Zephyrhills High School – 1923


Highlights of 1923

Alumni Reunion Draws 70 ZHS Grads for Talk on Old Days, Zephyrhills News, June 28, 1973

By Jaynell LeHeup

A very congenial group of 70 persons, alumni of Zephyrhills High School, families and friends met Sunday afternoon in the “Common” Room of the Bank of Zephyrhills for the annual “Summer Homecoming” and ZHS Alumni Association Reunion……..

New officers elected without opposition are: Jim Ferguson’51, class of 1951, Zephyrhills, President; David Cripe ‘23, Class of 1923, Dade City, Vice President.

School Board Minutes of June 14, 1923, indicate that Milton L. Shane was appointed principal of ZHS. However, at the school board meeting on July 14, 1923, Zephyrhills trustees requested that W. E. Trottman be named Principal; the board tabled the request until the next regular meeting. On Aug. 6, 1923, Prof. R. R. Riley was appointed Principal.

Dade City Banner, September 28, 1923

Zephyrhills is fortunate in having an extra good faculty for this school year. Professor Riley, the principal, has the distinction of having the highest credits of any teacher in the state and his assistant, Mr. Bailey, is a graduate of Michigan State University at Ann Arbor.

If the parents of the children cooperate heartily with the teachers, there is no reason to doubt that this will be the banner year in our school and we should reach our goal of a fully accredited high school.

A fire drill will be one of the features of the school course this year. This will be not only for the protection of the children in case of fire, but also as a matter of discipline.

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