Zephyrhills High School – 1913


Highlights of 1913

1913 marked the first grade 12 graduation at Zephyrhills High School. The town was growing. A booklet was published about the town for the purpose of recruiting people to live in the community. It featured information about the school. The booklet sold for ten cents and was featured as a picture book of Zephyrhills. Below are four pages from the book entitled, “Zephyrhills, Florida—Winter 1912-13—Picture Book.”

The 1913 faculty of Zephyrhills: William Cleveland Finney, Mrs. W.C. Finney, Miss Holmes, Muriel Storms, Ruth Sumner, Miss Birdena Schenck, Miss Lillie Geiger, Vassar C. Matthews, Miss Lillian Carter, Miss Nina Percival. (photo below)

Miss Nina Percival who taught at Zephyrhills in 1913-14 and 1914-15, holds the record for years of service to teaching. (As of the publishing of the History of Zephyrhills, in 1978). She taught fifty years including substitute work after retirement. The Pioneer Museum has the retirement plaque of Miss Percival with signatures of hundreds of her students on display.  Below is a photo of Miss Percival’s plaque…she was a teacher at Zephyrhills High School.

Wynfred Briggs of the Class of 1913 is pictured in photo from ZHS reunion article, Zephyrhills News, June 28, 1973.

Recalling Past Times…, Zephyrhills News, July 1, 1976 by Jaynell LeHeup

Don Storms was recognized for being the earliest ZHS graduate present. He also had the distinction of receiving two graduation diplomas from ZHS, the 11th grade graduation in 1913 and then when it became a 12th grade graduation institution school in 1914. Mr. Storms also brought his very interesting photo albums with pictures from Zephyrhills earliest days right on to pictures from last year’s reunion, which he graciously shared with others.

ZHS Alumni Set 6th Reunion…Last Graduates left in 1926, Zephyrhills News, May 29, 1975

A covered dish dinner at the new community center in Zephyr Park is planned June 29 when ZHS Alumni Association holds its annual reunion…. Other early graduates who attended last year’s reunion were Don Storms, class of 1912; Winifred Briggs, class of 1913….

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