1910 Census of Tarpon Springs, Florida


1910 Census of Tarpon Springs

The 1910 census was transcribed in 2015 by James (Larry) Lang and used here with his permission. On this page is his explanation of the census blocks. In parentheses are his comments. The link to the actual census is at the bottom of this page.

Tot (Total census count at that line)

Line Number (This is just a numerical count of lines of data)

Street, road, avenue, etc. (As stated – not always used)

House number or farm (As stated – not always used)

1 – Dwelling number (Houses in order of visit)

2 – Number of family in order of visitation

3 – Name: Name of each person whose place of abode on April 15, 1910 was in this family Enter surname then first name and middle initial, if any. Include every person living on April 15, 1910. Omit children born since April 15, 1910.

4 – Relation: Relationship of this person to the head of the family (In order to save time, I’ve abbreviated the relationship as follows:

H – Head W – Wife S – Son SS – Step son GS – Grandson GGS – Great grand son SIL – Son-in-law D – Daughter SD – Step daughter GD – Granddaughter DIL – Daughter-in-law A – Adopted F – Father FIL – Father-in-law M – Mother MIL – Mother-in-law B – Brother SB – Step brother SIS – Sister BIL – Brother-in-law NC – Niece NP – Nephew SNC – Step niece SNP – Step nephew NCL – Niece-in-law NPL – Nephew-in-law P – Partner R – Roomer/Boarder SV – Servant HK – Housekeeper CN – Cousin C – Companion N – Nurse HM – Hired man ? – Not readable

5 – Sex

6 – Color or Race family (In order to save time, I’ve abbreviated the relationship as follows: W – White B – Black MU – Mulatto ? – Not readable)

7 – Age at last birthday

8 – Whether single, married, widowed or divorced

9 – Number of years of present marriage

Mother of how many children: 10 – Number born. 11 – Number now living

Nativity – Place of birth of each person and parents of each person. If born in the United States, give state or territory. If foreign birth, give the country. (Note: Turkey controlled the Dodecanese Islands as a result of the London Protocol of 1828. In 1912, the Islands declared independence from the Ottoman Empire as the Federation of the Dodecanese Islands. This action was immediately quashed by Italy and in October 1912, Italy took control of the islands. After Italy surrendered in WWII, Germany took control until the end of the war and then the British took over. In 1947, the islands finally went to Greece ending 740 years of foreign rule over the islands. You will see “Europe” listed a few times. The actual entries had “Crete” with a line through and “Europe” written in. Back around 1900 Crete was a separate country.)

12 – Place of birth of this person

13 – Place of birth of Father of this person

14 – Place of birth of Mother of this person

15 – Year if immigration to the U.S.

16 – Whether naturalized or Alien

17 – Whether able to speak English or, if not, give the language spoken (The census taker obviously didn’t read the instructions. English is entered in most spaces and there are some blank. I didn’t assume the blanks meant “Greek” as some were coincident with Greek names. There were people from Alabama, Georgia, Florida and many other states that were blank. There were some entries of “Greek”. I only entered data where there was something other than “English”.


18 – Trade or profession of, particular kind of work done by this person

19 – General Nature of industry, business or establishment to which this person works

20 – Whether an employer, employee, or working on own account

If an employee – (The census taker obviously didn’t read the instructions, many blanks.)

21 – Whether out of work on April 15, 1910

22 – Number of weeks out of work during 1909


23 – Whether able to read

24 – Whether able to write

25 – Attended school anytime since Sept. 1, 1909 (The census taker obviously didn’t read the instructions. “Yes”, “No” and many blanks.)

Ownership of Home: (Many blanks)

26 – Owned or Rented

27 – Owned free or mortgaged

28 – Farm or house

29 – Number of farm schedule (Whatever that means)

30 – Whether a survivor of the Union or Confederates Army or Navy

31 – Whether blind – both eyes

32 – Whether deaf and dumb


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