Zephyrhills High School – 1921


Highlights of 1921

On Apr. 21, 1921, the Zephyrhills Colonist reported the graduates of Zephyrhills High School were Lue Genia Culbreath, Grace Cripe, Nellie Ford, Edwin Stebbins, Warren Haynes, and Roy Stewart.

High School Graduation, Zephyrhills Colonist, April 29, 1921

Last Friday Night the graduation exercise of the Zephyrhills High School was held at G.A.R. Hall. The exercises opened at 8 p.m. by the graduates being escorted by the juniors, onto the stage, while Miss Zarieta Hawk played a very beautiful march. The speaker of the evening was Reverend Robinson of Tampa, who made a forceful speech which was greatly enjoyed by the large audience. The eighth-grade, headed by their teacher, Professor Bates marched to the stage and were presented with diplomas by J.L. Geiger.

Professor Corr made a few remarks in which he told of the good work of the trustees, J.L. Geiger, B.F. Parsons, and Mrs. Kirby. Superintendent E.B. O’Berry of Dade City was present and made a short talk. Miss Grace Cripe was Salutatorian and Miss Nellie Ford, Valedictorian of the class, and tendered their parts exceedingly well. Mrs. Fletcher and Miss Zarita Hawk sang a lovely duet. The graduates are Lue Genia Culbreath, Grace Cripe, Nellie Ford, Edwin Stebbins, Warren Hayes and Roy Stewart. The diplomas were presented the graduates by E.B. O’Berry.

Graduation, Zephyrhills Colonist, April 22, 1921

A union service was held in the G.A.R. Hall on Sunday morning in connection with the school Commencement and there was a large attendance. Dr. Bristol of the University of Florida delivered the Baccalaureate sermon and his address to the congregation as well as his special message to the graduating class were both forceful and convincing and filled with good advice to those commencing life on their own responsibility.

Professor Corr took charge of the service which was well arranged. The Reverends Murphy and Evenden and Mr. Stebbins were on the platform and took pare in the service.

The graduating exercises of the Zephyrhills High School will take place in the G.A.R. tonight, April 22nd. Professor E.L. Robinson of Tampa will deliver the baccalaureate address. Diplomas will be given to those who pass out of the eighth grade as well as to the seniors. Miss Grace Cripe is Salutatorian and Miss Nellie Ford is Valedictorian. The graduates are LueGenia Culbreath, Grace Cripe, Nellie Ford, Edwin Stebbins, Warren Haynes, and Roy Stewart. The public is most cordially invited to attend. The exercises will start at 8:00 o’clock sharply.

School Opened Monday, Zephyrhills Colonist, September 2, 1921

Last Monday morning at eight o’clock the school bell sent out its call to the children of Zephyrhills and vicinity. It seems good to hear the old bell again. School starts out this year under the most favorable conditions. The faculty is composed of the best teachers that the board could pick throughout the state, and they come highly recommended. Let teachers and parents work together this year to make our school a success and one we will be proud of.

Notice to Would-Be Teachers, Zephyrhills Colonist, April 29, 1921

Because of the shortage of teachers it has been customary with superintendents to employ just anybody who might prove efficient whether certified or not. And in many instances, these people have taught the entire term without any licensure from the state. I dare say it is not fair to the professor, nor is it fair to the child to employ teachers who do not carry a valid certificate, and I am therefore giving notice to all those “would be teachers” that before they enter upon any school duries in this county, they must first present a license which will entitle them to a contract.  –E.B. O’Berry, Superintendent of Public Instruction, Pasco County.

The Florida School Journal, Zephyrhills Colonist, March 18, 1921

The Florida School Journal published by Professor P.W. Corr, at Zephyrhills, came out the 11th of March. It is slated for the first of the month, but on account of the editor’s constant rush of work was a little late. This is one of the best journals for higher education that it is our pleasure to have come to the Colonist Office. It is always chucked full of the brightest educational interest, and reflects a capability in its editorial work that is remarkable. Professor Corr cannot be too highly commended for publishing a journal of such valuable nature. It is devoted strictly to educational material and its value to a community cannot be estimated. It is circulated for the extremely low price of $1.00 per year, and is neat clean and meritorious. To say the least we believe that every citizen of our town should have his name on its subscription list.

Basketball team, 1920-21. Names from a 1970 Zephyrhills News article.

Front: Edwin Stebbins, now of Orlando; Warren Haynes, deceased; Roy Stewart, now up north.

Back row: Herbert Oldham, address unknown, Curtis Geiger, Zephyrhills; Guy Spangler, address unknown; Fred Stebbins, now deceased.

School Entertainment, Zephyrhills Colonist, March 11, 1921

The school entertainment at the G.A. R. Hall Monday night under the direction of Professor Potter was a magnificent success from every view point. The program was a musical one of superior excellence and consisted of singing, citations, and instrumental music. Zephyrhills is well supplied with musical talent and it was at its best on this occasion, besides Professor Potter discovered some highly satisfactory additions. It would be superfluous to mention any in particular, as the entire program was excellently rendered. The entertainment was given for the benefit of our schools, and the town showed their appreciation by filling the hall to overflowing. Professor Potter always gives the people their money’s worth and this was no exception.

Entertainment Grand Success, Zephyrhills Colonist, April 8, 1921

The entertainment put on by the high school last Saturday night was one of the best ever put on here. The program was opened by an instrumental duet by Zariel Hawk and Zarita Hawk which was well rendered. Then came Act I—Ezra Tuttle, played by student, Roy Stewart, could not remember that he was last, a society man instead of “Hank,” and had to be continually reminded by his daughter, Dorothy—played by student, Nellie Ford. Fred Stebbins was Sing Toy and Lue Genia Culbreath was Woyo Same and they were fine and won the hearts of the audience by their innocent ways.

Between Act I and Act 2, Mrs. D.A. Storms gave a violin solo. Mrs. Storm’s solos are always of the best, and greatly enjoyed by all who hear them.

Edwin Stebbins as Billy Butler or “Blundering Billy,” was always in trouble even when he fell in the river and had to be fished out by his rival, Lieutenant Griswold, played by Warren Haynes.  Warren made a very dignified Lieutenant and carried out his part to perfection. Herbert Oldham as Hans Diddle, was sure some “Old Salt,” and lived up to his name and profession. Grace Cripe as Clarissa Burnham, a sweet young widow, was very sweet indeed and we do not blame her husband for wanting her back. The vocal solos by Zariel Hawk and Zarita Hawk were well rendered and received much applause.

One of the best numbers on the program was a male quartet who gave two selections which were of the best. The house was filled to overflowing and still the people continued to come. Zephyrhills has learned that when the school gives an entertainment, it will be something worthwhile. We congratulate the pupils on their success.

County School Board Organizes, Zephyrhills Colonist, January 7, 1921

The county school board organized by electing W.E. Douglas as chairman. There is one new member on this board, J.D. Spinks, who succeeds W.S. Larkin. The school board followed the county board in designating the Colonist as the official organ.

E.B. O’Berry Succeeds J.W. Sanders as County Superintendent.

In turning over the keys to Mr. O’Berry, Professor Sanders expressed his faith in the new board and Professor O’Berry in fulfilling his and their duties upon which they were about to enter into and asking they bear in mind the interest of the girls and boys of our schools.

Minutes of County School Board, Zephyrhills Colonist, May 13, 1921

Dade City, Florida—May 2, 1921-Board met in regular session with all members present. Minutes of the last meeting were read and approved. It was ordered that P.L. Pearce sell to the best advantage the engine formerly used in furnishing water for the Elfers School. Resignation of C. Johnson as trustee of district No. 32 was accepted and E.S. Burgess was appointed to fill out the unexpired term.  J.B. Stokes and G.W. Weeks, representing 13 children of school age, came before the board and asked that a school be established to give them better facilities. The Board agreed to furnish the material for building. Mrs. Ticknor was before the board, relative to the demonstration work for the months of July and August. Owing to financial conditions, the board declined to make any appropriations. The Trustees of the Dade City School made the following recommendations for teachers: High School—S.R. Sims, Principal, Miss Nina Percival, Dr. E.H. Schuyler, and Miss Sallie Brown. Grammar School—Professor J.W. Sanders, Assistant Principal, Mrs. Vita Neal, Miss Elsie Thornton, Mrs. W.S. Larkin, Miss Myrtie Burnside, and Miss Sarah Peek. Primary—Miss Dempsey Brewster and Miss Marjorie Bushnell. Upon motion of Mr. Spinks, the nominations were confirmed except for principal—Mr. Smith and Mr. Douglas voting, “no.” Mr. Spinks voting, “yes.” The trustees were requesting to make another recommendation. Resolutions were passed for the purpose of finding certain outstanding indebtedness of the board. The following warrants were drawn against the General fund:


J.D. Moore–$35.00

P.W. Corr–$250.00

Flora Ingalls–$125.00

Sallie Brown–$125.00

J.W. Asbury–$250.00

Nina Percival–$155.00

J.H. St. Clair–$110.00

Mildred Butts—$125.00

Pasco Telephone Co. Rent—2.60

Harter School Supply Company for Printing Diplomas $12.52

Leven Printing Company for Printing Diplomas–$17.78

Dade City Water Works for Water at PHS—4.30

W.E. Trottman, teaching–$150.00

Harriett A. Ticknor, Home Demonstration–$75.00

Dade City Insurance Company

Insurance Primary Building, Dade City–$75.00

Mildred Hudson, teaching–$25.00

W.E. Douglas per diem mileage—6.40

C.H. Smith per diem mileage—5.60

J.D. Spinks per diem mileage—5.40

E.B. O’Berry office help, stamps and freight—6.90

The following warrants were drawn against the Special District’s Fund


Roxie Spivey—80.00

Alms McDonald—80.00

J.W. Sanders—150.00

Pauline Palmour—80.00

Neil Weatherford—75.00

G.E. O’Hara—100.00

W.H. Edwards Ricdts for 12, 3, 35

Coates Plumbing and Supplemental Company for Washers No 12—3.60

R.E. Chaddock Transporting—110.00

The following certificates were issued against the Special Fund Teaching

Bessie Goodwin–$10.00

R.W. Kinsey—125.00

Della Crowley—70.00

LuAmanda Pinholster—70.00

Mrs. I.E. Reagan—75.00

Mrs. W.E. Trottman—100.00

J.W. Mitchell, water—5.00

Fred Rowan for repairs—2.00

J.M. Mitchell for water—5.00

C.F. Gardner—transporting—66.00

Board adjourned to meet the first Monday in June

–W. E. Douglas, Chairman and E.B. O’Berry, Secretary

Minutes of School Board, Zephyrhills Colonist, July 15, 1921

Board met in regular session with all members present.

Delegates from Pasadena, Richland, Dade City, Darby, Phelps, Blanton and San Antonio, together with petitions from Hudson, Wesley Chapel, St. Joseph, Crystal Springs and Zephyrhills were before the Board asking an appropriation for the retention of the Home Demonstration Agent.

—The Board ruled that a school day shall consist of 5 ½ hours exclusive of all recesses, provided that primary grades might be dismissed at the end of the fifth hour.

The Superintendent’s salary for the year 1921-22 was fixed at $150.00 per month.

Teachers were assigned to the following schools:

Slaughter—Professor H.A. Hammer

Tucker—Miss Gertrude Ansley

Sand Pond—Miss Edith Slack

San Antonio—Mrs. Ida Dunne

Prospect—Mrs. Anna L. Guy

Pasco—Miss Florence Sessoms

Darby—Mrs. Marian Douglas

Clay Sink—Mrs. Gertrude Gant

Ehren—Professor G.E. O’Hara

Blanton—Miss Matilda Lou Mayo

The teachers for Zephyrhills were appointed as follows:

Professor R.H. Terry, Principal

Miss Hattie Caldwell

J.W. Bates

Mrs. Maggie Pennington

Miss Tabitha Johnson

Miss Lillie Geiger

July 5, 1921—Minutes indicate that R.H. Terry was principal of ZHS

Minutes of School Board, Zephyrhills Colonist, August 12, 1921

Board met in regular session with all members present…The Trustees of Zephyrhills came before the Board with a petition to retain Professor Corr as principal of the Zephyrhills school. Whereas the Board, on failure of Trustees to report at special meeting held on July 6 for the purpose of electing a principal of Zephyrhills, appointed Professor R.H. Terry by petition from patrons of said school.

School Opened Monday, Zephyrhills Colonist, September 2, 1921

Last Monday morning at eight o’clock the school bell sent out its call to the children of Zephyrhills and vicinity. It seems good to hear the old bell again. School starts out this year under the most favorable conditions. The faculty is composed of the best teachers that the board could pick throughout the state, and they come highly recommended. Let teachers and parents work together this year to make our school a success and one that we will be proud of.

Minutes of School Board, Zephyrhills Colonist, September 16, 1921

Board met in regular session with all members present. Minutes of the last meeting were read and approved as recorded…..

Rules and Regulations for Teachers

Every teacher is hereby directed and authorized—to labor faithfully and earnestly for the advancement of pupils in their studies, deportment and morals, and to embrace every opportunity to inculcate, by precept and example, the principles of truth, honesty, patriotism, and the practice of every Christian virtue. To require the pupils to observe personal cleanliness, neatness, order, promptness, and gentility of manners; to avoid vulgarity and profanity and to cultivate in them habits of industry and economy, a regard for the rights and feelings of others and their own responsibilities and duties as citizens.

A school-day shall consist of five and one-half hours, exclusive of all recesses. Teachers shall open school with appropriate exercises not later than nine o’clock, although only one pupil may be present. The habit of waiting for the majority of the pupils to be present before opening school is condemned and a teacher guilty of such waiting may be discharged.

Teachers shall prepare and post in the school house a program of daily exercises and send a copy to the county superintendent by the close of the first week in the term for his approval.

Teachers shall dismiss pupils from the school room at recess or at the close of the day in some regular order and require them to pass out of the room quietly. They should also be called to and dismissed from their recitations in systematic and regular order.

Pupils must assume a correct posture while reciting. No teacher can overlook a perfect development of the physical child.

School rooms must be kept neat and clean at all times. A basket or box should be kept for waste paper and litter.

Teachers must abstain from and prohibit the use of tobacco in all forms at all times in the school room or school grounds.

All teachers must be on the school grounds fifteen minutes before time for beginning the daily session and in no case during the daily session shall the school be left without at least one regular teacher in charge.

At the close of the day the teacher shall oversee and direct that each and every child goes directly home, unless armed with a written excuse to go elsewhere. Loitering on the road must not be permitted.

Teachers must attend the regular meetings of the county Teachers Institute and take part in the discussions when required to do so.

Teachers must deliver the keys and all school property to the supervisor on closing or suspending of the school and in all things to conform to the regulations of the department.

The practice of not giving a recess on Friday afternoon and dismissal at 2 or 3 o’clock is condemned.

An interesting literacy program may be taken up after recess at the end of which school may be dismissed. Otherwise the daily program must be followed.

Accompanying each monthly report, all tardiness on the part of the teacher must be reported to the county superintendent, the number of days in each case being specified.

Teachers’ reports and all bills on the Board of Public Instruction must be presented not later than Saturday next the first Monday in each month or lie over until the following month.

Teachers are held responsible for the school house, grounds, and furniture during the school term. Pupils found defacing school property should be dealt with accordingly.

Teachers are required to adhere strictly to the Course of Study; the time of the children must not be taken up with individual fads.

Teachers must allow no pupil to advance from a grade until he has successfully passed the required examination or after thoroughly mastering the work of that grade.

No teacher will receive the last month’s salary until the final report and other records are filed with the county superintendent, prepared according to rules hereinafter prescribed:

“Order in Heaven’s first law:” It must be maintained in the public schools and the teacher will have the hearty support and cooperation of the superintendent and Board in maintaining it.

School Concert, Zephyrhills Colonist, March 4, 1921

Monday night, March 7th at G.A.R. hall, a fine program will be given consisting of Choruses, Quartettes, duets, solos, recitations and orchestra music. Come everybody and enjoy an evening of pleasure and help the school. Admission is only 25 cents.

–T.L. Potter, Manager

Basket Ball Game New Years Day, Zephyrhills Colonist, December 30, 1920

Zephyrhills vs. St. Petersburg

Our local basketball team has secured a game with the St. Petersburg boys for New Years Day, to be played here. This is expected to be one of the best and fastest games of the season as both sides are lining up for a hard fight and everyone is invited to come out and see some snappy playing. The game will be called at 2:30 o ‘clock.

Class of 1912 is Oldest Person at ZHS Summer Alumni Reunion, Zephyrhills News, June 29, 1972

About 60 persons attending the third annual Zephyrhills High School Summer Alumni Homecoming and picnic were moved inside the Veterans of Foreign Wars building Sunday when rain threatened to drench the picnickers.

Everyone brought a covered dish and food ranged from sauerkraut salad to country-fried chicken.

Some people at the reunion had not seen each other for many years and the class of 1921 had a 100 % attendance, all three living graduates were there.

Members voted to hold future reunions during the last Sunday in June at the VFW building in Zephyrhills. New officers for the coming year are Nat Storms of Valrico, president; Jack Greene of Zephyrhills, vice president; Mrs. John Stephenson of Zephyrhills, secretary; and Mrs. Cynthia Wilson of Orlando, treasurer.

William “Jook” England of Miami, retiring president officiated over the election and business meting.

The oldest class represented was the Class of 1912 with one member present.

Traveling the greatest distance was former grade school teacher, Mrs. Edith Plank Morris and her son Jack of Tucson, Arizona.

Don Storms, Sr. of Plant City, formerly of Zephyrhills, where he has been a businessman, educator, church and civic leader, gave the invocation. Mr. Storms who graduated from Zephyrhills High School in 1912-13 (1912 when they only had 11 grades and 1913, the first year for the 12th grade) was also honored as representing the earliest class. As so often happens with reunions, more alumni came from other towns to attend, than alumni who still make their homes in the “old home town!”

Other interesting aspects of the gathering were the fact that the three surviving members of the class of 1921, who had been unable to get-together for their 50th anniversary, were present. The three out of the original seven were Miss Lou Genia Culbreath of Bushnell; Mrs. Grace Cripe Dew of Dade City and Edwin Stebbins of Orlando.

Three generations of alumni were also present in the family of Mrs. Dew, who was accompanied by her granddaughter, Debbie of Dade City. Mr. and Mrs. David Cripe, and Mrs. Alice Cripe Daniel, their nephew, Richard Gaskin of class of 1935; and his daughter, Miss Faye Gaskin, Class of 1964. Also present was Mrs. Celia Linkey Anderson, Class of 1929, who is now a member of the faculty at the University of South Florida.

Mr. Greene and his wife, Lillian Kress Greene, will be in charge of the arrangements for the 1973 reunion and will be assisted by last year’s officers: W.R. Bill England of Miami; Mrs. Joyce Baker Tyre of Zephyrhills, Mrs. Jaynell LeHeup of Crystal Springs, and Jim Ferguson of Zephyrhills. Mrs. Tyre, who was in charge of this year’s event, was given a vote of thanks and a round of applause. She was assisted by her daughter, Diane, son, Alan and brother, Bill Baker of St. Petersburg, Mrs. Bobbie Lou Hormuth of Zephyrhills, Miss LeHeup, Mrs. Stephenson, Mrs. Alvin (Stella Hougaboom) Russell, Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth (Helen Koontz) Cook, and Miss Martha Mae Keller, class of 1951, all of Zephyrhills.

All alumni present were reminded to plan to not only attend next year’s Summer Homecoming but to also plan to attend the regular winter Homecoming complete with Alumni Reception at the High School and the Homecoming parade and football game usually held in late November. They were encouraged to keep up with notices of such events through reading of our hometown’s excellent newspaper, the Zephyrhills News, and many made mention that was how they had learned of this year’s Alumni Reunion and picnic.

The Alumni present were asked to inform other relatives and friends who are ZHS Alumni via messages on Christmas cards, etc. Alumni who live out of this area are asked to turn their names and addresses into the secretary so that printed notices can be sent to them next year.

Besides those already mentioned other alumni in attendance included, Mrs. Nat (Alice Jenkins) Storms of Brandon; Mrs. Lionel G. (Angie Geiger) Skinner of Crystal Springs; Mrs. Harold (Grace Mott) Emery of Lake Wales; Mrs. Warren (Edith Mott) Bishop of Winter Park; Mrs. Warren (Rosemary Wallace)Trottman) of Zephyrhills; R.O. Plank of Lake Harbor; Eric Huber of Zephyrhills; Frank Stebbins of Eusis; Mrs. R.O. (Winnie Wingate) Plank of Lake Harbor; Miss Lucy Mae Knox, W.L. Smith and Mrs. Ayesha (Tanzler) Bucey, all of Zephyrhills, together with many of their families and other friends including former homeroom mothers and faculty members.

Alumni Reunion Draws 70 ZHS Grads for Talk on Old Days, Zephyrhills News, June 28, 1973

by Jaynell LeHeup

A very congenial group of 70 persons, alumni of Zephyrhills High School, families and friends met Sunday afternoon in the “Common” Room of the Bank of Zephyrhills for the annual “Summer Homecoming” and ZHS Alumni Association Reunion.

Even though there were crowded quarters, which somewhat restricted circulation of the guests, a most enjoyable time of reminiscing was the order of the day.

Edwin Stebbins—1921, of Orlando gave a short talk on the early history of the town of Zephyrhills. A member of the ZHS Class of 1921, Mr. Stebbins’ father, uncles, and grandfather were among the founders of Zephyrhills.

The alumna present who is parent of the largest family was Mrs. William (Grace Cripe-‘21) Dew of Dade City, mother of nine children and member of the class of 1921.

ZHS Alumni Boost Stadium Fund, Zephyrhills News, June 9, 1978

A large, enthusiastic crowd of home-towners, out-of-towners, and guests picnicked at the 9th annual reunion of the ZHS Alumni and Friends…. Special introductions were made for D.A. Storms of Plant City; the earliest ZHS graduate present, class of 1914 and a longtime school board member, church and civic leader and merchant of Zephyrhills. Among his interesting remarks is a touching comment that “Zephyrhills will always be home.” This sentiment was echoed by many others who now reside away from the old hometown. Storms said he was on the school board when the first school buses were purchased for Zephyrhills schools. Until then pupils were transported in privately-owned trucks and cars and paid on contract. Mrs. Betty Jean Thomas Lott, Class of 1949, remembered that her mother had been one of those contract drivers. Mrs. Grace Cripe Dew, Class of 1921, also remarked that she had been both a teacher and contract driver and was paid more for her job as driver than as teacher!

On Apr. 21, 1921, the Zephyrhills Colonist reported the graduates of Zephyrhills High School were Lue Genia Culbreath, Grace Cripe, Nellie Ford, Edwin Stebbins, Warren Haynes, and Roy Stewart.

ZHS Alumni and Friends Prepare for Gala Reunion Here in June, Zephyrhills News, May 24, 1979

As the end of the school year activities are becoming the order of the day, thoughts are also being focused on the upcoming Zephyrhills High School Alumni and Friends Reunion……

Both contributing to and recording historical highlights of Zephyrhills will be Mrs. Warren (Rosemary Wallace) Trottman, who has gained fame in her hometown as the author of the most interesting—“The History of Zephyrhills,” the story of this area from 1821 to 1921. Mrs. Trottman is now working on another book which will cover the years 1921 until 1981. It is hoped that she will again have autographed copies of her book on sale as she did at last year’s reunion.

ZHS Faithful Attend Reunion, Zephyrhills News, July 5, 1990

Over 300 ZHS Alumni and Friends attended the 21st annual reunion which was held June 24 at the Zephyrhills Lions Club on Dead Dairy Road. President Cecil McGavern Jr. gave a welcome and announced the ZHS ROTC Color Guard to present the flag for the Pledge of Allegiance and singing of God Bless America.

…..The oldest graduate present was Grace Cripe Dew from the class of 1921…

Notice, Zephyrhills Colonist, March 25, 1921

To the Private Housekeepers—

I beg of you to throw your homes open to the Normal students for the coming normal. The hotels and boarding houses have done this, but a great many students prefer to board in private homes. Please let me know the number you can take and the rate both with board and without board—Respectfully, P.W. Corr.

 Play bill published in the Zephyrhills Colonist on March 25, 1921 with this underneath—

Be sure to see “Blundering Billy,” Saturday night, April 2 at eight o’clock in the G.A. R. Hall. Buy your tickets early for 20 cents and 35 cents.

Advertisement of School Supplies in the Zephyrhills Colonist, September 30, 1921—ran for three weeks.

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