Zephyrhills High School – 1933


Highlights of 1933

South Wing of High School Burned, Zephyrhills News, September 1, 1933

Valuable Apparatus and Specimens in Laboratory Destroyed. Fire Boys Show Extreme Bravery.

Zephyrhills was startled in the wee small hours of the night on Tuesday when the fire alarm began its plaintive wail. But before some of the sleepy citizens had fully roused themselves as to its meaning, Fire Chief Jimmie Kerr and his brave fire “laddies” were on the job, which was the south wing or laboratory of the high school building.  

Class of 14 Is Graduated From Zephyrhills Hi, Zephyrhills News, April 28, 1933

Commencement Exercises On Thursday Evening—School Closed On Friday.

For the third time within the week the auditorium of the Zephyrhills high school was filled Thursday night, April 20, with an interested audience of school pupils and their parents and friends from the city and surrounding county, to enjoy the commencement exercises of the senior class of the high school.

In the graduating class of fourteen were ten girls and four boys as follows: Winnie Plank, Valedictorian; Emerson Snider, Class President and Salutatorian; Linda Felts, Secretary-Treasurer; Lillian Skogstad, Ferm Williams, Ruth Basmann, Joyce Haynes, Grace Mott, Vera Slater, Jean Sante, Lois Baggett, Charles Chilson, Robert Gall, and Roger Sibley.

From the stage, beautifully decorated with flowers and greenery, the following program was rendered:

Processional-Music by Skogstad’s orchestra.

Music—Orchestra Musical Reading—Mrs. B. A. Thomas

Graduation Address—Rev. Roland A. Nichols

Presentation of Diplomas—M. E. Lefler, Member of the Pasco Board of Public Instruction of Pasco County

Benediction—Rev. W.A. Hamlett

Recessional—Music by the orchestra

These exercises concluded the commencement week program, but classes in the various rooms were not dismissed until Friday, April 21, which was the closing of school.

Time for the opening of schools in the fall has not yet been set.

High School News—published by the Students of Zephyrhills High School, Volume 1, Number 28 (edited by the Journalism Class of the Zephyrhills High School), The Zephyrhills News, April 21, 1933

Foot Ball For Zephyr High (An Editorial by Marguerite Reutimann)

So far there has been no football played by Zephyrhills high school or grammar school. In almost all large high schools and some small high schools, football is played as a major inter-school sport. The first of the school term is football. Those schools having this sport enjoy it to its full extent, while those without, play indoor or diamond ball and basketball. Games of diamond ball and basketball with other schools cannot be secured until the football season is over because most of them are playing football.

There are many vacant lots surrounding the Zephyrhills high school building where a football field could be made.

The boys of Zephyrhills high school would enjoy this game because it is something new to them and because there is quite a bit of excellent material here for the game. The boys would become interested in their studies and start making better grades, because in order to be eligible to play, one’s grades must be satisfactory.

More and better school spirit would be aroused. The first year of football would probably cover the expenses of the equipment, because more people would buy tickets for a football game than for a basketball or baseball game because it is more interesting and exciting. Football, besides making a name for the school would make a better name for the town and bring people to the realization that Zephyrhills is more than just another little town along the road. We are sure that many of the citizens of Zephyrhills and others, who are interested in the school and pupils, will help us to make it possible to have football in the Zephyrhills high school in coming years.

All-Day Picnic of Senior Class-The senior class of Zephyrhills spent the day at Crystal Springs, Wednesday, April 19. The class went down at 4:00 o’clock in the morning and had breakfast, dinner and supper at the Springs. The day was spent playing games, swimming and hiking.

As this was the last occasion for the class to have as a school party, only the class and Mr. Johnson and Miss Seckler, the class sponsor, were included. The whole class stayed all day, but Mr. Johnson and Miss Seckler had to return to school to torture the rest of the school with final exams. A day of fun was spent.

Baccalaureate Address Holds Rapt Attention, Zephyrhills News, April 21, 1933

Zephyrhills High School Class of Fourteen Is Honored At Church Service.

A crowd that filled every seat in the First Baptist Church and required some to stand in the aisles attended the services Sunday evening, April 16, at which the pastor, Dr. W.A. Hamlett, delivered the baccalaureate sermon to the 1933 graduating class of Zephyrhills high school.

The class of fourteen was led into the church by one of their number, Lois Baggett, marching down the center aisle to the first few rows of seats to the right. Accompanying the class were the class instructors, Miss Alpha Seckler and Principal C.D. Johnson. The class members are: Winnie Plank, Valedictorian; Emerson Snider, Class President and Salutatorian; Lina Felts, Secretary-Treasurer; Lillian Skogstad, Fern Williams, Ruth Basmann, Joyce Haynes, Grace Mott, Vera Slater, Jean Sante, Lois Baggett, Charles Chilson, Robert Gall, and Roger Sibley.

The services opened with a song by the congregation, followed by a selection by a combined choir of the various local churches. Then Dr. Roland A. Nichols, pastor of the Christian Church, read a Scripture selection and Dr. E.H. Curtis, pastor of the Methodist church, gave the invocation. Then followed a vocal duet, “Whispering Hope,” by Grace Lester and Frank Rys.

Dr. Hamlett’s address was on the subject of “Life.” He told the graduates that life is largely a matter of ideals; that if one is satisfied with a corn-bread standard of living, his life will be on the corn-bread standard. By the illustration of the Yale lock, with a special key made to fit each individual lock, he showed that each personality is made to fit into a certain work or calling in life, and that success comes from finding the particular niche into which one’s character and talents fit. The address was delivered in a dramatic and convincing manner and held the whole audience in rapt attention throughout.

After Dr. Hamlett’s address, there was another song by the congregation, and then the assemblage was dismissed with a benediction by Dr. Curtis.

(Note that in the same Zephyrhills News edition, the column to the left has this article)—

Capt. Jeffries At 90 Ready for “Next Century”

Founder of Zephyrhills Realized Ambition in Establishing Haven for Vets.

Capt. H.B. Jeffries, originator and founder of Zephyrhills, passed the ninetieth anniversary of his birth on last Monday, April 17th, and declares himself ready for whatever the next century may bring to him.

He came to the place where Zephyrhills now thrives twenty-five years ago and established the Zephyrhills Colony and the town of Zephyrhills. He was accompanied by his family, consisting of his wife, Helen Mar Jeffries, their daughter and son-in-law, Mr. Raymond Moore.

Captain Jeffries and Mr. Moore, who was the business manager of the Colony, worked hard and tirelessly in establishing the Colony of Zephyrhills as a desirable and pleasant place in which old soldiers, their families and friends could pass their declining years in comfort, and in sunshine. He was commander of the Florida Department Grand Army of the Republic, in 1920.

In naming the town, Zephyrhills, Captain Jeffries felt it would describe the town’s desirable location and would tell the world in one word of its constant and gentle breezes and everlasting hills. Captain Jeffries was born in Lafayette, Indiana in 1843. He was doing newspaper work in Pennsylvania in 1861 and on his 18th birthday enlisted in the Civil War under President Lincoln’s call for troops and served four years and six months; as private for two years, being a captain in command of his regiment when the war ended.

Graduation Programs of The Zephyrhills Schools, Zephyrhills News, April 14, 1933

The big occasion next week in Zephyrhills will be the graduation of the senior class of the Zephyrhills high school and the eighth grade of the grammar school into high school. Beginning Sunday evening with the Baccalaureate sermon, continuing Monday evening with the class-night exercises, and on Wednesday evening with the eighth-grade graduation program, the commencement week program will be concluded on Thursday evening with high school commencement exercises.

The following account of the week’s program was prepared by the Journalism class of Zephyrhills high school:

Senior High Graduation Program-The baccalaureate sermon to the senior class on the night of Sunday, April 16, will be held at the Baptists church at 8:00 o’clock. The program will be as follows:


Scripture reading—Rev. W.A. Hamlett


Duet—Frank Rys and Grace Lester

Sermon—Rev. W.A. Hamlett



Class Night Exercises-The class night exercises of the senior class will be held at the High School auditorium, April 17 at 8:00 o’clock. The program will be as follows:

Class Welcome Song—Class

Salutatory Address—Emerson Snider

Class Poem—Lina Felts

Class Prophesy—Joyce Haines

Class History—Lillian Skogstad

Piano Solo—Grace Mott

Class Creed—Ruth Baxmann

Parting Gifts—Ferne Williams

Duet—Lina Felts and Joyce Haines

Class Will—Grace Mott

Class Inventory—Jean Sante

Roy’s Composition on Breathing—Roger Sibley

Address to Undergraduates—Charles Chilson

Response—William Clarke

Poem—Bob Gall

Piano Solo—Lillian Skogstad

Presentation of Key—Vera Slater

Response—Vivian Lawrence

Valedictory Address—Winnie Plank

Commencement Exercises-The Commencement exercises of April 20, to be held at the High School Auditorium at 8 p.m. will be as follows:

Music—by the orchestra

Musical Reading—Mrs. B.A. Thomas

Graduation Address—Rev. Roland A. Nichols

Presentation of Diplomas—J.L. Geiger, Secretary of Board of Trustees

Benediction—Rev. W.A. Hamlett

Recessional—Music by orchestra

Program for the Eighth Grade Graduation

The eighth grade graduation program, which is to be presented Wednesday evening, April 19, 1933, is as follows:

Selection—by Wright’s Orchestra


Song—by the class

Introduction of the class by Jimmie Sante

Recitation, “Welcome” by Zell Peterson

Reading—by Robert Emery

Piano Duet—by Mary Sauls and Marguarite Snider

Recitation, “If”—by Woodrow Kersey

“Views of Life”—by Harvey Reynolds

Song—by the Girl’s Chorus

“Getting The Evidence—a play by Ralph Sibley

Instrumental Duet by Carroll Thomas and Athel Thomas.

“High School History” by Harold Dowell

Song by the Boy’s Chorus

“Not Such a Goose”—a play by Helen Dyess, Willette Phillips, Robert Mott, J.H. Peterson and Margaret McDowell

Piano Duet by Florence Frisbee and Marguerite Snider

Presentation of Diplomas

Announcement of honor students

Song by the class

Selection—by Wright’s orchestra


High School News-Published by the students of Zephyrhills High School, Volume 1, Number 22,

Zephyrhills (Fla.) News, March 31, 1933

Pictures of Classes Are Liked By All.

Friday, March 10, a number of homeroom groups of the Zephyrhills school had their pictures taken by a photographer, Mr. Kist of Tampa.

Big Party Staged-Grace Mott, Harold Emery and Roger Sibley were the guests of Miss Lina Felts at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. T.R. Felts, on Thursday night of last week. The guests and the hostess enjoyed playing dominoes until someone kicked the table over and lost one of the dominoes.

The girls of the party then decided to make some candy. After some time the candy was done! It was decided that Harold Skogstad eat the first piece and if it didn’t make him sick, the rest would indulge in a piece. It didn’t make Harold sick so all indulged in eating candy. They found out that the candy was so heavy that it “took four of them” to lift a platter with twelve pieces on it. That candy was so heavy that two pieces made Roger Sibley bowlegged walking home and it reminded him of his fourth mother-in-law’s biscuits. After the candy-eaters recovered, they departed for their homes.

Elementary School News

First Grade-The reporter for elementary grades form the journalism class visited the first and second grades Wednesday, March 22. Mrs. Phillips, the first grade teacher, let her pupils sing some of the songs which they have learned this school term. After they sang a few songs, the pupils played two new games they have been taught, “The Three Gruff Billy Goats,” a short play, was then given by four students.

Second Grade-The second grade was not willing to be outdone by the first grade on Wednesday. By the time the reporter arrived in the second grade room, the pupils were in their places ready to play the newest game they have learned. One of the pupils sang a song and the rest played, “Sailing In a Saucer,” and “Dance With Me in A Circle.”

Personals-The Seniors are busy pondering and thinking over plans for class night and commencement exercise. The class night program will be Monday night, April 17.

Vera Slater and Dimples Baggett were all dressed up in their “gladrags” last Friday afternoon. Friday, March 31 is Senior “Kid Day” at the Z.H.S.

During the past week, Mr. Snider should have been presented with a can of oil to oil the pulley on which the tar was hauled on the roof of the school building. The squeaking of the pulley was something “terrible” to many students who were trying to study or concentrate upon an examination.

While playing a game of leap frog Friday, March 24, Harold Emery attempted jumping over Donald Plank and fell, very much to his disappointment and landed in a very flat position. Spectators among pupils on the school grounds, took in the show, gratis.

Misses Winnie Plank, Lillian Skogstad, Lina Felts and Grace Motts motored to Tampa with Mr. Wingate last Saturday. The girls are going to do a little shopping for graduation clothes, etc.

Vera Slater and Dimples Baggett attended the show at Dade City, on Tuesday night of last week.

–Girls are playing marbles as well as the boys this year. “What next?”

There are a few dangerous cases of spring fever at ZHS. Emil Reutimann, sleepily walking around the class room, had a severe awaking when falling over Athel Thomas’ plaster cast leg.

Grace Lester and Vivian Lawrence attended a dance at Crystal Springs Saturday night, March 18.

Delia Porter spent Sunday afternoon, March 19, with Sarah Parsons.

The Junior Class attended the dog races at Zephyr Park last Tuesday night, March 14.

The boys of the Junior Class had a fish fry at the Sand Pond, “Lighthouse” Tuesday night, March 14.

Elsie Turner went shopping in Tampa Saturday, March 18.

Last week was examination week and—what a week.

High School News—published by the Students of Zephyrhills High School, Volume 1, Number 22 (edited by the Journalism Class of the Zephyrhills High School), The Zephyrhills News, March 24, 1933

Journalism class Visits Tampa Times

Last Saturday, April 8, the journalism class motored to Tampa to visit the Tampa Daily Times newspaper plant. The party left Zephyrhills at 1:00 o’clock and arrived at the Times building at 2:15 o’clock. Mr. Bentley, managing editor of the Times, escorted them through the various departments, explaining machinery and how the paper was printed.

The visitors followed the trail that the news follows. First they looked at the Associated Press tickers wiring off news being sent from Washington. They then went to the linotype machines where the news was set in type.

Then they saw how several tables, the type was assembled into pages. The page was then put through a machine and the impression was made on a fiber mat. This is the nearest the original type gets to the press. The mat was sent down a chute to the stereotyping department. The mat was then put in a machine that shapes it into a semicircular form. A lead cast is then made of the semicircular mat. The mat is then thrown away and the lead cast is trimmed up and sent to the press and the papers are printed with these lead casts.

While the Zephyrhills visitors were there, a news article was written about them. It went through all the stages and when Mr. Bentley presented us with a paper of the edition being printed, they all had our names in it. That shows how fast news travels.

After the party got tired of watching the press run, Mr. Johnson took us to the linotype room and explained the working of the linotype. Afterwards the entire party went to the downtown section of Tampa and the girls did some shopping. The party left for home at 4:30 o’clock arriving home at 5:40 o’clock. The party going to Tampa included: Roger Sibley, Winnie Plank, Lois Baggett, Isabelle Austin, Marjorie Reutimann, Mark Skevakis and Principal C. D. Johnson, Class Instructor.

Early Senior Exams-The senior final semester exams are to be given Wednesday and Thursday, April 12 and 13. The reason for this is to give their teachers time to figure the senior grades and notify by April 14, those that will not graduate, if any. The seniors, although they are through their exams, have to attend the school until Wednesday of the next week, when the rest of the high school will take their exams. During one of these days the seniors are to have an all day party, the details of which have not been settled.

The annual Junior-Senior Banquet of the Zephyrhills High School was held at the G.A.R. hall Friday night, April 7th. The banquet began at seven thirty o’clock. Vivian Lawrence, President of the Junior Class acted as toastmistress.

William Clark gave a toast to the seniors, and Emerson Snider, president of the Senior Class, made a response. Miss Linkey gave a toast for the faculty; Elsie Turner made the response.

Grace Mott played a piano solo, “Melody in F,” Delia Porter gave a toast to the “good-looking boys” of the senior class. Bob Gall made a response. H.D. Pollock gave a toast to the senior girls and Lillian Skogstad most admirably made a response.

Because of Roger Sibley’s fluency of speech, he was asked to make a speech. He obliged and thanked the juniors very kindly for the “feast” and asked for a second helping of ice cream. Winnie Plank was overcome by shyness when asked to make an extemporaneous speech. Miss Seckler made a very appropriate and pleasing speech because of its briefness.

Those present from the junior class were: Vivian Lawrence, Della Porter, Lois Baggett, Lenora Ellerbee, Elsie Turner, Grace Lester, Garnet Hodges, H.D. Pollock, Walter Fisbee and William Clarke. Those present from the senior class were: Emerson Snider, Roger Sibley, Bob Gall, Charles Chilson, Vera Slater, Winnie Plank, Grace Mott, Ferne Williams, Lillian Skogstad, Lina Felt, Joyce Haynes, Jean Sante and Ruth Baxmann.

Members of the faculty who were present were: Miss Seckler and Miss Linkey. Everyone had a good time and the seniors wish they could have another feast.

High School News—published by the Students of Zephyrhills High School, Volume 1, Number 22 (edited by the Journalism Class of the Zephyrhills High School), The Zephyrhills News, March 24, 1933

Junior Senior Banquet to Be Given April 7th

The annual Junior-Senior banquet, given in honor of the senior class, will be held at G.A.R. hall. Tonight is the night! All the juniors and seniors will be decked out in the finery which they have been shopping for the past week or two.

This is an event which has been looked forward to by the seniors. It is the first real feast given in honor of the seniors, so all seniors are quite jubilant. The program will be as follows:

Solo—Lois Baggett

Toast to Seniors—William Clark

Reply—Emerson Snider

Piano Solo—Grace Mott

Toast to Faculty—Elsie Turner

Reply—Mr. Johnson

Toast to Girls—H.D. Pollock

Reply—Lillian Skogstad

Toast to Boys—Della Porter

Reply—Bob Gall

Solo—Grace Lester

This program will be interspersed between the courses. Everyone is looking forward to a good time.

Highest Honors in Senior Class Announced-Miss Alpha Seckler, the senior class sponsor, had been averaging grades for the first two days of the last week and last Wednesday she announced the valedictorian and salutatorian of the senior class of 1933.  

The Valedictorian is Winnie Plank and the Salutatorian is Emerson Snider, the latter also being the class president. There was very little difference in the averages of the valedictorian and salutatorian and others closely contested the salutatorian with only one-third of a point difference

Commercial Course for Zephyr High (Editorial by Marjorie R.)

In the past year, science, mathematics and such courses have been taught in the Zephyrhills High School. Instead of these, a vocational course should be supplied. Owing to lack of equipment and room, this has not been possible. We recommend a commercial course, which would aid in preparing the school pupils for the problems of trade and commerce in later life.

A commercial course includes book-keeping, shorthand, and typewriting. We hope that it will be possible to have such a course next year and in the other coming years.

Home Economics (Editorial by Roger S.)

There are two things Z.H.S. needs badly. One is home economics and the other is manual training. Home economics would be the easiest to teach in the school as an addition to this building or a manual training building would have to be built to teach manual training.

If a teacher who could teach home economics, were hired for next year the rest would be simple. The home economics class could run the lunch room, the profit going into a special fund, to be used for improvements in the lunchroom equipment and building.

This could be brought about by coordination of the local school board and the Parent-Teacher association.

The local school board would be doing their part by hiring a teacher who could teach the course in home economics and the Parent-Teacher Association would be doing its part by giving the teacher charge of the lunch room and putting the profit in a special fund, which shall be used by the school first in the term of 1934-35.

Personals from the High School News published in the Zephyrhills News

A party of young folks from Z.H.S. gave James Mott a surprise party on his sixteenth birthday, last Wednesday night, March 29.

Those going to the party gathered in front of the Methodist church and went to the home of Mr. Mott in a body. Games were played and some of the young folks attempted to put together some jig-saw puzzles.

About 10 o’clock, a fire was built and wieners roasted. After everyone had eaten all they could hold, they decided to give James a birthday spanking and proceeded to do so. The guests departed for their respective homes soon afterward. Those present were: Margie Reutimann, Mary Skevakis, Lora Rogers, Lina Felts, Grace Mott, Jack Parsons, Harold Emery, Roger Sibley and Lewis Gall.

Dimples Baggett and Vera Slater accompanied by Mrs. O.A. Shank, spent Tuesday afternoon, March 28 in Dade City on Business.

Vera Slater, Dimples Baggett, Francis Sibley and Frank Rys spent Saturday, March 25, in Tampa.

Vera Slater and Dimples Baggett attended the Dade City Theatre Tuesday Night, March 28.

Dalle Porter spent Sunday, March 26, with Alberta Corbin.

Della Porter went shopping in Tampa Saturday, March 25.

William Clark was absent from school last week. William’s absence is due to an injury received in the last basketball game of the season with Dade City.

The Junior class sent a large bouquet of flowers to William Clark last Wednesday, March 29.

Mr. Bateman, a winter visitor in Zephyrhills, visited the school, Wednesday, March 29. He has been a teacher in schools in Maine.

Robert Sullivan of Richland, was absent from school, Wednesday 29 on account of sickness.

Many of the high school boys gathered in the shade of an oak tree and play games each day at noon. Some of these games are: leap frog, dump the apple cart, stick-in-the-mud, cannon and touchdown. It is healthful exercise, but not so clean for the clothes, according to some of the boys.

Robert Armstrong and Benson Armstrong, two sophomore boys, left for their home in Kansas, near Kansas City, last Tuesday, April 4.

Emerson Snider, president of the senior class, discovered Wednesday of last week that this is the year 1933. Before that day he wrote all dates as 1932. Well, Rip Van Winkle, we’re glad you woke up. A group of girls, accompanied by their Sunday school class teacher, Mrs. Ellen Craig, went to Crystal Springs, Friday afternoon of last week after school to enjoy an afternoon of swimming, after which refreshments were enjoyed.

Vera Slater and Paul Williams went to the dance at the community hall, Dade City, last week.

William Clark was absent from school last week, having injured his leg while playing basketball. He is now compelled to use crutches.

Mrs. J.H. Shrock of Richland was a visitor at the Zephyrhills school Thursday, March 30. Mrs. Shrock has a son, Cledith Shrock, a freshman attending the Zephyrhills high school.

The usual Physical Education period, on Tuesdays and Thursdays, has been taken to be used for a supervised study period. This period was given to help the pupils to make up the work of this semester, and is needed due to the term being shortened to seven months.

The following have been on the list of absentees, during the past week: Louise Douglas, first grade; Ruth Ryals and Charles Davis, fourth grade; Florence Ryals and Bruce Dowell, sixth grade; Stephen Valla, Doris Lawrence and Ralph Pelton, seventh grade.

This first grade started practicing on their part in the major program. April 14.

Mr. and Mrs. R. Plank spent the day in Tampa, Saturday.

A large number of Zephyrhills young people attended a dance at the Community Hall in Dade City, Friday night, March 31.

Vera Slater spent Sunday morning visiting the Planks, east of Zephyrhills. Dimples Baggett spent Saturday shopping in Tampa.

Practically the entire high school spent Sunday afternoon at Crystal Springs enjoying a cool dip.

H.D. Pollock journeyed to Dade City to the moving pictures Sunday, April 2.

William Clark is back in school after a brief illness. Della Porter was a visitor in Lakeland and Plant City, Sunday, April 2nd.

Sarah Parsons and Della Porter were visitors in Dade City, Saturday night, April 1, where they went to the moving pictures.

Elsie Turner was a visitor in Plant City, Saturday, April 1.

While playing on the playground south of the school building at noon of Wednesday, March 29, Joan Cook was kicked violently on the jaw, just below the ear. The accident occurred when Genevieve Seaberg turned a cartwheel and struck Joan a violent blow on the face. No serious damage, outside of the severe pain, was done. Both girls are of the fourth grade.

Junior Class Party-Mary Emery entertained the Junior Class at her home Thursday nite of last week. As games of entertainment, they played checkers and put together jig-saw puzzles.

Refreshments were served, which consisted of punch, sandwiches and a large cake. The cake was made by Mary Emery. It was large and lettered on the top, “Junior Class, 1933.” It was cut by Mrs. Josephine Tucker. Those present were: The Junior Sponsor, Mrs. Josephine Tucker and junior students, Grace Lester, Vivian Lawrence, Lenora Ellerbee, Lois Baggett and Walter Frisbee, and William Tucker.

Alumni news coverage of era—

Class of 1933 Has 50th Year Reunion, Zephyrhills News, June 30, 1983

The 1933 graduating class held their 50th class reunion on Saturday evening June 25, at the Simple Simon Restaurant. Class members attending were: Lina Felts Harrison, Grace Mott Emery, Lillian Skogstad Graham, Roger Sibley, and Robert E. Gall. Former classmates also attending were Maverick Whitney Alexander from Maine and Vance Forbes.  

Guests were Harold Emery, Robert Graham, Carleta Sibley, Maxine Gall, Norma Forbes, Robert Vandrimer, and Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Morrill.

The group also attended the 14th annual Zephyrhills High School Reunion on June 26th. Orchid corsages were presented by Mrs. Alpha Gill, sponsor of the class, and to Lina Harrison and Lillian Graham. The orchids were home-grown by Grace Emery.

ZHS Alumni Boost Stadium Fund, Zephyrhills News, June 9, 1978

A large, enthusiastic crowd of home-towners, out-of-towners, and guests picnicked at the 9th annual reunion of the ZHS Alumni and Friends….gathering before noon at the Zephyr Park….

The President of the Alumni association told of receiving a telephone call from Robert Gall, Class of 1933, who asked that members of his class please write to him in California.

7th and 8th grades, 1930-31

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