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John Marion O’Berry’s Home

This page is taken, with permission, from the former My Blanton web site, created by Marinell Davis.

Orange House — O’Berry Home

Orange House, 2000

Orange House, 2000, side view

Blanton Packing House — down the street from John Marion O’Berry’s home


Orange House. “John Marion’s house in Blanton. Solomon’s house did not have a banister on the 2nd floor porch and the fire place was on the left side of the house when entering from the front. Normeda Hope says Solomon’s home was not as fancy as John Marion’s home. Notice the chimney in the picture is on the right when entering from the front.” — Marty O’Berry

“John first built a log cabin and later, in early 1895, built a spacious two story home with Gingerbread trim as was the style in those days. It was said to be the finest home for miles around. The house was built and furnished with money John had saved from the sale of his oranges, so he affectionately called it “Orange House”. A portion of that home still stands on County road 41A in Blanton. It to the first house on the right when you turn off of State Road 41. Shortly before they died, John and Mary moved to a smaller house nearby. That house is the first house on the left, after you cross the railroad on county 41A.” – O’Berry Document

“The house is on Spring Valley Road in Blanton”

Blanton Packing House. The Packing House is south of the curve in Spring Valley Road below Blanton Road. It is a Pioneer Museum restoral project. The restoration may involve moving the packing equipment to a site on the Pioneer Museum property and housing a model at the Museum. –Marinell Davis

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