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Sanford Blocker and Emily O’Berry

This page is taken, with permission, from the former My Blanton web site, created by Marinell Davis.

Photos were contributed by Gene and Lora Blocker.

Sanford Blocker and Emily O’Berry. Sanford: b. Apr 11 1877, N. Carolina; d. Jan 6 1934, Waycross, GA. Emily Ellen: b. Oct 29 1872, Dade City; d. Nov 12 1918, Dade City. Buried: Mt. Zion Cemetery, Pasco County, FL. Sanford and son Norman were postmasters of Blanton.

Sanford Blocker’s parents. Frances Eugene Blocker and Mary Elizabeth Rich Blocker. Frances: b. Jul 30 1850 Cumberland County, N.C.; d. Feb 10 1893 Blanton, FL. Mary: b. Sept. 17, 1874 Sampson Co., N.C. d. Apr. 19, 1922 Dade City, FL. Mary was first postmistress of Blanton.

The Blocker House


The first part of the Blocker house was built around 1885 and was one story. When Francis died and his wife remarried, her husband, Mr. Johnson built the second story. This was done around 1909. The house had the only circular staircase around, and was a work of art, as Mr. Johnson did elaborate wood trim. The house also had the first glass windows in the area.

Mary’s son Sanford and his family lived in the house and his son Norman lived with his family there until around 1955 when he built a home on State Road 41.

The huge camphor tree which still stands in the yard was planted by Mary Blocker Johnson in 1896. It was a gift from an employee of Jessamine Gardens.

Today, this house is know as the Tangelo Apartments.

This bed was handed down through the generations. Frances and Mary brought this bed when they came to Blanton. On the underside of one of the side rails, it says “F. E.Blocker, Wildwood, Fla.” John O’Berry met the Blockers there and brought them by wagon to Blanton. The marble wash stand on the right of the picture and the bowl and pitcher were also theirs. The picture with them is Mary Blocker. On the left, the little table with lamp was also brought with them. It was put together with pegs, not mails.

Funeral handout

Mary Blocker and sisters. L to R: Ida Rich, ?? Geddie, Mary Blocker (in white Belt)

SANFORD BLOCKER’S GRANDPARENTS. John Culbreth Blocker of Cedar Creek, N. C., and wife, Julia Ann Braddy.

Michael Blocker was the immigrant head of family who came here from Germany. He received a land grant from King George for land near Cedar Grove, NC. (The first grant at left is to Barbary Blocker, Michael Blocker’s daughter. The second is Michael’s grant.) larger image

Young Sanford Blocker

Sanford Blocker’s new car. Frank Blocker is in the back. Sanford is in driver’s seat. Fleta is in white hat. Norman is next to Fleta.

Blocker grown children. Norman, Frank, Louise (3rd wife of Sanford), Fleta, and Donnie.

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