School board minutes 1900-1939

History of Education in Pasco County


Compiled by Frank McCormick

AUGUST 6, 1900

Teacher assignment: Sumner (10), James F. White; Loyce (28), Mattie Ansley; Drexel (27), Belle Powell; Stevenson (30), Katie Sumner.

Salaries varied from $30 – $40.00 per month.

MARCH 14, 1901

Patrons of Chipco ask permission to move their school to Sec. 19 TS 24 R 21. Action deferred until first Monday in April.

JULY 1, 1901

Teacher assignment:

High School (0) Mrs. J. B. Johnston, prin., Miss Alice Lutner, assistant, Mattie Jordan, M. L. Weaver
Riverland (1) Annie Powell
Withlacoochee (2) Belle Powell, Miss Ida Lee
Ellerslie (3) Bessie Miller
Richland (4) J. S. Wilder
Abbott (5) C. F. De La Mater
Independence (7) Annie Osborne
Lake Buddy (8) Miss Belle Powell
Pasadena (9) Miss Lillie Duprey
Sumner (10) Joe F. White
Wake Forrest (12) Mrs. Minnie Sims, assist.
Blanton (13) Cooper Stanley
St. Joseph (15) Miss Tallulah Biglow
San Antonio (16) Sr. M. Immaculata, Miss Dollie Sumner, assist.
Prospect (17) Miss Minnie Osborne
New River (18) M. McCullough
Wesley Chapel (19) Miss Ella Mobley
Matchett Lake (20) Miss Maggie Dormany
Pasco (21) Miss Ella Goshorn
Darby (22) Miss Mary Howell
Clay Sink (23) Miss Fannie Mobley
Ehren (24) Miss Ella Osborne
Wells (25) Miss Sallie Gant
Drexel (27) Mrs. P. A. Stevens
Vereen (29) Mrs. W. B. Littell
Stevenson (30) Mrs. Katie Sumner
Port Richey (32) E. B. Liles
Emmaus (34) Miss Pearl Hill
Midway Academy (35) Miss Maggie Smith
Townsend House (36) Cordie Hancock
Bay Head (37) James Strickland

JANUARY 6, 1902

Withlacoochee (2) and Drexel (27) schools were discontinued due to lack of average daily attendance. There were less than 8 pupils. Mrs. Kate Littell was appointed principal at Matchett Lake where M. McCullough had resigned and Miss Nancy Mobley as assistant principal.

MAY 5, 1902

The superintendent recommended that school (2) Withlacoochee and (26) Myrtle be abolished as there is not the required number of children living in the community to make the required daily attendance. School (38) Willow Oak should be abolished as it is in the three mile limit. Pasadena, Elba Heights and Midway Academy were discontinued due to small enrollment. Abolish Ehren (colored). Ehren and Drexel were combined.

JULY 7, 1902

There was a request for old Ehren to be moved to new Ehren. Mr. L. J. Gaskin representing Prospect patrons ask that Old Prospect school be moved to the new site. Principals were being considered for the High School (Dade City). V. C. Waugh was the first choice and J. Walter Williams was the second choice. Miss Alice Lutner was first assistant.

JULY 6, 1903

Teachers were assigned.

Slaughter (1) Miss Irene Cooper
Ellerslie (3) Prof. W. McCullough
Richland (4) Mae Chisalem
Abbott (5) Besie E. Miller
Childers (6) Prof. F. E. Cooper
Lake Buddy (9) Fannie Mobley
Wake Forrest (12) W. L. Watkins, Principal, J. N. Keith, Assistant
St. Joseph (15) Sr. M. Antonia
San Antonio (16) Sr. M. Immaculata
Prospect (17) Gilbert Evans
Wesley Chapel (19) Mrs. Maggie Smith
Matchett Lake (20) Joe Strickland
Ehren (24) Lydia Sumner
Wells (25) Prof. J. F. White
Baillie (31) Mary Shisker

AUGUST 6, 1903

Teachers were assigned.

Blanton (13) Alna Gregg
Greer (39) Willie Lee
Stevenson (30) Lillie Tate
Emmaus (34) Minnie Lee Osborne
Chipco (14) Lillian Gill
Bay Head (38) Gertrude Osborne
Lake Buddy (9) Inez Cochran
High School (Pasco) (0) W. E. Everett, Principal, Mary McCullough, First Assistant, Minnie Sims, Second Assistant

The board united school no. 24, Ehren, and school no. 27, Drexel, at New Ehren.


Contracts were let for transporting students. The students were transported in wagons with a cover and curtains on the side. Some of the wagons had a bench on each side and one down the middle when the number of students required more seating space. From the records, it appears that the pay for transportation was determined by the number of students transported.

FEBRUARY 1, 1904

The board agreed to pay the county superintendent’s expense to the National Education Association Administrators meeting in Atlanta, Georgia.

MAY 2, 1904

Superintendent D. O. Thrasher’s salary was increased from $54.00 to $60.00 per month.

W. E. Everett was the principal of the county high (Pasco) with a salary of $75.00 per month.

JUNE 6, 1904

Patrons of schools no. 30, Stevenson, no. 31, Baillie, and no. 32, Port Richey filed a petition requesting that the schools be united. Action was delayed until the first Monday in July. Approved July 4, 1904.

Teachers Assigned were: W. E. Everett, principal at county high school (Pasco), May Richard, first assistant, Emma Futch, second assistant; Pasco (21), Fannie Mobley, Dollie Osborne, assistant; Childers (6), Lillie Geiger; Chipco (14), Flavia McCullin; Hudson (33), Kate Littell, Bessie Miller, assistant if the attendance required another teacher; Darby (22), Dollie Sims; Emmaus (34), Clara Howell; New Ehren (30, 31, 32), Gilbert Evans, Principal. Could not read the others on the microfilm.

AUGUST 1, 1904

Teachers assigned. County High (Pasco) (0), Inez Cochran, third assistant, Anna Bigger, vocal music; Slaughter (1), Gertrude Osborne; Richland (4), Mae Chisalem; Lake Buddy (8), Lydia Sumner; Sumner (10), Otis Baker; Wake Forrest, P. C. Drew, Principal, Mrs. J. P. Keath, assistant; Blanton (13), Ida Govereau; Independence (7), Minnie Osborne; Ehren (24), Mary McMullin; Wells (25), Marjorie Geiger.


David Gillett received the contract to build Clay Sink school for $200.00 and furnish all the material and labor.

JANUARY 3, 1905

Prof. Eady of school no. 12 petitioned the board to raise his salary or release him. Through the review of board minutes, many times a teacher petitioned the board for a raise and was refused.

FEBRUARY 6, 1905

Pasadena district no. 9 was divided between Dade City no. 0 and Prospect no. 11.

Mrs. Croft appeared before the board with a complaint about the conduct of pupils on the wagon. The board requested the superintendent to put on a driver to control the pupils.

MAY 22, 1905

Teachers assigned for the 1905 – 06 school year. Dade City (0) G. W. Bossmer, principal, Mary Rikerd, 1st assist., Linton L. Tucker 2nd assistant, O. J. Tanner 3rd assist., Winnifred Bridge 4th assistant, Basa Pardee 5th assist.; Ehren (24), Edwina McMullen; Darby (22), Mignon Geiger; Sumner (19), Gertie Osborne.

JUNE 5, 1905

Mr. Haycock and Mr. Roller were awarded the contract for the Dade City school for $765.00.

The board discontinued Midway and Richland school and decided to relocate three-fourths mile south of Richland.

JULY 3, 1905

Matchett was re-established. Greer and Lake Buddy were discontinued. These schools were to be consolidated near L. Gilbert farm. Bay Head was discontinued. The board agreed to sell Blanton and Chipco school houses. The school house at Port Richey was sold to H. R. Nicks for $10.00.

Teacher assignment: Trilby, Edmund O’Berry, principal, Mable Austin, assistant; Matchett, Maggie Smith; Wesley, Lula Burkett; Clay Sink, Bessie Osborne; Hudson, Kate L. Riggins, principal, Bessie Miller, assistant; Slaughter, M. Hill; Bailey, Mae Burkett, assistant.

JULY 31, 1905

The board rescinded the act of June 5 closing of Richland school.

AUGUST 7, 1905

The board rescinded the act of July 3 discontinuing Lake Buddy and ask that Greer combine with Lake Buddy.


Blanton school sold for $36.00. Chipco school sold for $13.00.

OCTOBER 2, 1905

A special school at Greer for this term. The Lake Buddy building is not large enough.

NOVEMBER 6, 1905

Capt. A. H. Ravesies, ex-school superintendent, was buried at 11 a.m.

JUNE 4, 1906

The Trustees had ordered St. Joseph closed.

AUGUST 6, 1906

E. B. O’Berry was assigned as principal at Trilby. W. B. Bell was assigned as principal at the high school (Pasco). Elba Heights was given a school provided they secure a teacher.


Miss Ida Grovreau assigned to Ehren John Barnes, superintendent’s salary set at $60.00 per month.

NOVEMBER 5, 1906

Linton L. Tucker, principal at the high school (Pasco).

DECEMBER 3, 1906

A special school granted at Anclote.

MAY 7, 1907

Prof. Angel of Lakeland was elected the principal at the Dade City School with a salary of $100.00 per month.


The board instructed the superintendent to notify the trustees at Anclote school not to interfere with the pupils attending Tarpon School. A school was granted for Odessa.

OCTOBER 8, 1907

Sumner school name was changed to Oak Hill. The superintendent insured the following school buildings: Blanton, Richland, Fivay, Hudson, Bailey and Clay Sink. In review of the minutes, it appears that the superintendent was cautious about keeping the school buildings insured.

JANUARY 7, 1908

P. W. Corr was principal of Pasco High School with a salary of $125.00 per month.

MAY 5, 1908

The entire faculty of Dade City School was re-elected to succeed themselves.

AUGUST 4, 1908

On motion, J. W. Sanders was confirmed as the first assistant in the Pasco County High School.

On motion, the salary of Mrs. Godley was fixed at sixty ($60) dollars per month.

On motion the Board granted a special school for the term on Cotee River.

On motion, E. M. Craig was appointed trustee for district # 14, in place of Albert Mays – resigned.

The patrons of school districts #5 and #18, known as Abbott and Union, presented a petition asking the Board to consolidate the two districts into one known as Abbott #5. On motion, it was granted.

All teachers are required to sign contracts or places of employment will be declared vacant and other teachers employed.

DECEMBER 8, 1908

The Board granted school # 2 at Fivay Junction on Cootee River.

MARCH 9, 1909

Patrons of the colored school at Ehren petitioned the board for an assistant as the school has 61 children. Request granted.

MAY 4, 1909

Pasco County High School: P. W. Corr, principal, $125.00 per month; J. W. Sanders, $75.00 per month; Alice M. Coor, $60.00 per month; Hattie Caldwell, $60.00 per month.

JULY 5, 1909

On motion, it was agreed to pay for the transportation for no children who live less than two miles of the school and to pay no one over $1.50 per month.

All teachers will be required to sign contracts before opening their school.

On motion, teachers were appointed to the following schools: Ellerslie, Clarence Green; Anclote, Jewell Eden; Independence, Carrie Geiger; Abbott, Calloway Gilleon; Wake Forrest, W. E. Haddock, Grace Roberts; Baillie, Lonnie Spivy; Wesley, Llewellyn Dodson; Wells, Elsworth Dodson; Pasco, Ella wilson; Ehren, Jessie Hawkins; Lake View, Ella Hay; Greer, Fannie Mobley; Darby, Nora Sumner; Prospect, Ida Jackson; Midway, Cornelous Geiger; Slaughter, Myrta Shores; San Antonio, Sr. Marry Im. and Sr. Mary.


There being a strong petition against the teacher recommended by the Chairman of trustees of Ehren school and appointed by school Board to ensuing school, and as reconciliation could not be brought about by representation of each petition, the school board ruled that no contract would be made with any teacher until the patrons desired a school more than desired their prejudices and personal feelings to prevail, and if they could not agree for the teacher at issue to teach, and would agree for the board to send them a teacher.

On motion, Clarence Green, Myrta Shores and Lillian Ralphs were appointed on grading Committee of the September examination.

Charley Brown, a trustee and representing the wishes of Wake Forrest school, came before the Board asking for a raise of five dollars per month above price set by Board, and if the Board would grant the request they would not require the Board though should make this 80% pay but for four months out of general revenue fund. On motion, the request was granted or accepted.

APRIL 3, 1911

Request for a school at Tucker.

JULY 3, 1911

Pasco and Emmaus were consolidated as they were less than 3 miles of each other.

AUGUST 7, 1911

Lake Buddy has enough pupils for a school.

Wells and Wesley were consolidated with two teachers at Wesley Church. Winifred Shearer and Alatha Tucker were assigned to the school.


Patrons of Richland protested the closing and the board rescinded its act. The school will continue.

A request for a music and art building at Dade City granted.


The schools at Dade City, Zephyrhills and Ehren had too many students. A teacher was granted for each provided the attendance held up.

FEBRUARY 5, 1912

A request was presented by the supervisor of the Colored school at Lumberton to increase the salary of the teacher. The request was refused.

JUNE 3, 1912

The Board agreed to build a new school house in Lake Buddy district about one-half mile west of the old building.

JULY 1, 1912

Two requests for Negro schools were granted. One from Tucker with 76 children and Amelia with 31. The negroes were to furnish the building for teaching. A school was granted for Fort Dade. Bids on Zephyrhills school was accepted at $700.00 and Lake Buddy at $87.50.

AUGUST 5, 1912

Agreed to move the primary school building in Dade City from the North-West corner to the South-West corner. The bid for Fort Dade Dade school was $79.50.

OCTOBER 8, 1912

A bid for a two story brick school house designed by architect A. Roberts was let for $13,997.50. Today, this building is known as the annex at the Pasco Middle School.

FEBRUARY 3, 1913

John Burt, the supervisor of the colored school in Trilby, appeared before the board and stated that the colored population of Trilby had not complied in agreement with him. They were not entitled to a school.

MAY 5, 1913

The Board agreed to establish a sub school at Union if the same met approval of the trustees. The Board accepted the recommendation of the Trustees of Trilby School (Wake Forrest). Recommendation as follows: D. Foote, Mrs. Lola Brock, intermediate. The Board agreed to build Emmaus a 20 X 30 X 10 ft. building with 5 windows on one side and 4 windows and a door on the other side. The Trustees were to sell the old school house.

JUNE 2-3, 1913

The Board agreed to establish a school at Union 18 X 20 X 10 ft. with 3 windows per side and a door in the end.

JULY 7-8, 1913

Teachers appointed were: Greer, Miss Agnes White; Bay Head, Grace Gaskins; Slaughter, Bernadeen McMullins; Tucker, Ada Godwin; Chrystal Springs, Prof. E. L. Kenney; Childers, Leona Sherfey; Seven Springs, Grace Grey (?); Union, Helen Thompson.

The question on the length of term often arose.

DECEMBER 1-3, 1913

Dade City Graded school with grades 1 — 12. The attorney stated that the entire school must continue with all grades if under the same management. The Junior and Senior High School may be managed separate provided the same be designated as a Jr. and Sr. high.

If all twelve grades are under the same management, “it is my opinion that the eight grades could not be suspended without suspension of all.

A Jr. and Sr. High school in my opinion may be maintained separately provided the same be be designated as such Jr. or Sr. High School and if the teachers for this school have been contracted with for a school year of eight months, they can collect their salary for the full period of eight months.”

Respectfully submitted.

O. L. Dayton,

School Board attorney.

Relating to Zephyrhills, if said school is discontinued, its identity as a high school will be lost.

Upon motion of Mr. Hill and seconded by Mr. McKendree, it was agreed that $25.00 be withheld as supplement on salary of Prof. P. W. Coor after term of 4 months.

The following salaries were paid: Elsie Hansen, $40.00; Myrtle Johnson, 55.00; A. D. Sanders, 55.00; P. W. Corr, 125.00; T. R. Corr, 100.00; A. M. Corr, 75.00; Mattie Caldwell, 75.00; Herbert Shaw, 75.00; Nan Caldwell, 55.00; Oilie Norris, 55.00; Carrie O’Neal, 55.00; Lula Burkett, 55.00; Lulu Cochran, 60.00; Nan Ward, 60.00; Maggie Miles, 60.00; G. A. Pindas, (Col.), 25.00; Aurelia Sims, 40.00; E. L. Kenney, 50.00; Helen Thompson, 50.00; Clyde Lanier, 45.00; Ada Godwin, 40.00; Sr. Therese, 40.00; Grace Gaskins, 45.00; Gertrude Jamerson, 45.00; Mildred Hudson, 55.00; D. W. Pinholster, 80.00; Alberta Phelps, 55.00; Mrs. Lola Brock, 45.00; Agnes White, 45.00; M. E. Nimmons (col.), 25.00; C. W. Martin, 60.00; Mrs. L. L. Tucker, 42. 75; C. H. Martin, 90.00; Ira Harrell, 75.00; Mrs. C. H. Martin, 60.00; Nina Percival, 55.00; Lillie Geiger, 45.00; Carra Falanna, 45.00; Mac Burkette, 60.00; Mrs. E. W. Cross, 45.00; Warren Bates, 45.00; Josephine McMullen, 45.00; Leona Sherfey, 45.00; D. B. Thompson, Janitor, 40.00; Will Geiger, Janitor, 12.00; W. S. Cochran, Transportation, 34.00; W. A. Overstreet, Transportation, 66.00; J. J. Brown, Transportation, 20.00; Julia Lennox (Col.), Teacher, 25.00; Cephas Geiger, Teacher, 40.00; J. P. Roberts, Teacher, 65.00.

FEBRUARY 2-3, 1914

Certification of Teachers. Principals of Senior High Schools must hold a Florida State Certificate, (in lieu of this requirement for 1913 – 1914, the State Superintendent may recognize a diploma from a standard college or university; provided the principal gets a Special Certificate on the subjects he teaches.) All teachers in Senior High must hold Florida first Grade Certificates and Florida Special Certificates on the subjects they teach. Principals and teachers of Junior High School must hold not less than a Florida First Grade Certificate, and a Florida Special Certificate on the subjects they teach in the Junior High School.

Number of Pupils: Senior High Schools of Division A must have not less than thirty pupils Senior High Schools of Division B must have not less than twenty pupils. Junior High Schools must have not less than ten pupils, all of the above pupils must have been properly and regularly promoted from the eighth grade of Grammar School.

Length of Recitation: All Senior High School recitation shall be not less than forty-five minutes in length. All Junior High Schools recitation shall be not less than forty minutes in length.

Length of School Term: No High School shall run less than eight Scholastic months, or one hundred and sixty school days in the year.

Upon motion of Mr. McKendree and seconded by Mr. Hill, Board gave renewal to W. I. Porter and Company of all insurance Policies issued by them.

Junior high schools must have one teacher devoting the whole time to teaching high school subjects.

FEBRUARY 1-2, 1915

C. H. Martin was assigned to finish the term at Greer for $75.00 per month.

O. L. Dayton was employed as Board attorney at $100.00 per year.

MARCH 1, 1915

The Board granted a school to the colored people and employed a teacher for 4 months.

MAY 3, 1915

The Board of Public Instruction of Pasco County agrees to pay the board of all pupils in Pasco County who are not within reach of a high school. Pupils must pass examination given by the superintendent as entrance exam.

The Board awarded a contract for construction at Richland for $5375 to R. Sullivan.

The Board approved a list of teachers submitted by Trustees for Dade City School for the term of 1915 – 16. Miss Ida Franklyn, Languages; Hattie Caldwell, Latin and History; Maoma Hill, Science; Prof. B. J. Padgett, Eighth Grade; Mrs. Antionette Martin, Seventh Grade; Mrs. Finney, Sixth Grade; Miss Aleyne Boyd, Fifth Grade; Miss Ella Wilson, Fourth Grade; Miss Mildred Butts, Third Grade; Mrs. Lula Labines, Second Grade; Miss Edith Carter, First Grade; Miss Nan G. Ward, Primary Grade.

The following teachers were approved for Zephyrhills. Prof. William Cleveland Finney (Principal), Ruth Sumner, Miss Birdena Schenck, Prof. Vassar C. Mathews, Lillian Carter, Lillie Geiger, Miss Wanda Briggs, Miss Nina Percival, Muriel Storms.

The following teachers were approved for Trilby. C. B. Feelding, Mary Hill, Miss Corrine Jordan, Mrs. Edward O’Berry.

JULY 15, 1915

D. Carl Cripe was assigned to Emmaus at $45.00 per month.

AUGUST 2, 1915

Eighth grade teachers salaries were $100.00 per month.

The Board sold the old building at Childers to Mr. A. A. Chancey for $7.20

Mr. E. S. Dew assigned to Prospect at $65.00 per month. The Board voted to raise the salary to $125.00 per month in accordance with the law.

Vera Martin and C. H. Martin were assigned to Greer.

NOVEMBER 1-2, 1915

The Board authorized building of stables at Dade City.

JANUARY 3, 1916

The Board agreed to take care of the tenth grade pupils of Trilby school in Dade City High School.

The Board agreed to establish teacher training in high school provided the state regulations are met.

JUNE 8, 1916

A resolution to determine whether compulsory school attendance shall prevail in Special School District no. 5, Zephyrhills, Pasco County Florida. Determined by election.

JANUARY 2, 1917

R. W. Vanbrut, Principal Dade City, $150.00 per month. M. J. Oberland, Zephyrhills, $35.00 per month.

FEBRUARY 5, 1917

The Board voted to close Richland school at 5 1/2 months due to shortage of funds.

After leaving as Principal of Pasco County High School, P. W. Corr refused to deliver the grades and records to the superintendent or principal. Corr had been principal for the previous eight years. A resolution was sent to the State Superintendent of Schools requesting the records as P. W. Corr was teaching in the state.

The present Principal is Prof. Cawthorne.

APRIL 2-3, 1917

A resolution of the Board of Public Instruction of Pasco County relating to hiring of teachers who have a church relationship other than church membership. The purpose of the resolution is to avoid propagation of church doctrine within the school.

MAY 7-10, 1917

Prof. R. W. Vanbrut assigned principal in Dade City for 1917 – 18 school term.

P. W. Corr came before the board in regard to use of a building at Dade City. Also, the request was accomplished by permission of trustees. Use was refused by reasons best known to board.

JUNE 4-5, 1917

Matchett Lake students should attend the nearest practical school distance wise.

The salary of the principal at Dade City High School is $165.00 per month.

Eight teachers will be permitted at Zephyrhills for the 1917 – 18 school term.

The salary of the principal, Walter Roberts, at Zephyrhills will be $125.00 per month.

AUGUST 6-11, 1917

D. C. Cripe will teach at Hudson.

Cora Cripe at Wesley Chapel.

MARCH 4-5, 1918

The following teacher’s salaries were paid: Newell Mayo, $40.00 per month; Ruth Davis, 45.00; Etta Burt, 25.00; R. W. VanBrunt, 165.00; Miss Percival, 92.50; Percilla Major, 75.00; Ella Wilson, 65.00; Rine Blunt, 50.00; Jane Royal, 50.00; Fannie Croft, 50.00; Judith Abrahams, 50.00; Lula Lattimer, 50.00; Mildred Butts, 50.00; Dempsie Brewster, 75.00; Walter Roberts, 135.00; V. C. Matthews, 81.00; Nannie —–, 4.50; Blanche Geiger, 4.50; Sylvia Ingalls, 75.00; Jessie N. Priest, 75.00; Marie Stewart, 50.00; Wanda Briggs, 50.00; Muriel Storms, 50.00; Lillie Geiger, 45.00.

APRIL 1-2, 1918

The Board attorney is E. F. Green.

JUNE 3-5, 1918

Apparently the school board paid the workers for holding the elections which may have been special elections to determine the tax rate in each school district. The amount paid each worker for each election is listed in the Board Minutes.

JULY 5-6, 1920

Elba Heights were transported to Dade City.

Six Mile Pond was transported to Zephyrhills.

Crystal Springs was transported to Zephyrhills.

Childers was transported to Zephyrhills.

Greer was transported to Zephyrhills.

Anclote was transported to Elfers.

The board voted to establish a school of higher learning at Richland if the school met high school requirements.

E. D. Dobson was principal with a salary of $150.00 per month.

JULY 14, 1920

The following appointments were made: J. W. Asbury, principal at Dade City. Elsie Thornton, principal at Oak Hill. Prudence Pearce, assistant principal. The responsibility of the attendance officer was placed on the office help. At this time, transportation was a constant problem.

AUGUST 2-3, 1920

The following appointments were made: Mr. Fogg, principal at Trilby with a salary of $135.00 per month. Mrs. E. B. O’Berry, 1st assistant principal. E. S. Dew, teacher at Clay Sink.

JANUARY 4-6, 1921

The resignation of Professor Fogg, principal at Trilby, was accepted. J. W. Sanders was appointed to teach the unexpired term at Trilby. Miss Brannah Williams was appointed teacher of the 6th grade at Dade City. Miss Carrie Mae Larkin was retained as attendance officer and clerk for the superintendent. Col. E. P. Wilson was appointed legal attorney for the board. The board accepted the resignation of Miss Ruth Davis, principal at New Port Richey and she was appointed as assistant principal. Professor D. C. Cripe was placed in charge of the school. Miss Josie Larkin was appointed teacher at Clay Sink to finish the unexpired term.

JANUARY 18, 1921

A special board meeting was called. After checking school funds, it was ordered that the grammar schools of Dade City, Zephyrhills and Elfers be closed at the end of the 5th month, January 28, 1921. The school might continue when special funds permitted. All other schools would be maintained after the 4th month from special taxes only.

Teachers and salaries and school numbers at this time are listed below: Mrs. Ila Dunn, $16.50, No. 15; Tommie Humphries, 65.00, No. 25; Mrs. J. P. Howland, 3.00, No. 37; J. W. Asbury, 210.00, No. 37; Nina Percival, 155.00, No. 37; Elizabeth Humphries, 105.00, No. 37; Mildred I. Butts, 125.00, No. 37; Corrine Jordan, 105.00, No. 37; Mrs. W. S. Larkin, 70.00, No. 37; Mildred Hudson, 65.00, No. 37; Mrs. Howland, 70.00, No. 37; Dempsie Brewster, 125.00, No. 37; P. W. Corr, 210.00, No. 5; Mrs. Anna L. Guy, 65.00, No. 17; Lillie Geiger, 95.00, No. 5; Eleanor Potter, 60.00, No. 5; Ruby Merrette, 60.00, No. 5; Pearl Hall, 60.00, No. 5; Elizabeth McDonald, 65.00, No. 5; Flora Ingalls, 65.00, No. 5; J. W. Bates, 105.00, No. 5; Sallie Brown, 120.00, No. 5; Mrs. Maude O’Berry, 65.00, No. 12; Miss Pauline Palmer, 80.00, No. 12; R. W. Kinsey, 130.00, No. 12; Delia Crowddy, 70.00, No. 30; LuAmanda Pinholster, 70.00, No. 30; Maude Valentine, 60.00, No. 29; W. E. Trottman, 150.00, No. 32; Mrs. I. W. Regean, 70.00, No. 32; Mae Wallace, 90.00, No. 32; Ruth Burnett, 70.00, No. 32; Ruth Davis, 120.00, No. 36; Mrs. Carl Cripe, 65.00, No. 36; Mrs. Charles A. Tansil, 60.00, No. 36; Elsie Thornton, 100.00, No. 10; Marie Pinholster, 60.00, No. 10; A. E. Lane, 65.00, No. 33; Isbelle Adams, 65.00, No. 21; Bessie Godwin, 70.00, No. 27; Tommie Humphries, 65.00, No. 25; Mattie Lou Mayo, 70.00, No. 34; Rosey Spivey, 65.00, No. 25; Alma McDonald, 80.00, No. 16; Jessie Larkin, 100.00, No. 1; Oneta McEwen, 60.00, No. 1; Grant Walkenhorst, 100.00, No. 19.

FEBRUARY 7, 1921

The superintendent’s salary was fixed at $150.00 per month. The board voted to allow the superintendent railroad fare and $1.50 per day for expense to the State Convention for Superintendents to be held in Live Oak on February 15, 1921.

MARCH 7, 1921

P. W. Corr came before the board relative to conducting a Normal at Zephyrhills. The board ordered that he be employed for the period of (2) months beginning April 5 at a salary of $100 per month provided the attendance was great enough to warrant it. The tuition was free to all Pasco teachers and higher grade pupils desiring to become teachers. The school site in New Port Richey known as Nicks grove site was sold.

APRIL 4, 1921

J. H. Moran came before the board and asked that $125 be donated toward extending the school at New Port Richey to an 8 months term. A group from Richland came with a similar request. Because of financial conditions, the board refused the request.

MAY 21, 1921

Teachers recommended: High School (Pasco): L. R. Sims (principal), Nina Percival, Dr. E. H. Schuyler, Sallie Brown.

Dade City Grammar School: J. W. Sanders (assistant principal), Mrs. Veta Neal, Miss Elsie Thornton, Mrs. W. S. Larkin, Miss Myrtle Burnside, Miss Saran Peek.

Primary: Miss Dempsey Brewster, Marjorie Bushnell.

JUNE 6, 1921

L. R. Sims having declined principalship of Pasco County High School, J. W. Asbury was appointed over the protest of two of the trustees.

St. Joseph: Miss Marie Martin

Trilby: G. H. Tompkins (principal), Mrs. Rachel Kirkman, Mrs. Maude O’Berry.

Elfers: J. H. St. Clair (principal), Mrs. I. W. Reagan, Mrs. N. M. Swartzel, Miss J. I. Gurney.

New Port Richey: D. Carl Cripe (principal), Mrs. Lottie Cripe, Mrs. Mabel Tansel.

JUNE 15, 1921

A special board meeting was called. The budget for 1921 – 22 was formulated. By request, the board ordered the schools at Pasco and Darby to possibly open in July as these schools are organized for growing strawberries and the children will be needed in the fields early in January.

JULY 5, 1921

Delegates with petitions from Pasadena, Richland, Dade City, Darby Phelps, Blanton, San Antonio, Hudson, Wesley Chapel, St. Joseph, Crystal Springs and Zephyrhills came before the board asking for an appropriation for retention of the Home Demonstration Agent. After consideration, the board made a $300.00 appropriation for said agent.

Greer school asked to unite with Sand Pond which was approved.

A petition from patrons at Drexel requested a school which was granted and J. J. Tucker was given the contract to erect a building.

The board ruled that a school day consist of 5 1/2 hours exclusive of all recesses. The primary grade may be dismissed at the end of the 5th hour. The superintendent’s salary was fixed at $150.00 per month and travel within the county at $2.00 per day. Six dollars per pupil was allowed J. B. Stokes for transporting to Oak Hill school and $2.00 per pupil to W. L. Brooks for transporting to Trilby.

Teachers assigned: Slaughter, Prof. H. A. Hammer; Tucker, Miss Gertrude Ansley; Sand Pond, Miss Edith Slack; San Antonio, Mrs. Ida Dunne; Prospect, Mrs. Anna Grey; Pasco, Mrs. Florence Sessoms; Darby, Mrs. Marian Douglas; Clay Sink, Mrs. Gertrude Gant; Ehren, Prof. E. O. O’Hara; Blanton, Miss Mattie Lou Mayo; Zephyrhills, K. H. Terry (principal), Miss Hattie Caldwell, J. W. Bates, Mrs. Maggie Pennington, Miss Thelma Revels, Miss Tabitha Johnson, Miss Lillie Geiger.


Mr. and Mrs. Burns ask that the board allow tuition to the High School students to attend Tarpon Springs school. The request was refused as the board had arranged for the same at Elfers for the 1921-22 term.

Mother pensions were recommended as follows: Mable DeRider, Mayme Wilson, Etta Bartholomew, Jennie Lee Marshall and Mary Lindstrom.

The superintendent was instructed to summon Trustees of District # 8 before the Board at its next regular meeting to show why they should not be removed from office on charges of neglect of duty.

The following resolutions relative to teachers were passed:

Every teacher is hereby directed and authorized: To labor faithfully and earnestly for the advancement of the pupils in their studies deportment and morals, and to embrace every opportunity to inculcate be precept and examples the principles of truth, honesty, patriotism, and the practice of every Christian virtue. To require the pupils to observe personal cleanliness, neatness, order, Promptness, and gentility of manners; to avoid vulgarity and profanity and to cultivate in them habits of industry and economy, a regard for the rights and feelings of others and their own responsibilities and duties as citizens.

A school day shall consist of 5 1/2 hours exclusive of all recesses. Teachers shall open school with appropriate exercises not later than 9 o’clock although only one pupil may be present. The habit of waiting for the majority of the pupils to be present before opening school is condemned, and any teacher guilty of such waiting may be discharged.

Teachers shall prepare and post in the school house a program of daily exercises and send a copy to the county superintendent by the close of the first week of the term, for his approval.

Teachers shall dismiss pupils from the room at recess or at the close of the day in some regular order and require them to pass from the room quietly. They should also be called to and dismissed from their recitations in systematic and regular order.

Pupils must assume a correct posture while reciting. No teacher can overlook a perfect development of the physical child.

School rooms must be kept neat and clean at all times. A basket or box should be kept for waste paper and litter.

Teachers must abstain from and prohibit the use of tobacco in all forms at all times in the school room or on the school grounds.

All teachers must be on the school grounds 15 minutes before beginning the daily session and in no case during the daily sessions shall the school be left without at least one regular teacher in charge.

At the close of the day, the teacher is required and directed to see that each and every child goes directly home, unless armed with written excuse to go elsewhere. Loitering on the road will not be permitted.

Teachers must deliver the keys and all property to the supervisor on closing or suspending the school, and in all things to conform to the regulations of the department.

The practice of not giving a recess on Friday afternoon and dismissing at 3 o’clock is condemned. A literary program may be taken up after recess at the end of which school may be dismissed. Otherwise, the daily program must be followed.

Accompanying each monthly report, all tardiness of the teacher must be reported to the county superintendent, the number of days in each case being specified.

Teachers’ reports and all bills on the Board of Public Instruction must be presented not later than Saturday next the first Monday in each month, or lie over until the following month.

Teachers are held responsible for the school house, grounds and furniture during the school term. Pupils found defacing school property should be dealt with accordingly.

Teachers are required to adhere strictly to the course of study. The time of the children must not be taken up with individual “fads.”

Teachers must allow no pupil to advance from a grade until he has successfully passed the required examination after thorough mastering the work of that grade.

No teacher will receive the last month’s salary until the final report and other records have been filed with the county superintendent, prepared according to rules hereinafter stated.

“Order is Heaven’s first law.” It must be maintained in the public schools, and the teacher will have the hearty support of the Superintendent and Board in maintaining it.

Manners and morals must be taught in, and to all grades. The best way of teaching them is by precept and example, combined. “Words have weight,” says a writer, “when there is a man back of them,” and it is none the less true when a woman occupies the same place.

The State Law prescribes a final public, oral or written examination in all grades. The School Board of this county requires a monthly examination in all studies in all grades, which examination may be partly oral and partly written.

The Superintendent and Board will not receive any report not accurately and fully made out in strict conformity to the directions given on inside cover of the register. The register must be faithfully and accurately kept.

There are only two school holidays during the year —Independence Day and Thanksgiving day. Labor Day and AArmistice Day are not school holidays, but part of each day may be used in appropriate exercises or in beautifying the ground. Time lost otherwise will have to be made up at the end of the term.


Principals are vested with the entire management and control of the schools under their charge and are held responsible for the conduct of same. Assistants must comply with the regulations and requirements of the principal, but after complying may appeal from the decision of the principal to the county superintendent or School Board.

He shall visit the different rooms as often as his duties will permit, and shall give such directions and prescribe such methods of teaching and governing as he may deem essential in promoting the best interests of the school. He shall keep a record of his impressions of the manner in which each teacher performs her duties.

He shall hold teachers’ meetings weekly and oftener if essential for the purpose of considering methods and means of promoting the best interests of the school — both as to discipline and teaching.

He shall attend to all cases of misconduct reported to him by any teacher, carefully investigate the matter, and administer proper correction.

In case of temporary disposition or necessary absence of a teacher, no substitute shall be appointed without the Superintendent’s approbation.

He shall classify the pupils in the several rooms and determine the number of classes and studies. He shall examine all applicants for admission into the school and assign them to their proper places.

He shall not dismiss, nor give any teacher permission to dismiss pupils earlier than the appointed time for any day or part of a day without permission from the County Superintendent or Board except in cases of emergency.

J. J. Turner was paid $217.50 for the constructing the new building at Drexel.

Barthle & Jones was paid $3.00 on new building at district # 17, Prospect.

OCTOBER 3-4, 1921

Mothers’ pensions were recommended for the following: Miller, Birdie Cantor and Mary Mesijaros.

Anclote school was sold for $100.00

NOVEMBER 7, 1921

Mothers’ pensions for the following were recommended: Daisy Conner, Aida C. Fisher, Fannie Goldsby and Rhoda Johnson.

A County Teachers Association meeting was called for November 25, 1921. Teachers will receive pay for this day.

Grievances arising in the Zephyrhills school were thoroughly thrashed out. After a secret meeting, all agreed to work in harmony.

Salaries at This Time

Teacher, school number, salary. H. A. Hammer, No. 1, $100.00; Gertrude Ansley, No. 2, 65.00; Richard Hamilton, No. 4, 85.00; Mrs. Leila Singletary, No. 4, 70.00; R. N. Terry, No. 5, 200.00; Mrs. R. N. Terry, No. 5, 125.00; J. W. Bates, No. 5, 125.00; C. R. Phillips, No. 5, 100.00; Lillie Geiger, No. 5, 110.00; Mrs. Maggie Pennington, No. 5, 70.00; Mrs. W. R. Morris, No. 5, 70.00; Pear Wade, No. 5, 70.00; Mrs. W. R. Nelson, No. 5, 70.00.

Transporting students. Ben Turner, Jr., No. 6, 65.00; J. A. Turner, No. 6, 80.00; Brant Smith, Union, 75.00; C. F. Gardner, No. 9, 75.00; W. R. Overstreet, Greer, 60.00; J. B. Stokes, No. 10, 19.50; H. J. Green, No. 16, 40.00; R. N. Starkey, No. 19, 50.00.

Teachers. Mrs. J. P. Haviland, No. 10, 85.00; Ruth Guy, No. 10, 65.00; G. H. Thompson, No. 12, 150.00; Mrs. A. C. Horton, No. 12, 70.00; Ethel Edwards, NO. 12, 75.00; Mrs. Maude O’Berry, No. 12, 80.00; Mattie Lou Mayo, No. 13, 70.00; Viola Wallace, No. 13, 48.75; Sister Bernadette, No. 15, 70.00; Z. G. Hawk, No. 18, 70.00; Mrs. P. C. Mickler, No. 19, 100.00; Una Mickler 2 months, No. 19, 130.00; Nettie Boyett, No. 19, 60.00; Mrs. Gertrude Gant, No. 23, 65.00; G. E. O’Hara, No. 24, 100.00; Mildred Hudson, No. 25, 70.00; Fred W. Polen, No. 26, 65.00; Ellen Heath, No. 27, 65.00; Mrs. Freida M. Eiland, No. 29, 65.00; Mrs. Rachel Kirkman, No. 30, 125.00; Frances Clark, No. 30, 70.00; James H. St. Clair, No. 32, 150.00; Marie Pinholster, No. 32, 70.00; Mrs. N. M. Swartsell, No. 32, 70.00; Lola Anderson, No. 32, 80.00; Jessie Raulerson, No. 33, 70.00; Georgia Rice, No. 34, 65.00; D. C. Cripe, No. 36, 120.00; Mrs. Lottie Cripe, No. 36, 75.00; Mrs. Mabel D. Tansill, No. 36, 70.00; Mrs. Cynthia Albritton, No. 36, 70.00; J. W. Asbury, No. 37, 200.00; E. H. Schuyler, No. 37, 140.00; Nina Percival, No. 37, 140.00; Sallie Brown, No. 37, 125.00; J. W. Sanders, No. 37, 125.00; Myrtle Burnside, No. 37, 100.00; Marjorie Bushnell, No. 37, 70.00; Sarah Peek, No. 37, 70.00; Amelia Wall, No. 37, 70.00; Mrs. W. S. Larkin, No. 37, 70.00; Elsie Thornton, No. 37, 70.00; Mrs. D. O. Neal, No. 37, 70.00; Willie V. Stanton, No. 22 colored, 30.00; Freddie D. Sands, No. 30 colored, 45.00; J. D. Moore, No. 37 colored, 45.00; Emma Hill, No. 37 colored, 50.00; Arrie L. Clayhorne, No. 37 colored, 50.00; Rosetta Haynes, No. 37 colored, 50.00; Mrs. Harriett Ticknor, Home Dem. Agent, 25.00; Jessie Raulerson, No. 33, 70.00; Sister Bernadetto, No. 15, 70.00; Florence Sessoms, No. 21, 65.00; Etta L. Burt, No. 12 colored, 45.00; Mrs. Marion Douglas, No. 22, 70.00; Mrs. W. R. Morris, No. 5, 35.00; Mrs. Anna L. Guy, No. 17, 70.00.

D. C. Insurance Co. Insurance (Buildings) 436.00

Teachers: Leila Singletary, $70.00; S. D. Padgett, 225.00; Alice Hunter, 135.00; Nina Percival, 140.00; Frances Bulla Johnson, 87.50; Gertrude DaBall, 125.00; Mammie Musselman, 80.00; Edith Gaskins, 75.00; Ruth Eels, 75.00; Blanche Hubert, 125.00; Da DeBall, 125.00; Ida Carmack Shealy, 56.25; Ruby Miner, 75.00; Ella Castaing, 80.00; Myrtle Burnside, 100.00; Orabel Futch, 18.75; Fannie Mobley, 37.50; Mildred Sperry, 7.50; Alva Hieronymus, 11.25; Carolyn Boyce, 75.00; H. A. Hammer, 80.00; Fossie Wade, 63.00; Ida Dunne, 75.00; Eva Linkey, 80.00; Lulu Morris, 55.25; L. W. Higgs, 80.00; Alice Loy, 70.00; Lulu Shaw, 70.00; Verna Watkins, 70.00; Grace Avriette, 100.00; Addie Craig, 75.00; Virginia Crist, 80.00; Bertha Kolb, 75.00; Mabel Tansell, 100.00; Cynthia Albritton, 75.00; Tabitha Revels, 75.00; Jennie Sheldon, 80.00; Annie Fogg, 100.00; Emma Lee Smith, 75.00; Bethel Revels, 80.00; Lizzie Mickler, 67.50; Flo Revels, 150.00; Ruby Rollins, 125.00; Frances Ferrell, 100.00.

DECEMBER 5, 1921

Armistice Day will be allowed as a school holiday.

JANUARY 2, 1922

Maude Valentine was appointed 2nd grade teacher at Dade City.

FEBRUARY 6, 1922

J. L. Geiger appeared before the board with a petition bearing 46 signatures asking for the removal of Prof. Terry as principal on the grounds that he is a drawback to the school and that he illegally expelled a student and allowed one to be likewise suspended.

J. F. Stebbins presented a counter petition beaming 83 signatures together with a similar one signed by 24 out of 34 high school students. The board called into consultation their attorney, E. P. Watson, who after hearing both sides saw no grounds for removal of Principal Terry. The matter was dropped without board action.

MARCH 13, 1922

Plans were approved for a high school in district # 32, New Port Richey. The bid of Marshall Jackson Co. of Lakeland for $36,468.00 to furnish labor, materials and erect the New Port Richey School was the lowest and best bid.

MAY 1, 1922

Dr. Schyler and Prof. Sanders requested a Normal course of 8 weeks in Dade City which was approved. Harvey and Cobb of Aripeka offered to furnish lumber for a school in return for tuition for county line pupils.

AUGUST 7, 1922

The following transportation contracts were approved: Ellerslie, E. S. Larkin; Independence, Isaac Cripe; Sand Pond, John Fox; Pasadena, C. F. Gardner; Elba Heights, R. E. Chaddock; Wesley Chapel, G. J. Gillette.

Miss Georgia Rice was appointed to teach at Clay Sink.


Teachers assigned: Hudson, No. 33, Miss Alice Lindsey; Drexel, No. 40, Evelyn Harvey; Zephyrhills, No. 5, R. D. Hogue (Principal), W. F. Trottman; High School, J. H. Price, Jr., eighth grade, Mary Trottman, primary; Elfers, No. 32, Mrs. L. D. Eisland, primary.

AUGUST 21, 1922

The Board agreed to pay their pro-rata share for conducting school at Aripeka.

Kate St. Clair to finish term at Emmaus.

Nellie Allen assigned to # 12, Trilby.

Miss Hunter assigned to # 37, Dade City High School.

OCTOBER 2, 1922

Teachers assigned: Pasco County High School, Prof. R. D. Moore; Dade City Primary, Juanita Hargrove; Pasco, Miss Eugenia Shumate; New Port Richey, Miss Marie Pinholster.

OCTOBER 31, 1922

The Board met to inspect the building at Gulf High School which was accepted.

NOVEMBER 6, 1922

Teachers of the county are meeting in monthly institutes which are being held on Saturday and are well attended.

DECEMBER 4, 1922

Prof. R. D. Hogue, principal of Zephyrhills resigned.

Prof. W. E. Trottman was appointed principal.

Prof. J. H. Price, Jr. Zephyrhills High accepted.

Mrs. Vera Strode was appointed to fill a vacancy.

MARCH 8, 1923

Prof. Williams and J. W. Sanders were to conduct a teacher training school beginning May 7, and continuing for 6 weeks or more. This Normal School will be open free to all teachers of the county.

APRIL 2, 1923

Upon recommendation of trustees and petition signed by number of patrons from District No. 32 known as Elfers District, requesting the Board to appoint Walter E. Ervin as principal of the Gulf high school for the coming school year, was presented to the board. The board took the matter under consideration and instructed the superintendent to correspond with Professor Ervin relative to certification.

JUNE 14, 1923

Teachers appointed: J. Perry Hodge was appointed principal at Trilby. M. L. Shane, Jr. was appointed principal at Zephyrhills. Miss Bertha Hodge. Alice Linkey. Miss Grace Cripe. Mrs. A. E. Pennington. Miss Nellie Ford. Miss Marie Stewart.

FEBRUARY 4, 1924

Pasco patrons came before the Board requesting that the school be closed at the end of the sixth month as they wished to use the balance of funds to repair and paint the building.

JUNE 12, 1924

Teachers appointed:

Trilby I. P. Blanton (principal), H. A. Hammer, Mrs. Pearl Blanton, Miss Lottie Jordan, Mrs. Maude O’Berry.

Dade City Colored, J. D. Moore, principal.

Dade City (high school), Nina Percival, Mrs. Alice Hunter.

Dade City (grammar school), J. W. Sanders, Malvina Vaughn, Mrs. Mamie Musselman, Mary Burnham, Ella Castaing, Myrtle Burnside.

JUNE 21, 1924

Opening of the regular term of school for 1924-25 was set for Mon., Sept 1. However, rural schools may open earlier where they desire.

JULY 7, 1924

Pasco County High School, T. P. Maynard, principal

AUGUST 4, 1924

A petition to retain the school at Lake View was rejected as only one patron signed the petition. A school was granted for East Oak Hill and arrangements were made for construction of a building.

St. Joseph has increased enough for two teachers and the Board ordered an addition to the building.

OCTOBER 6, 1924

Teacher appointments:

Dade City: J. A. Peek Jr. was appointed to fill the vacancy created by the resignation of Dr. Schuyler.

River School: Ethel O’Hara

Ehren: Emmett Jenkins

Wesley Chapel: Edna Blair

Blanton: Ruby Hall

Dade City: Faye Sturkie

Gulf High: Elizabeth Humphries

Odessa: Pearl Hall, Aneta Ritter, Loyce Freeman

Myrtle: Verna Watkins

Prospect: Daisy LeHeup

Greenfield: Nina Tracey

Loyce: Bessie Voorhees

St. Joseph: Sr. Patricia

Zephyrhills: Wm. Koehler

Trilby: Paul Redfearn

Fivay: Beatrice Littell

Dade City: Ruby Minor

Port Richey colored: Willie Stanton

DECEMBER 1, 1924

A petition from Darby requesting the school be extended for 8 months was approved.

JANUARY 5-6, 1925

Teachers appointed: Pasco High, Prof. S. D. Padgett, principal. I. P. Maynard resigned as principal.

APRIL 6, 1925

Prof. W. E. Trottman, Mrs. Mae Trottman and Mrs. Leila Singletary were assigned to fill vacancies at Trilby.

Prof. D. A. DaBoll and Mrs. Orbel Futch were assigned to fill vacancies in Dade City.

A delegation from Lacoochee came before the Board and asked that the six lower grades be provided for at that place.


April 6, 1925. Schools involved: Slaughter, Tucker, Richland, Childers, Dade City, Sand Pond, Oak Hill, Trilby, Blanton, Pasco, Clay Sink, St. Joseph, Ehren, Prospect, Myrtle, Wesley Chapel, Loyce, Matchett Lake, Fivay, Elfers.

JUNE 15, 1925

Prospect School attendance had fallen too low for a teacher

JULY 6, 1925

Teachers appointed:

Richland, Leslie Singletary.

Zephyrhills, Prof. M. G. Donaldson, principal.

Pasco Co. High School Nina Percival, Alice Hunter, Gertrude DaBall, Frances Bulla, Blanch Hubert.

Dade City Grammar: Prof. D. A. DaBoll, 8th grade; Mamie Musselman, 7th grade; Myrtle Shearwood, 6th grade; Ruth Eels, 5th grade; Edith Gaskins, 3rd grade; Ruby Minor, 3rd grade; Ella Castaing, 2nd grade; Myrtle Burnside, Primary; O. J. Jaeger, Music.

AUGUST 11, 1925

Prospect School will continue in lieu of transportation.

APRIL 5, 1926

As of this date; the minutes from the Board were typed.

JUNE 16, 1926

Teachers assigned:

Trilby: Fred O. Revels, Mrs. R. T. Tillis, Mrs. Zerue Hancock, Miss Alice Loy, Mrs. Maude O’Berry.

Lacoochee: Mrs. F. O. Revels, Miss Emma Lee Smith, Miss Laura Croft.

Zephyrhills: M. F. Geiger, Miss Majorie W. Whiteside, Miss Anna Guy.

Dade City High School: Nina Percival, Mrs. Gertrude DaBall, Miss Mazella Zulauf.

Dade City Grammar: D. A. DaBall, Mrs. Mamie Musselman, Mrs. Ruth Brown, Miss Elva Hieronymus, Miss Lots Trapnell, Miss LaVerna Geer, Miss Ruby Minor, Mrs. Lydia Elder, Miss Ella Castaing, Miss Fannie Mobley, Miss Myrtle Burnside, Miss Mary White Hurst, E. J. Jaeger.

Zephyrhills: Miss Clara High, Mrs. Annie W. Gill.

Blanton: H. A. Hammer

JUNE 23. 1926

Spangler Construction Co. had abandoned the construction at Zephyrhills High School and departed to South America without making arrangements for completion of the building.

JUNE 6, 1927

Teachers were assigned to schools as follows:

Dade City Grammar School: 1st Grade (a) Mary Whitehurst, (b) Willie Vernon; 2nd Grade (a) Fannie Mobley; 4th Grade (a) Emma Lee Smith; 5th Grade (a) Elva Hieronymus, (b) Bessie Carter; 6th Grade (a) Sally Hieronymus, (b) Lyda Elder; 7th Grade (a) Mamie Musselman; 8th Grade (a) D. A. Daboll (Prin.), (b) Margaret Henderson.

Pasco High School: W. L. Carter (principal), Nina Percival, Gertrude Daboll, Virginia Bryan, Louise Wethington, Jane Butts, E. J. Jaeger.

Trilby School Fred O. Revels (principal), Blanch Hubert, D. C. Cripe, Bethel Revels, Mrs. Carl Cripe, Mrs. Cora Mickler, Mrs. Maude O’Berry.

Lacoochee School: Mrs. Annie Fogg (principal), Mrs. Lizzie Mickler, Mrs. Frances Ferrell, Mrs. Ivah Mulvaney.

San Antonio School: Mrs. Ida Dunne.

Janitors were assigned as follows: Dade City Grammar School, R. B. Powell; Pasco High School, Emmett Osborne.

The following bills were paid:

June 6, 1927 – Fla. Telephone Corp. Rent $3.15

June 6, 1927 – Dade City Water Works #3 1.50

June 6, 1927 – Harriet Ticknor Demonstration Agent 33.00

June 6, 1927 – Thelma Roberts Attendance Offricer 125.00

June 6, 1927 – Maude O’Berry Holding Examination 12.00

June 6, 1927 – Grace Peek Holding Examination 12.00

June 6, 1927 – City Water Works #36 9.36

OCTOBER 3, 1927

General Fund Teaching Salaries:

D. A. Daball, $170.00; Lucile Townsend, 80.00; Mamie Musselman, 100.00; Veta Neal, 80.00; Sally Hieronymus, 80.00; Alice Ezell, 80.00; Elva Hieronymus, 80.00; Bessie Carter, 80.00; Emma Lee Smith, 80.00; Annie Malcom, 80.00; Ruby Minor, 80.00; Lyda Elda, 80.00; Mrs. C. K. Snelling, 80.00; Essie Mae Burnside, 80.00; Fannie Mobley, 100.00; Willie Vernon, 90.00; M. E. Lefler, 70.00; L. D. Geiger, 200.00; E. B. Reed, 135.00; Annie Gill, 130.00; Marjarie Whiteside, 130.00; Anna Guy, 125.00; Jasmine Corbin, 80.00; Lorena Sellers, 80.00; Madilene Vaughn, 80.00; Addie Craig, 80.00; Pearl Feagle, 80.00; Sue Mae Rutherford, 85.00; Ella Castang, 100.00; W. L. Carter, 225.00; Nina Percival, 150.00; Gertrude DaBall, 130.00; Vergina Bryan, 130.00; Louise Wetherington, 130.00; Jane Butts, 130.00; F. O. Revels, 170.00; Lera Williams, 125.00; D. C. Cripe, 125.00; Bethel Revels, 80.00; Lena Powell, 31.50; Lottie Cripe, 80.00; Cora Mickler, 80.00; Maude O’Berry, 100.00; Ida Dunne, 80.00; Flossie Wade, 70.00; E. R. O’Berry, 90.00; Lula Hancock, 70.00; Verna Watkins, 70.00; B. B. Blanton, 125.00; Sadie Eikel, 75.00; Lora Fraiser, 80.00; Talitha Waddy, 80.00; Wilma Vahey, 80.00; Anna Preetorius, 90.00; Hazel Houston, 50.00; H. A. Hammer, 90.00; Lucile Matthews, 70.00; Milbra Sparks, 100.00; Mary Lou St. Clair, 80.00; Jennie Sheldon, 90.00; E. A. Jenkins, 70.00; A. C. Roberts, 75.00; Annie Goff, 125.00; Lizzie Mickler, 80.00; Frances Ferrel, 80.00; Iva Mulvany, 85.00; W. D. Bremner, 225.00; N. H. Bullard, 150.00; J. H. St. Clair, 150.00; Jannia King, 125.00; Beatrice Cogar, 125.00; Rachael Kirkman, 125.00; Addie Goolsbee, 80.00; Florence Sessoms, 80.00; Bertha Kolb, 80.00; Maggie Pennington, 75.00; Bessie Stokes, 70.00; Violet Gant, 70.00; Louise O’Neal, 55.00; M. E. Taylor, 90.00; Mrs. M. E. Taylor, 70.00; Sr. Patricia, 90.00; Chaerin Bentz, 70.00; Levy Gregg, 70.00; Roberta Simon, 50.00; Francis Thompson, 50.00; J. D. Moore, 90.00; Essie Mac Johnson, 60.00; Oscila Player, 60.00; Ethel Cary, 50.00; Mary Hughes, 45.00; Janie Castleberry, 70.00.


R. T. Knapp, $75.00; Ben Turner, 75.00; C. W. Osborn, 25.00; E. S. Larkin, 150.00; C. F. Gardner, 100; T. R. Elexander, 70.00; T. J. Howell, 75.00; L. W. Leheup, 70.00; R. M. Stanly, 60.00; T. R. Elexander, 50.00; J. W. Smith, 75.00; Rachael Kirkman, 100.00

FEBRUARY 6, 1928

It was ordered that bids be advertised for the wrecking of the old grammar school and construction there from a colored school in Dade City.

JULY 2, 1928

Teachers were assigned to the following schools:

Slaughter: D. C. Cripe.

Richland: M. E. Lefler.

Dade City Grammar: Fannie Mobley, 1st Grade; Willie Vernon, 2nd Grade; Essie Mae Burnside, 3rd Grade; Christine Gilbert, 3rd Grade; Ruby Minor, 4th Grade; Emma Lee Smith, 4th Grade; C. K. Snelling, 5th Grade; Annie Malcolm, 5th Grade; Bessie Carter, 6th Grade; Tommy Brown, 6th Grade; Sally Hieronymus, 7th Grade; Mabel Stephens, 7th Grade; Mamie Musselman, 8th Grade; Veta Neal, 8th Grade; D. A. DaBall; Lyda Elder.

Trilby: M. G. Donaldson, Mrs. Lottie Cripe, Mrs. Maude O’Berry, Miss Grace Cripe, Mrs. Bethel Revels, Lois Puckett, Louise Puckett, E. R. O’Berry.

Blanton: Mr. H. A. Hammer, Mrs. Lula Hancock.

Oak Ridge: Bessie Stokes

Prospect: Mrs. Bertha Cottle

Crystal Springs: Maggie Pennington.

Pasco: Mrs. Lucile Matthews.

Darby: Mrs. Florence Sessoms.

Myrtle Lake: Miss Verna Watkins.

Lacoochee: Mrs. Annie Fogg, Mrs. Lena Crum, Mrs. Frances Ferrell, Mrs. Ivah Mulvanney.

Dade City Colored # 37: J. D. Moore, Essie Mae Johnson, Osciola Player, Mobley Smith.

On behalf of transportation for Lacoochee children, a delegation from that place appeared before the Board, to find the question had already been considered that the children would be properly cared for.

AUGUST 6, 1928

The following teachers were assigned to schools:

Zephyrhills: W. D. Reid (principal), Amy Gill, Marjorie Whiteside, Anna Guy, Jamesina Corbin, Lorena Sellers, Mittye Pierce, Lena Hutchinson, Nellie Rutherford, Sue Mae Rutherford, Ella Castang.

St. Joseph: Sr. Patricia, Bertha Takash.

Tucker: Mrs. Mary Hancock.

Wesley Chapel: Janie Castleberry, Bernice Castleberry.

Ehren: Suse Hendeson.

Fivay: Della M. Gay.

Odessa: Mrs. L. D. Eiland.

Elfers: Milbra Sparks, Mary Lou St. Clair, Jennie Sheldon.

Hudson: Kate Riggins, Ila O’Berry.

New Port Richey Grammar: Mrs. Bradwell Mrs. Annie Preetorius Sadie Eikel Mrs. Stevenson Talitha Revels Wilma Vahey

Anclote: Beatrice Scruggs.

Drexel: Susie Clark.

Pasco High: W. L. Carter, Nina Percival, Mildred Huckabay, Trilla Reed, Louise Worthington, Dorthy Lock, E. J. Jaeger.

Gulf High: W. D. Bremner (principal), Maomi Hill, J. H. St. Clair, Beatrice Cogar, Florence Brooker, Mrs. Rachael Kirkman, Roscoe Henderson, Bertha Kolb, Maude Rutledge.

Lacoochee: Etta Burt.

San Antonio Colored: Louise O’Neal.

Teachers are assigned on condition to certification.

The Transporters assigned as follows: T. J. Rowell, C. F. Gardner, E. S. Larkin, T. R. Alexander. District # 7; A. E. Mead, District # 12; Ben Turner, District # 6; W. D. Newman, R. T. Knapp, District # 5.

Salaries: D. C. Cripe, Teaching #1, $75.00. Lucile Matthews, Teaching #21, $70.00.

The Board inspected the New Building for colored school and accepted it as completed.

The Following Rules and Regulations were adopted for Transportation.

1. Pupils must sit where the drivers request them.

2. Pupils are not permitted to hang on or side of running board.

3. The driver must come to stop for pupils to leave or enter bus, and not allow them to hop car or jump off otherwise.

4. No speed shall be more than 25 miles per hour.

5. That bus drivers be highly recommended by Trustees as being safe, sober and competent.

6. Adequate sun and rain protection shall be provided.

7. The driver must come to “FULL STOP” at all rail-road crossings, “LOOK AND LISTEN” before proceeding.

8. Bus drivers shall be required to maintain good order on bus, and any pupil failing to obey shall be reported to Trustees who shall have authority to deny transportation to such pupil until matter is satisfactorily adjusted.

9. A copy of these regulations shall be posted in all busses.

There being no further business the Board adjourned until its next regular meeting time.

Signed: P. L. Pierce, Chairman Board of Public Instruction, Pasco County

Attest: E. B. O’Berry, Count Supt.


The Board instructed the superintendent to provide material for repair of the colored school in Lacoochee.

Teachers assigned: Dade City Grammar — Irvena Brown to fill vacancy created by resignation of Mrs. Carter. Miss Trilla Reed, principal of Pasco High School to fill vacancy caused by W. L. Carter. J. H. Chaffer to teach math in high school replacing Miss Reed.

OCTOBER 28, 1928

Teaching Salaries

D. A. Daball, $170.00; Lyda Elder, 85.00; Mamie Musselman, 100.00; Sally Hieronymus, 80.00; Veta Neal, 80.00; Annie Malcom, 85.00; Irvena Brown, 80.00; Tommy Brown, 80.00; Christine Gilbert, 80.00; Ruby Minor, 90.00; Emma Lee Smith, 85.00; Fannie Mobley, 100.00; Willie Vernon, 90.00; Essie Mae Burnside, 80.00; Mrs. C. K. Snellings, 45.00; Myrtle Hunt, 40.50; M. E. Lefler, 70.00; Maggie Pennington, 70.00; M. G. Donaldson, 175.00; E. R. O’Berry, 115.00; Bethel Revels, 80.00; Bertha Messick, 85.00; Cora Mickler, 80.00; Maude O’Berry, 100.00; Grace Cripe, 125.00; Lottie Cripe, 85.00; H. A. Hammer, 75.00; Lula Hancock, 70.00; Ida Dunne, 80.00; Bertha Cottle, 70.00; Lucile Matthews, 70.00; Susie Henderson, 70.00; Verna Watkins, 70.00; Delia Gay, 70.00; Beatrice Sroggs, 70.00; Mildred Sparks, 100.00; Mary Lou St. Clair, 85.00; Jennie Sheldon, 90.00; Kate Riggins, 90.00; Ila O’Berry, 70.00; Jessie Broadwell, 125.00; Sadie Eikel, 80.00; Wilma Vahey, 80.00; Annie Preetorius, 95.00; Jessie Stevenson, 80.00; Talitha Waddy, 80.00; Susie Clark, 70.00; W. D. Bremner, 225.00; Grace Fogg, 150.00; J. H. St. Clair, 150.00; Beatrice Cogar, 135.00; Rachael Kirkman, 125.00; Roscoe Henderson, 90.00; Bertha Kolb, 80.00; Maude Rutledge, 80.00; Louisa O’Neal, 60.00; Annie Fogg, 125.00; Lena Crum, 85.00; Frances Ferrell, 85.00; Ivah Mulvaney, 85.00; Bessie Stokes, 70.00; Estella Foster, 60.00; J. D. Moore, 90.00; Essie Mae Johnson, 60.00; Osceola Player, 60.00; Inez Crawford, 60.00; Mamie Mobley, 60.00; Trilla Reed, 225.00; Nina Percival, 150.00; Mildred Huckabay, 130.00; Louise Worthington, 130.00; Anna Leman, 62.50.


Chester Alexander, 50.00; Chester Alexander, 70.00; W. H. Edwards, 75.00; Louis Kolb, 25.00; Rachael Kirkman, 100.00; J. W. Smith, 75.00; A. E. Meade, 25.00; C. W. Osborne, 25.00; T. J. Rowell, 75.00; C. F. Gardner, 100.00; E. S. Larkin, 150.00; L. W. LeHeup, 70.00; R. N. Stanley, 70.00; O. W. Connell, 50.00; Ben Turner, 75.00; Henry Boyette, 70.00;


Dorothy Lock, 125.00; H. J. Chaffer, 150.00; Mary Hancock, 70.00; Lizzie Mickler, 70.00; Jessie McAdams, 60.00; Ella Dayton, 55.00; Etta Burt, 70.00; Frances Hughes, 50.00; D. C. Cripe, 75.00; Janie Castleberry, 85.00; Bernice Castleberry, 70.00; Sister Patricia, 90.00; W. D. Reid, 200.00; E. V. Reed, 135.00; Annie Gill, 135.00; Marjorie Whiteside, 135.00; Annie Guy, 125.00; Lorena Sellers, 85.00; Jamesina Corbin, 85.00; Mittye Walker Pierce, 80.00; Lena Hutchinson, 85.00; Nellie Rutherford, 80.00; Sue Mae Rutherford, 90.00; Ella Castaing, 100.00;


Dade City Water Works, 6.75; Dade City Water Works, 2.13; Dade City Water Works, 3.25; E. B. O’Berry assembling desk, 7.20; Burroughs Adding Machine Co. Adder Service, 7.10

District No. 15 St. Joseph School: Sr. Patricia and Sr. Theresa

District No. 16 San Antonio: Mrs. Ida Dunne

District No. 22 Darby School: Miss Florence Sessoms

District No. 24 Ehren School: Mr. E. D. Vining

District No. 26 Myrtle School: Miss Verna Watkins

There being no further business the Board adjourned to meet on June 13th, for the purpose of making out budget and paying off indebtedness for the school year of 1928 – 29.

JULY 1, 1929

A petition was presented to consolidate Wesley Chapel and Matchett Lake tax district into one.

Teachers assigned:

Oak Ridge School; Mary Duggan and Bessie Stokes. Prospect: Mrs. Bertha Cottle. Pasco High: Mary McCall and L. D. Newman. Slaughter: H. A. Hammer.

AUGUST 6, 1929

Teachers assigned:

Gulf High: W. D. Bremner, Principal. School No. 32: Miss Milbra Sparks, Principal. District No. 7 dissolved.

Colored teachers assigned

No. 1, Ida O’Neal; No. 4, Arriwentha Weston; No. 11, Etta Burt, Laura Burt and Frances Thompson; No. 12, Jessie McAdams, Roberta Simonds; No. 16, Lou O’Neal; No. 24, Frances Hughes; No. 30, Estella Foster; No. 36, Cherry Roberts; No. 37, J. D. Moore, Essie Lee Johnson, Burnice Kelley and Osceola Player.

FEBRUARY 3, 1930

The following salaries were paid:


D. A. Daball, No. 3, $170.00; Mamie Musselman, No. 3, 100.00; Veta Neal, No. 3, 80.00; Sally Weems, No. 3, 80.00; Gertrude Daball, No. 3, 85.00; Emma Lee Smith, No. 3, 85.00; Ruby Minor, No. 3, 90.00; Essie Mae Burnside, No. 3, 85.00; Christine Gilbert, No. 3, 80.00; Fannie Mobley, No. 3, 100.00; M. E. Lefler, No. 4, 70.00; J. W. Walker, No. 5, 200.00; Annie Gill, No. 5, 135.00; D. C. Cripe, No. 5, 125.00; W. N. Hix, No. 5, 150.00; Trilla Reed, No. 7, 200.00; Louise Wetherington, No. 7, 130.00; Mildred Huckabay, No. 7, 130.00; Anna Leman, No. 7, 130.00; Dorothy Lock, No. 7, 130.00; Nina Percival, No. 7, 150.00; Mary McCall, No. 7, 125.00; M. G. Donaldson, No. 12, 175.00; Mark St. Clair, No. 12, 125.00; E. R. O’Berry, No. 13, 90.00; Lula Hancock, No. 13, 70.00; Bertha Cottle, No. 17, 70.00; Lucille Matthews, No. 18, 75.00; J. H. Kelley, No. 41, 200.00; J. H. St. Clair, No. 41, 150.00; S. A. Merchant, No. 41, 130.00; Grace Fogg, No. 41, 150.00; Josephene Tucker, No. 41, 130.00; Fredie Floyd, No. 1 colored, 50.00; Arriwentha Weston, No. 4 colored, 50.00; Etta Burt, No. 11 colored, 70.00; Laura Burt, No. 11, 60.00; Frances Thompson, No. 11, 50.00; Jessie McAdams, No. 12 colored, 60.00; Roberta Simons, No. 12, 50.00; Ida O’Neal, No. 13 colored, 50.00; Frances Hughes, No. colored, 50.00; Stella Foster, No. 30 colored, 55.00; Carry Roberts, No. 36 colored, 55.00; J. D. Moore, No. 37 colored, 90.00; Inez Sleigh, No. 37, 60.00; Burnice Kelley, No. 37, 60.00; Oscola Player, No. 37, 60.00.


T. J. Rowell, 75.00; Clarance Long, 75.00

APRIL 7, 1930

At this time, the schools are struggling to make out an 8 or 9 month term. The school board has $426,673.46 outstanding obligations.

JULY 3, 1930

The following teachers were assigned to schools:

District No. 4

Richland: Miss Ester Plank

District No. 5

Zephyrhills School: Joseph W. Walker (Principal), Mrs. F. B. Gill, Mr. D. C. Cripe, Miss Ivan Shockney, Mrs. Anna L. Guy, Mrs. Addie Craig, Mrs. Jesemina Corbin, Miss Ila O’Berry, Miss Mittye W. Pierce, Mrs. Emma K. Plank, Mrs. Lottie Cripe.

District No. 7

Dade City Grammar: Mr. D. A. Daball (Principal); Mrs. Veta Neal, 8th Grade; Mrs. Mamie Musselman 7th Grade; Mrs. Sally Weems, 7th Grade; Mrs. Gertrude Daball, 5th Grade; Miss Mabel Casey, 4th Grade; Miss Ruby Minor, 3rd A Grade; Miss Emma L. Smith, 3rd B Grade; Miss Bulah Howard, 2nd A Grade; Miss Christine Gilbert, 2nd B G; Miss Fannie Mobley, 1st Grade.

Pasco County High School: Mr. P. T. Delavan, Principal; Nina Percival, Science; Mildred Huckabay, English; Dorothy Lock, History; A. L. Holmes, Math; Miss Frankie Major, Languages; Elizabeth Blair, Eng., History.

District No. 12

Lacoochee School: Mrs. Annie Fogg, Principal; Mrs. C. F. Andrews; Mrs. T. R. Clark; Mrs. Bethel Revels.

Trilby: Mrs. Frances Ferrell.

District No. 13

Blanton School: Mrs. Lula Hancock.

District No. 15

St. Joseph: Sr. Mary Grace Riddles, Sr. Patricia.

District No. 17

Prospect: Miss Virginia Burtz

District No. 22

Darby: Mrs. Daisy Pike

District No. 32

Pierce School: Wilma Vahey, Mrs. E. M. Manning, Rachael Kirkman.

Gulf High School: Miss Bertha Kolb, Mrs. Ellen Norfleet, Mrs. Eleanor Kuhlman

The following colored teachers were assigned:

Lacoochee: Etta L. Burt, Frances L. Thompson, Laura Burt

Trilby Colored School: Jessie McAdams

Dade City Colored School: J. D. Moore, Osceola Player, Susan King, Burnace Kelley

The following transporters were assigned:

District No. 5

Zephyrhills School: Z. T. Roberts, H. C. Geiger, John Arnold, Maxie Smith

District No. 12

Trilby School: W. H. Edwards, W. H. Kolb

District No. 9

Sand Pond: Fred Himmelwright

The following Janitors were assigned:

District No. 7

Dade City Grammar School: C. O. Gilbert

Pasco High School: T. R. Jurney

District No. 5

Zephyrhills School: J. R. Smith

District No. 32

Elfers School: Mrs. J. O. Gause

Gulf High School F. Z. Rankin

September 1, 1930 was set as the regular opening date for all schools, however, some schools may open earlier because of local conditions.

On petition of patrons, from District No. 2, Ben Goodman was made Trustee to fill the vacancy in Tucker District No. 2.

The assigning of teacher are conditions to certification.

The following warrants were drawn:

Dade City Water Works $3.00

M. C. O’Berry — Attendance Officer & Clerk 90.00

City of New Port Richey Water 17.62

Cline-Clark Company Diplomas No. 7 21.73

M. L. Gilbert Board Service 4.00

C. H. Smith Board Service 13.60

P. L. Pierce Board Service 16.80

P. L. Pierce Board Service 25.00

District No. 5 Teaching: J. W. Walker 50.00, Annie Gill 33.75, D. C. Cripe 31.25, Annie Guy 25.00, Jesimina Corbin 21.25, Addie Craig 21.25, Mittye W. Pierce 23.75, Ila O’Berry 21.25

Port Richey Grammar and Hudson

The nomination of 7th grade teacher of Trilby was referred back to the trustees of that district for other recommendations.

The following teachers were assigned to Schools:

District No. 6 Crystal Springs School: Mrs. Helen Hamilton; District No. 19 Wesley Chapel School: Mrs. F. W. Frisbee; District No. 7 Oak Ridge School: Mrs. Bessie Stokes; District No. 21 Pasco School: Miss Alice Loy; District No. 24 Drexel School: Mrs. Lizzie Mickler; District No. 2 Tucker School: Mrs. Mary Hancock; District No. 32 Odessa Colored School: Ida O’Neal; District No. 24 Ehren Colored School: Mary Frances Hughes; District No. 4 Lumberton Colored School: Arriwentha Weston; District No. 32 New Port Richey Colored School: Grace Bennett; District No. 15 San Antonio Colored School: Louisa O’Neal

The following transporters were assigned: District No. 32 Mrs. Rachael Kirkman, Mr. Fred Kolb; District No. 20 Mrs. Grace Elam; District No. 6 Mr. J. R. Summerell

The following resolution was adopted:

“Resolution To Notify Trustees Of District No. 16 For Failure To Attend To Duties.”

WHEREAS, the recommendation of Trustees for teacher of District No. 16 (San Antonio School) was not satisfactory and was referred back to said Board of Trustees at the last meeting of the County Board, for recommendation of another teacher or reconsideration and,

WHEREAS, the said Trustees of District No. 16 did not consider the order of the County School Board, and fail to co-operate with the said County School Board.


Bids on transportation routes for Dade City Schools were opened and recorded as follows:

ELLERSLIE ROUTE: Mr. E. S. Larkin: $130.00 per school month provided certain children meet the bus route. Otherwise $150.00 per month. Mr. J. Leroy Smith: $140.00 per school month.

OAK HILL ROUTE: Mr. J. B. McKillan: $112.50 per school month.

FORT DADE ROUTE: Mr. H. F. Smith: $125.00 per school month. Mr. Carl C. Walker: $100.00 per school month. Mr. T. A. Alexander: $80.00 per school month. Excepting children in District No. 23. The Board of Public Instruction is to pay cost of Insurance. Mr. F. N. Ruger: $120.00 per month.

PASADENA ROUTE: Mr. Clarence Long: $100.00 per school month. Mr. Carl C. Walker: $90.00 per school month. Mr. J. Leroy Smith: $90.00 per school month.

ELBA HEIGHTS ROUTE: Mr. J. H. Croft: $75.00 per month. Mr. J. Leroy Smith: $90.00 per school month. Mr. T. J. Rowell: $90.00 per school month.

The above bids are held for consideration until September 8th, when contracts will be let.


A delegation from Trilby protested the appointment of 7th grade teacher. No action was taken.

Bids for transportation assigned: Fort Dade Route, Carl Walker; Ellerslie, E. S. Larkin; Elba Heights, T. J. Rowell; Pasadena, J. L. Smith; Oak Hill, J. B. McMillan

Essie Mae Burnside was assigned to teach at Dade City Grammar School.

NOVEMBER 3, 1930

Linton Tucker purchased an acre of land which was not being used in Zephyrhills from the School Board for $25.00.

MARCH 2, 1931

Be it resolved: That all Grammar Schools be closed at the end of 6 months. All transportation will cease with the closing of the Grammar Schools. All high schools will close at end of six months.

MAY 4, 1931

The salaries of all high school teachers of 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th grade will be paid from the General School fund for the 8th month.

JUNE 1, 1931

The Superintendent was ordered to accept the bids on the Oak Hill School house.

JUNE 15, 1931

J. D. Moore, Principal of the Dade City Colored School for 1931-32 term.

Professor D. A. Daball came before the Board and requested that the Janitors salaries remain the same as previous years. The Board decided favorably.

A petition from the colored people of Dade City was presented by Lillie Nance, requesting the removal of J. D. Moore and the assignment of Etta Burt as principal of Dade City Colored School. The matter was deferred to later meeting.

It was ordered that the school building at St. Joseph and Wesley Chapel be painted, and Mr. Tucker was instructed to contract the Wesley Chapel, and the Superintendent the arrangements for St. Joe.

Melvin Gaskin was appointed Trustee of San Antonio District Number 16, on recommendation of patrons.

The following teachers were assigned:

District No. 1

Slaughter School: Mrs. A. N. McNeal, Cond.

District No. 2

Tucker School: E. R. O’Berry

District No. 7

Dade City Grammar School: D. A. Daball, Principal; Veta Neal, 8th Grade; Mammie Musselman, 7th Grade; Bertha Cottle, 6th Grade; Sallie Weams, 6th Grade; Gertrude Daball, 5th Grade; Mabel Williams, 4th Grade; Emma Lee Smith, 3rd Grade; Essie Mae Burnside, 2nd Grade; Christine Gilbert, 2nd Grade; Myrtle Hunt, 1st Grade; Fannie Mobley, 1st Grade.

Pasco High School: Paul T. Delavan, Principal; Nina Percival, Science; Mrs. Mildred Huckabay, English; Miss Dorothy Lock, History; Elizabeth Blair, Home Ec., 7th Eng.; Frankie Major, Language; Allen L. Entz, Math & coach.

District No. 4

Richland: H. A. Hammer

District No. 5

Zephyrhills School: J. W. Walker, Principal; Mrs. Annie Gill; Alpha Seckler, Conditional; Jamesina Corbin, 7th Grade; Frances Berry, 6th Grade; Lillian Kirkland. 5th Grade; Esther Plank, 4th Grade; Mary Lee Alsobrook, 3rd Conditional; Bertha Lee Messick, 2nd Grade; Lottie Cripe, 1st Grade.

District No. 12

Lacoochee School:

Annie Fogg, Principal; Mrs. C. F. Andrew; Mrs. Susie Clark; Mrs. Bethel Revels.

Trilby School: M. G. Donaldson, Principal; Mark St. Clair, 9-10th Grade; Frances Ferrell, 8th Grade; Mrs. A. V. Withers, 7th Grade; Ila O’Berry, 6th Grade; Mrs. Mildred Stephens, 4-5th Grade; Maude O’Berry, Primary.

District No. 13

Blanton School: Lula Hancock

District No. 17

Prospect School: Virginia Burtz

District No. 6

Crystal Springs School: Mrs. Helen Hamilton

District No. 19

Wesley Chapel School: Mrs. Core E. Kelley

District No. 21

Pasco School: Mrs. Lola Bates

District No. 22

Darby School: Miss Edwina Huff

District No. 24

Ehren School: Miss Lizzie Mickler

District No. 26

Myrtle School: Verna Watkins

District No. 29

Fivay School: Mrs. Della M. Gay

District No. 32

Odessa School: Mrs. Frieda Eiland

Elfers School: Milbra Sparks, Jennie Sheldon, Conditional

Hudson School: Mrs. Florence Glass

Pierce School: Mabel Tansill, Talitha Waddy, Evylin Waddy

Anclote School: Jessie M. Stevenson

District No. 24

Drexel School: Kate Riggins, Conditional

District No. 32

Gulf High School: J. H. St. Clair, Grace Fogg, Bertha Kolb, Conditional, Eleanor Kuhlman, Ellen Norfleet

The following transporters were assigned:

District No. 7

J. T. Rowell, J. B. McMillan, E. S. Larkin, J. L. Smith, C. C. Walker.

District No. 80

Matchett Lake School: Grace Elam

District No. 5

Zephyrhills School: Z. T. Roberts, John Arnold, Riece Knapp

JULY 30, 1931

D. C. Cripe assigned to teach certain subjects in 7th and 8th grade at Zephyrhills, supervise all other grades and coach athletics. Anna L. Guy assigned to 8th grade at Zephyrhills. Ila Dunn assigned to 8th grade at San Antonio. Etta L. Burt, Principal at Dade City Colored School for the 1931-32 term.

AUGUST 31, 1931

Sister Mary Grace and Sister Patricia assigned to St. Joseph. Lloyd McClain, Lillie Nance and J. B. Alien were made Supervisors of the Dade City Colored School.

Colored teachers assigned:

Lumberton: Arriwentha Weston House. Lacoochee: J. D. Moore, Frances Thompson, Osceola Moore. Trilby: Jessie McAdams, Ida Mae O’Neal. Blanton: Louise O’Neal. San Antonio: Stephen E. James. Ehren: Grace Bennett. Dade City: Laura Burt, Thelma Burt, Mary Frances Hughes.


The Board paid $40.00 rent for Lacoochee Colored School for the 1931-32 term.

Tucker School plans: 24 X 36 X 11 ft. with 4 windows on each side and 2 in the front with a 10 ft. porch on the front.

The portion of Elfers not used for school was rented to the Masonic Lodge.

Mike Grovereau was awarded the bid on Tucker School for $845.00.

NOVEMBER 2, 1931

Vera Lucas was placed in the Dade City Colored School.

The old Drexel School building was sold to Horace Tucker for $10.00.

Heaters were to be purchased for St. Joseph and the Dade City Colored School.

Toilets would be erected for the Colored School at Trilby.

JANUARY 4, 1932

Trustees requested the salary of 8th grade teachers at Trilby be made $100.00 per month.

FEBRUARY 1, 1932

Sick leave was granted to the following: D. A. Daball 12-15-31; Veta Neal 10-12,13,14-31; Emma Lee Smith 12-19-31; Rosemary Trottman 11-30-31, 12-1-31; Miss Nina Percival 10-29-31; Susie Clark 5-6, 7, 8-31; Mildred Stephens 11-3, 4, 5, 6-31; Frances Thompson 1-18, 19-32; Osceola Moore 1-22, 25, 26, 17, 28-32

JULY 15, 1932

Pasco School was ordered closed until ordered open by the Board.

The following teachers were assigned to Schools:

Pasco High School: As recommended by Trustees of District No. 7; P. T. Delavan, Nina Percival, A. L. Entz, Mildred Huckabay, Dorothy Lock, Gertrude Daball, Frankie Major. Mrs. Elizabeth Blair was included in the recommendation of the Trustees, and on motion of Mr. Gilbert seconded by Mr. Tucker and carried the faculty was reduced by leaving Mrs. Blair out.

Dade City Grammar School: As recommended by Trustees of District No. 7; D. A. Daball, Veta Neal, Mamie Musselman, Bertha Cottle, Sally Weems, Rosemary Trottman, Mabel Williams, Irvena Brown, Emma Lee Smith, Essie Mae Blitch, Christine Gilbert, Myrtle Hunt, Fannie Mobley. Mrs. Beulah Howard was recommended by the Trustees, and on motion of Mr. Gilbert seconded by Mr. Tucker and carried, was referred back to the Trustees.

Lacoochee School: As recommended by Trustees of District No. 12; Mrs. Annie Fogg. Mrs. C. F. Andrews, Mrs. Susie Clark, Mrs. Bethel Revels.

Trilby School: As recommended by Trustees of District No. 12; M. G. Donaldson, Mark St. Clair, Frances Ferrell 8th grade, Alice St. Clair 7th, Ila O’Berry 6th, Mildred Stevens 4th-5th, Mrs. Maude O’Berry Primary. The recommendation of the trustees called for Mrs. Maude O’Berry to teach the 7th, and Mrs. Alice St. Clair to teach the Primary. As Mrs. O’Berry had been teacher of the Primary for several years and was experienced, the Board assigned her back to Primary and Mrs. St. Clair to 7th.

Myrtle School: Miss Verna Watkins. Recommended by Trustees Dist. No. 26.

Tucker School: Edwina Ruff. Recommended by Trustees Dist. No. 2

St. Joseph School: Sr. S. Newman, Sr. S. I. Molter, as recommended by Trustees of District No. 15.

Elfers School: As recommended by Trustees District No. 32; Sadie Eikel, Jennie Sheldon. Miss Bertha Kolb was recommended by Trustees as Principal, on motion Mr. Pierce, Seconded was referred to Trustees.

Hudson School: As recommended by Trustees District No. 32; Mrs. Florence Glass.

Ehren School: As recommended by Trustees of District No. 24; Mrs. Ada Kelley.

Drexel School: As recommended by Trustees of District No. 24; Miss Nellie Tucker.

Pierce School: As recommended by Trustees District No. 32. Miss Louise Wilkes, Evelyn Waddy, Talitha Waddy. The recommendation was referred back to the Trustees for second recommendation.

Gulf High School: As recommended by Trustees District No. 32. J. H. Kelley, J. H. St. Clair, D. C. DeFord, Grace Fogg, Louise Wethington, Jessie Craft, Milbra Sparks, Mary Lou St. Clair, Eleanor Kuhlman. On Motion and carried the recommendation of J. H. Kelley, J. H. St. Clair, Mary Lou St. Clair, and Eleanor Kuhlman were referred to Trustees for second recommendation. D. C. DeFord, Jessie Craft, Louise Wethington, Grace Fogg, Milbra Sparks were assigned as recommended.

AUGUST 1, 1932

Students from Pasco High appeared before the Board with a petition requesting that Home Economics be restored in the high school.

J. H. Shook was assigned to teach at Richland.

AUGUST 16, 1932

C. D. Johnson AB Principal at Pasco High School.


Another high school teacher was requested for Trilby but the Board denied the request.

Colored Teachers Assigned: San Antonio, Grace Bennett; Pasco Colored, Amelia L. James; Blanton Colored, Hollice Sikes; New Port Richey, Louise O’Neal


Mrs. Myrtle Hunt resigned at the Dade City Grammar School and Majorie Bushnell was assigned to the Primary Department in the Dade City Grammar School.

JANUARY 16, 1933

Substitute teachers in the Grammar School were paid $3.00 per day. Substitute teachers in the High School were paid $4.00 per day.

JANUARY 25, 1933

Mr. Trottman transferred from Gulf High principalship to Trilby.


Richland School was to close at the end of this school month due to insufficient funds.

Slaughter School would close at the end of the 6th month’s term.

OCTOBER 2, 1933

IOU’s were issued to Mrs. Florence Glass for the balance due her for teaching during the year 1931 – 32 at Hudson School.

DECEMBER 4, 1933

The microfilm for the last six months of 1933 was very difficult to read.


The first four months were very difficult to read.

JUNE 4, 1934

Mrs. Florence Glass was paid the balance of her salary.

Richland School – Mrs. Mignon Frisbee – teacher 1934 – 35.

Myrtle-Denham – Verna Watkins – teacher 1934 – 35.


If reappointed as Principal of Pasco High School for the year 1934 – 35, I pledge myself to the following:

To see that the teachers of my faculty put in full time or furnish substitutes for the time they are absent.

To arrange to have one vacant period during the day for Chapel and extra curricular activities; assembly at least once a week.

To cooperate with the County Board in their endeavor to place Pasco High on the Southern Ass’n and carry out all other policies of the Board for the up-building of the school.

To make some real effort to retire the Athletic debt which I have incurred during my principalship.

To see that classes go on as usual during the football season.

With the backing of the Board of Public Instruction, I will keep all the students on the school grounds who do not go home for their lunch thus eliminating the constant complaints about students loitering on the streets, in the pool room, in the Court House rest rooms and smoking on the Church steps.

I feel confident that if I am given another year, I can and will overcome the above objections to me. However, if the County Board feels that my services have not been satisfactory, I agree to resign at the end of the school year.


Paul T. Delavan

Other appointments under the above motion for Pasco High School and as recommended by the Trustees.

Mildred Huckabay, Viola Yates and Alien Entz, letter from Mr. Entz read, approved and filed.

Motion by Mrs. Otto, seconded and carried: T. R. Jurney appointed Janitor of Pasco High School for the term 1934 – 35 at a salary of $60.00 per month and to begin at opening of school. Mose McKinney appointed Janitor of Dade City Grammar School for the 1934 – 35 term at a salary of $60.00 per month and begin at opening of school.

Motion seconded and carried: Mrs. Beatrice Stanley appointed as teacher of school number 29, Fivay, as recommended by Trustees.

Motion seconded and carried: On the recommendation of Trustees, Mrs. Freida Eiland was appointed teacher of the Blanton School for the term 1934 – 35.

Motion by Mr. Hill seconded and carried Nealie Tucker appointed as teacher of Pasco School number 21, as recommended by Trustees, term 1934 – 35.

Superintendent instructed to request the return of the sewing machines that were loaned to the FERA.

Motion by Mr. Lefler, seconded and carried: On recommendation of the Trustees, the following teachers were appointed in the Zephyrhills School for the term 1934 – 35. Mrs. A. V. Withers and Mrs. Helen Hamilton.

Motion, seconded and carried: The following teachers were appointed to the Lacoochee Colored School Number 11, term 1934 – 35. Etta Burt, Frances Thompson and Thelma Burt.

Motion, seconded and carried: Claudia Lewis appointed a teacher in Odessa colored school number 30 for the term 1934 – 35.

Motion, seconded and carried: Arriwentha House appointed as teacher of Lumberton colored school Number 4, term 1934 – 35.

JULY 5, 1934

Mr. L. E. Rowland—Principal—Zephyrhills High School-1934-35. James Ward awarded bid on Trilby School for $8731.73 and Lacoochee School for $6539.45.

Richland – Ruth Giddens – 1934-35 teacher.

Mary Marshall was appointed to teach in the Dade City Colored School for the 1934-35 term.


Only the latter part of the minutes for 1934 were really readable.

OCTOBER 1, 1934

Teachers were given salary increases payable in script — Payable if and when funds become available. This was done to halt an exodus of teachers from Pasco County to other counties paying better salaries.

DECEMBER 3, 1934

Sid Larkin was paid $85.00 per month for transportation in District 7.

JANUARY 21, 1935

The elementary school term will close at the end of 8th month.

FEBRUARY 4, 1935

The Board allowed $40.00 to the Masonic Lodge of Trilby for chairs lost in the fire.

MARCH 4, 1935

It was moved and carried that the board send a telegram to Governor Sholtz, apprising him of the acute financial condition in this county and urging that he make endeavor to secure Federal aid for our schools.

Teacher Salary Fund

One-Half Month February Salary

Paul T. Delavan, $87.50; Nina Percival, 52.50; Dorothy Lock, 52.50; Mildred Huckabay, 52.50; W. L. Mullin, 56.00; Mrs. J. S. Purcell, 52.50; Louise Thompson, 52.50; Mary Weyher, 52.50; Viola Yates, 52.50; Lorain Morgan, 20.00; Christine Mickens, 22.50; Mary H. Marshall, 22.50; Vera Lucas, 22.50; J. D. Moore, 25.00; Hollis Sikes, 22.50; O. K. Mickens, 35.00; Walter Young, 20.00; Claudia Lewis, 20.00; Grace A. Bennett, 20.00; Ida Mae Robinson, 20.00; Laura B. Roland, 20.00; Thelma Burt, 22.50; Frances Thompson, 22.50; Etta Burt, 30.00; Arriwentha House, 20.00; Lewis E. Rowland, 87.50; Theo. Campbell, 55.00; Annie Gill, 52.50; W. E. Trottman Eleven-Twenty, 55.00, First Mo. salary.

The following are 1/2 6th Mo. Salary

Lilla B. Taylor, 52.50; Elizabeth Rollins, 42.50; Lillian Kirkland, 37.50; Elizabeth Brown, 40.00; Bertha Messick, 40.00; Helen Sanders, 37.50; Mrs. A. V. Withers, 40.00; Helen Hamilton, 40.00; Inez Lawrence, 37.50; D. A. Daboll, 87.50; Gertrude Daboll, 42.50; Mamie Musselman, 40.00; Irvena Brown, 40.00; Essie Mae Blitch, 40.00; Emma Lee Smith, 40.00; Rosemary Trottman, 40.00; Veta Neal, 40.00; Bertha Cottle, 37.50; Sister M. Catherine, 42.50; Ellen Norfleet, 40.00; Jennie Sheldon, 37.50; Lettie E. Bareford, 40.00; Eleanor Kuhlman, 42.50; Annett Wirt, 40.00; Beatrice Stanley, 40.00; Gertrude Godwin, 40.00; M. G. Donaldson, 87.50; Bruce Mitchell, 52.50; Sarah Lewis, 52.50; Grace Fogg, 52.50; J. H. St. Clair, 52.50; Jack Suter, 52.50; C. F. Marchman, 52.50; Jessie D. Hendershot, 52.50; Frankie Major, 52.50; Beulah Howard, 40.00; Mabel C. Williams, 37.50; Dorothy Eck, 37.50; Fannie Mobley, 40.00; Sarah Kate Simms, 37.50; Frances Berry, 40.00; E. W. Carter, 47.50; Mabel Harrelson, 42.50; Ethel W. Hall, 37.50; Evelyn Waddy, 37.50; Nina Lee Pearce, 40.00; Eugene Hester, 40.00; Annabelle Frierson, 40.00; Nealie Tucker, 42.50; Lulu Hancock, 40.00; Lottie Cripe, 42.50; Lorain Morgan, 20.00; Mittye W. Pierce, 40.00.

Wesley Chapel No. 19 and Matchett Lake No. 20 requested permission to consolidate.

APRIL 15, 1935

The Board will not pay phone rent in any school after the present term.

MAY 6, 1935

By a unanimous vote, Mrs. Lillian Coleman was reappointed in charge of the Lunch Room at Pasco High School for the ensuing year. Upon motion of Mr. Hill, it was voted and carried that the following teachers be employed in the various districts in compliance with the recommendations of the Trustees of the several Districts.

District No. 2, Tucker: Miss Mittye W. Pierce

District No. 22, Darby: Mrs. Lulu Hancock

District No. 29, Fivay: Mrs. Beatrice L. Stanley

District No. 32, Elfers, Odessa: Miss Eleanor Kuhlman

District No. 22, Hudson: Mrs. Lettie E. Bareford District No. 22, Pierce: Miss Evelyn Waddy, Mrs. Ethel Hall District No. 22, Elfers: Mrs. Jennie Sheldon District No. 15, St. Joseph: Sr. M. Catherine, Principe, Sr. Irma Multerb District No. 16, San Antonio: Mrs. Georgia Wells

Upon motion of Mr. Storms, it was seconded and carried that the following teachers be appointed for the several schools in compliance with the recommendations of the trustees of the several districts.

District No. 4, Miss Ruth Giddens

District No. 8, Mrs. Lottie Cripe

District No. 19, Wesley Chapel: Eugene Hester, Principal, Annabel Frierson, Assistant

District No. 26, Myrtle-Denham: Mrs. Gertrude Godwin

The Trustees of District No. 7 Dade City, recommended the appointment of the following teachers in this District for the year 1935 – 36.

The High School: Paul T. Delavan (Principal), Mrs. Mildred Huckabay, Mrs. Dorothy Lock, Miss Frankie Major, Miss Nina Percival, Mrs. J. S. Purcell, Miss Louise Thompson, Mrs. Mary C. Weyher, Miss Lola Yates, Wildon L. Mullin.

The Grammar School D. A. Daboll (Principal), Mrs. Gertrude Daboll, Mrs. Bertha Cottle, Miss Fannie Mobley, Miss Mabel Harrelson, Miss Emma Lee Smith, Mrs. Beulah J. Howard, Mrs. Mabel Williams, Miss Elaine Sanders, Mrs. Mamie Musselman, Mrs. Veta Neal, Miss Irvena Brown, Mrs. Rosemary Trottman, Mrs. W. L. Snipes, Miss Edith L. Smith.

We recommend these teachers improve their certification where possible, and that they attend Summer School at least once in three years.


W. P. Stevens

C. W. Taylor

Walter C. Craig

Following a motion by Mrs. Otto, it was seconded and carried that the above recommendations be confirmed with the exception of Mrs. Snipes which was withheld pending some inquiry concerning the latter’s expectancy of remaining in Dade City.

The following teachers were recommended and confirmed for School No. 37 being named Moore’s Academy: O. K. Mickens (Principal), Hollis Sikes, J. D. Moore, Vera Lucas, Mary H. Marshall, Christine Mickens.

Recommendation and confirmation of Teachers for District No. 12 Trilby follow:

Trilby School: J. A. Osteen (Principal), Miss Ila O’Berry

Lacoochee School: Mark St. Clair (Principal), Mrs. Frances Ferrell, Mrs. Dorothy Browning, Miss Hazel Moreland, Mrs. C. F. Andrews, Miss Frances Gladden, Mrs. Susie Clark, Mrs. Alice St. Clair.

Lacoochee Colored School: Etta Burt (Principal), Thelma Burt, Frances Thompson.

Trilby Colored School: Laurel B. Roland.

MAY 20, 1935

It was moved, seconded and voted to call an election in District No. 21 Pasco for the election of trustees and fixing the millage in said District.

A communication from School District No. 5 signed by Trustees J. L. Geiger and Frank D. Gill recommended the appointment of the following teachers for the coming year as follows:

Zephyrhills: L. E. Rowland, Principal; Annie W. Gill, Assistant Principal; J. T. Campbell. Jr.; Lilla Bess Taylor, Commercial Teacher, providing she can qualify; Bertha Messick, 8th grade; Elizabeth Brown. 7th grade; Mrs. A. V. Withers, 6th grade; Pauline Eiland, 5th grade; Mrs. Nellie Price, 4th grade; Inez Lawrence, 3rd grade; Lillian Kirkland, 2nd grade; Mrs. Helen Hamilton, 1st grade.

Following a motion by Mr. Storms, it was seconded and carried that the above nominations be confirmed.

The trustees of District No. 13, Blanton recommended the selection of Freida Eiland as teacher which met the approval of the Board.

Following a motion by Mrs. Otto, Miss Elizabeth Rollins was appointed to the Dade City Grammar School faculty.

Mrs. Ada Kelly was regularly appointed to serve as one of the teachers in District No. 24.

On motion of Mr. Storms, it was voted to authorize the trustees of Ehren District No. 24 to move Ehren School building to Drexel grounds and appoint two teachers to serve the consolidated school.

On recommendation of the Trustees of District No. 32 and motion of Mr. Hill, the following were given positions in that District:

Elfers Grammar School: Mrs. Ellen Norfleet, Principal; Miss Marjorie Ayers

Gulf High School: Prof. M. G. Donaldson, Principal; Prof. J. H. St. Clair; Bruce Mitchell; Grace Fogg; F. K. Marchman; Sarah Lewis.

JUNE 3, 1935

Prospect: Sarah Kate Simms

Zephyrhills High School: Leila Scarborough, Chemistry, math

Lumberton (colored): Osceola P. Moore

Slaughter: Gertrude Slaughter

For white teachers, at least a second class certificate is necessary to teach in Pasco County.

Marjorie Ayers was changed to Lucille Ayers as teacher in Pierce Grammar School

Gulf High School — David Williams, Commercial teacher and coach

Pierce Grammar — E. W. Carter, Principal; Martin T. Waters, Assistant Principal

JUNE 11, 1935

Mrs. H. A. Bucklin — music instructor at Dade City Grammar and High School.

The minimum salary paid high school teachers in the 1935 – 36 term was $115.00 per month. The minimum paid Grammar teachers was $100.00 per month. Seventh and eighth grade. Dean of Girls were paid $115 per month.

Nina Percival was assistant principal at Pasco High School.

Gulf High School — Frank E. Watts– Social Science and director of music.

JULY 1, 1935

Trilby school declared vacant.

AUGUST 5, 1935

Mr. Tom Hill was authorized to arrange facilities for colored pupils at Fivay. Mr. Hill was to arrange for typewriter tables at $2.50 each for Gulf High School.

Miss Mozelle Miller, sixth grade — Lacoochee at a salary of $30.00 per month.

Loran L. Sheely was appointed principal at Trilby over the Superintendent’s protest.

Bert Edwards appointed janitor at Trilby at $18.00 per month.

Ella Dayton was appointed music teacher at Trilby and Lacoochee.

AUGUST 23, 1935

The bus liability insurance was paid at $200.00 per month until paid in full.


Zephyrhills — Two steel buses were to be purchased and paid for over a period of two years at $82.33 per month and payments were made during the nine months each year.

Prof. Paul T. Delavan, Principal at Pasco High

SEPTEMBER 16, 1935

The Board voted to allow the PTA $65.00 for a refrigerator at Dade City Grammar School.

R. W. Wildeson was appointed Science, English and Physics teacher at Pasco High School

W. S. Cawthon was the State Superintendent.

OCTOBER 7, 1935

Only the six primary grades were taught at Slaughter. The remainder were transported to Lacoochee.

White Teachers Salaries

Nealie Tucker, 25.00; Mittye W. Pierce, 25.00; Ruth Giddens, 25.00; Lewis E. Rowland, 52.50; Theo Campbell, 34.00; Annie Gill, 37.00; Lillie B. Taylor, 34.00; Bertha McKillips, 31.00; Elizabeth Brown, 28.00; Pauline Eiland, 25.00; Nellie Price, 27.00; Inez L. Wrence, 25.00; Lillian Kirkland, 25.00; Leila Scarsborough, 27.00; Helen Hamilton, 28.00; Ola Bauknight, 22.00; D. A. Daboll, 52.50; Veta Neal, 28.00; Rosemary Trottman, 28.00; Mamie Musselman, 28.00; Bertha H. Cottle, 25.00; Mabel Williams, 25.00; Gertrude Daboll, 28.00; Myrtle Hunt, 27.00; Mabel Harrelson, 28.00; Elaine Sanders, 27.00; Irvena Brown, 27.00; Emma Lee Smith, 27.00; Edith L. Smith, 27.00; Mrs. M. L. Snipes, 28.00; Fannie Mobley, 28.00; Paul T. Delavan, 52.50; Mina Percival, 42.00; Dorothy Lock, 34.00; Mildred Huckabay, 34.00; Louise Thompson, 34.00; Frankie Major, 34.00; Mrs. J. S. Purcell, 36.00; Mary C. Weyher, 34.00; Viola Waldorff, 34.00; W. L. Mullin, 36.00; R. W. Wildeaon, 34.00; Lottie Cripe, 27.00; Mark St. Clair, 52.50; Dorothy Browning, 30.00; France Ferrell, 28.00; Frances Gladden, 27.00; Agatha Andrews, 27.00; Susie Clark, 27.00; Alice St. Clair, 28.00; Pearl Epting, 24.00; Ila O’Berry, 34.00; Bethel Revels, 28.00; Sister Irma Multer, 27.00; Ivan Whitehead, 22.50; Eugene Hester, 27.00; Annabelle Frierson, 25.00; Dorothy Eck, 25.00; Lulu Hancock, 25.00; Ada Kelly, 27.00; Frances Berry, 25.00; Beatrice Stanley, 25.00; Eleanor Kuhlman, 25.00; Ellen Norfleet, 27.00; Jennie Sheldon, 25.00; Lettie E. Bareford, 25.00; L. W. Carter, 37.00; Martin T. Walters, 27.00; Lucille Ayers, 24.00; Evelyn Waddy, 24.00; Ethel Hall, 24.00; M. G. Donaldson, 52.50; J. H. St. Clair, 39.00; Grace Fogg, 34.00; Bruce Mitchell, 33.00; F. K. Marchman, 33.00; Sarah Lewis, 33.00; David E. Williams, 33.00; G. W. Lovejoy, 33.00.

Colored Teacher’s Salary

Osceola P. Moore, 15.00; Gertrude Shields, 15.00; O. K. Mickens, 24.00; J. D. Moore, 16.50; Hollis Sikes, 15.00; Vera Lucas, 15.00; Christine Mickens, 15.00; Mary E. Marshall, 15.00; Etta Burt, 21.00; Thelma Burt, 15.00; Francine Thompson, 15.00; Laurel V. Roland, 15.00; Arriwentha House, 15.00; Grace A. Bennett, 15.00; Leona Williams, 15.00; Claudia Lewis, 15.00; Walter Young, 15.00; Ida Mae Robinson, 15.00.

White Teacher’s Salary

Mozelle Miller, 27.00; Nealie Tucker, 60.00; Mittye W. Pierce, 60.00; Ruth Giddens, 60.00; Theo Campbell, 81.00; Annie Gill, 88.00; Lilly B. Taylor, 31.00; Bertha McKillips, 71.00; Elizabeth Brown, 67.00; Pauline Eiland, 60.00; Nellie Price, 63.00; Inez Lawrence, 60.00; Lillian Kirkland, 67.50; Leila Scarborough, 83.00; Helen Hamilton, 67.00; Ola Bauknight, 53.00; D. A. Daboll, 122.50; Veta Neal, 67.00; Rosemary Trottman, 76.00; Mamie Musselman, 67.00; Bertha H. Cottle, 60.00; Mabel Williams, 60.00; Gertrude Daboll, 67.00; Beulah J. Howard, 65.50; Mabel Harrelson, 67.00; Elaine Sanders, 65.50; Irvena Brown, 65.50; Emma Lee Smith, 65.50; Edith L. Smith, 65.50; Mrs. M. L. Snipes, 67.00; Fannie Mobley, 67.00; Paul T. Delavan, 122.50; Nina Percival, 98.00; Dorothy Lock, 81.00; Mildred Huckabay, 81.00; Louise Thompson, 81.00; Frankie Major, 81.00; Mrs. J. S. Purcell, 79.00; Mary C. Weyher, 81.00; Viola Waldorff, 81.00; W. L. Mullin, 84.00; R. M. Wildeson, 81.00; Lottie Cripe, 63.00; Mark St. Clair, 122.50; Dorothy Browning, 75.00; Frances Ferrell, 72.00; Frances Gladden, 65.50; Mozelle Miller, 65.50; Agatha Andrews, 65.50; Susie Clark, 65.50; Alice St. Clair, 67.00; Pearl Epting, 56.00; Ila O’Berry, 81.00; Bethel Revels, 67.00; Sister M. Catherine, 50.00; Sister Irma Multer, 43.00; Georgia Wells, 60.00; Sarah Kate Simms, 45.00; Ivan Whitehead, 52.50; Eugene Hester, 63.00; Annabelle Frierson, 60.00; Dorothy Eck, 60.00; Lulu Hancock, 60.00; Ada Kelly, 43.00; Frances Bery, 60.00; Gertrude Godwin, 25.00; Beatrice Stanley, 60.00; Eleanor Kuhlman, 60.00; Ellen Norfleet, 63.00; Jennie Sheldon, 60.00; Lettie E. Bareford, 60.00; E. W. Carter, 67.50; Martin T. Walters, 65.50; Lucille Ayers, 56.00; Evelyn Waddy, 56.00; Ethel Hall, 56.00; M. G. Donaldson, 122.00; J. H. St. Clair, 91.00; Grace Fogg, 81.00; Bruce Mitchell, 77.00; F. K. Marchman, 77.00; Sarah Lewis, 77.00; David E. Williams, 77.00; C. W. Lovejoy, 77.00; Lewis E. Rowland, 122.50; Lillian Kirkland, 2.50.

Colored Teachers

Osceola P. Moore, 35.00; Gertrude Shields, 35.00; O. K. Mickens, 56.00; J. D. Moore, 38.50; Hollis Sikes, 35.00; Christine Mickens, 35.00; Mary H. Marshall, 35.00; Etta Burt, 49.00; Thelma Burt, 35.00; Francine Thompson, 35.00; Laurel V. Roland, 35.00; Arriwentha House, 35.00; Grace A. Bennett, 35.00; Leona Williams, 35.00; Claudia Lewis, 35.00; Walter Young, 35.00; Ida Mae Robinson, 35.00.


Mrs. M. D. Klingensmith, 25.00; B. W. Dawkins, 15.00; George Williams, 15.00; Beulah Stewart, 12.00; John Arnold, 16.50; R. F. Knapp, 18.00; F. M. Mount, 22.50; Mary Ann Thomas, 9.00; Bud Douglass, 5.00; J. L. Smith, 24.00; H. A. Simms, 25.00; J. B. McMiller, 20.00; Sid Larkin, 22.50; J. B. Ferrell, 27.00; R. Q. Jackson, 30.00; Inez Gaskins, 9.00; Neta Smith, 15.00; Mrs. Albert Godwin, 18.00; Alice Strickland, 5.00; Leola Graham, 25.00; F. H. McKendree, 18.00; W. J. Sermons, 12.00; J. W. Smith, 18.00; H. C. Douglass, 35.00; Violet Williams, 20.00; Ada Kelly, 12.00; H & S Motor Co., 30.00; W. E. Clark, 40.00; Zane Rankin, 9.00; Frank Lysek, 9.00; A. W. Wells, 7.50; J. W. Sanders, 25.00; Lawrence Atkins, 25.00; George Williams, 25.75; Beulah Stewart, 23.75; John Arnold, 33.50.

FEBRUARY 5, 1936

Fred Himmelwright was paid $5.00 per month to transport students in District 8, Sand Pond, to Dade City High School.

JUNE 4, 1936

The Board voted to pay a one-half month salary bonus to each of the loyal teachers and transporters, with such payments to be made from the surplus of State Funds.

Mr. Storms still presiding, Mrs. Otto moved, Mr. Hill seconded and it was unanimously voted to confirm the following recommendations of teachers made by the Trustees of Lacoochee School: Mr. Mark St. Clair, Principal and teacher of ninth grade; Mrs. Alice St. Clair, Primary teacher; Mrs. Susie Clark, teacher of second grade; Miss Frances Gladden, teacher of third grade; Fourth and Sixth grades not filled; Mrs. C. F. Andrews, teacher of fifth grade; Miss Lois Hancock, teacher of seventh grade; Mrs. Frances Ferret 1, teacher of eighth grade.

Mr. Storms still presiding, Mrs. Otto moved, Mr. Hill seconded and it was unanimously voted to refer the recommendation of the Trustees of District one back to them for another selection of a teacher.

The Trustees recommending, Mr. Hill moved, Mr. Storms seconded and it was unanimously voted to appoint Mrs. Georgia Wells teacher in District No. 16 for the year 1936 – 37.

Mr. Hill moved, Mr. Storms seconded and it was unanimously voted to allow the Chairman extra compensation for services rendered when required to sign pay-rolls and other between-meeting business.

The Pasco Board of Public Instruction continually encouraged teachers to take summer classes to meet certificate requirements in time for the opening of school.

Mrs. Gertrude Godwin was appointed to teach in District No. 26, Myrtle-Denham.

The Board voted to authorize Mr. J. H. Croft to furnish fuel to the Dade City High School for the ensuing term at two dollars per stand.

The Board voted to appoint Mrs. J. D. Coleman manager of the cafeteria at the Dade City High School for the year 1936 – 37.

The Board voted to authorize Mr. M. M. Crum, Trustee, to build a luncheon shed at Drexel school at an approximate cost of $25.00.

It was regularly voted to re-appoint Miss Ila O’Berry, Mrs. Bethel Revels, and Miss Pearl Epting teachers at Trilby school for the following year.

The Board voted that the Slaughter School should have the same opening date as the other schools.

The Board voted to employ Arriwentha House teacher at Blanton colored school for the coining term.

JULY 6, 1936

Minutes of the Board of Public Instruction of Pasco County, Florida On Wednesday July 8, 1936, a special meeting of the Board of Public Instruction of Pasco County, Florida was held in the office of the Superintendent in the Court House Dade City, Florida at which were present Margera L. Otto, Chairman and members Tom Hill and D. A. Storms. The meeting was called to consider Transportation and other relevant matters.

The colored school building called Moore’s Academy having been totally destroyed by fire during the night of July 6, 1936, Mr. D. C. Miller representing The South Florida School Supply Company making the following proposition, which after motion by Mr. Hill, seconded by Mr. Storms was unanimously voted:

To furnish equipment to the Colored School as follows: Blackboards for five rooms. Teachers Desk, Pupils Desks, Teachers Chairs, Waste Baskets, Pencil Sharpeners, not to exceed a total cost of $750.

The Board voted to allow Mrs. Waldo Richardson an amount of $250.00 for library books for use of the rural schools of the County, such books to be the property of the Board of Public Instruction and subject to withdrawal at the pleasure of the Board.

The Board considered the Transportation Survey as submitted by J. D. Coleman throughout the day.

The Board adjourned until Friday July 10 at 9:30 A.M.

JULY 10, 1936

The Board voted to allow Mr. Delavan an extra months salary due to his responsibilities before and after the school term.


The Board appointed Mrs. Starr Cox to Lacoochee School.

Miss Agnes Williams Music teacher at $90.00 per month.

Mrs. Ruth Byrd Music teacher at Trilby at $40.00 per month.

State of Florida

County of Pasco




You and each of you are hereby notified that the nomination of Miss Miriam Crum as School Teacher for the Drexel School in your said District, heretofore made by a majority of the members of your said Board of Trustees and presented to the undersigned Board of Public Instruction for the County of Pasco, State of Florida, has been rejected by the said Board of Public Instruction.

Which said rejection was made on the 8th day of Sept., A. D. 1936, and for the following cause and reasons, to wit:

1. That in the judgment of said Board of Public Instruction the appointment of the said Miss Crum as School Teacher for said School would have a detrimental effect upon the School interests of the said County of Pasco throughout the said County generally.

2. That the said Miss Crum holds only a third grade certificate and her appointment would be in violation of that certain Resolution heretofore made and entered by said Board of Public Instruction on the 3rd day of June, A. D. 1935, recorded in the Minutes of said Board of Public Instruction in Minute Book 3 at Page 432, and would tend to lower the educational standards of said County.

3. That the appointment of the said Miss Crum would render it impossible for the said Drexel School to become accredited for the next ensuing school year. And that the failure of said school to become accredited would not only detrimentally affect said School and said School District but would tend to lower the standard of all of the High Schools in the County to which it is, or may become a feeder.

4. That the said Miss Crum if appointed would be the only white teacher in said County teaching under a certificate lower than a second grade certificate and that such appointment would break an established precedent and policy of said Board of Public Instruction and would cause great confusion and prejudicial hindrance in the administration of the school affairs of said County by said Board of Public Instruction.

You are further notified that unless you present to the undersigned Board of Public Instruction before 3:00 P. M. Thursday, the 10th of September, A. D. 1936, your second or further nomination for a teacher for said School in writing at the Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction in the Court House at Dade City, Florida, the said Board of Public Instruction will proceed to appoint a teacher for said school.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF the said Board of Public Instruction for the County of Pasco, State of Florida, has caused its name to be signed hereto by its Chairman and the seal of said Board to be affixed hereto by its Secretary this 9th day of September, A. D. 1936.


For the County of Pasco, State of Florida

By Margaret L. Otto As Chairman.


Fred C. Revels As Secretary (OFFICIAL SEAL)

Received a true and correct copy of the above and foregoing notice this _______ day of September, A. D. 1936

Mr. H. A. Simms was appointed janitor at Pasco High School at a salary of $20.00 per month.

M. C. Donaldson was appointed Principal at Gulf High School.

Mr. Lewis E. Rowland was appointed Principal at Drexel.

OCTOBER 5, 1936

The Board voted to pay teachers on a 12 month basis beginning with the current month.

OCTOBER 8, 1936

A uniform salary schedule for all teachers was adopted. All previous schedules were rescinded.

To pay teachers on a 12 month basis was rescinded.

NOVEMBER 16, 1936

Teachers and principals were given March 18, 19 and 20 off to attend the F E A meeting in Orlando.

Duplicating machines were purchased for the Superintendent’s office and the Dade City schools.

DECEMBER 21, 1936

Mrs. Louise Blocker was appointed music teacher at Blanton.

Sister Celine Townsend was appointed at St. Joseph for the balance of the school term.

APRIL 5, 1937

Richland School requested a “Strawberry School.” No action was taken at this meeting or the next.

School Districts and Tax Rate

District No. 5, Zephyrhills. Millage assessed, 10. Trustees elected, F. B. Ames, William Hamilton, and Mrs. Anne Hammett.

District No. 7, Dade City. Millage assessed, 10. Trustees elected, W. C. Craig, S. J. Sparkman and J. A. Peek.

District No. 8, Sand Pond. Millage assessed, 10. Trustees elected, J. N. Ticknor, L. W. LeHeup and F. T. Himmelwright.

District No. 12, Lacoochee. Millage assessed, 10. Trustees elected, C. J. Ferrell, W. J. Mehaffy and W. D. Trunnell.

District No. 13, Blanton. Millage assessed, 10. Trustees elected, J. H. Hancock, Norman Blocker and J. E. Wynn.

District No. 15, St. Joseph. Millage assessed, 10. Trustees elected, J. B. Barthle, C. J. Nathe and Clem Gude.

District No. 16, San Antonio. Millage assessed, 5. Trustees elected, C. H. Pike, Melvin Gaskin and J. H. Dunne.

District No. 17, Prospect. Millage assessed, 10. Trustees elected, W. M. Gaskin, R. E. Richberg and M. R. Heath.

District No. 19, Wesley Chapel. Millage assessed, 10. Trustees elected, L. D. Smith, H. H. Wells and F. P. Cooper.

District No. 20, Matchett Lake. Millage assessed, 10. Trustees elected. C. R. Tucker, Malcolm Tucker and Fred Ellis.

District No. 21, Pasco. Millage assessed, 10. Trustees elected, Bernie McKendree, W. W. Guthrie and Hettie L. Blackburn.

District No. 22, Darby. Millage assessed, 10. Trustees elected, J. B. Sessoms, W. K. Douglass, and F. J. Bellamy.

District No. 24, Ehren. Millage assessed, 10. Trustees elected, M. M. Crum, T. C. Whitman and S. B. Hopson.

District No. 26, Myrtle-Denham. Millage assessed, 10. Trustees elected, O. H. Woodard, Frank C. Fagan and F. M. Hahs.

District No. 29, Fivay. Millage assessed 10. Trustees elected. S. M. Jackson, Ben Asbel and Bertha May Jackson.

District No. 32, Elfers. Millage assessed 10. Trustees elected, Ruth A. Shaw, F. I. Grey and Edward Roberts.

Districts Nos. 2, 23 and 28 apparently failed to hold elections.

APRIL 1937

Richland and Slaughter to operate as “Strawberry Schools.”

MAY 3, 1937

M. G. Donaldson was appointed Principal at Gulf High.

District No. 7: The following teachers and janitors were appointed for the year 1937 – 38.

Pasco High School. Principal: Paul T. Delavan. Teachers: Mrs. Dorothy Browning, Mrs. Mildred Huckabay, Miss Dorothy Lock, Mr. Leon Luckenbach, Miss Frankie Major, Miss Nina Percival, Miss Louise Thompson, Mrs. Viola Waldorf, Mrs. Mary C. Weyher, Mrs. Lula B. Bucklin. Janitor: T. R. Jurney.

Dade City Grammar School. Principal: D. A. Daboll. Teachers: Mrs. Veta Neal, Mrs. Elizabeth Bridges, Mrs. Mamie Musselman, Rosemary Trottman, Miss Edith L. Smith, Mrs. Bertha Cottle, Mrs. Mabel Campbell, Mrs. Beulah J. Howard, Mrs. Gertrude Daboll, Mrs. Mabel Williams, Miss Emma Lee Smith, Mrs. Myrtle Hunt, Miss Elaine Sanders, Mrs. Margaret Stevens, Miss Irvena Brown, Miss Fannie Mobley, Mrs. Lula Bucklin. Janitor: Mose McKinney.

Recommendations for Coach in High School and Hand-Craft teacher in Grammar School will be made later.

Respectfully submitted,

Walter C. Craig, Chairman

S. J. Sparkman

J. A. Peek

Trustees Dist. No. 7, Pasco County

District No. 22, Darby – Miss Gertrude Rowland

The nomination of Mr. E. W. Carter, Principal-teacher at Pierce Grammar School was rejected for alleged acts of insubordination on the part of said E. W. Carter during the past term and his further activities designed to incite the teachers of his said school to strike and cause said teachers to become antagonistic to the Board.

The Board voted to allow teachers sick leave as allowed by law. The Board voted to refuse the use of school buildings or property of Pasco County where any part of the proceeds shall be paid, disbursed to or received by any person, firm or corporation not a resident of Pasco County.

The Superintendent was instructed to dispense with an unnecessary transporting during the last month of the schools.



On the above date, a meeting of the Board of Public Instruction of Pasco County was held in the office of the Superintendent in the Court House, at which were present Reuel Platt, Chairman and members D. A. Storms and R. D. Stevenson.

The minutes of last regular and special meeting were read and approved.

Calling Mr. Storms to preside, Mr. Platt moved and Mr. Stevenson seconded that Mr. John Edison, upon recommendation of Prof. Delavan and the Trustees, was appointed teacher and athletic coach at Pasco High for term of 1937 – 38.

With Mr. Storms still presiding, Mr. Platt moved and Mr. Stevenson seconded that the present staff at Moore’s Academy be re-appointed for the term of 1937 – 1938. Staff is as follows: O. K. Mickens, Principal; J. D. Moore; Hollis Sikes; Vera Lucas; Mary H. Marshall; Christine Mickens.

Mr. Storms still presiding, Mr. Platt moved and Mr. Stevenson seconded that Mrs. Alice Atwater be appointed teacher at Slaughter, District No. 1 for the term of 1937 – 1938 – same being the recommendation of the Trustees.

Mr. Storms presiding, the motion was made by Mr. Platt and seconded by Mr. Stevenson that the following teachers, upon recommendation of Trustees, be appointed in District No. 12:

Lacoochee: Mark St. Clair, Principal; Frances Ferrell; Lois Hancock; Mrs. Starr M. Cox; Agatha Andrews; Susie Clark; Alice St. Clair; Agnes Williams.

Trilby: Ila O’Berry, Principal; Pearl Epting; Bethel Revels.

San Antonio, District No. 16 — Mrs. Mary Hancock 1937 – 38

Pasco, District No. 21 — Miss Dorothy Bok 1937 – 38

James T. Campbell, Principal at Zephyrhills. Teachers: F. M. Mounts, Bertha McKillips, Aurilla Driggers, Edith Plank.

Elementary at Zephyrhills: Helen Hamilton, Lillian Kirkland, Sarah Parsons, Nellie F. Price, Elizabeth Brown, Pauline Higginson, Hazel Hardee.

Gertrude Godwin, Principal at Myrtle-Denham 1937 – 38

D. C. Cripe, Principal at Wesley Chapel 1937 – 38

Ruth Gidden, Richland 1937 – 38

JUNE 7, 1937

Prospect, District 17, Helen McNeil

Ehren, Dist. 24, Miss Frances Berry

Zephyrhills, Dist. 5, Robert M. Conner

Elfers, Dist. 32 Miss Mittye W. Pierce, Principal

Tucker, Dist. 2 Mrs. Isabel Stewart

Pasco, Dist. 21 Mrs. Lula Hancock

Fivay. Dist. 29 Annabelle Frierson, Mrs. Cynthia C. Albritton

JULY 7, 1937

St. Joseph, Dist. 15 Sr. M. Catherine, Prin., Sr. Celien, Assist.

Drexel Josephine Tucker, Prin.

Zephyrhills, Dist. 5 Edna Moon, Music; Mary P. Dalfin, Library

Sand Pond, Dist. 8 Lottie Cripe

Wesley Chapel. Dist. 19 Miss Annice Cripe

AUGUST 2, 1937

Helen Ruckley was appointed Commercial teacher and girls basketball coach at Pasco High.

Blanton, Dist. 13 Maude O’Berry, teacher


Pasco High School – Winston S. Jones

Each pupil at Pasco High School must take a minimum of 3 courses.

Blanton – Louise Blocker, Music teacher

Trilby—Mrs. O. L. Dayton, Music and regular classes with a salary of $95.00 per month.

H. A. Simms—transporter–Richland Route–$100 per month.

The November and December 1937 Minutes were illegible.

JANUARY 7, 1938

Notice was served on Miss Frances Berry and Josephine Tucker, together with trustees of Ehren district, that the board will on Monday, January 24, 1938 at 9:30 A. M. hold a hearing of charges against both teachers.

NOTICE: Drivers of Pasco School busses must obey all traffic laws when operating in the line of duty.

JANUARY 24, 1938

Amicable settlements had been made between teachers, Frances Berry and Josephine Tucker, both pledging cooperation and therefore Attorney recommends that charges be dismissed and both be fully and completely exonerated and all pupils who are being transported out be required to attend home school.

FEBRUARY 21, 1938

Shelly Phillmon was allowed an additional $5.00 per month for transporting.

FEBRUARY 28, 1938

Annice Cripe was transferred from Wesley Chapel to teacher of grades 1 – 4 at Drexel. Frances Berry is Principal and teaches grades 5 – 8 at Drexel. Josephine Tucker, former Principal at Drexel will substitute where ordered by the Superintendent. Her employment expires April 28, 1938.

MARCH 21, 1938

Lillie H. Taylor was appointed Home Economics teacher at Pasco High School to replace Mrs. Viola Waldorf who moved to another county.

APRIL 4, 1938

Walter Young, Principal at Trilby Colored School.

Sadie Jones assigned to Trilby Colored School.

Gertrude Godwin – Myrtle-Denham

Grace Norsworthy – Myrtle-Denham

APRIL 18, 1938

Miss Ruth Giddens, Principal at Richland

Miss Millicent Eady, Assistant

Mrs. Lula Hancock – Pasco

MAY 2, 1938

Gertrude Rowland – Darby. Mrs. Mary Hancock – San Antonio. Mrs. Georgia Wells – Wesley Chapel. Susie Clark – Richland, replacing Millicent Eady.

Zephyrhills Grammar School: Mrs. Helen Hamilton, Miss Lillian Kirkland, Miss Sarah Parsons, Mrs. Nellie F. Price, Mrs. Pauline Higginson, Mrs. Elizabeth Brown.

Zephyrhills Junior and Senior High School. J. T. Campbell, Principal; F. M. Mounts; Robert Conner; Mrs. Bertha McKillips; Miss Edna Plank.

MAY 18, 1938

Sand Pond – Lottie Cripe.

Pasco County High School: Mr. Dale Smith, Mrs. Dorothy Browning, Mrs. Mildred Huckabay, Miss Dorothy Lock, Mr. Leon Luckenbach, Miss Frankie Major, Miss Nina Percival, Miss Ruth Lewis, Mrs. Mary Weyher, Miss Helen Rackley, Mr. Winston S. Jones, Mrs. Lula Bucklin, Miss Carolyn Sistrunk.

Dade City Grammar School: Mr. D. A. Daboll, Mrs. Veta Neal, Mrs. Elizabeth Bridges, Mrs. Mamie Musselman, Mrs. Rosemary Trottman, Mrs. Edith Blocker, Mrs. Bertha Cottle, Mrs. Beulah Howard, Mrs. Gertrude Daboll, Miss Emma Lee Smith, Mrs. Myrtle Hunt, Miss Elaine Sanders, Mrs. Margaret Stevens, Miss Irvena Brown, Miss Fannie Mobley, Miss Dorothy Eck. Janitors: J. R. Journey, H. W. Hancock. Bus driver: I. W. Hudson.

The following were appointed:

Janitor: Zane Rankin, Gulf High; C. L. B. Patterson, Pierce Grammar; Ollie Gause, L. P. Curtis, Elfers.

Transporter: M. B. Anderson, Odessa; Dewey Baillie, Elfers; C. P. Littell, Aripeka, Hudson; John Childers, R. F. Knapp, Curtis Geiger, John Arnold, Prospect, District No. 17.

On motion of Mr. Stevenson, authorize Chairman and Secretary to execute necessary papers for refinancing of county-owned buses.

JUNE 6, 1938

Zephyrhills: Miss Hollis M. Warnock, Librarian; Sarah Fewell, Home Economics.

Blanton: Maude O’Berry, Louise Blocker – Music.

Mrs. Edna Turner was appointed manager of Pasco High lunch room.

Lacoochee: Mr. Mark St. Clair, Principal; Mrs. Frances Ferrell; Miss Lois Hancock; Mrs. Star M. Cox; Mrs. Agatha Andrews; Miss Margaret Mickler; Miss Mary Spearman; Mrs. Leona Sable; Mrs. Alice St. Clair; Mrs. Agnes Williams, Music; Mr. D. E. Roberts, Janitor; Mr. J. B. Ferrell, Transporter.

Trilby: Mrs. Ila Dowling, Principal; Mrs. Esther Reinke; Mrs. Bethel Revels; Mrs. O. L. Dayton, Music; Mr. R. Q. Jackson, Transporter; Mrs. C. A. Cannon, Janitor.

JULY 5, 1938

Julia V. Spooner, Music at Zephyrhills – 1938-39 term.

Ivan B. Whitehead, teacher at Crystal Springs – 1938 – 39 term.

The following teachers were appointed to teach in the colored schools for the 1938 – 39 term.

Lumberton: T. B. Debose, Principal; Osceola P. Moore.

Moore’s Academy: O. K. Mickens, Principal; H. J. Goodwin; J. D. Moore; Mary Marshall; Mrs. O. K. Mickens; Thelma Burt.

Lacoochee: Etta Burt, Principal; Francine Thompson; Arriwentha House.

Blanton: Vera Goodwin

San Antonio: Laurel Roland

Pasco: Susie King

Ehren: Lora Jackson

Odessa: Cecilia Taylor Tyson

New Port Richey: Ruby Lee Mack

AUGUST 15, 1938

Miss Alice Caroline Lee appointed to teach at Lacoochee – 1938-39.

OCTOBER 3, 1938

The salary of the Superintendent was set at $3,000.00 per year.

DECEMBER 19, 1938

Miss Grace Fogg was appointed librarian at Zephyrhills.

JANUARY 3, 1939

Dayton, Dayton & Dayton was appointed Attorneys for the Board. Dr. R. L. Nall was appointed bookkeeper.

February 1939 was illegible.

MARCH 6, 1939

The “Strawberry School” at Richland was continued.

MARCH 20, 1939

The Board voted to purchase diplomas from L. G. Balfour Co. for $.50 each.

APRIL 3, 1939

Miss Ruth Giddens was Principal at Richland. Gertrude Rowland, assistant principal.

Alice Atwater was appointed teacher at Slaughter for 1939 – 40.

Trilby: Gerald Hutch, Principal; Bethel Revels, Grade 1-2-3; Ila Dowling, Grade 4-5-6; Myra Mickler, Music; J, C. Writhe, Janitor; R. Q. Jackson, Transportation.

Prospect: Helen McNeil

San Antonio: Mrs. Georgia Wells

MAY 15, 1939

Dade City Grammar School: D. A. Daboll, Principal; Veta Neal; Mamie Musselman; Rosemary Trottman; Bertha Cottle; Edith Blocker; Mabel Campbell; Beulah Howard; Gertrude Daboll; Dorothy Eck; Emma Lee Smith; Myrtle Hunt; Elaine Sanders; Margaret Stevens; Irvena Brown; Fannie Mobley; Lula B. Bucklin; Carolyn Sistrunk; Elizabeth Bridges; H. W. Hancock, Janitor.

Lacoochee: Mark St. Clair, Principal; Agatha Andrews; Mrs. Starr M. Cox; Mary Spearman; Sue Marie Hyatt; Margaret Mickler; Alice Lee; Leona Sable; Alice St. Clair; Agnes Williams, Music.

Elfers: Mittye P. Olson, Fannie Lewis, Cynthia Albritton.

Pasco High School: H. D. Smith, Principal; Dorothy S. Browning; Ruth Bunn; Mildred Huckabay; Winston Jones; Ruth Esther Lewis; Dorothy Lock; Frankie Major; Nina Percival; Helen Rackley; Mary C. Weyher; John C. W. Workizer; T. R. Journey, Janitor.

Gulf High School: J. H. St. Clair, F. J. Mclntyre, R. O. Lampi, Oliver E. Daugherty, Fred Marchman, Eva J. Dixon, Sarah Lewis, Josephine Tucker.

Pierce Grammar School: J. M. Lanier, Principal; Annete Lyons; Talitha Waddy; Jennie Sheldon.

Odessa: Marguerite Branas

Hudson: Eugene Hester

Tucker: Mrs. Isabel Stewart, Principal; Daisy Miller

JUNE 5, 1939

District No. 5

Pasco High School: Burch Cornelius, Principal; Frank Blocker , Robert Conner, Marcia Sparkman , Bertha McKillips, Mrs. Frances Cartwright , Helen Hamilton, Lillian Kirkland , Sarah Parsons, Elizabeth Brown , Mrs. J. E. Jones, Mrs. Nellie Price.

Wesley Chapel: Susie Clark

JULY 17, 1939

Lacoochee: Jarman R. Scally, D. E. Roberts

AUGUST 7, 1939

Gulf High School: J. M. Lanier, Principal; W. N. Henderson, Commercial teacher

Pierce Grammar School: F. M. Mounts, Principal

Crystal Springs: Elizabeth Gall

AUGUST 21, 1939

Mrs. V. V. Adams and Mrs. O. L. Dayton were appointed regular substitutes.

A 1936 bus was offered to the Board for $1350 and $150.00 allowance on 1930 Ford with home made bus body.

OCTOBER 17, 1939

Elizabeth Sparkman was part-time secretary at Pasco High School with a salary of $35.00 per month. Adel Royal was part-time at Zephyrhills with a salary of $10.00 per month.

Ruth Giddens, Principal at Richland. Gertrude Rowland, teacher at Richland

Alice Houdlett was assigned to Dade City Grammar School.

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