in their same positions. The boys seemed to be more impressive with the lineup than in previous games.

The girls were completely outclassed by the experienced sextet from Wildwood by a 14-28 margin. The girls were handicapped by the absence of one of their main guards. The girls expect to upset the Wildwood team when they meet again.

The Zephyr boys invade the Tampa College Tigers on Friday night, February 3 on the Tampa YMCA court. They expect to upset the Tigers and avenge the defeat to them in their last meeting.

Give Em A Chance

“I don’t like that guy!” How often have you heard that remark and how often have you made it yourself? If you think back, in nine times out of ten your victim was a person whom you did not know very well. So what? So doesn’t it stand to reason that if you understand what makes a person do what he does, you’re more apt to stand up and make allowances for his faults?

The other fellow isn’t perfect—none of us are—but he probably has his good points if only we will take the trouble to find them. Give a guy a chance?

“The Harvest Queen Arrives February 3”

Here it comes at last! The “Harvest Queen” which will be presented by the Junior Class on Friday afternoon and Friday night.

A matinee will be given for school children. The admittance for the matinee will be ten cents. The admittance for the evening performance will be fifteen and twenty-five cents.

The three act play is to be presented under the direction of Mrs. Harry McKillips. Between the acts three musical numbers will be given by Mrs. Spooner, Ayesha Tanzler, Corabelle Storms and Alice Jenkins.

A dollar will be awarded the student who sells the most tickets. Everyone is anxious to know who will be the winner.

They expect all of you to attend their play, so don’t let them down. Here are those who appear in “The Harvest Queen:”

Preston Doty, the father—Don Storms, Jr.

Coral, the mother—Phyllis Taylor

Marion, the youngest daughter—Annette Arnot

Laura, the oldest daughter—Virginia Stapleton

Hubert, the eldest son—Alan Chenkin

Buck, the youngest son—Dave Boatwright

Myra, a retired school teacher—Mary Lefler

Jenny, a Norwegian cook—Irene Hohenthaner

Donald Young, a football player—John Rasmussen

William Roberts, from Wyoming—Newton Covert

Song Hits–

“What Have You Got That Gets Me”—Phyllis T. to Don S.

“Heart and Soul”—Ayesha T. to Shirley C.

“My Reverie”—Roy Turner

“Love come Back to Me”—Ashley C. to Ruth

“I’m a Happy Frame of Mind”—Byron W.

“Don’t Be Like That”—Pearl S. to _______

“Have you Forgotten So Soon”—Phil G. to Mary E.S.

“I’m Just a Gigolo”—Phillip S.

“Summer Souvenirs”—Cuddles B. to Virginia S.

“As you Desire Me”—Jerry P. to all the girls


(What Success means to one senior).

Success is the overcoming of the difficulties of life by working and trying hard to break the fetters that tend to bind human beings to a lower standard. It is happiness after completion of tasks. Success is by no means defined when we make a million dollars, but what kind of a character we close our life with. It depends upon what we think of ourselves, how we look in the eyes of others, and what we are in the sight of the Most High.

Educational Pictures Presented At School

The Chevrolet Company presented two very educational pictures at Zephyrhills School last Thursday morning. They dealt much with science, and were especially interesting to those taking science of any kind and those who have studied science.

The picture, “On Two Wheels,” explained the best rules for bicycle riding. The other showed how exact measurements are used producing cars.

All twelve grades saw these pictures and we are sure everyone enjoyed them immensely and hope to have some more like them soon.

The Orange and Black—the school paper of the Zephyrhills High School, Pasco Free Press, January 27, 1939

Last Friday afternoon at 2:30 o’clock the school students assembled at the east entrance of the school to march in a parade to advance the infantile paralysis campaign.

The students marched with Irene Hohenthaner as drum major, led the parade. The parade went from the school to Fifth Avenue and down to the city hall, where it disbanded. The students were glad to learn that their behavior was good and as a result school was dismissed forty-five minutes earlier on Monday afternoon.

Zephyrhills cagers divided a double header with Brooksville. The Zephyr lassies emerged victorious over a hard-fighting group of girls of the Brooksville High School, Friday night. The final score being 32-17. The girls showed great improvement since the game with Bushnell and we hope they can continue as a winning team.

The boys seemed to have been handicapped by the court which was not regulation size in any way. The Brooksville boys piled up a nine point lead in the first part, but as the half ended the Zephyrs had cut the lead to four points. The Zephyrs came back strong in the third quarter to tie the score; then with the loss of Bass, a number one guard, the tide turned. The game was a rough and tumble affair throughout and especially the last quarter. The Zephyr boys lost 15-26. The boys expect to upset the Brooksville quintet when they meet on their home court the 17th of February. The boys and girls meet the 

Wildwood Wildcats on the home court Friday, January 27.

The president of the Athletic Association called a meeting January 18, 1939 and problems were discussed and voted on. The officers proposed the following things: the boys are getting new suits and in order to do so the girls are to help them so that they can have a coach to continue with their progress in athletics. The association agreed to pay Miss Parsons the sum she is supposed to receive, because the county is unable to do so. Everybody must work together to get these necessities.

Junior Class Play Progresses

Don’t forget the Junior class play, “Harvest Queen,” which will be presented February 3. They will present a matinee for the school children on Friday afternoon.

The school enrollment is now 373 in all twelve grades.

Editor in Chief: Helen McGuire

Managing Editor: Hope Taylor

Society Editor: Dorothy Richards

Sports Editor: Ralph Greer

Literary Editor: James Bass

Feature Editor: Buck Tippers

Circulation Manager: Ashley Clardy

Assistant Circulation Manager: Phillip Guy

Class Reporters:

Pearl Snider, Grade 12

Lillian Bieier, Grade 11

Genevieve Seaberg, Grade 10

Muriele Cherry, Grade 9

Irene Lefler, Grade 8

Mary Hart, Grade 7

School Basketball Team Raises Fund, Zephyrhills News, November 17, 1939

$30.00 Goal Reached After A Short Period

The ZHS Boys’ Basketball Team of the local high school certainly appreciate the way in which the citizens of Zephyrhills responded to their attempt to raise the money necessary for their new uniforms. The uniforms have arrived and the team is well pleased with the selection. The following people contributed to the fund to be used as payment for the uniforms: Mr. and Mrs. J.W. Booth, Krusen Land & Timber Company, D.A. Storms, B. F. Parsons, Mr. and Mrs. John Hohenthaner, J.H. Mott, Wm. Hamilton, J.D. Thompson, R.E. Hart, C.S. McGavern, Dr. B.A. Thomas, F.B. Gill, Mrs. Marsh, Hotel Zephyr, Daniels Drugs, Lucius Sibley, Logan Peeples, Pure Oil Service Station, J.L. Geiger, Joe Riechart, Neukom’s Drug Store, Dr. D.B. Manley, Charlie Slater, Henry Edmondson, McClung’s 5 & 10 Store, R. H. Eldridge, T. Wangilder, August Visel, Home Bakery, Shoe Shop, Bailey, C.H. Curtis, Fred T. Bromley, C.H. Hart, Hart Hotel, Thomas K. Sparks, Mrs. W. Gall, Zephyrhills Publishing Company, V.K. Darby, Jake Collier, Julian Baggett, J. Kerr, Dr. Arnot, Powell Ryals, Emil Reutimann.

Local Boys Win 2nd 4-H Award, Zephyrhills News, October 27, 1939

Max Bryant-Dave Boatwright Win Florida University Scholarship

Yesterday, the News received a letter from the Secretary of the County Agriculture Extension and Home Economics Service which is of vital interest to all citizens in Zephyrhills. It reads as follows;

The Zephyrhills News

Zephyrhills, Florida


We have just received a wire from Mr. McClellan stating that the Florida Dairy Demonstration Team won the scholarship and second place in the National Dairy Demonstration Contest in San Francisco.

Maxine Bryant and Dave Boatwright are both Zephyrhills boys and are two youths to be proud of.

The boys competed on Monday at the Golden Gate Exposition in San Francisco. The scholarships will mean a one hundred dollar scholarship at the University of Florida for each of the boys.

Maxie and David were the second place team in the State but due to the fact that the first place team was unable to go to the

National Contest, they were sent to represent Florida.

Yours Very Truly,

Letha Hartley, Secretary

Alumni News of this era—

ZHS Alumni and Friends Reunion Honors Classes of 1930 and 1955, Zephyrhills News, July 3, 1980, by Jaynell LeHeup

Each year it gets bigger and better—that is the general consensus about the ZHS Alumni and Friends Reunion! The 1980 Reunion was Sunday at the Community Center, Zephyr Park. There wasn’t just a full house—there was such an overflowing crowd that it was voted to try to obtain the larger Municipal Auditorium for the 1981 Reunion.

Group singing was led by Jaynell LeHeup with piano accompaniment by Mrs. Margueritte Pattie with “God Bless America.” Four members of the Class of 1939 sang a special song from their school days. They were: Mrs. Juanita Green Stone, Class of 1939, of Mobile, Alabama, Mrs. Hope Taylor, Manners of Canada, Class of 1939, Mrs. Helen Lefler Mickey of Tampa, Class of 1939, and Mrs. Mary Jo England Higley of Toledo, Ohio, Class of 1939. This was enjoyed by all, especially by the Class of 1940 who were almost 100 percent in attendance and having their class reunion immediately following the reunion.

Seventeen of 20-member Class of 1940 Attend 40th Reunion Banquet for 27, Zephyrhills News, July 3, 1980

Seventeen members of the 20 member ZHS Class of 1940 enjoyed a reunion in conjunction with the ZHS Alumni Reunion……Mrs. Hope Taylor Manness, Class of 1939, also attended the dinner with her brother-in-law and sister. The class of 1940 has always enjoyed a close relationship which was summed up by one of the spouses…”it’s not a class; it’s a family.”

Happy Memories Abound As ZHS Alumni Enjoy Reunion, Zephyrhills News, July 2, 1981, by Jaynell LeHeup

…Among first timers at this year’s ZHS reunion were Walter Vogel of Zephyrhills, Class of 1939….

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