Zephyrhills High School – 1934


Highlights of 1934

The Zephyrhills High School Girl’s Basketball team was coached by Mrs. Celia Linkey Anderson (the gal at the right). Celia’s daughter, Dedi Anderson reports that the principal, Mr. Campbell (gentleman in photo with white shirt) recruited Mrs. Anderson to coach the basketball team. She had never played basketball and learned it from an instructional book.

In regard to the manner in which tradition and learning is passed from generation to generation, Dedi Anderson shared with the author that one of the members of Mrs. Anderson’s girl’s basketball team was Willie of the Willie Taxi Company. The author noticed throughout the Zephyrhills News literature in the microfilm that Willie was a strong supporter of the Boys and Girls Softball program in Zephyrhills. Here is an example:

Willie’s Taxi nine Meets Brandon in Softball Here Tonight, Zephyrhills News, May 7, 1954

Willie’s Taxi softball nine broke even in their games scheduled this past week with Friday’s game in Lakeland being rained out. The local nine downed the Air Police team of Mac Dill Field here Sunday afternoon and lost to the strong Eagle Lake nine there Tuesday night. Sunday afternoon, the Cabmen the seventh to take a 4-3 lead and came from behind in the bottom of went on to score four more runs in the eighth and stopped the Air Force nine rally in the last inning with a score being 8-5.

The Mac Dill boys scored all their runs on homers with Lykins connecting for a four bagger with two men on base in the first and Crum hitting a two run home in the fourth. The Cabmen picked up a couple errors, added three in the seventh on three hits and a walk and scored four times in the eight on three hits and a walk.

Billy Eiland, local boy now stationed at Mac Dill Field had three singles for four trips to the plate. Johnny Urban hit two triples for Willies.

Zephyrhills Schools End Successful Term, Zephyrhills News, June 8, 1934

Graduation Exercises In Baptist Church Wednesday With Formal Closing Program Thursday Evening

The public schools of Zephyrhills closed a successful term of school today, Friday, in spite of the fact that classes have been strewn practically all over town. The baccalaureate sermon, a strong and forceful one, was preached last Sunday by Reverend Addyman Smith of the Methodist church. This was attended by practically all the pupils, teachers, parents and friends of the school.

On Wednesday evening commencement exercises were held in the Baptist church, which was filled to capacity. The decorations were beautiful, great baskets of vari-colored flowers and trailing fern banked the rostrum. The five girl graduates dressed in pastel shades of blue, pink and yellow, entered on the arms of five boys of the junior class and slowly winded their way to the seats of honor, Grace Mott playing the processional march.

Professor Lewis E. Rowland presided and introduced the speakers and the other numbers on the program. After prayer by Reverend Addyman Smith, pastor of the Methodist church, Grace Lester, the valedictorian, sang “Indian Love Song,” accompanied by Miss Mott. The salutatory address was given by Betty Childs and was followed by a piano solo by Grace Mott. A splendid address was delivered by Dr. W.A. hamlet. A violin solo, “Ave Maria” by Schubert, was played by Athel Thomas. He was accompanied by his sister, Carroll. The valedictory address by Grace Lester, the presentation of diplomas by Fred O. Revels, Superintendent of Public Instruction, who also gave a short talk, prayer by Reverend Smith and the recessional march ended the program.

On Thursday evening, the formal closing program was held in G.A.R. Hall when members of the primary grades will be heard. This Friday morning the pupils will assemble and will be given their report cards.

Five Girls To Graduate From Zephyrhills Hi, Zephyrhills News, June 1, 1934

Baccalaureate Sermon To Be Given Sunday With The Graduation Exercises Wed.

Five young Zephyrhills girls will receive their high school diplomas next Wednesday evening from the hands of the county superintendent of schools, Fred O. Revels, in the Baptist church here, where the graduation exercises will be held. They are: Grace Lester, Vivian Lawrence, Lois Brack, Lenora Ellerbe and Betty Childs.

The baccalaureate sermon, combined with a short program, will be given in the Methodist church Sunday evening at eight o’clock with Reverend Addyman Smith, the pastor, delivering the sermon. The program will open with a march played by Grace Mott, prayer by Dr. W.A. Hamlett, a vocal duet by little Mary Hart and little Ralph Mott. Then the baccalaureate sermon, a vocal duet by Edythe Mott and Frank Rys, closing song and prayer by Dr. Hamlett.

On Wednesday evening at the same hour, eight o’clock, the graduation exercises will be held in the Baptist church. The opening number there will be the Graduation March by Grace Mott, prayer by Reverend Addyman Smith, vocal solo by Grace Lester, Salutatory Address by Betty Childs, Piano Solo by Grace Mott, graduation address by Rev. Dr. W.A. Hamlett, duet violin and piano by Athel and Carroll Thomas and Valedictorian address by Grace Lester, conferring of diplomas by Fred O Revels, Closing Prayer by Rev. Smith and March by Grace Mott.

Hotel Zephyr was where the annual Senior Banquet was held each year:

ZHS Sophomore Class in 1934

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