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Moss Pullin’


Our house was off HWY301 one-half mile north of the Crossroads. The land surrounding our property was heavily wooded. In the summer some wives and children of the black mill workers would come to the woods to pull moss. Cane fishing poles with large hooks attached to the end were used to pull the moss. They would work every day and leave the moss in piles beneath the trees. On Saturday the men would come with trucks or a mule and wagon to collect the moss. The children would ride on the huge piles of moss on the trip home. I wanted to be a moss puller when I grew up.

The moss was eventually taken to Bushnell where it was dried and used in automobile upholstery.

I recently realized my dream has been fulfilled. We have two large live oaks in our yard and I spend too much time pulling moss.

Moss hanging out to dry at old homesite. Picture courtesy of Theresa Osbron Smith.

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