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This page is taken, with permission, from the former My Blanton web site, created by Marinell Davis.

This Wonder Spot … is right in the center of the mountains of Pasco County. The Atlantic Coast Line R.R. runs right in front of this subdivision, which is the prettiest spot in all Florida — BAR NONE. Every lot overlooks four large and beautiful lakes, all connected, spring fed, clear as a crystal, deep, and filled with the finest and largest game fish. Boating, bathing, fishing and hunting are ideal . No better anywhere.

In fact, This is a Sportsman’s Paradise! Hundreds of Black Bass weighing from 15 to 20 pounds have been caught right in front of this sub division. The purest and best soft water can be had on this Florida mountain, which is over 300 feet above sea level, by simply digging a well 20 feet deep. This mountain and subdivision overlooks lakes, hills, valleys, orange groves and meadows. For miles and miles around in every direction the scenery from Lake View Park cannot be equaled anywhere in Florida and is simply indescribable. It must be seen to be appreciated. Every lot has from 10 to 18 budded orange trees on it and all are in full bearing.


This desirable home of 5 large rooms, bath, toilet and large living room, equipped with water and ascetylene gas, set back among mammoth oak and camphor trees, with banana plants, orange and many other fruit trees and a two-story garage, will also be sold.

Health Conditions are Absolutely Perfect! If you are looking for an ideal location where health conditions are absolutely perfect and where there are no sand flies and no mosquitoes to annoy an pester you both night and day, THIS IS THE PLACE! Here you have cool and refreshing breezes all summer long. The nights are always cool sufficiently, so you can use a light covering every night. On account of the extremely high elevation of Lake View Park, Citrus trees, limes, lemons, avocados and bananas are never injured by cold. It is warmer here in winter than places 200 miles farther south which do not have the elevation and water protection we have on this subdivision. Here you will find fifteen different kinds of oranges and all in full bearing, including most of the tenderest and most tropical of all fruits such as the avocado, mango, papaya, lemon, lime, bananas, guavas, etc. and hundreds of beautiful roses, flowers, vines and shrubs. Here is where you will also see the most valuable tree in the whole world. Dr. Schmidt’s famous Everbearing Avocado tree, which is known the world over as the heaviest bearer and best avocado in existence. When this tree was two years old it bore 25 fruit, when three years old it ore 800, when four years old it bore 1371, when five years old it bore 2108 and at six years old it is loaded with bloom.

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