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Other Wartime Memories

J. W. Hunnicutt: I recall that a young man who lived next door to the Couey’s down the road from us served in the war and was “shell shocked.” Probably what they call post traumatic war syndrome today. That’s a part of the war we did not hear much about then. Gloria’s dad often told a story about Amelia Earhart spending a couple of weeks at Dewey’s Dairy during the war. She reportedly was accompanied by a man who was not her husband. I asked Marion Dewey about this one day and he had never heard it. Clifford Dewey’s granddaughter, Catrina Misonznick, said when she was a child her grandmother often mentioned Amelia Earhart but Catrina does not know if the story is true.

When rationing was in place I remember Abe using honey instead of sugar in some of his concoctions. I do not remember his using sugar before that. All he ever concocted for me was chop sueys.

I remember the war newsreels at the Vivian Theater. The narrator always spoke with a crisp enunciation which would have made Mary Weyher proud.

Nell Moody Woodcock: I remember the observation tower built on the rise south of the payoffice near Cummer’s water tower. It was manned by volunteers in Lacoochee called “spotters.” They were looking for enemy aircraft overhead.

I remember the black symbols, can’t remember exactly what they looked like, but parents hung them in their windows to signify they had lost sons in the war. Three of the most notable, or I should say sons of people better known than others, were Carmen (Carmon) Thompson and the Lessig twins, Harold and Garold. Their parents had a farm out past Dewey’s Dairy. Mr. Lessig was a blacksmith.

This War Stamp Album belonged to J.D. Anderson from Lacoochee who served in the Navy during WW2. A filled book of 187 ten-cent stamps had a value of $18.75 and could be exchanged at a post office for a U.S. Defense Savings Bond, Series E with a maturity value of $25.00. Bonds matured in 10 years yielding a 33 1/3% increase on the original investment. Courtesy of J. W. Hunnicutt.

Sailor Boy J. D. Anderson and his young nephew J. W. Hunnicutt; picture courtesy of J. W. Hunnicutt.

Pin made by German POW for Myrna Gideons Osbron; picture courtesy of Theresa Osbron Smith.

Lacoochee brothers who served during WWII: Carl and Fred Jarvis; pictures courtesy of Libby Bauknight Boyett

Lacoochee brothers who served during WWII: W. J. and Edwin Gideons; pictures courtesy of Theresa Osbron Smith

Tampa Morning Tribune, April 3, 1945

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