Pasco County Residents Who Died in Military Service


Residents Who Died in Military Service

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See also a separate page devoted to Gulf High School alumni who died in military service and a St. Petersburg Times article Four young Pasco County men fight their way to Iraq and back.

The following list of Pasco residents who died in military service is taken mainly from a newspaper article.

WORLD WAR I: Wylie Arnett, John G. Bekeart, Raymond L. Boone, Solon L. Brown, Jessie D. Cochrane, William R. Craig, John P. Davidson, John Olin Hay, Joe Holmon, Dan Jackson, Vaden Kobbs, Elijah J. M. McMorris, John M. O’Berry, William R. Smith, Milfrid S. Streblow, Homer B. Sumner, Wambolt Sumner, Cassie R. Thomas, Eugene D. Tucker

WORLD WAR II: Theodore Barthle, George R. Baxmann, Elmer W. Brady, Cecil A. Braxton, Luie L. Clements, Robert H. Colgan, Goree J. Equevilley, Hiram T. Fisher, Cecil E. Gaskins, Joseph W. Goodbred, Leonard E. Gude, Paul S. Hodges, Willis W. Jones, Roy R. Land, Francis G. Lemacks, Garold C. Lessig, Harold L. Lessig, Lawrence A. Madill, Mark H. Mayo, Daniel P. McClain, Chester R. McKay, Earnest Nettles, Clyde B. Oakley, Hicks R. Phillips, Ernest E. Pierson, Jack E. Pinholster, Louis H. Rachel, Frederick A. Rausch, Richard D. Sanders, Fred D. Sessions, Carmen A. Sirico, Will Stanford, Jake W. Stephens, Carmon C. Thompson, James E. Thornton, Warren E. Trottman Jr., Jesse E. Walker, Francis E. Woods, John C. Workizer

KOREA: William Barfield, Willis Blakely, Francis M. Egemon, Harold J. Eiland, John C. Perry Jr.

VIETNAM: Steven K. Brooks, Louis C. Goi Jr., Joseph Gordon, William A. Hadsock, Felton R. Fussell, Arthur R. Moody III, Johnny Lewis, Donnie M. Stokes, Harry L. Thain

SINCE 2003: Sgt. First Class Paul R. Smith, April, 4, 2003; Staff Sgt. Wentz Shanaberger, March 24, 2004; Lance Cpl. Joshua Dickenson, Dec. 12, 2004; Sgt. Michael D. Rowe, March 28, 2006; Specialist Patrick J. Miller; March 29, 2008; Sgt. Marcus Mathes, April 28, 2008; and Specialist Johnathan O’Neill, June 15, 2009.

Notes: A memorial at the old court house in Dade City has these additional names: Robert Cehtemer, Robert Holt, Lyman Williams, and Lynn Williams.

AN Trevor Wayne Maki died one day after a training accident aboard the USS Enterprise which took place on April 13, 2000.

Cpl. Joshua D. Harris died when a helicopter crashed during a training mission at Camp Pendleton, California, on Jan. 22, 2004. Harris had previously served in Iraq.

Sergeant First Class Paul R. Smith

Sergeant First Class Paul R. Smith was awarded the Medal of Honor posthumously for valor in Iraq. More information is here.

Captain Erik J. Anthes went to Baghdad on his second tour and retrieved bricks from the tower he was killed from. The bottom picture shows him in front of the tower. The pock marks in the tower are bullet impacts from SFC Smith’s last stand. The tower was removed and brought back to Fort Stewart, GA in 2010. The middle picture shows the tower, and the top picture shows Capt. Anthes presenting the community with bricks from the tower and other sundry mementos at Paul R. Smith Middle School on April 4, 2011).

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