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Solomon H. and Sarah Elizabeth O’Berry

This page is taken, with permission, from the former My Blanton web site, created by Marinell Davis.

Solomon H. O’Berry

Sarah Elizabeth O’Berry

Solomon and Sarah Elizabeth and oldest children

Lizzie in later life

Lizzie in later life

Momma. Sister, Maraellen, Sally, Nelle, Ruth

Family at Lizzie’s funeral, 1943. Marinell & Nelle & Yulee Thompson, Normeda, Ruth, ?, ?, ?, ClioJayne & Hugh & Maraellen Hargraves, ?, Sally, Muriel, Elmer, Aunt Fannie (?)

Children at Lizzie’s funeral, 1943. Ruth, Nelle, Brother, Sally, Sister, Elmer, MaraEllen.

Lizzie’s Kumquat Marmalade

1920’s Boom Auction – Sale of part of family land. Boom Auction: This photo was taken in back of the family home (where Circle K store is now – W of 52 at Coleman Ave). Lillian Ruth said that Nell was in the car on the left.

Notes & Family Stories

“Aunt Fannie – Sollie’s sister. I only met her once when I was probably about the age I was in the picture (see above), but remember her because she was so nice to me. I don’t remember having this picture taken, but at some time while we were living in Jacksonville (during WWII) we were back in Dade City and a whole bunch of us had dinner – in the yard at a long table – at Aunt Fannie’s house. She talked me into eating mustard greens (I decided I liked them) and after I got back home to Jax sent me a long skirt (for dress-up) that she had made for me.”

–ClioJayne Hargraves Graham

Sollie’s Middle Name – “I got the middle name of Hezakiah for Sollie from family records in Dade City but who knows if they are correct either. … I do know that his middle name was a little known fact because my mother told me that he didn’t want anyone to know what his middle name was and that SHE didn’t know it. (!)”

–ClioJayne Hargraves Graham

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