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Lacoochee Memories


I lived in Lacoochee for seventeen years from 1922 until 1939. When I was around eight years old there were several young boys all about my age, Charles Berkstresser, Billy Reeves Hyatt, Lamar Curry, Carmen Thompson, Carl Wilder and Charles Ferrell. We did many things together.

There was a beautiful place about three or four miles from Lacoochee on the river called Coulter Hammock named for the lady who lived there.

There also was a young girl about sixteen years old, Miriam Pope, who lived in Lacoochee as well who, on every Saturday morning, would gather all us young boys and take us out to Mrs. Coulter’s home on the river. We would spend all day Saturday learning to make different things our of cedar that came from trees on the property. I chose to make this letter opener which I still have today. All the young boys that I mentioned earlier are all gone now but I will never forget them and the wonderful times we spent together with Miriam Pope and Mrs. Coulter. It was truly a very memorable time in my life.

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