Summaries of Hernando County, Florida, School Board Minutes, 1877-1887


Summaries of School Board Minutes, 1877-1887

The following are summaries of the Hernando County School Board minutes dating from Oct. 1877 to 1887, just before Hernando was divided into Citrus, Hernando, and Pasco counties. During this time the Hernando County School Board Superintendent’s office was located in the county courthouse. The 1877 school board records are the oldest known school board records that exist because the 1877 courthouse fire destroyed earlier records. The information contained in this summary pertains directly to particular schools or teachers; information pertaining to the everyday business of the Hernando County School Board is not included. This summary was compiled and transcribed by Jeff Cannon.

SEPTEMBER 29, 1877

The loss of the records with all the papers pertaining to the Board by the burning of the Court House at one o’clock A.M. this day prevents the reading of the minutes of the last meeting.

On motion it was resolved that the Supt. be authorized to organize schools upon petition of patrons representing ten pupils within the school age and the teachers be paid at the rate of one dollar per month per capita per pupils in actual attendance.

It was further resolved that the Supt. be empowered to examine candidates for teaching.

OCTOBER 1, 1877

List of schools commencing this date.

NOVEMBER 24, 1877

The account of B. L. Blackburn teacher of school no. 9 at Live Oak for teaching said school for period of one month was presented for payment. The Board refused to pay the same by reason of violation of contract by said teacher which provided that he should teach for a period of three months but privilege is hereby granted said teacher to return and finish balance of term out anytime during the present scholastic year.

The account for McKowen and Keathly for chairs was presented and the sum of nine dollars ordered paid.

MARCH 23, 1878

A petition by Mr. Ravisies for the establishment of a public school within two miles of the Fort Dade Seminary was presented and upon vote the Board refused the comply with the same as it would be in violation of the regulation establishing school houses at least four miles apart.

JUNE 12, 1878

It was ordered that during the Scholastic year commencing October 1st 1878 a term of four months public school be taught at all public schools now organized or maybe hereafter established.

JUNE 29, 1878

The Board was called together this day by the Supt. to consider the petition for establishment of a public school at Liberty Church two miles from school no. 30 at Lake Charlie-Apopka. The petition set forth the fact that the Lake and Saw Grass were impassible for children in attending school no. 30. The Board therefore granted said petition.

It was further ordered that from and after this date all teachers be required to make affidavit to the corrections of their school reports and registers.

JULY 27, 1878

The Board met this day pursuant to call of the Supt. to consider a petition from Wesley Chappel School no. 10 for two months term of school as there was not time during the present scholastic year to teach a three month term. The Board after an examination of the law decided that a two month term could not be allowed Isn sec: 38. p.p.15 School Law.

An account in favor of R.E. Quinn for making Sect’ desk amounting to the sum of eighteen dollars was ordered and paid.

OCTOBER 1, 1878

List of schools for scholastic year commencing this date.

DECEMBER 30, 1878

Pursuant to a call made heretofore by the Supt. Co. Schools the teachers apart of them under contract at this date meet at this place for the organization of a Teacher’s Institute. [Note the teachers Institute was just as it is named, it was an Institute for the teachers of Public School in Hernando County where they learned. These were early training in-services for the teachers of the School Board. All Institutes were called by the Supt of School and were held at the courthouse in Brooksville where the Supt. office was located.]


Benj. L. Blackburn

A.H. Aderhold

J.M. Craver

Wm. P. Jowans

Mrs. Law

S.A. Hall

A.H. Ravisies

Mrs. M.J. Adams

Capitola Frierson

Amanda Mills

Plum Russell

S. Stringer. Co. Supt Schools

JANUARY 2, 1879

Notice was given this day to Amanda Mills of her suspension as Teacher on account of false monthly reports made while teaching school no. 32 and Saturday 4th inst. appointed for a hearing before the Board of Public Instruction.

JANUARY 4, 1879

The object of today’s meeting was to hear Amanda Mills defense to the charge of a fraudulent monthly report made by the county Supt. The D’ft asked till Saturday 11th inst. to bring the Register and other papers of the school she had been teaching to exhibit to the Board. Time was granted as asked and the Board adjourned till Saturday 11th inst.

JANUARY 11, 1879

The object of the meeting be to consider the suspension of Amanda Mills as teacher. The case was discussed and after due examination of Register of School taught by the D’ft and examination of witnesses in the following manner. The suspension of Amanda Mills as teacher in this County is hereby sustained but by vote of the Board she is allowed the sum of thirty dollars for services rendered.

JUNE 30, 1879

A petition from Mr. J. W. Wector to teach a three month term of school as there was not time sufficient to teach a four month term before the expiration of the scholastic year was presented by the Supt. and duly considered by the Board. The petition was not granted as it would be in violation of regulation announced at commencement of school year. To wit: “That a four month term should be taught at all the public schools in the County.”

SEPTEMBER 30, 1879

A petition from Spring Valley was presented for consideration of the Board for the establishment of a public school at that place and petition granted.

On motion it was ordered that the Public Schools now organized be taught for a term of three months during the scholastic year of 1879-80 and the said term be taught without intermission unless suspended by written consent of the trustees based upon the prevalence of contagious diseases in said school.

On motion it was ordered that the County Supt. receive and act on petitions for removal of school houses for short distances.

List of School for year of 1879-80

OCTOBER 11, 1879

The object of the meeting was to hear the vindication of John C. Jordan, teacher, upon the charge of an attempt to have carnal connections with one of his female pupils while teaching a public school in this County. Said charge preferred by the County Supt. upon the affidavit W.A. Duval trustee of School No. 31 at Liberty Church. Mr Jordan made a statement under oath before the Board and produced the statements of the Parents of said pupil and statement of said pupil also in his defense. After a fair and careful examination of the charge the Board decided that although Mr. Jordan was very indiscreet he was not guilty of any criminal act and was therefore honorably acquitted and was retained in the employ of the Board.

DECEMBER 5, 1879

This day a circular letter was sent to all the Teachers in the employ of the Board requesting them to assemble at the place Monday 17th inst. 11 o’clock A.M. for the purpose of organizing a teachers institute.

The following are names of said teachers:

Viz: John Raymond

B.L. Blackburn

John E. Savage

D.G. McMullen

Robert O. Carter

M.J. Adams

J.C. Jordan

Kate Davis

R.W. Hill

E.S. Benson

V. Alberson

S.J. Simmons

N.A. Alberson

Thomas S. Winn

Eliza Cary

N.M. Moody

W.P. Jowers

Plum Russell

Edmund Boyd

Sallie R. Carter

[Note the teachers Institute was just as it is named, it was an Institute for the teachers of Public School in Hernando County where they learned. These were early training in-services for the teachers of the School Board. All Institutes were called by the Supt of School and were held at the courthouse in Brooksville where the Supt. office was located.]

DECEMBER 17, 1879

In response to call of County Supt. dated Dec. 5, 1879 for teachers to assemble at this place for the purpose of organizing a teachers institute today the following Ladies and Gentlemen answered

To Wit: Mrs. N.A. Alberson

Robert O. Cater

B.L. Blackburn

W.P. Jowers

Virgil Alberson

John E. Savage

Samuel Simmons

John C. Jordan

Plum Russell

This particular Institute ended on Dec. 19, 1879.

[Note the teachers Institute was just as it is named, it was an Institute for the teachers of Public School in Hernando County where they learned. These were early training in-services for the teachers of the School Board. All Institutes were called by the Supt of School and were held at the courthouse in Brooksville where the Supt. office was located.]

JUNE 28, 1880

It was suggested by the County Supt. that at the next regular meeting of the Board all the school trustees of this County and all the licensed teachers be invited to meet the Board for the purpose of discussing school matters of interest to the County.


The Board resolved to have all the schools now organized or that may be organized hereafter during the next scholastic year be taught for a period of three months and that the sum of 90/100 dollars be paid per month per pupil for actual attendance

A petition from a large number of patrons of the Brooksville Colored School for the removal of Henry Harper as trustee of the same and the appointment of Jack Peck in his place was considered and granted.

SEPTEMBER 30, 1880

Tabular list of Public Schools for scholastic year commencing Oct. 1, 1880.

DECEMBER 4, 1880

The object of the meeting being to re-establish certain portions of School Board record destroyed by fire Sept. 29, 1877 and for other purposes it was ordered that the following be recorded as part of the lost record above referred to wit: The annual salary of the County Supt. shall be the sum of two hundred dollars. [Note: Interestingly enough the only thing discussed regarding the re-establishment of the records consisted of the superintendents salary.]

The necessity for a Teachers Institute being considered, it was decided to call one for 20th inst. and the following teachers now in employ of the Board were duly notified to assemble at this place on the day specified for the purpose stated. Viz:

Robert O. Carter

Lizzie E. Barry

J.C. Longwell

B.L. Blackburn

Miss Sallie Kline

B.L. Ray

Brown Mayo

M.J. Adams

Miss Banco

R.W. Hill

John E. Savage

N.A. Alberson

E.B. Edwards

M.A. Aderhold

J.B. Lastinger

Thomas S. Winn

Eliza Carry

W. Jackson

Miss L.H. McKenney

J.H. Thomas

C.C.W. Minn

This being in all probability the last meeting the present Members of the Board will hold, they take pleasure in stating that the present system of administering the school law in the County has proven satisfactory to the patrons, Teachers and the Board and will with economy and honest reports from teachers enable our successors to carry on the present number of organized public schools for the balance of the scholastic year without falling in debt. We therefore with great respect command the same to their favorable consideration for continuance.

DECEMBER 20, 1880

The Teachers Institute met this day pursuant to call of County Supt. of Schools. Present:

Robert O. Carter

J.C. Longwell

John E. Savage

B.L. Ray

M.A. Aderhold

B.L. Blackburn

J.B. Lastinger

M.J. Adams

E.B. Edwards

This Teachers Institute lasted until Dec. 22, 1880.

APRIL 2, 1881

Upon petition the patrons of the Spivey neighborhood on Hillsboro River, a public school known as School no. 48, and situated near John Spivey and named Spivey School was established.

MAY 28, 1881

On motion of George Geiger the school in Davis Settlement No. 32, Col. was discontinued, as one of no necessity.

Brooksville Crescent presented an account of ($5.00) Five Dollars for advertising by order of Supt. and on motion of J.E. Burnside the same was ordered paid.

J. C. Craver of Anclote for the pay of children of Hernando, taught at Public School by him in Hillsboro County, and as he had not complied with the law; it was refused.

SEPTEMBER 30, 1881

First the board proceeded to revise and establish schools for the scholastic year commencing Oct. 1, 1881 and ending Sept. 30, 1882 and the following is said result of revision.

To wit School No. 1- Enterprise

No. 2- Willow Oak

No. 3- New Hope

No. 4- Brushy Branch

No. 5- Sea Island

No. 6- Prospect

No. 7- Crystal River

No. 8- Pine Level

No. 9- Live Oak

No. 10- Wesley Chapel

No. 11- Russell Hill Col.

No. 12- Cartersville Academy

No. 13- Brooksville Col.

No. 14- Townsend House

No. 15- Mt. Pleasant Col.

No. 16- Middle Ground

No. 17- Wooley Pond

No. 18- New River

No. 19- Shady Grove

No. 20- Union School

No. 21- Ft. Cooper

No. 22- Ballies School

No. 23- Anclote

No. 24- Langs School

No. 25- Pine Grove

No. 26- Lake Lindsey

No. 27- Pleasant Plains

No. 28- Mills Ferry

No. 29- Brooksville (white)

No. 30- Charlie Apopka

No. 31- Crystal River col.

No. 32- Surveyors Pond

No. 33- Red Level

No. 34- West End

No. 35- Spring Valley

No. 36- Tillis Hammock

No. 37- Hunters Hill

No. 38- Crystal Rock

No. 39- Saxon Place Col.

No. 40- Hickory Island

No. 41- Oak Grove

No. 42- Spivey School

No. 43- Clay Sink

No. 44- Emmaus

-On motion of James Oberry it was ordered that the formerr trustees remain, unless Supt. thinks best to change by recommendation of the patrons.

On motion of James E. Burnside, Linton Bird was paid ten 10/100 for services as teacher of Public School No. 41 at Oak Grove.

On motion all schools claiming up to date were paid.

Motion of James E. Burnside, the account of $5.00 five dollars to Crescent Office for printing Blank Drafts were ordered paid.

On motion G. Geiger it was ordered that no Trustee be appointed only be recommendation of the patrons, unless Supt. thought it best to the contrary, being governed by circumstances.

On motion of James E. Burnside it was ordered and passed that the annual salary of the Co. Supt. be ($200.00) Two Hundred Dollars.

By motion of James E. Burnside the Board agreed to pay Teachers for the Scholastic Year commencing Oct. 1st 1881 and ending Sept. 30th 1882, ($1.00) per school per scholar for actual attendance.

On motion it was ordered that R. E. Quinn be paid ($1.00) one dollar for black board.

On motion of George Geiger, it was ordered that the teacher of Hickory Island School No. 40 be paid a salary of ($18.00) Eighteen Dollars per month for the school term (3 months) the ensuing school year.

Brushy Branch School No. 4 and Emmaus School No. 44 have been abolished. It was moved by James Oberry that they be re-established and it was so ordered.

APRIL 3, 1882

The Board attended to the examination of Mrs. C. F. Willingham as to her competency as a teacher of Public Schools and found her qualified.

Attended to the issuance of Drafts and adjourned from the Supt office. Up in the Court Room when the following teachers responded to the call of their names, to wit:

B.L. Blackburn

Robert O. Carter

A.S. Robinson

B.L. Ray

Mrs. C.F. Willingham

and letters of excuse was read from several and they were excused as many contained words of cheer for the cause of education.

JULY 29, 1882

The Board for the purpose of getting a higher standing of Teachers was to promote the cause of Education found that twice of two schools being taught at the same place, was necessary that there should be no teacher be allowed or recommended to teach said school or schools unless he or she could stand an examination that would entitle them to a second class certificate.

Therefore proceeding to Grade and Abolish Schools with the following results, To wit:

No. 1— Enterprise— Second Class School

No. 2— Willow Oak— Second Class School

No. 3— New hope— Second Class School

No. 4— Brushy Branch— Second Class School

Sea Island formerly No. 5 abolished

No. 5— Prospect— Second Class School

No. 6— Crystal River— Second Class School

No. 7— Pine Level— Second Class School

No. 8— Live Oak— Second Class School

No. 9— Wesley Chapel— Second Class School

No. 10— Russell Hill Col.— Second Class School

No. 11— Cartersville— Second Class School

No. 12— Brooksville Col.— Second Class School

No. 13— Townsend House— Second Class School

No. 14— Mount Pleasant— Second Class School

No. 15— Middle Ground— Second Class School

No. 16— Wooley Pond— Second Class School

No. 17— New River— Second Class School

No. 18— Shady Grove— Second Class School

No. 19— Union School— Second Class School

No. 20— Ft. Cooper— Second Class School

No. 21— Baillies School— Second Class School

No. 22— Anclote— Second Class School

No. 23— Langs School— Second Class School

No. 24— Pine Grove— Second Class School

No. 25— Lake Lindsey— Second Class School

No. 26— Mills Ferry— Second Class School

No. 27— Brooksville— Second Class School

No. 28— Chala Apopka— Second Class School

No. 29— Crystal River Col. now abolished

No. 30— Surveyors Pond— Second Class School

No. 31— Red Level— Second Class School

No. 32— West End— Second Class School

No. 33— Spring Valley— Second Class School

No. 34— Tillis Hammock— Second Class School

No. 35— Hunters Hill— Second Class School

No. 36— Crystal Rock— 3 Class School

No. 37— Saxon Place Col.— Second Class School

No. 38— Hickory Island— Second Class School

No. 39— Oak Grove— Second Class School

No. 40— Spivey School— Second Class School

No. 41— Clay Sink— 3 Class School

No. 42— Emmaus— 2 Class School

No. 43— County Line— 3 Class School

AUGUST 31, 1882

The Supt. was absent on account of sickness.

SEPTEMBER 29 & 30, 1882

List of Public Schools in Hernando County 1882-83

Oak Pond was established by uniting Sea Island and Spivey School.

On motion Saxon School Colored was abolished, the Board believing that one Colored School was sufficient for Brooksville and in just defense of the taxpayers of Hernando Co that Brooksville Col. No. 12 should answer every legitimate purpose.

Crystal River Col School the Board declares discontinuing.

Therefore leaving (41) Forty One public schools established at this date for the scholastic year commencing Oct. 1st 1882 and ending September 30th 1883.

The Supt. reports that teachers have been even at this date secured for about 15 of the schools.

The Board Congratulates that she is out of debt and has on hand Cash Money after paying all of her teachers for the scholastic year ending Sept. 30th 1882. The pretty sum of $852.87.

FEBRUARY 5, 1883

On motion T.C. Cato and Jasper Redding were appointed Trustees of Public School No. 20.

It was moved and seconded that the present Supt. A.M.C. Russell, be paid for salary and contingent expenses the sum of four hundred ($400.00) per annum, from date, of commission. Motion passed unanimously.

MARCH 5, 1883

It was ordered that a public school be established at Spring Hill to be known as Public School No. 19. The following are appointed trustees of said school to wit: J. J. McKeown, J. B. Law and H. T. Lykes.

MAY 7, 1883

Superintendent Report

To The County School Board—


I have the honor of presenting to your honorable board the following report of my official acts during the First Quarter of 1883 ending with March 31st. Entered upon the duties of my office on January 8th 1883. Recorded proceeding of your Board held on Feb. 8th 1883. Attended meeting of County School Board held on March 5, Recorded proceeding. At the same time established Spring Hill Public School No. 44 in accordance with your orders. Issued warrants and for the payment of the following teachers on the day and month mentioned:

Feb. 5, 1883— Mrs. F. Gresham teacher of Pub. School No. 21 for— $22.50

Feb. 5, 1883— Miss G.F. Morton teacher of Pub. School at Davidson— $13.91

Feb. 5, 1883— Mrs. N.A. Alberson teacher of Lake Lindsey School No. 25— $23.71

Jan. 27, 1883— A.S. Robinson teacher of Hunter Hill School No. 33— $24.00

March 7, 1883— Mrs. L.T. Walker teacher of Brooksville School No. 27— $70.00

March 7, 1883— R.S. Pringle teacher of Clear Lake School No. ——- $38.00

March 12, 1883— Miss Carrie Alexander teacher of Townsend House School No. 13— $62.97

March 12, 1883— Mollie A. Lee teacher of Cartersville School No. 11— $19.00

March 20, 1883— W.W. Chaney teacher of Baillies School No. 21— $20.00

Jan. 27, 1883— C.C. Johnson teacher of Brooksville Col. School No. 12— $135.00

March 26, 1883— W.W. Chaney teacher of Baillies School No. 21— $20.00

March 15, 1883— Miss Mollie A. Lee teacher of Cartersville School No. 11— $21.00

March 30, 1883— Nellie E. Evans teacher of Prospect School No. 5— $49.50

Total Teachers 11, Schools 11, Amount $1519.59

During the Quarter I have visited the following schools:

March 6, 1883— Townsend House School No. 13, teacher Miss Carrie Alexander

March 8, 1883— Clear Lake School No. 40, teacher R.S. Pringle

March 22, 1883— Ft. Cooper School No. 20, teacher Mrs. F. Gresham

March 28, 1883— Baillies School No. 21, teacher W. W. Chaney

and examined teacher and pupils.

On March 19, I examined and issued a 2nd class certificate to J.G. McLean, teacher.

I entered into contract with the following teachers on:

Jan. 12, 1883— Mrs. F. Gresham teacher of Ft. Cooper School No. 21

March 19, 1883— J.G. McLean teacher of Emmaus School No. 38

March 24, 1883— C.C. McMinn teacher of Spring Valley School No. 32

March 5, 1883— Miss Alice Peterson teacher of Spring Hill School No. 44

at each $1.00 per month per scholar per actual attendance.

I spent ten days in visiting the four schools above mentioned. The patrons of the Public Schools visited agreed to supplement the public school term by at least three months private school. I have addressed the people on the subject of education wherever I have gone. Interest in the cause of education is rapidly on the increase, and prospects for the future are hopeful.

Respectfully Submitted

A.M.C. Russell

Supt. Common Schools

On motion the Florida Crescent was requested to publish the report of the Supt for the information of the people

A petition from the citizens of Ellerslie praying that Fort Broome public school be removed from its present location to Ellerslie was presented by the Supt. It was ordered that the prayer of the petition be granted.

On motion it was ordered that a public school be taught at Lake Lindsey for the benefit of those children who could not attend by reason of distance during the regular term the school having been taught some distance from the lake.

JUNE 4, 1883

On motion it was ordered that Cove Bend School be changed for the present term from Cove Bend to Liberty Church.

An account of the Florida Crescent for $7.00 for advertisement was presented and ordered paid.

On motion J.C. Clements, President of the Board, was authorized to examine the teacher of Cove Pond Public School and if found proficient to grant him a certificate.


The following named persons were appointed trustees of Brooksville Public School no. 27, to wit: A.F. Brown, T.S. Coogler, S. Stringer, W.J.Barnett and C.C. Keathly.

On motion a petition from the citizens of the Flat Woods settlement asking for the establishment of a public school was submitted for examination and decision to the Supt.

Ordered that public school be established at the head of the Chesowiskee River.

Tabular list of public school commencing Oct. 1, 1883

The following resolution was offered and seconded. Resolved— That J.G. McLean be instructed not to commence Emmaus Public School and ordered to appear at the next regular meeting of the Board, on the first Monday in October prox., to explain irregularities appearing in the Register of said while being taught by him during the present scholastic year. The resolution was adopted.

On motion G.W. Geiger, Joe Mills and Henry Harper were declared trustees of Brooksville Public School no. 12 (Colored) in place of Will Jeems, Sam Waiters and Jack Peck removed.

On motion the Supt. was instructed to notify one trustee at each school to make out and bring or send up to the Board a correct list of the Scholar enrolled at his school for the ensuing Scholastic year, for the inspection and information of the Board, at its next regular meeting on the first Monday in October next.

OCTOBER 1, 1883

The investigation of the condition of the Public Schools of the County was taken up and the roll of Trustees was revised.

Enterprise School no. 1 was ordered discontinued

Ellerslie School no. 43 was ordered changed to no. 1

Ordered that teachers of the Public Schools of Hernando County be paid according to actual attendance of pupils during the ensuing year.

Ordered that the Public School of this County be taught during the ensuing Scholastic year for a term of four months and the teachers be paid one dollar per scholar per month for actual attendance.

Ordered that Brushy Branch Public School be changed in name to Emmaus and that both be consolidated and given the number of Brushy Branch School viz: No. 4.

Ordered that Emmaus and Willow Oak Public Schools be continued.

On motion the Supt. was invested with authority to find out the will of the majority of the patrons of Mt. Pleasant School in regard to change of name, location and teacher to act in accordance with that will.

NOVEMBER 5, 1883

The Supt. reported his visit to Mt. Pleasant (Col.) School and the result, the Board decided to retain the Trustees of said School and remove the teacher.

Ordered that the Crescent Newspaper be paid $2.50 for publishing notice as per account rendered.

Ordered that George Mills be discontinued at his own request as Trustee of Kalon School and continued as Trustee of Mill’s Ferry School.

DECEMBER 3, 1883

Ordered that Crystal Rock School, not having 10 pupils, be suspended, with recommendation to get the requisite number if possible.

An account of S.W. Perry for $20.00 for teaching Crystal Rock School presented. Not allowed, because of irregularities and non-compliance with the regulation of the Board.

Ordered that public School be established at San Antonio.

Ordered that a public School be established at Ft. Taylor.

FEBRUARY 4, 1884

Pursuant to call of Supt. of Public Schools, the Teachers Institute of Hernando County met and organized, the following teachers being present: Dr. R.S. Pringle, George A. Brock, E.A. Harrison, and Rev. A.M.C. Russel, ex-office President. [Note the teachers Institute was just as it is named, it was an Institute for the teachers of Public School in Hernando County where they learned. These were early training in-services for the teachers of the School Board. All Institutes were called by the Supt of School and were held at the courthouse in Brooksville where the Supt. office was located.]

On motion E.A. Harrison was elected Secretary pro-term.

Moved by E.A. Harrison and seconded, that the President appoint a Committee of three to draft a program for the next meeting— Carried.

The President appointed the following gentlemen to act as said committee, to wit: E.A. Harrison, R.S. Pringle, George A. Brock.

After proper consideration the committee reported the following program which was adopted:

1. Opening of first session with President Address the following lectures will be delivered during the session.

2. “On Discipline”, by Mr. George A. Brock

3. “On Elocution”, by Rev. R.E. Bell

4. “On Grammar” and Composition”, by Dr. R.S. Pringle

5. “On Geography and History”, by Mr. E.A. Harrison

6. “On Mathematics”, by Prof. Frank P. Orcutt

7. “Closing Remarks”, by Col. E.A. Perry

The subject suggested by these lectures shall be opened to discussion by the members of the Institute.

On motion the Brooksville “Crescent” and Fort Dade “Messenger” were requested to publish the aforesaid program.

APRIL 5, 1884

On motion the following resolution was adopted: Whereas, it has come to our knowledge that Dr. R.S. Pringle has been deporting himself at this place in a manner unbecoming a teacher of the Public Schools of Hernando County, therefore, “Resolved, that Dr. R. S. Pringle be notified by the Supt. that a repetition of late improper conduct will involve forfeiture of his present school and right to teach in the Public Schools of this County thereafter.”

The following Schools were discontinued: Live Oak, Anclote, Mills Ferry, Surveyor’s Pond, West End, Brushy Branch, County Line, Chesowiskie, North Fort Dade.

Orange Grove School was ordered established at the place recommended in the petition.

JUNE 2, 1884

On motion Mrs. M.J. Adams was ordered to appear before the Board at its next regular meeting to show cause, if any she has, why she should not be forbidden to teach in this County hereafter, on account of fraudulent charges made by her against the county for teaching Ft. Taylor School No. 49 for the year 1883-84, also to show cause why her certificate as teacher should not be canceled for the same reason. The following witnesses were ordered summoned to appear in this case at the next regular meeting to wit: Dick Edwards, Berry Hughs, John Fagen and Asa Giles

JULY 7, 1884

It was ordered that a public school be established at Hebron Church, and the appointment of M. W. Page, N.A. Williams and A.M. White as Trustees.

On motion it was ordered that Hickory Island School be granted $18.00 per month for pay of Teacher for teaching said school.


It was ordered that the account of the School Board of Hillsboro county against this Board for teaching to pupils (average attendance) belonging to Hernando County, for 4 months amounting to $24.00 be paid.

The account of the Trustees of Anclote in Hillsboro County for teaching certain children of Hernando County was presented and rejected, with instructions to have it presented and certified to by the Supt. of Hillsboro County.

The case of Mrs. M.J. Adams was continued until the next meeting and she is to be notified, unless she appears to answer the charges, she will be barred from teaching in Hernando County.

Ordered that public school no. 8 be re-established and removed to Spring Lake.

Application of Mr. Greenleif and others for a school at Riverside was laid on the table to be acted on at next meeting.

Resolution offered by J.R. Oberry, seconded by J.S. Colding and unanimously adopted, Resolved, hereafter no school shall be established when there are no houses to accommodate them.

The following resolution was unanimously adopted, Resolved- In large communities where the number of children will justify it (where there are 50 or more children of school age to attend school) the

Supt. is authorized to establish one or more additional schools according to the need of the community.

OCTOBER 6, 1884

The case of Mrs. M.J. Adams taken up and after consideration the charges against her withdrawn and the case discharged.

Petition of the citizens of Matchet Lake for the establishment of a public school presented and granted.

Petition of citizens to establish school in Township 21 Range 20 East was presented and on motion was laid on the table for further consideration.

Petition of citizens for establishment of public school in Oakdale was presented and granted.

The petition of citizens of public school no. 8 was presented and granted.

The petition of citizens for establishment of public school at Tuckertown was presented and granted.

The communication of Prof. G. W. Eatherly in regards to the Clear Lake and Spring Valley School was read and the contents duly considered. The Board resolved them to take no action in the matter.

The trustees of Spring Valley School petitioned the Board to change the location and name of said school to Blanton, which was granted.

Account of J. T. Pittman for teaching Bailey Public school for one month was presented and ordered paid.

Account of Brooksville Crescent for advertisements ordered paid.

Account of Brooksville Register for advertisements ordered paid.

Petition of citizens for the establishment of a public school at Lockhart Prairie presented and granted.

Supt. instructed to examine the proposed location of school in J. R. Temple neighborhood and report at next regular meeting.

DECEMBER 1, 1884

Petition of Hickory Island School presented a petition requesting a change in location from Hickory Island to Bay Island. After due consideration the Board decided to reject the petition of the patrons until they shall have land and a house for school purposes.

The citizens of the Hebron neighborhood presented a petition requesting for the establishment of a school was granted upon the consideration that they erect a school house.

The citizens of the neighborhood west of the Anuttulaga hammock presented a petition requesting the establishment of a school to be called Anuttulaga. The petition was granted and Trustees appointed for said school.

The Board authorized the Supt. to employ assistant teachers for schools containing fifty or more. Supt was further authorized to pay them for their services one dollar per pupil per month for actual attendance for all pupils beyond the number of 40.

APRIL 6, 1885

Mr. W. Allen appeared and tendered his position as trustee of Shady Grove school no. 18, which was accepted.

An application was made for a school to be located at Tomkinsville [Inverness]. It was granted and blanks etc. forwarded to Mrs. H.M. Baker who was recommended as teacher.

Mr. Eichenlamb tendered his resignation as trustee of Orange Grove School no. 21 was accepted.

Upon representation made Mr. C. C. Clements, Mr. Arkinbauer made trustee of Bayview School no. 45 in the place of W. H. Pratt.

Citizens from Crystal River appeared before the Board and stated facts that caused the Board to order an additional school at that place to be called Cedar Glen and numbered 55. They said that there were about seventy five scholars in that location but divided by water.

MAY 4, 1885

Mr. Greenleif appeared before the board in the interest of Riverside School. He was instructed to build a house and make titles. It and land at best one acres upon which the house was built to the School Corporation then the Board would grant the Public School fund for its maintenance.

Messr. T.R. Dean, A.B. Carter, and A.T. Alexander laid before the board plans and specifications for a school house with a volunteer petition of citizens for labor. They appealed for aid after long discussion aid was promised. The house came up to specifications and requirements to the property were made to the School Corporation.


Applications for New School

Father O’Boyle made application for a free public school at San Antonio promising that it should be entirely non-sectarian and sounded in accordance with the school laws— Granted

Mr. Elijah McLeod claimed a free public school for the Town of Macon upon a unanimously signed petition of the inhabitants. He agreed to donate an acre of land and erect a suitable building— Granted

A free public school was also claimed for the district of Homossassa for the ensuing term, this was granted with the understanding that requirements should be complied with.

Established Schools Re-endorsed

Mr. O’Berry appeared and engaged to deed over to the Belle View school house near Macon and the surroundings acre of land.

The Rev. Marion Page and Dr. Williams appeared for Hebron School near Macon and bound themselves to do the same. The school were therefore reopened as being already established.

Help for Building Purposes

Mr. Bagwell asked for assistance for Rock Hill school the deed of two acres and the schools house was read to the Board and accepted.and the sum of $40 dollars was granted towards the erection of the latter provided that it was done according to specification and approved by the Supt.

Mr. Smith requested a grant for Wooley Pond school but the Board required first that the house and land should be sold.

Dr. Pringle approved for Bay View school and urged assistance in building a new premises. The Supt. strongly endorsed the application and a grant of $75 was made provided the building according to an application and a suitable deed made.

Shady Grove School

A requisition was presented by Mr. Allen of Stage Pond to do away with the school as unnecessary aid to establish at Stage Pond which he alleged would better met the wants of the community.

Mr. Preist of Shady Grove appeared in favor of reestablishing the school as being a prosperous school and taught by an able teacher.

Mr. Mountain and Mr. Lamon also appeared and claimed a new school to the north east of Shady Grove at Double Hammock, but the different claims were so conflicting that the Board decided to take time to consider the whole matter.

Fort Dade Academy

Mr. Platt tendered his resignation as trustee of this school which was accepted. It was not deemed necessary to make a new appointment.


In the matter of difficulty in the Shady Grove vicinity the Board decided that as the old school had complied in every particular with the requirements a school was at present being taught with twenty three scholars that it should be considered as formally established.

Messrs. Allen and Mountain were requested to meet the Board on the first Monday in October and show cause why they should be entitled to a public school in their neighborhoods.

Application of citizens living East of Dade City in J.C. Sumner’s neighborhood for a public school for a public school was favorably considered, but they were requested to comply with the requirements when this would be granted.

Mr. Dean came before the Board to show appropriation previously made in favor of Alexandria School but was requested to wait until the house was finished.

Mr. W.B. Clarkson’s petition was examined into and referred to the next meeting.

Mr. J.W. Oberry’s petition was likewise examined into and referred to the next regular meeting.

Capt. Ravisies appeared in behalf of the Dade City School showing the necessity for aid after duly considering his representation $40 was granted.

OCTOBER 6, 1885

Application for New Schools

A petition was presented from Chipco for a public school to be called Oockland [probably later Oakland or Oakdale]. M.L. Osborne, J.W. Gant and W.E. Noble to be trustee. Miss. M. Roberts teacher. The school was granted and numbered 64.

Mr. Allen’s application for Stage Pond which was laid over from last meeting was again considered. As it did not conflict with Shady Grove and a nice school house had been erected by Mr. Allen and as he also guaranteed the deeds, the school was granted.

Mr. Lamon from Double Hammock to the north east of Shady Grove was also considered and as there would be a fair attendance and the requirement of the Board would be met it also was granted.

A public school was claimed for Loyce- 4 good box houses has been erected and trustees chosen moreover the proposed teacher has passed a good examination. The School was granted temporarily.

Crystal River applied for Colored School and land belonging to Mr. Williams to be called Mt. Olive an attendance of twenty five pupils. Granted and numbered 68, B.F. Peacher being appointed teacher.

Mr. Juslie Aderhold appointed for South Brooksville the school would be two miles from any other and would have an attendance of thirty pupils. The school was granted as South Brooksville School no. 67, Mr. C.F. DeLamater was appointed teacher (of colored school).

T.C. Ravisies and Charles Croft asked for a school on the road between Dade City and Brooksville from which latter it would be three and one half miles— its name to be Ravisies School and the trustees would be Messrs. Frank Ravisies and A. Boon—- Granted.

Russell Hill school was authorized to proceed as soon as a teacher could be appointed.

The application of Port Richey School was laid over until the next meeting of the Board.

Established Schools Re-Ordered

Spring Lake School was represented by Mr. Nicks. It was at present being taught in a church but an effort would be made to raise funds for a good building. It was decided to recognize it and to recognize Mr. R.W. Hill as teacher.

Lake Lindsey School was represented by Mr. Nevitt. It had long been taught by Mrs. Judge Alberson whose reputation as a teacher was away the highest in the County. She had been sick and unable to attend the Institute examination but her skill and capability were so well known and appreciated that the Board without hesitation granted her a second class certificate entitling her to a salary of $35 per month.

Pine Level School no. 7 was also re-ordered and Mrs. F.V. Goodman recommended as teacher with third class certificate.

Dr. Bennett advocated the continuance of Mrs. Mary M. Stratner School at Crystal Rock. She had been examined by Dr. Primble. She awarded a third class certificate, but as her pupils were very low the Board only allowed her a salary of $16 per month to be raised to the full value of her certificate where the number of pupils were sufficient to warrant it.

Other Certificates Granted

Miss. Eliza B. Tucker was granted a third class certificate to teach the Annutulaga School salary 25 to$25 per month.

Mrs. Willingham was granted a third class certificate salary 20 to $25 per month. Her school to continue 12th October.

Mr. C.C. Johnson (col.) was examined in the presence of the Board and granted a second class certificate 30 to $35 to be his salary for the Brooksville School (col.).

Help for Building Purposes

Mr. Dean claimed the appropriation toward the Pine Grove School made at a previous meeting of the Board of $65. But it was decided to withhold the money until the difficulty in the neighborhood was settled.

The Grant of $40 toward the building of Rock Hill School house was ordered paid.

Mr. Oberry requested $40 towards the furnishing of the Belle View School house. He had built the house and donated the land and had been promised this sum by the people of the district but it had not been paid. Granted.

Mr. W.B. Clarkson asked $200 to assist him in building Oriole School. He was trying to obtain what he could in the way of subscriptions and his petition was endorsed by names of influence in the County and State. The Board decided the leave the matter over as there were so few pupils who could attend any school in Oriole as yet.

Mr. Aderhold came again before the Board for assistance to build a nice school house for South Brooksville. He was advised to renew his request when he had done what he could do himself and he had exerted his means.

Mr. Weeks asked help for the new school at Macon. The matter was laid over for further consideration.

Mr. Van Ness petition for the Orange Grove School $75 was granted provided the requirements of the Board were complied with.

The Oakdale difficulty

Capt Abbott of Oakdale near Tuckertown appeared with a numerously signed petition from the patrons of the school there for his appointment as teacher. He was himself a trustee but would resign. There were two other trustees- one of the three opposed his appointment and the other favored it but he was reluctant to vote against his colleague. He Capt. Abbott had done the chief work in the business of the school house and if appointed would devote apart of his salary toward obtaining suitable furniture. As there evidently were some display of feeling in this matter in the Oakdale District the Board decided to postpone the subject until next meeting. In the meantime Capt. Abbott was to again consult his people.

The Homossassa School had J.W. Smith and J.H. Gerock appointed as trustees and Dr. Pringle was unanimously endorsed by the Board as the teacher for the ensuing year at $40 to $45 per month.

NOVEMBER 3, 1885

Applications for School

Leonard— Citizens of Leonard appeared and asked for a public School. The school was granted and Mr. J. E. Erwin was authorized to teach.

Citraville— A school was ordered established at Citronville, the salary to be of teacher is to be one dollar per scholar per month.

Spring Hill— Mr. Thomas in behalf of trustees of Spring Hill School requested an appropriation of $50. $25 was granted.

Chipco— Mr. W.L. Osburn wanted aid for the purpose of buying furniture for school room. $25 was granted.

Willow Oak— Willow Oak was granted $25 to furnish school room.

Ashley— L.R. Eichenlamb was granted $30 for the Ashley school.

Beville (Col.)— C.O. Johnson for the trustee asked for $40 for furnishing school room. $20 was granted. [Beville was an abbreviation for the Brooksville (Col.) School]

St. Thomas— Messrs. Thomas Lucas and James A. Decker appeared for the St. Thomas School. It was moved by Dr. Burnett that when the requirements were complied with the grant said school $50 one half of that amount to be paid when the work was completed, balance when Board was in finds correct.

A petition was presented asking the Board to the following named gentlemen trustees of the Alexander School: David Freedon, A.T. Alexander and H.W. Law— Granted.

Mr. E.A. Hill represented the Bailey School asked the Supt. to visit the people in that District, the object being to re-establish the school. Tuesday the 10th inst. was the time set for said visit.

Mr. Abbott presented a deed for the Oakdale School property, which was accepted.

DECEMBER 14, 1885

New Schools

Bulah— Mr. F.A. Barnes appeared for the people living about five miles southwest of San Antonio- they having given a deed to an acre, applied for a school. It was granted and communications issued to Messrs. Barnes, Strickland and Larmoyeux as trustees. When Miss Boyle should be examined she would proceed to teach the school under the law as provided by the present Board.

Plassie— Mr. C.W. Croft applied for a school in the neighborhood about three miles north from Dade City. The school was allowed upon a temporary basis until the requirements had been complied with. The teacher Mrs. M.J. Mills who holds a second class certificate was ordered to teach the school at one dollar per scholar per month. The school was numbered seventy five (75).


Russell Hill— fifteen dollars was granted to Russell Hill Negro School to aid school house and purchase sash.

Davidson— Miss. Junie S. Harmon was given a third class certificate and ordered to teach the school located about four miles Southeast from Crystal River known as Davidson No. 42.

Spring Lake— Mr. Robert Nicks a trustee of the Spring Lake school No. 8 asked for $12 to purchase a stove which would be temporarily put in the church but would be moved into the new House when erected. Mr. Nicks said the lumber was on the ground for building a house in a more central location to be donated to the School Board.

FEBRUARY 1, 1886

Doctor Stringer and Doctor Brown appeared before the board with a petition for help to pay for the rent of the School house where the public school is being taught [Brooksville School]. After considerable discussion the Board allowed them $50 under the rules governing appropriations.

Mr. R.F. Mountain presented his deed of land to the School Board and asked that a portion of the term be entitled and the prorate amount of teacher salary be allowed to aid in building and furnishing the School house— Granted.

Messrs. J.J. Howell and J.T. McPherson came before the Board and asked that a school be granted in their neighborhood to be called Cedar Tree no. 79. A deed to the requested amount of land was accepted the school granted.

The Hatton No. 76}

Bay City No. 77}        Were all recognized and teachers put in charge

Bee Tree Pond No. 80}

MARCH 31, 1886

Arbor Day Report

1326 Pupil}

460 Patron}     Participated in the exercises on Arbor Day. Besides the interest manifested by all the school, the citizens of Brooksville featured out the public square in water oaks— Floral City featured trees about the main street and many persons in the County featured ornamental trees about their houses. About the school houses were featured orange trees, oak of several varieties, mulberry, Morus multicaulis, trees, Holly, Palmetto, and numerous flowers and vines. Fortunately I had just secured deeds to almost every school lot in the County, and when the Arbor Day was announced the people at once saw the wisdom in the movement.

W.C. Zimmerman

Supt. Schools

APRIL 5, 1886

Bay View School— Deed for 1 acre of land found incorrect and returned for correction.

Anclote School— Deed for one acre of land from David E. Hope and Mary E. Hope read by Secretary and returned for correction.

Cedar Tree School— Mr. David Allen appeared on behalf of majority (?) of patrons of this school remonstrating again location. [Note the school board was questioning Mr. Allen’s representation on behalf of the majority of patrons.]

Mr. McPherson appeared in favor of location. The Board decided to sustain former action.

Messrs. J.J. Ashley, H.N. Flowers and AM. Daiger appeared before the Board to be examined. Dr. Burnett and Supt. Zimmerman were appointed committee to examine the same.

Townsend School House— A petition to commence school at this place was presented by Mr. Mitchell Jones— Granted. The following named gentlemen were appointed trustees: G.W. Batten, Mitchell Jones, H.R. Nicks. Mr. E.A. Harrison was appointed teacher.

Mr. Dellermater presented a claim which was laid over.

APRIL 9, 1886

Russell Hill School— The Dellermater claim was taken up and on motion was laid on the table for one month. Mr. Dellermater and the trustees were requested to appear before the Board at the next meeting.

Cove Bend— A petition for a school at this place was granted.

Morton School— On application of Dr. J.D. Burnett a temporary school was granted near Marshall Morton’s, six miles south of Crystal River.

The following resolution was introduced: Resolved, that no more new schools be granted during this scholastic year.

MAY 3, 1886

Pamphlet— The principle business before the board was the consideration of the manuscript of the pamphlet being prepared by the Supt. for the benefit of the teachers and trustees. After a careful examination it was considered published at once.

Bayview— The term was ordered curtailed sufficiently to meet the expense of building the schoolroom.

Lockheart— A deed to the school site (one acre) was presented found correct and ordered to be recorded.

Mundin Hill— C.C. Johnson (Col.) applied for this school but it was decided to be imprudent to commence any more schools this year especially where the requirement had not been met.

Lees Mount— Was ordered to be discontinued not having previous sanction of the Board A.H. Ravisies chr. [Note: W.C. Zimmerman was chairman and supt. during this time, not A.H. Ravisies.]

JUNE 6, 1886

Bulah— A deed for school with (one acre) was read and ordered to be recorded. The teacher Mrs. Hattie M. Boyle was allowed $20 per month for teaching the school.

Lees Mount— Letters from the teacher Mrs. M.J. Adams and one from the trustees were read, the Supt. was ordered to issue arrangement for one month salary.

Townsend House— Mr. Batton again appeared with deed for land for school site (one acre) which not being exactly right was returned for correction.

Cedar Tree— Mr. Dan Eiland again presented a petition of citizens of his neighborhood, Urging the Board to grant them a school within a mile of Cedar Tree School. The Board would not revise it previous action in the matter.

Pupils attending school in Marion County— An account was presented against this Co. for tuition for three scholars going to the Pine Level School in Marion County. The Supt. was ordered to pay the account if found correct.

The proof that of the School Pamphlet were read and discussed. It was unanimously decided that it was expressed all that was necessary and the Supt. was instructed to publish as soon as he had secured all the advertisements he could conveniently obtain. Each member said they would secure at least one in which case the cost of publication will be reduced to a mere trifle.

C.B. De Lee Matter— Not appearing his application was dismissed.

Burning Stage Pond School— The chairman appointed a committee to draft resolutions in reference to the burning of this school house.

Report— Your committee respectfully submit the following to wit: The loss which has befallen Mr. W. J. Allen in the destruction by fire of the building constructed by him for educational purposes calls for an expression of sympathy. That the heart felt sympathy of this Board is hereby extended him and they deplore the fact that such person or persons guilty of [illegible] an act resides in our midst. That the Board respectfully call the attention of the District Attorney to the above and further that a reward for the arrest and conviction of the guilty party or parties.

Dr. J.R. Bennett and L.R. Eichenlamb— Committee


School Authorized to Open— Macon, Shady Grove, Bay City, Loyce, Prospect, Hunters Hill, Fort Dade, Lake Lindsey, Emmaus, Lockhart, Hatton, Davidson and Alexandria.

New Schools Granted— Port Richey, Bonny House and Manfield.

Trustees Appointed— Shady Grove- J.C. Preist, J.T. Landrum and W. Leek.

Port Richey- A.M. Richey, H.W. House and M.N. Hill

Bonny House- T.M. Hedick, W.H. Morris and J.M. Abbott

Lake Lindsey- re-elected the old trustees Snow, Hedick and Nevitt

Emmaus- P.A. Tucker, J.S. Goss and J.W. Jackson

Manfield- E.R. Fuller, J.P. Lewis and B.F. Moon

Ft. Dade- N.A. Carter, J.D. Howell and J.G. Johnston

Dan Eiland— Appeared again asking for a new school- The Board decided that owing to the great shrinkage in valuation of property (which means reduction of school funds) it would be inexpedient to authorize a new school in that neighborhood, but would recommend the patrons of Cedar Tree School patronize the Chipco and Blanton schools the ensuing year.

Wm Preist, H.D. Edwards and T.S. Winn— Trustees of the Red Level School sent in a communication urging the Board to pay Mr. R.J. Rumpler, teacher of the school, a salary for two months not taught- Dismissed.

Marion County— The claim presented by Supt. of above Co. was not allowed as the children could have had the benefit of public school in their own County.

Claims allowed— C.B. DeLa Mater $19.65 BVille Pub Co. $17.50

M.J. Oberry— Petition in reference to School was laid over to next meeting.

Blanton— Presented a deed which was returned for correction.

The next scholastic year will begin on the 1st Monday in October, next. Such schools as have not made applications at this meeting, are expected to do so at the above mentioned time as it is possible that some schools taught last term will be discontinued.

OCTOBER 4, 1886

The Grand Jury occupied the Board room which interfered very naturally with its labors.

Many persons interest in Public Schools were present

Bay Spring— A school was granted S. O’ Neal (Col.) to be known as Bay Spring.

Vereen— This school was ordered opened with Wm. Arnold as teacher.

Ft. Cooper— Was granted upon representation made by Messrs. Andrews and Atkinson

Sumner School— Was ordered opened with Mr. J.A. Cunningham as teacher. Mr. K.J. Sumner was made trustee instead of Mr. McMillen.

Lees Mount— Hinson Gary appeared in behalf of the Lees Mount School. The petition for the opening of his school was granted with the understanding that the Cedar Mill School should be combined. Mrs. M.J. Adams was assigned as teacher.

Mr. George B. Pixton was given Fort Dade School.

The Baillie School was granted.

A school was granted the colored people at Blue Sink to be known as St. Louis.

The Owensboro School was opened with Mrs. Clara Bohner for teacher.

The trustees of the Ravisies School presented a deed for one acre of land thereby becoming a permanent school.

Russell Hill School was granted with B.F. Peacher col. for teacher.

Annuttaliga was opened with Miss Eliza Tucker for teacher.

James Croft and H.T. Valentine came up for Spring Lake School W.H. Hill for teacher.

Mr. Hedick asked for a school and it was granted and called Bonny House.

Many other petitions made by letter were granted. The Board expects all old schools to open at once except where objections have been made. There is no reason why every child in the County between the ages of 6 and 21 years shall not have the benefit of Public Instruction.

The following sums were granted for the promotion of public schools to wit:

Arlington— $24.90

Shady Grove— $30.00

Citronville— $50.00

Center Hill— $15.00


Harvy Tendle and Louis Williams (col.) were appointed trustees for St. Louis

Drayton Oneal, Phillip Oneal and John St. Clair were appointed for Bay Spring.


A deed from Asa Giles and wife was presented and passed to the Circuit Court for record.

Bay Port

Dr. Branner and J.F. Shands applied for a school at Bay Port with salary of $30.00 per month. The Supt. was instructed to use his discretion in opening the school with smaller salary.

R.O. Carter

Pledged himself to refrain from the use of intoxicants if a school was granted him. He was assigned the Emmaus School.


School was discussed and action deferred to next meeting.

Pine Level

Mr. Clark appeared with petition. Owing to poor attendance last year it was decided to lay his petition over to next meeting.

NOVEMBER 8, 1886

Gulf Key— The trustees appeared in behalf of this school and offered a deed for 1/2 acre of land for school site upon which a nice framed house had been built. It was ordered that when the deed was amended to embrace one acre that the school should be permanent. Miss Junnie Nixon was commissioned to teach the school.

Mary Tindle (col.) was assigned to St. Louis.

Pine Level— Mr. Thompson appeared for this school. This being a permanent school the Supt. was instructed to place a teacher in charge.

South Brooksville— Messr. French and Springstead came up to solicited aid to complete and furnish school room. This being a permanent school and so located that there was no apprehension that the center of the population could shift; the Board granted them $60.00 in the provision ruling in cases of a similar character, i.e. that the term should be curtailed to meet the apportionment.

Mundin Hill— Henry Oneal appeared for this school, presented a deed to one acre of land which was accepted and passed to the clerk for record.

Assistants— Demands were made by the Brooksville, Dade City and Cedar Lake schools for assistants. It was shown that each had more then 40 pupils, hence were entitled to them.

Bee Tree— was ordered to open with A.T. Howell as teacher.

Length of Term— was discussed and after much deliberation and argument pro and con it was decided to run the schools five months. The opinion of the Supt. was asked who said he doubted whether there would be funds sufficient to continue so long but thought that if all the taxes should be collected, a sum equal to that of last year should be derived from the sale of lands and an additional increase from our distributive show of the intense and one mill tax, that possibly then might be funds sufficient. If not it would only result in a curtailment of the term and year.

The following resolution was passed— Owing to the fact that the number of schools have already greatly exceeded those taught last year and there will be but a slight increase in the funds therefore be it resolved that no new schools be granted during the present time.

DECEMBER 6, 1886

Messrs. McGuire and C.L. Seymour appeared in behalf of their neighborhood, appealing for a removal of the school room to a more central location. They stated that at present only Eight Scholars were attending the school taught by Miss Tucker. That by a proper change seventeen might attend. In view of these representations the Supt was ordered to discontinue the Aunnttuliga School. All parties interested are requested to attend the Board meeting 1st Monday in Jan. when it would take action upon the matter.

JANUARY 3, 1887

Mr. Warner R. Temple presented his account for teaching the Bay City School. He was allowed $20 for first month.

C.C. Johnson of the Colored school in Brooksville made complaint of certain persons keeping a disorderly house on the school grounds. The trustees are hereby ordered to abate the nuisance at once or suffer the discontinuance of their school. The Supt. is ordered to cease issuing warrants to the teacher until assured that the trustees have acted in this matter.

A.T. Howard brought up a petition from his patrons and trustees for $30 to purchase a stove and other necessary furniture for his school room. This was granted under the rules governing such cases.

Mr. R.W. Thomas appeared for his people near Hays Ferry, asking that they be allowed a public school, tendering a deed for one acre of land. This was granted and C.F. Delamater was authorized teacher.

The Homossassa School was discontinued and R.S. Pringle paid $90 for three months teaching.

Orange Belt— Messrs. Bailey, Tucker and Davis on the one hand, and McGuire, Turner and Seymour on the other had much to say pro and con in reference to location of school house. The Annuttuliga School (No. 53) was discontinued it having been shown to the satisfaction of the Board that a majority of the children of school age would be benefited by moving this site to the North West about 1-1/4 mile. A deed to one acre of land was tendered and accepted. The school was granted and Messrs P. Evans C.L. Seymour appointed trustees.

Giving to faming mistakes in assessment of taxes of the year of 1887 thereby naturally effecting the School fund, it becomes the duty of the Board to shorten the term one month. All contracts to the contrary notwithstanding.

FEBRUARY 7, 1887

C.O. Mann— At the request of citizens, Mr. E.R. King was appointed to fill the vacancy caused by the death of Mr. C.O. Mann.

Nat Oneal (col.) appeared for the Bay Spring School asking for an appropriation of $25 to pay for lumber. When informed it would shorten his term, he claimed to accept the sum tendered until he consulted his patrons upon the subject. Few Schools in the County manifest more zeal than this.

Mr. W.H. James came up in the interest of Pine Level School. He stated that six pupils had been withdrawn for no reason of dis-satisfaction that he was aware of but it resulted in such a reduction of the teachers salary that he would be compelled to stop teaching. He asked for a stipulated sum after discussion.

Miss Alice Miller was allowed $20 for the balance of the term.

Mr. Jordan of Loyce made an earnest appeal for an advance of money to purchase lumber to build a school room. Not allowed.

Visit to Brooksville School No. 27— The Board visited this school and were highly pleased with the interest manifest by both the teachers and the scholars. The pupils show progress and the teachers show [illegible] capacity. The Board noticed the cramped condition of the school and think the citizens would do themselves great credit by enlarging it. Under the New Constitution each school district may vote a special tax. It has a bad appearance to visitors when it is said the county site has no public school.

MARCH 7, 1887

Mr. C.L. Seymour, trustee of the Orange Belt School presented first months report of his school asking for $25. He was granted $20.

Mr. Jacob Godwin trustee of the Wesley Chapel presented a deed to one acre of land for school site and asked for an appropriation to purchase sash hinges and locks for his new school house. The deed was accepted and he was granted $8 under the rules.

Mr. C.F. Delemater brought in a deed for one acre of land for school site. It was found correct and accepted. The teacher was allowed maximum salary.

Phillip Oneal of Bay Spring was granted $25 to aid in completion of school room.

The trustees of Richland School made an application for $16 to pay rent for school room. It was laid upon the table.

Mrs. M.J. Adams notified the Board that a warrant (No. 626 issued on 18 Dec 86) had not reached her. All persons are hereby warned to not trade for same as a duplicate will be issued. Mrs. J.A. Adams presented a recommendation from trustees of Ft. Taylor School. For good and sufficient reasons her claim was rejected. J.A. Burt was examined by the Board and commissioned to teach the School.

In view of the importance attached to “Arbor Day” by the Governor and State Supt. as well as the valuable lessons taught the rising generation, the trustees of all public schools are urged to take immediate steps to fence their school grounds in order that valuable trees and shrubs already planted may be preserved.

MAY 3, 1887 (Day One)

Most of the first day was consumed with in adjusting difficulties between trustees and patrons of two colored schools, known as Mundin Hill and Fort Taylor.

B.T. Peacher made application to open Mt. Olive School (col.) located at Crystal River. It was not granted as the Lees Mount was taught with the understanding that the two school should be combined. The Board is convinced that if one school would meet all requirements if located about half way between present sites of the two schools. The parties interested are recommended to meet and come to a compromise.

Mr. T.S. Winn appeared in behalf of Crystal Rock School inquiring what salary would be allowed. Ordered he was recommended as teacher. The Board decided that when the trustees made application in due form, the matter would be considered.

Messrs. D.E. Winham and W.A. Jordan submitted a plan and specifications for a school house modifying in some respects a former plan. They propose a house 20X30 feet, in good style, inclose it in a neat fence, whitewash the whole then deed the property to the School Board. [this was specifications for the Loyce School]

MAY 4, 1887 (Day Two)

Joe Mills and Rev. A.H. Harper (col.) came before the Board to obtain assistance to establish the deed to the school property, deeded by the Freedman’s Bureau, in the Town of Brooksville. They showed that about the year 1867 a deed to one-fourth an acre of land was made. It was traced D.H. Thrasher when Superintendent of Public Instruction. The Board decided to take steps to re-establish title to the property.

The Board again called attention of all trustees of public schools to the necessity for speedy action in regard to fencing the school grounds. This matter should be attended to before the commencement of the scholastic year.

JUNE 7, 1887

Mr. Clark in behalf of Pine Level School an appropriation of $20 for purchase of lumber to build a school room. The Supt. was ordered to issue a warrant for the amount when the lumber was sawed.

A petition from trustees and patrons of Townsend House School in regard to the removal of a trustee and the appointment of another was laid upon the table for further consideration.

The Supt was ordered to issue a warrant to Helen J. Nichels of Marion County for tuition of six pupils for five months.

W.B. Jordan of Loyce asked an appropriation for lumber to build a school house. Fifty dollars was granted with the understanding that the school term should be correspondingly curtailed.

Much time was occupied in adjusting appropriations for schools. A levy reduction was made on each school got the sum total aggregated $10,055.00.

JULY 4, 1887

Richland— An account was presented for rent of School room for (4) four months @ $4 per month= $16 ordered paid.

Advertising— Armington and Burwell presented and account for publishing school proceedings for the past six months amounting $20. Ordered paid.

Repairs— Mr. Barnes presented a bill for repair of school property amounting to .75. Ordered paid.

Crystal Rock— Satisfactory information reached the Board that Crystal Rock School is being taught with only three or four pupils. This being true it was ordered discontinued at once.

J.W. Austin— Was employed to re-establish the deed to the school lot belonging to the colored people in the Town of Brooksville.

AUGUST 15, 1887 (Day One)

A deed of A. Frierson to the Trustees of Colored School in Brooksville was found and ordered recorded.

Dr. J.R. Snow and J.M. Hedick came before the Board in the interest of the school at Lake Lindsey showing a list of 30 pupils and asked to be informed as to the length of time said school would be taught. Upon this question the Board should not decide until the proper estimate could be made.

Ordered that the Supt. call an election of trustees for the Several Schools on Friday, August 26, 1887 and that a report be made to this board at the regular meeting in September giving the number of pupils and names of each pupil in the neighborhood of the school.

Ordered that the Supt authorize to hold an Institute during the month of Sept.

Ordered that a contract for the public printing be awarded to the proprietors of the “Register” at $32.00 per annum payable quarterly.

Ordered that the salary of the Supt. shall be four hundred dollars per annum

AUGUST 16, 1887 (Day Two)

Ordered that Mssrs. Burns and Temple be appointed to meet the delegates from Pasco and Citrus Co.

Ordered that warrant for $10.00 be issues to J.W. Austin for services on procuring deed to the school trustees of colored pubic school in Brooksville.

Ordered!! that the board will pay no rent for Schools; unless the amount paid for such rent be deducted from the appropriations for such school for tuition fund.

Meeting of the Three Boards of Hernando, Pasco and Citrus Counties

Present: E.A. Harrison and L.R. Eichanlamb; A.H. Ravisies, Stephen Weeks; W.R. Burns and J.R. Temple.

On motion it was agreed that Stephen Weeks be made chairman and J.R. Temple, Sect.

The business before the Boards at this conference is to ascertain the condition of the School fund and the distribution to made of the same and such other matters pertaining to the business as night property come before it. Upon examination of the Treasurer’s Books and the Supt minutes, it is formed that the contracts made by the old Board prior to the division of the County, for teaching public schools were not yet carried out and that the understanding warrants not yet canceled by the Treasurer could not be audited till the close of the scholastic year Sept. 30, 1887. Then a settlement would be made upon the basis agreed upon by the Board of County Commissioners of the three Counties in conference as provided by Law.


Ordered that in view of the trouble which so often arises from patrons sending their children away from the door of one school room to that of another! That a point half way between established schools shall constitute the boundary line of the school district and that person residing in one district shall not be allowed to attend in another except by permission of the board and that the Supt. be and is hereby instructed to make contracts accordingly.

C.F. Delemater presented a claim from the Excelsior No. 4 for money to finish school now- referred.

Mr. Bailey presented a claim for a new school at Annutuliga- referred.

Messrs. Alexander and Boyd came before the Board in reference to the school at Alexandria No. 8.

Ordered that the patrons who have children shall vote for trustees and that said election shall be held at 10 o’clock A.M. on next Saturday, Sept. 10, 1887.

Ordered that a new school be established at or near Mr. William Ayers.

Dr. N.A. Williams appeared in behalf of some pupils in his neighborhood to be sent to a school near the line in Pasco Co.— granted.

Trustees were appointed for No’s. 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-9-10-11-12-13- white and No’s. 14-15-16- colored.

OCTOBER 3, 1887

Ordered: That the schools of Hernando Co. begin at once as far as organized.

Ordered that teachers be paid according to the class of certificate, excerpt where there are less then twenty pupils in the district. First Class Teachers: $45 per month, Second Class: $35 per month and Third Class: $25 per month; where there are less then 20 or more then 10 pupils $20.00 per month.

South Brooksville granted $30.00 to finish school room.

N.J. Bailey presented a petition for a new school at Annutuliga. Ordered: the petition be granted upon the receipt of proper deed.

As impossible (Scrub Hammock) interfered with the attendance on the nearest established school.

Mrs. Hennis petitioned a school at or near William Wilson’s (Harmony) granted a temporary school.

Alexandria School offered minutes of meeting for the election of the trustees owing to some dis-satisfaction the board appointed T.R. Dean and J.A. Byrd.

NOVEMBER 7, 1887

Mr. Lavman trustee of Excelsior School appeared in behalf of his school room. Ordered! That twenty dollars be appropriated to Excelsior School for the purchase of sash and doors and stove for the same. Warrant Issued.

Deed from N.J. Bailey rec’d and ordered recorded.

Ordered that the trustees of the Brooksville School are directed to furnish suitable room for the accommodation of the pupils attending the public school and such other conveniences as the proper conduct of the school require. If such accommodations are not furnished by the 1st Monday in December 1887, the Board will suspend the same till such room is furnished.

DECEMBER 5, 1887

The School at: Bay Springs, Mundin Hill, Annutuliga, St. Louis, Ft. Taylor and Cove Hill have been furnished with teachers. The action of the Supt. is hereby approved.

FEBRUARY 6, 1888

W.R. Nicks Sr. came before the board in behalf of his neighborhood asking that a school be granted. Ordered that report be made of the number of children in the district at the next meeting of the board.

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