Zephyrhills High School – 1938


Highlights of 1938

Graduation program for 1938

Zephyrhills School To Open September 7 For Happy Children, Zephyrhills News, August 28, 1938

Preparations for the opening of the Zephyrhills school September 7 are going forward. The grass is being cut on the grounds, the buildings cleaned, and necessary repairs made on buildings and furniture.

The elementary teachers have been assigned to teach grades as follows:

Mrs. Helen Hamilton, first grade

Miss Lillian Kirkland, second grade

Miss Sarah Parsons, third grade

Miss Elizabeth Brown, fourth grade

Mrs. Pauline Higginson, fifth grade

Mrs. Nellie Price, sixth grade

Mrs. Julia Spooner, music

Owing to the resignation of Miss Hollis Warnock, librarian, there is one vacancy in the high school faculty, which will be filled by the school board as soon as possible. The other high school teachers are: Mr. F.M. Mounts, social studies and coach; Mr. Robert Conner, commercial subjects: Mrs. Bertha McKillips, English and Latin; Miss Edith Plank, Mathematics and Science; Miss Sarah Fewell, home economics; Mrs. Julia Spooner, music.

The principal, Mr. James T. Campbell is keeping office hours from 9 to 12 o’clock each week day at the school in order to confer with teachers, parents and pupils about the work of the coming school year.

Class Night Program, Zephyrhills News, May 20, 1938

Class Night Program

High School Auditorium

Thursday, May 19, 8:00 p.m.

Song by Class—“Thanks for the Memories”

Class History—Betty Phillips

Vocal Solo-Mary Stapleton

Class Will—Evelyn Bryant

Poem, “House of Success”—Adele Royal

Class Prophecy—Doris Laurence, Juanita Mundy

Piano Solo, “Memories”—Carroll Thomas

Giftorian Remarks—S.A. Clardy

Boys Quartet, “Alma Mater”—Billy Royer, Carl Parsons, Norman Rasmussen, Maxie Bryant

Reading, “My Kid Sister”—Rilda Mounts

Presentation of Key—Norman Rasmussen

Farewell—Lucy Mae Knox

Class Song, Farewell to our School

Commencement Program–

High School Auditorium

Friday, May 20th, 1938, 8:00 p.m.


Pomp and Circumstance—Edward Elgar

Invocation—Reverend J. P. Peden

Salutatory—Mary Stapleton

“Calm as the Night—Noble Cain

Girl’s Double-Trio

Commencement Address—Dr. W.T. Watson, President of Florida Bible Institute, Tampa, Florida

Valedictory—Rilda Mounts

Presentation of Diplomas—Mr. Fred Revels, County Superintendent of Public Instruction

Presentation of Awards—Mr. James T. Campbell

Stevens’ Cup to Most Worthwhile Graduate

Medal for Scholarship

Medal for Athletics

Medal for Activities

Benediction—Reverend Frank Hartman


School Honors To Be Awarded To the Seniors, Zephyrhills News, May 13, 1938

Rilda Mounts will be the Valedictorian and Mary Elizabeth Stapleton the Salutatorian when the class of 1938 of the Zephyrhills high school graduates Friday, May 20, those honors going to the two seniors who have stood highest in their studies in their high school career. Out of a possible 10 scholastic honor points which would represent all “A” grades for four years, Rilda Mounts has 9.21 and Mary Stapleton 8.88 points, making them first and second honor students respectively. 

The three other honor students are: Carl Parsons, third 8.35 points; Adele Royal, fourth 8.21 points; and Evelyn Bryant, fifth with 8.00 points.

Believe It Or Not Record

Lucy Mae Knox has an attendance and punctuality record for which she deserves national recognition. In her entire school career, from the first grade on through the Twelfth, she has been neither absent nor tardy.

The recipients of the various senior awards will not be revealed until the presentation at the graduation ceremonies, except the scholarship medal which will go to the valedictorian, Gilda Mounts.

The highest award is the Stevens Cup, given to the “most worthwhile” senior. This cup is awarded by the vote of the faculty on the basis of character, service and leadership in the school and community, participating in worthwhile activities and achievements, scholarship not being a primary consideration. Accompanying this award this year will be a silver medal to be the permanent possession of the recipient, the cup being passed on from year-to-year.

Two other medals will be given. The Athletics Medal goes to the one who has shown the greatest ability, sportsmanship, and usefulness to the school in athletics during his or her school career. The activities medal is presented to the senior who has participated actively and usefully in extra-curricula and other school activities.

Baccalaureate Sermon, Graduates, Sunday, Zephyrhills News, May 13, 1938

The fourteen members of the graduating class of 1938 of the Zephyrhills High School will hear their baccalaureate sermon preached by Dr. H.E. Murkett at Methodist church Sunday morning, May 15 at 11. Other churches plan to omit their usual services and join in the baccalaureate service for the graduates.

The commencement exercises for the class will be held Friday, May 20 in the high school auditorium. Reverend Dr. W.T. Watson of Tampa will give the commencement address and County Superintendent Fred O. Revels will award the diplomas. 

The seniors also plan a class-night program, Thursday, May 19. Everyone is cordially invited to attend all the commencement activities.

Members of the senior class who will graduate are: Maxie Bryant, Carl Parsons, Norman Rassmussen, William Royer, Evelyn Bryant, S.A. Clardy, Lucy Mae Knox, Doris Laurence, Rilda Mounts, Juanita Mundy, Betty Phillips, Adele Royal, Mary Elizabeth Stapleton, and Carroll Thomas.

Baccalaureate Sermon, Methodist Church

Prelude—School orchestra

Processional, “Priests March” by Mendelssohn

Invocation, Rev. Frank E. Hartman

Scripture—Rev. Frank E. Hartman

Girls Glee Club, “The Green Cathedral” Carl Hohn

Sermon, “The Girded Mind,”—Dr. H.E. Murkett

Hymn, Page 278—Lead On O’King Eternal, Congregation

Benediction—Rev. Peden

Recessional, “Priest’s March” by Mendelssohn

Teachers Are Chosen for Next School Year, Pasco County Free Press, May 6, 1938

The school trustees and county school board have retained the following teachers for Zephyrhills Elementary School: Mrs. Helen Hamilton, Miss Lillian Kirkland, Miss Sarah Parsons, Mrs. Nellie H. Price, Mrs. Pauline Higginson, and Miss Elizabeth Brown.

High School Teachers retained are: Principal James T. Campbell, Professor F.M. Mounts, Mr. Robert Conner, Mrs. Bertha McKillips and Miss Edith Plank.

Miss Aurilla Driggers, Miss Edna Moon and Miss Mary Dolfin have resigned.

Miss Hazel Hardee was not retained in the Elementary School as the authorities consider the teachers chosen will be able to handle the classes.

Teachers have been paid in full for last year. There will be a pay day this week, and they will receive one-half of the seventh month’s salary, and first of next month there is expected to be another apportionment from state funds.

Three teachers will be chosen later, one each in music, home economics and librarian.

Zephyrhills Hi Alumni 1936-1937 Annual Supper, Zephyrhills News, April 15, 1938

The 1936-1937 classes of Zephyrhills High school will give the first of their annual get-togethers in the form of a supper to be given at G.A.R. Hall, 6:30 Friday night, April 22.

The young folks want to live over and talk over the days they passed on the hill in the north side of the city. It is fine thing for them to have these get-togethers and keep in touch with each other after school days have passed.

James Mott and other members of the alumni have the affair in charge and it is hoped all graduates of the two years will join in to make this gathering successful.

School to present, Operetta, “The Indian Princess,” Pasco Free Press, March 25, 1938

Zephyrhills grammar school will present the operetta, “the Indian Princess,” Friday night, April 1, our school officials having placed Miss Edna Moon, music director of schools here in charge, and all who know of Miss Moon’s previous successes with local students will come to see what we are sure will be another musical triumph.

The operetta features early colonial life in Virginia, the scenes being based on the historic story of Pocahontas saving the life of John Smith. Bobby Kersey will take the part of John Smith and Mildred Jones that of “Pocahontas.”

There are to be a number of dances and these numbers each have from 8 to 32 dancers. There will be a Sailor dance, Sunflower dance, Corn Dance, Canoe Dance, and Indian Braves dance.

There will be a number of solos and a great deal of group singing and we know how capable Miss Moon is in bringing out the singing ability of these young folks.

April 1, 8:00 p.m. Zephyrhills School Auditorium—Price—fifteen cents for all. Remember the date and make plans to be there. It will be a success.

Zephyrhills News, Thursday, March 14, 1968

Here is a fifth grade class—Fifth Grade Class photo about 1931 and standing in front of the old Zephyrhills school building, the front entrance of which above is today, the back of the school. Seated on the ground, left to right are: Billy Thomas, Jessie Holt, Bud Massey, unidentified boy. Jimmy Bryant, Vernon Hill, unidentified boy, Woodrow Kersey, Phillip McCall, and an unidentified boy. In back, left to right are: two unidentified girls, Margaret Slater, Mary Elizabeth Stapleton and twin sister, Minnie Slater, two unidentified girls. Dorothy Newman, an unidentified girl, Elma Williford, Luida Wilson, the teacher, a Mrs. Corbin, Alice Bryant and an unidentified girl—photo courtesy of Mrs. Earl Boyette.

Basketball Tournament Last Friday, Pasco County Free Press, February 11, 1938

Round Robin Basketball tournament was not only an interesting contest between the teams, but at times proved quite exciting, as some of scores were close at times. James Mott, referee and Raymond Cook, umpire, and the official work was good.

Zephyr boys and Pasco Hi of Dade City started the game, the work of both teams was slow until last quarter, when Zephyrs got going and won out 15 to 10 with good teamwork, Green being given opportunity for most of scoring.

Second game between New Port Richey and Brandon, was well played, ebbing fast enough but each team found it difficult to put the ball in the basket, the half ending with a score 2-1. Third and fourth quarters were also closely played, New Port Richey finally winning by 7-6.

Evening games started by Zephyr girls against Brandon and it was a good game and close most of the way, with Coach Mounts worried until the cowbell was rung at the close, when Zephyr girls had 21 to Brandon’s 16.

Brandon and Dade City, afternoon losers, then started a game that kept the fans interested. Brandon doing some fast basket work, but the Pasco boys went into real action in third quarter and drew up to the leaders, but could not overcome the early lead of Brandon and latter won by 22-17.

Zephyr Teams Win and Lose During Past Week, Pasco County Free Press, January 28, 1938

Four basketball games played during the past week resulted in one victory and three defeats of Zephyrhills high school, but raised the standing of the local school in Gulf Coast competition by several points. The first string defeated Brooksville last Friday night, 21-13, making six victories in eight conference games played. The second teams were not so fortunate in

Brooksville being defeated by decisive scores.

A return game at St. Leo Tuesday afternoon resulted in a disastrous 31 to 12 defeat for the local boys. The absence of two first line players from the Zephyrhills line-up made the defeat worse than it otherwise would have been.

The next contest the boys enter will be the four team tournament at St. Leo the afternoon and evening of January 28 between St. Leo, Dade City, Tampa College, and Brooksville. The girls have no games scheduled at present.

Plans for the four-team tournament in Zephyrhills February 4 remain unsettled owing to the death of Coach Wheeler of Tarpon Springs this week.

$7,500,000 Appropriated For Florida Schools, Tampa Times, June 5, 1931

Insures An Eight-Month Term All Over State; Senate Overrides Governor’s Veto on Racing Bill

Appropriation of $7,500,000 for a standard eight months school term in every county in Florida was approved by the senate on June 2, by a vote of 25 to 10. The house previously voted the same appropriation.

The school appropriation bill passed after the senate killed, 22 to 11, a motion by Senate Butler, Jacksonville, to temporarily postpone consideration.

Senator T.G. Futch, Leesburg, chairman of senate educational committee, led supporters of the bill in urging its passage.

The appropriation, according to Senator Futch, is $3,000,000 annually more than schools now receive.

New revenue sources are required for this amount only, because $4,000,000 now going to schools, he said, is already provided.

The bill passed by the senate, although it was a house bill, was exactly like a bill introduced by Senator Getzen, Bushnell, on the second day of the 1931 session.

Senator Butler, Jacksonville, who voted against the bill, said the legislature ‘should find sources of revenue before passing this huge appropriation.’ He charged the appropriation, unless revenue sources were provided, “would necessitate an increase in the state tax millage of about 13 mills, and this legislature promised tax relief to the people.”

Overrides Veto

The Senate on June 2, passed the race track bill over Governor Carlton’s veto by precisely the two-thirds majority required with a full membership on roll call.

Twenty-six senators voted to override the veto. Twelve voted to sustain it. The bill, which would permit pari-mutual wagering at horse and dog tracks subject to county referendum, picked up six votes since it was passed in the senate May 14.

Alumni Reunion Draws 70 ZHS Grads for Talk on Old Days, Zephyrhills News, June 28, 1973, by Jaynell LeHeup

A very congenial group of 70 persons, alumni of Zephyrhills High School, families and friends met Sunday afternoon in the “Common” Room of the Bank of Zephyrhills for the annual “Summer

The Reverend Arthur Austin, a ZHS Grad of 1929, also gave a talk on “earlier days in the old home town.” He remarked that in 1930 the official census showed the total population of Zephyrhills at 728 persons.

New officers elected without opposition, including Miss Lucy Mae Knox, Class of 1938, treasurer.

School Board Minutes–December 19, 1938 minutes indicate that Miss Grace Fogg is appointed librarian.

Teachers For Next Year Are Recommended, Zephyrhills News, July 3, 1931

J.W. Walker to Head the High School Again With Many New Teachers

At a meeting of the trustees of Special School District 5 (Zephyrhills) on Wednesday night, July 1, the following teachers were recommended for appointment.

High School—J.W. Walker, Principal; Mrs. E.B. Gill; Miss Alpha Seckler, D.C. Cripe.

Eighth Grade—Miss Kathleen Anderson

Seventh Grade—Mrs. J. Corbin

Sixth Grade—Miss Frances O’Berry

Fifth Grade—Miss Lillian Kirkland

Fourth Grade—Mrs. Esther Plank

Third Grade—Miss Mary Lee Alsobrook

Second Grade—Miss Bertha Messick

First Grade—Mrs. D.C. Cripe

For transportation of pupils from rural communities, the trustees made the following recommendations for appointment: Z.T. Roberts, Herman Geiger, John Arnold and Maxie Smith.

The above recommendations will be presented to the Board of Public Instruction of Pasco County at its next meeting, and if the usual custom is followed, appointment of teachers and transportation contractors for the year will be made in accordance with these recommendations.

Graduates were: Maxie Bryant, Carl Parsons, Norman Rassmussen, William Royer, Evelyn Bryant, S.A. Clardy, Lucy Mae Knox, Doris Laurence, Rilda Mounts, Juanita Mundy, Betty Phillips, Adele Royal, Mary Elizabeth Stapleton, and Carroll Thomas. Photo below is 1938 graduation photo. Picture order is unknown.

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