Zephyrhills High School – 1922


Highlights of 1922

February 6, 1922 School Board minutes discuss a conflict at the school. The minutes say, “J. L. Geiger appeared before the board with a petition bearing 46 signatures asking for the removal of Prof. Terry as principal on the grounds that he is a drawback to the school and that he illegally expelled a student and allowed one to be likewise suspended. J. F. Stebbins presented a counter petition bearing 83 signatures together with a similar one signed by 24 out of 34 high school students. The board called into consultation their attorney, E. P. Watson, who after hearing both sides saw no grounds for removal of Principal Terry. The matter was dropped without board action.”

School Board Minutes of December 4, 1922 –school board minutes indicate that Professor R.D. Hogue resigned as principal.

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