School board minutes 1887-1899

History of Education in Pasco County


Compiled by Frank McCormick

JULY 18, 1887

The superintendent was instructed to proceed to Brooksville and make a formal demand for Pasco County’s share of school equipment resulting from the division of Hernando County. The monthly salary schedule for Pasco County. 1st grade certificate $40-$45.00. 2nd grade certificate $30-$35.00. 3rd grade certificate $20-$25.00. The records indicate that the $5.00 per month variation was determined by the enrollment in the school. The smaller enrollment earned a smaller salary.


A new school, known as Pasco School and located on two acres, was planned for the Hancock neighborhood. The patrons agreed to build a good and substantial building. The terms used to describe a new school in the early records always referred to a “good and substantial building.”

Townsend House and Willow Oak or Providence schools were discontinued. Jesse Thrasher petitioned on behalf of the patrons of Lake Buddie. The school was granted, to be known as Lake Buddie School, No. 27.

The Superintendent’s salary was set at $400 per year, including transportation.

Post offices, trustees:

Macon 1 Macon G. W. Rosborough, E. McLeoud (McLeod), D. Roberts
Hebron 2 Macon M. W. Page, N. A. Williams, A. M. White
Oak-Dale 3 Chipco W. L. Osborn, N. D. Eiland, Wm. Robinson
Pasco 4 St. Thomas A. O. Pearce, D. H. McCarthy, Robt. H. Parker
Clay Sink 5 Twin Lakes Thos. Wheeler, Thos. Arnold, Jas. B. Moody
Loyce 6 Argo P. B. Hogue, D. E. Winham, David Gillett
Blanton 7 Blanton Jas. R. O’Berry, W. N. Dowling, Jno. M. O’Berry
Ft. Dade Academy 8 Ft. Dade N. A. Carter, Jss. N. Sumner, Isam D. Howell
St. Thomas 9 St. Thomas Jas. A. Delcher, Thos. Lucas, Scott Nelson
Bethlehem 10 Argo J. H. Dicks, A. J. Rewis, Randall Rewis
O’Berry 11 Owensboro J. W. O’Berry, H. C. McRae, Thos. Blitch
Dade City 12 Dade City F. P. McElroy, J. K. Davis, Chas. Croft, J. W. Ashbrook
Vereen 13
Clear Lake 14 San Antonio B. L. Ray, R. A. Brown, W. D. Eubank, Geo. T. Davis
Enterprise 15 Dade City Dr. Joe Daiger, Robt. Sumner, W. R. Roundtree
Hatton 16 Dade City M. G. Rowe, J. B. Pixton
Prospect 17 San Antonio A. C. Middlebrook, David Osborn, Lewis Gaskins
Matchett Lake 18 San Antonio T. J. Holten, Jesse B. Tucker, J. Asbell
Beulah 19 San Antonio F. A. Barnes, S. Ryals, S. P. Strickland
Hays School 20 Hudson Jesse Hay, C. Steveson, Wm. Lang
Oak Dale 21 Richland A. E. Geiger, J. D. Spivey, M. G. Frizell
New River 22 Earnestville H. G. Ryals, …, …
Sumner 23 Dade City K. J. Sumner, J. C. Sumner, J. C. Mercer
Emmaus 24 San Antonio Jas. W. Jackson, P. A. Tucker, Jos. Goss
Bailey 25 Anclote B. H. Gaines, B. B. Bailey, S. Baker
Port Richey 26 Port Richey M. N. Hill, A. M. Richey, J. W. Clark
Buddie Lake 27 Earnestville E. E. Earnest, Allen Smith, W. A. Semms (Simms?)
Wesley Chapel 28 San Antonio Jno. D. Simms, Jacob Godwin, Thos. Boyett
Richland 29 Richland J. H. Pedrick, W. R. Lilburn, S. Y. Stafford

SEPTEMBER 20, 1887

Riverland School 30

A request to build Macon school house. Mr. C. F. Delemater, Hebron School No. 2. Miss Kate Lucas, St. Thomas School No. 9.

OCTOBER 5, 1887

The Macon school house was discussed. The amount collected for Pasco Schools from taxes as of September 30, 1887 — $4201.97.

NOVEMBER 7, 1887

Children must attend the school that is nearest their home, unless good and sufficient cause can be shown why they should attend a diffrerent school, in which case they must procure a written permit from the Board of Superintendent.

DECEMBER 5, 1887

The superintendent reported on his visits to various schools. The school house at Owensboro, No. 11, was found to be 40 feet south of the land donated to the school board. The superintendent was to investigate why the trustees had not built a school at Richland.

The Board allowed five dollars per month for the rent of the upper story of the Snelson house for the Dade City School, but encouraged the trustees to find a suitable location for a school.

The Board resolved that the cost of printing the minutes in the Pasco Democrat was too high.

JANUARY 2, 1888

β€œIt having been brought to the knowledge of the Board that many of the schools in the county failed to observe Thanksgiving day as a holiday – The Board hereby orders that in future all national and state holidays shall be observed as school holidays and all teachers are required to suspend school on those days.”

FEBRUARY 6, 1888

The Board earnestly appeals to the trustees of the public schools in the county to take immediate steps to erect suitable water closets at their respective school houses.

MARCH 5, 1888

The matter of fencing the school grounds was taken up. Several bids were presented, but no final action taken.

JULY 2, 1888

All teachers were contracted for 3 months.


The request by Mr. J. R. Bradley for a school, apparently at Darby, was granted. A deed for one acre of land in S 36 T 24 R 19 from Wm. and Mary Zeigler was presented and accepted by the board for the site for the school house.

The Bethlehem School was ordered closed, and students there should attend the Vereen school. A school was requested for Indian Lakes neighborhood. Mitchell Jones requested Townsend House be re-opened. Superintendent’s salary $550 per year.

OCTOBER 1, 1888

Trustees requested that Bethlehem be opened. W. J. Zeigler and wife Mary deeded one acre for Darby School.

NOVEMBER 5, 1888

Trustees are required to visit their schools at least once per month, and teachers are required to report to the Board the names of those trustees who do and who do not comply with this rule.

DECEMBER 3, 1888

A cistern for the Baillie School is authorized, since it appears a well cannot be obtained in that particular locality.

Column A is Total Enrollment; Column B is Average Attendance; Column C is Number of Whites Enrolled; Column D is number of Colored Enrolled.

No School A B C D
1 Macon 34 25 34
2 Hebron 25 18 5
3 Oakland 35 21 35
4 Pasco 33 15 33
5 Clay Sink 18 10 18
6 Loyce 30 23 30
7 Blanton 50 30 50
8 Ft. Dade Academy 36 23 36
9 St. Thomas 30 19 30
10 Bethlehem 25 16 25
11 Owensboro 21 16 21
12 Dade City 83 65 83
13 Vereen 11 8 11
14 Clear Lake 49 30 49
15 Enterprise 28 19 28
16 Hatton 28 20 28
17 Prospect 36 22 36
18 Matchet Lake 24 19 24
19 Beulah 18 11 18
20 Hudson 30 9 30
21 Oak Dale 35 19 35
22 New River 32 17 32
23 Sumner 26 18 26
24 Emmaus 34 26 34
25 Bailie’s 26 21 26
26 Port Richey 19 18 19
27 Buddie Lake 20 19 20
28 Wesley Chapel 32 25 32
29 Richland 30 23 30
30 River Land 16 13 16
31 Sandy Slough 18 11 18
32 Cootie 14 6 1/2 14
33 Argo 19 9 1/2 19
.. Hernando Colored 14 14 14
.. Catholic Parish 35 35 35
.. Tucker 14 14 14

FEBRUARY 5, 1889

The matter of the colored school at Dade City was discussed and supt. was instructed to suspend the school unless an average of eight or nine can be maintained. The salary of teacher was reduced to $25.00 per month if average is kept up.

AUGUST 8, 1889

The school, number and teacher. (The minutes only provde the school numbers and do not name the schools.)

School Number Teacher
Macon 1 J. J. Brown
Hebron 2 A. M. White
Oak Dale 3 James Burnside
Pasco 4 D. L. McCartey (sp)
Clay Sink 5 Alex McGeachey (?)
Loyce 6 David Gillett
Blanton 7 J. R. O’Berry
Ft. Dade Academy 8 Wm. Jones
St. Thomas 9 Thos. Lucas
Bethlehem 10 E. G. Frierson
O’Berry 11 J. W. O’Berry
Dade City 12 B. L. Ray
Vereen 13 A.M. Belamy
Enterprise 15 M.B. Rountree
Hatton 16 E.C. Eperson
Prospect 17 W. G. Williamson
Matchett Lake 18 T. J. Holton (?)
Beulah 19 L. M. Strickland
Hudson School 20 C. Stevenson
Oak Dale 21 E. A. Geiger
New River 22 Herb Ryan (sp)
Sumner 23 W. McMillan
Emmaus 24 J. W. Jackson
Bailey 25 James McNeil
Port Richey 26 J. W. Clark
Buddy Lake 27 Andrew Boyette
Wesley Chapel 28 A. Boyette
Richland 29 Jns. Henderson
Riverland 30 C. R. Lyon
Sandy Slough 31 Jessee Alderman
Argo 33 J. G. Guthrie
Thomas Lake 35 L. L. Bradham
36 J.A. Sumner
Darby 37 R. J. Bradley
Dade City Colored 38 A.B. Brandon

OCTOBER 7, 1889

Withlacoochee School #34 is granted.

DECEMBER 2, 1889

The board decided to allow teachers a three day holiday during Christmas and the New Year.

FEBRUARY 3, 1890

The father of Eddie Blocker, who had been suspended from the graded and high school, appeared before the board to appeal the suspension. After a thorough investigation, witnesses having been questioned, the board sustained the principal’s action.

APRIL 7, 1890

Books were lost in a fire at school #13 (Vereen). Replacement books were purchased by W. W. Chaney for $6.20 and he was paid.

AUGUST 21, 1890

Pasco County Graded and High School — F. E. Cooper, principal. George L. Lowery, principal of Graded and High School with a salary of $75.00 per month. It seems there was a question whether Cooper or Lowery would be principal.


Alex Brandon came before the Board asking that a school for colored children be established on the south side of Lake Buddie. By motion a special school was granted and the sum of $20 per school month granted as salary of the teacher. Alex Brandon who was supervisor of the Dade City Colored School resigned his position and was appointed supervisor of the former school.

OCTOBER 6 & 7, 1890

R. C. Riley appointed supervisor of Dade City colored school. W. L. Osborne was appointed supervisor of # 3, Oak Dale, and A. J. Haymane # 17, Prospect.

JANUARY 5, 1891

Salary of superintendent $600.00 for the 1891 school year.

JULY 6, 1891

A school was granted at St. Joseph, No. 32. Andrew Barthle, supervisor.

AUGUST 3, 1891

Mrs. E. V. Powell appointed the teacher for Dade City colored school.

AUGUST 19, 1891

The San Antonio matter, which was deferred from the last meeting, was taken up, and Messrs. Liles, Bishoff, and Higgins came before the Board in behalf of the school asked for at San Antonio. The conditions of the school law having been complied with the Board on a motion granted the school and it being represented that there would be 70 or 75 pupils in attendance at said school the Board granted the request that two first class teachers be appointed for the coming scholastic term. On motion Rev. Father Roman was appointed supervisor of said school. The school to be known as the San Antonio School No. 9.

MARCH 7, 1892

The case of the Bank of Pasco vs the School Board was discussed.

APRIL 4, 1892

A report recommending an eight-month term for graded schools was accepted.

JUNE 6, 1892

A school at Pasco Station was approved.

JULY 7, 1892

Salary for 2nd class teacher $35 if enrollment was less than 30. $40 if enrollment was over 30. Salary for 3rd class teacher $25 per month.

Apparently, the schools were divided into districts and the school trustees managed their respective district.

Riverland (1)
Macon (2)
Withlacoochee (3)
Pasco (Graded) (4)
Blanton (5)
Pasco School (6)
Loyce (7)
Argo (8)
Hudson (9)
Bethlehem (10)
Darby (11)
Fort Dade (12)
Ellerslie (13)
Richland (14)
Lake Buddy (15)
Pasadena (16)
Beulah (17)
Matchett Lake (18)
Emmaus (19)
Drexel (20)
Port Richey (21)
Baillie (22)
Wesley Chapel (23)
Sandy Slough (24)
Oak Dale (25)
New River (26)
Clay Sink (27)
Owensboro (28)
San Antonio (29)
Prospect (30)
Clear Lake (31)
Indian Lake (32)
Sumner (33)
St. Joseph (34)

JULY 3, 1893

The length of the school term was set at 5 months. Extended term was previously denied. Lacoochee, No. 39, was discontinued. The salaries were fixed as follows:

First class $40.00 per month if 15 pupils of school age. Average attendance less than 15 pupils, the salary is $35.00 per month.

Second class $35.00 per month with an average of 15 pupils or more.

Third class $25.00 per month. All schools will be discontinued if the average daily attendance falls below 7 pupils. All schools will be discontinued when the enrollment falls below 10 pupils of school age. The salary will be $20.00 per month.

AUGUST 7, 1893

Patrons of Indian Lake School, No. 36, requested and were granted permission to relocate the school in a more central place near Dodd Spring.

The following supervisors were recommended:

Stevenson (2) S. H. Stevenson
Chipco (3) N. D. Eiland
Pasco (4) D. H. McCantry
Clay Sink (5) James D. Heisler
Blanton (7) J. D. Sims
Fort Dade (8) J. D. Harvill
San Antonio (9) Rev. F. Roman O. S. B.
Bee Tree Pond (10) J. H. Ryals
Owensboro (11) J. W. O’Berry
Pasco Station (13) B. E. Wells
Ellerslie (15) A. E. West
Pasadena (16) E. C. Shiman (sp)
Prospect (17) W. G. Williamson
Matchett Lake (18) F. J. Hollis (sp)
Beulah (19) J. A. Tucker
Vereen (20) J. F. Hay
Abbott (21) A. E. Geiger
New River (22) H. D. Ryals
Sumner (23) J. Cary Sumner
Emmaus (24) J. M. Tucker
Port Richey (26) Jas. W. Clark
Lake Buddy (27) John Grasham (sp)
Wesley Chapel (28) L. M. Strickland
Richland (29) J. S. Snelson (???)
Sandy Slough (31) Jessie Alderman
St. Joseph (32) Andrew Barthle
Argo (33) G. W. C. Littell
Withlacoochee (34) A. D. Tucker
Drexel (35) L. L. Bradham
Indian Lake (36) Jno. R. Kemp
Darby (37) R. J. Bradley
Dade City (col.) (38) D. A. Hartfield
Union (?) (39) W. G. Frierson
Ehren (40) Jacob Asbel (sp).

The following were appointed on the condition of examination by the board:

Pasadena (16) Miss Lulu Shiman (sp)
Lake Buddy (27) W. M. Gilbert
Ehren (40) W. T. Pritts or Bitts (?)
Thomas Lakes (35) D. M. Brakes (sp)
Sandy Slough (31) D. H. Smith
Wesley Chapel (28) J. B. Salmon
Dade City (colored) (38) Samuel Baisden
Blanton (7) Mrs. Laura Johnston
Indian Lake (36) Marry McCullough


The following teachers were recommended:

Abbott (21) G. B. Pixton
Pasco Station (13) Mary Howell
Darby (37) C. P. De La Mater
Fort Dade (8) J. G. Dellinger
Prospect (17) John Barnes
Port Richey (26) E. B. Liles
San Antonio (9) Sr. M. Scholastica, Sr. M. Agnes, Assistant
Clay Sink (5) J. G. Tanner
Union (39) Rosa Bellamy (this line is struck out)

Supervisors were appointed: Macon (1), H. K. Bankston; Riverland (30), M. S. Slaughter.

Teachers appointed: Ellerslie (15), Jeannie Cowan; Loyce (6), F. A. Buck.

OCTOBER 9, 1894

Prospect school was blown down by the recent storm.

NOVEMBER 5, 1894

Apparently, it was decided that indigent families should still receive the books their children would need for schools.

APRIL 1, 1895

The principal of the Pasco County graded school is mentioned. This is perhaps the first mention of a principal in the minutes.

MAY 6, 1895

Dr. J. W. Gatton of San Antonio came before the board and stated that bodies had been interred under the school, thus forming a health hazard. The matter was referred to the City Council of San Antonio.

JULY 1, 1895

Teachers appointed for 1895-96 term.

Macon (1) Miss Rina Wilson
Pasco School (4) Rob. O. Carter
Darby (5) J. A. Cunningham
Loyce (6) F. A. Buck
Blanton (7) Mrs. Jnos. B. Johnston
Fort Dade (8) C. F. De La Mater
San Antonio (9) Sr. M. Immaculata, Miss Anna Janeway, Assistant
Owensboro (11) Miss Jessie Roberts
Pasco Station (13) Miss Mary Ansley
Ellerslie (15) B. M. Hubbard
Prospect (17) Miss Minnie Osborne
Sumner (23) Mamie L. Weaver
Lake Buddy (27) D. H. Smith
St. Joseph (32) Sr. Mary Grace
Withlacoochee (34) G. B. Pixton
Drexel (35) J. B. Salmon
Indian Lake (36) Miss Mary McCullough
Ehren (40) George Lynch

AUGUST 5, 1895

The following teachers were appointed.

Emmaus (24) J. N. Platt
Chipco (3) E. B. O’Berry
Myrtle (41) J. A. O’Hara
Union (39) Miss Maxine Kennedy
Ehren (40) Miss Dixie Hudson
Pasadena (16) Miss Lora Spencer
St. Joseph (32) Sr. M. Scholastica
San Antonio (9) Sr. M. Catherine
New River (30) John Barnes

On motion a deed for lot for Indian Lake School #36 was received and permission granted to have school taught on the new premises. Name of school changed to Elba Heights No. 36. Sandy Slough discontinued.

FEBRUARY 2, 1896

Mr. E. Green came before the board and confessed that he had unfortunately taken stimulants and had acted disorderly. He asked the board to forgive him and to reinstate him in his school work. He promised that in the future he would be most careful that nothing of the kind should ever occur again. The board accepted his apology and at the request of his supervisor Mr. James Kersey reinstated him as teacher in his school.

MAY 11, 1896

On motion the Board sold the old school lot at Indian Lake School to the …. Baptist Church … for ten dollars.

AUGUST 3, 1896

Teachers appointed for the 1896-97 term were:

No. 5 A. J. Drew
No. 6 Mattie Jordan
No. 7 Mary McCullough
No. 9 S. Mary Immaculata
No. 15 C. F. De La Mater
No. 26 Bessie Miller
No. 30 John Barnes
No. 32 Sr. M. Scholastica
No. 36 N. G. McCullough
No. 41 E. F. Green

The salaries ranged from $30 – $45.00 per month.

JANUARY 5, 1897

Apparently, the board approved a black school in the Macon district since there were 35 black children there. J. D. Moore appointed teacher.

MARCH 26, 1897

D. O. Thrasher, Superintendent – Salary $648 per year.

MAY 3, 1897

Teacher, school number, salary: Mollie Jordan (89), $45.00; J. D. Moore (3), $30.00; Bessie E. Miller (26), $45.00; Alice Smith (38), $30.00; Addie Sumner (19), $30.00

JULY 5, 1897

Apparently, three regulations were approved at this time. School will not be allowed to open before August 16th beginning this year. Teachers will be required to keep a daily attendance record of each child enrolled.

AUGUST 2, 1897

Teachers assigned:

Macon (1) F. E. Cooper
Chipco (3) Miss Sallie Gant
Pasco (4) Alice —- (sp)
Clay Sink (5) Ella Osborne
Loyce (6) Mattie Jordan
San Antonio (9) Sr. Mary Grace, Sr. Immaculate
Owensboro (11) J. G. Dellinger
Childers (12) James F. White
Pasco Station (13) Mattie Ansley
Hudson (14) Ella Goshorn
Ellerslie (15) C. F. De La Mater
Pasadena (16) Mary McCcullough
Prospect (17) E. F. Greer
Vereen (20) John Barnes
Abbott (21) Addie Sumner
New River (22) C. C. Darmany
Sumner (23) Ada Fries
Emmaus (24) Ethel Morse
Baillie (35) Lem Taylor
Lake Buddy (27) Ella Mobley
Richland (29) W. M. Gilbert
Riverland (30) Mamie Weaver
Port Richey (26) Ed Liles
St. Joseph (32) Sr. Annutrata (sp)
Withlacoochee (34) Fannie Mobley
Drexel (35) Rose C. Moon
Indian Lake (36) Mrs. J. B. Johnston

JUNE 6, 1898

D. L. Sellars was appointed supervisor of Emmaus. A. G. Geiger was appointed supervisor of Abbott.

JULY 4, 1898

The first Monday in September was fixed as the first day of school for this county.

AUGUST 1, 1898

Teachers assigned:

Riverland 1 Miss Sallie Gant
Withlacoochee 2 Ida Lee
Ellerslie 3 Mrs. J. B. Johnston
Richland 4 Miss Mollie Jordan
Abbott 5 J. W. Osborne
Childers 6 J. F. White
Independence 7 Miss Dove Hudson
Lake Buddy 8 Fannie Mobley
Pasadena 9 Alice Meacham
Sumner 10 Mrs. J. E. Bryant
Elba Heights 11 MIss Fourman
Wake Forrest 12 C. F. De La Mater, Prin., Mrs. Clark, assistant
Blanton 13 J. W. Platt
Chipco 14 M. McCullough
St. Joseph 15 Sr. —– (sp)
San Antonio 16 Sr. Scholastica, Prin. Sr. Immaculata, assistant
Prospect 17 Miss Bessie Miller
New River 18 John Barnes
Wesley Chapel 19 Minnie Sims
Matchett Lake 20 J. H. Osborne
Pasco 21 Miss Ella Osborne
Darby 22 Mary Howell
Clay Sink 23 Addie Sumner
Ehren 24 F. E. Cooper
Wells 25 Mrs. Lew Taylor
Myrtle 26 Bell Powell
Drexel 27 Ella Goshorn
Loyce 28 Adna Gregg
Vereen 29 Alma Clement
Stevenson 30 Anna Powell
Baillie 31 J. S. Wilder
Port Richey 32 Ed Lyles
Hudson 33 Kate Littell
Emmaus 34 Mattie Ansley
Alliance 35 Ella Mobley
Townsend House 36 Maude Gregg
Willow Oak 37 W. M. Gilbert
Midway Academy (near Lumberton) 39 Lois Pedrick

OCTOBER 3, 1898

A special school was granted at Fort Dade.

J. D. Moore’s salary at colored school #3 β€” $35.00 per month.

JULY 3, 1899

Teacher assignment:

No. 0 H. S. Phillips, prin., Mrs. J. B. Johnston, assistant, Mary McCullough, M. L. Weaver
No. 1 Sadie Osborne
No. 2 H. M. Frazee
No. 3 Mattie Jordan
No. 4 J. D. Wilder
No. 5 Cooper Staley
No. 7 Alma Clements
No. 8 Fannie Mobley
No. 10 Addie Sumner
No. 11 Mabil Fourman
No. 12 Mrs. J. A. Clark, assist.
No. 13 W. E. Baker, Prin., Miss Bell Powell, assist.
No. 14 M. McCullough
No. 15 Sr. Immaculate
No. 16 Sr. Scholastica, Prin., Mamie Osborne, assist.
No. 17 Bessie Miller
No. 18 Pearl Weaver
No. 19 Minnie Sims
No. 20 Mrs. Lem Taylor
No. 21 Miss Ella Osborne
No. 22 Mary Howell
No. 23 Pearly Fourman
No. 24 E. B. Liles
No. 26 Miss Myrtle Aberson
No. 27 Miss Ella Goshorn
No. 28 Mrs. V.A. Lettell
No. 29 John Barnes
No. 31 Miss Ella Mobley
No. 33 Miss Anna Osborne
No. 36 Maude Gregg
No. 39 Miss Lois Pedrick
No. 8 Miss Maggie Dormany

[W. E. Baker is presumably William Emery Baker (b. Thonotosassa, Feb. 12, 1880). His biography says that for a year after leaving Florida Conference College at Leesburg in 1896, he was a teacher in the Dade City High School.]

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