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Blanton’s Post Office

This page is taken, with permission, from the former My Blanton web site, created by Marinell Davis.


The post office at Blanton was established on December 18, 1884. Horace J. Charles was the first postmaster. It was located near Blanton, east of Blanton Lake. In 1887, when the Orange Belt Railroad was built, the Post Office was located in the depot. Mary E. Blocker was then post mistress. The post office was later located in the home of Mary Blocker, which is now know as the Tangelo Apartments. The location of the post office from 1901 to July 1905 is unknown. When E. Sanford Blocker was postmaster, it was located in the back of Wilson’s Garage (directly back of Mrs. Mae McCoullough’s house today). When Sanford Blocker died in 1934, Robert Compher was postmaster and had the post office in his general store. Norman Blocker built a room onto his store for the post office when he became postmaster in 1936. This building still stands and is the home of Mrs. Mae McCoullough.

It is interesting to note that three generations of Blockers served as Blanton Postmasters.

The following is a list of the Blanton Postmasters:

Name                   Appointment Date
Horace J.Charles       Dec. 18, 1884
Mary E. Blocker        Jan. 5, 1887
Mary Blocker Johnson   Dec. 1, 1898
John C. Lee            Oct. 23, 1901
Eugene Sanford Blocker July 1, 1905
Robert G. Compher      Jan. 29, 1934
Norman G. Blocker      Feb. 8, 1936

The Blanton post office was discontinued on February 28, 1955 when the mail was routed through Dade City.

Norman Blocker and his Blanton Post Office, now a home on Spring Valley Road

Norman Blocker hanging the last mailbag from Blanton Post Office on Feb 28, 1955

Norman Blocker sorting the mail for his Dade City rural route

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