History of the Loyce School, Pasco County, Florida


The Loyce School

Loyce (the town)

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An 1885-86 list of Hernando County schools shows a Loyce School.

The 1886-87 Florida State Gazetteer shows Mrs. Nina Tracey as the teacher at Loyce.

School board minutes of Sept. 5, 1887, show the Loyce school (#6) with trustees P. B. Hogue, D. E. Winham, and David Gillett.

A deed dated Sept. 13, 1889, transferred property in S10 T24 R18 from D. E. Winham and M. E. Winham to the school board. According to Jeff Cannon, this deed has “Beulah School” and “Loyce” written on it.

A 1913-14 roster of pupils at Loyce school #28 shows the teacher is named Southwick (?).

Pupil rosters from 1913 to 1920 show the teacher is Nina Tracy.

A 1921 pupil roster for Loyce school #28 shows G. E. O’Hara as the teacher.

A 1921-22 pupil roster for Loyce school #28 shows Violet D. Gant as the teacher.

On Aug. 11, 1922, the Dade City Banner reported that J. C. Gant, trustee of district 28, Loyce, offered to devote all the special tax money on hand, except such as would be needed to maintain the school for six months, to the building of a new school house and asked the board to furnish the balance, amounting to about a hundred dollars. The board agreed to his proposal.

In August 1922, Mrs. Violet D. Gant was appointed to teach at Loyce, no. 28.

A 1925 pupil roster for Loyce school #28 shows Bessie M.Voorhees as the teacher.

A 1926 pupil roster for Loyce school #28 shows Millie (?) B. Gray as the teacher.

A 1927 pupil roster of Loyce school #28 shows W. E. Trottman as the teacher.

A 1927 map shows the Loyce school in Section 10, centered north-south and on the eastern edge of the W ¼. This is about two miles NNW of the town of Loyce on an unnamed road running roughly parallel to State Hwy 5 (now U. S. 41) and about 1½ miles west of U. S. 41.

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